Upon arriving at the second hotel, things continued to be frighteningly strange.  Surprise.  The hotel appeared to be under renovation  and I’m not sure how to describe it other than there seemed to be a medical or hospital “wing” on the far half.  We checked in and went to our room, before “touring” the other side and noticing the oddity.  Mary and I walked out after commenting about the medical center which appeared to magically have inserted itself inside a Doubletree hotel.  
Upon walking out into the cool air, we passed two men standing near the doorway, having a conversation between themselves.  One of them stopped and turned as we passed, and after noticed, partially turning in response, he spoke.  “How do you like our Avatar Program, so far?” I didn’t say anything, it practically didn’t register.  He was definitely speaking to me, but the words didn’t make any sense, I ignored it, and we continued on for dinner.  

Today, it makes perfect sense, as does the entire scene’s presence in my long term memory.  This is how the illuminati works.  They tell you what they are going to do before they do it.  I imagine its a form of hubris, or maybe just the knowledge that they are so powerful there’s really nothing you can do about it.  Regardless, “Avatar Program” was clearly a reference to the movie, which had been recently released at the time.  It’s a clear allusion to mind control, before I had any idea of the depth of despair my situation had turned to, since re-uniting with Mary.  When you know the full power of their ability to control the workings of the human brain, you understand that they have the ability to suppress and raise memories at will.  This was has been right on the surface, the whole time.  Perhaps so I blame myself for being “warned” and not avoiding it… or maybe just so you can hear about it now.

We had an uneventful dinner, though some strange behavior on the way.  Some police officers standing outside their cars in a nearby parking lot commented as we walked by… “there they are..” We both were startled, and walked up to the officers to question what they were talking about.  “Oh, wrong couple… sorry” was the response.   Odd behavior, offhand comments, and the like would become the norm in the coming months, but on this day it had just begun, and I brushed it off as mere coincidence, though it had happened two times in not so short of a time span.  After returning to the hotel, we decided to go for a swim, in the dark.  The pool was closed, and we were worried that we would be confronted and asked to leave, but that didn’t stop us from having a little fun.  After about an hour long make out session in the pool, hands and feet pruned from the water, we decided to take the action back in to the hotel.
I gathered our things while Mary went back to the room first.  Meeting her there only a few minutes later, I was surprised to find two large white lines cut out on the desk of the hotel room.  “Where did that come from?”
“I just found it here…” she said.  It wasn’t the first time Mary had “just found” coke, it struck a chord, and I hoped that there wasn’t any in our vehicle, which I had repeatedly searched to no avail.  I imagined it must have been in her purse, and for no reason at all didn’t really think much of it.  Big mistake.   “Do you want one?”
“Sure,” I said.  After her, I took care of the remaining one.  I sat down on the bed, and she smiled at me.  The next thing I knew, it was morning.  Very, very abnormal to fall asleep at  time like that.  I woke the next morning to Mary screaming…. “someone is setting us up!”
I woke in a fog, and imagine that whatever it was she had given me the night before was a type of sedative.  I looked around the room, there were small piles of white powder in several locations, on pillows, on the counter.. it was frightening to say the least.  “How did this happen?”  Was my only question.  Mary told me she had just woken also, and this is what she had seen, she apparently had fallen asleep at the same time as me, and we were both scared beyond imagination.  I got my bearings, and the gears in my head started turning.  I knew this was related to her brother Damon, and I knew we had to stop it from happening.  It didn’t make sense to me, the room was in her name, if there was a set up, it was related to her family… I told her we had to get rid of it.  I walked around the room, collecting the items that were covered in powder and put them in the bathtub, turning the water on hot.  Afterwords, I suggested we call an attorney, it was the one that I knew was representing Damon, and I had known prior.  The attorney was actually recommended to me by a sitting judge that I had known from childhood.  She called him from her cell phone, and I introduced us as Damon’s sister and myself. I said “someone is setting us up.”
“Why are you calling me?”  For help, idiot.  The question hung in the air for several seconds before my anger subsided enough to respond.  
“We need advice.”  I said.
“If you are being set up, call the police.  Call back if you need representation.”  Click.

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