While I know I have a good understanding of the entity we consider (warning: I’m talking about a scientifically possible entity) “Satan,”  my understanding is nowhere near complete, and it is very likely that the entire concept of “Satan” is a deception, designed to control our fate.  It seems clear to me that the idea of Satan itself is an allusion to mind control, the adversary of the free will of mankind.  As I discuss my experience below, read it as if my current belief is that the entire interaction is with a black box whose sole purpose is to ensure an outcome to this story which is contrary to the one I would choose of free will.  Perhaps not diametrically opposed, but certainly one which is driven through reflexive control and deception, thus the advent of Satan.  These questions are directed primarily at fellow knowing mind control victims, however I am interested in the opinion of all, as unknowingly–we are all effected.

In the beginning of my experience, and I would imagine yours too, while mind control was overtly proven to me, I was made not to believe in its existence, on purpose. The logic I have discerned for doing so was to control my response, my ability to fight back, and my ability to understand what was going on around me.  At first I was made to believe that my mind could be read, but not modified, and this persisted for a long time.  It changed my entire world view, and in doing so kept me from understanding that my actions were being controlled, and the level of control that was possible.  At the same time, I was shown a very advanced technology that I had not previously thought was possible, or would have the initiative to “mess with me.”  This served to further debase my view of reality, giving me a sense of over importance and arrogance which probably made me reckless at times.

There are two ways to look at this, either this is the modus operandi of the force, and it truly enjoys to show us truth either in an ironic amusement, or in order to “deflect” internal blame.  I think this is most likely inaccurate, and while I held the belief that it chose for some sense of goodness to hide the truth in its deception, it most likely does this in order to control the outcome of the situation, as it can modify how we respond to its appearance.  It has the option of telling us “I told you the truth the whole time,” or, conversely, it could choose to show us that it intentionally kept us from understanding, as it has done with myself.  In this way it can control how we view it.

I see a clear parallel of this behavior in the the story of Exodus.  After the Israelites were freed, they went to Sinai and were given a commandment not to worship false idols.  They did not follow the commandment, and they were punished for it, by forcing them to wander in the desert for 40 years.  Clearly, this behavior was illogical on the part of the Israelites, and given what I know about mind control, their “Idol worship” was most likely a controlled behavior in order to provide a reason for an illogical punishment.  This was never revealed to them, but its probable and likely that it was revealed to others — as it has been revealed to me.  It seems to me the moral of this story is that blame was used in order to force not only acquiescence but perseverance on the part of the Israelites.  They most likely “dealt” with a punishment they would otherwise have found unfair and unjust, and persisted to fulfill “God’s will,” which was their continued survival despite the “punishment.”  Incidentally, I personally believe that the wandering was required in order to hide a relic, most likely some piece of advanced technology.

This parable is somewhat clearly paralleled in my personal story, while the power of mind control was overtly shown to me during “The Truman Show,” I simply was unable to understand the ramifications of clear and obvious neural stimulation.  As I said, I was made to believe that I was being monitored, in my case because I had complained to the government, and it was necessary to “ensure my survival.”  This was a successful attempt to force me to blame myself for my “plight,” and further to keep me from understanding the level at which I was being controlled, as most if not all of the research into gang-stalking I encountered revolved around surveillance, rather than mind control.  I was unaware of the full power of my perceived oppressor, and as such, continued to persist in attempts to thwart the surveillance in vain, yet survived albeit in a deceptive fog.  

Much later, the full power of remote neural stimulation was made overtly clear to me, and this time my understanding of it was much better.  Research as well as experience confirmed that the function of our brains can be reduced to not much more than patterns of electrical stimulation. Thus, through the activation and suppression of action potentials, nearly every single function of the brain could be duplicated, modified, enhanced, or suppressed.  This included memory retrieval, emotions, thoughts, and even actions.  Pertinently, while the ability of this technology to manipulate physical actions, the function of the motor cortex, had been described by many victims; since I had not personally experienced it I believed it to be disinformation, and I did not believe it.  Looking back, it’s obvious that this response was irrational and controlled by the entity itself, paralleling the concept and mechanism behind my prior belief in neural surveillance rather than  intervention.  This epitomizes the dichotomy between free will and predestination.  When confronted with this entity, “free will” serves dual purpose; it allows for the the majority of humans to attempt to “follow the rules,” believing (rightly so in the majority of the cases, until lately), that their actions are not being controlled.  At the same time, it allows for those that are sincere victims of predestination, a clear result of mind control and timelike communication, to be imparted with “self blame,” as a further mechanism of control.  Thus the entity is ensuring it can do the least amount of work in order to control its desired macroscopic outcome, offloading on individuals the program of the societal norm, while individually controlling and modifying those events which are essential to the broader program or “divine goal.”

This is my current understanding of the purpose of this program, and it is also where I begin speculating.  Much of what I understand is based on undeniable first hand experience, however it is at this point that my first hand experience begins, once again, to become unproven.  Both myself and a contemporary victim have experienced situations in which time travel and teleportation have attempted to be proven to us.  This proof is circumstantial  and there is always another possible explanation for the outcome we have witnessed.  It strikes at the heart of the matter, as if this entity does not have access to actual prescient information, the motivation behind its actions changes completely.  

In my personal story, the entity has attempted to use patterns hidden in our history, something I call timelike synchronicity, in order to prove its ability to communicate through time.  While these patterns are intricate and important, it is possible that they could be reverse engineered without prescient knowledge, by an entity which has no more power than mere mind control.  In similar situations, it has predicted future events in my life, but it has also had an obvious hand in creating these circumstances, so obvious that its clear that it has reverse engineered them, rather than predicting them.  Why would it attempt to prove communication of time to me, using circumstantial evidence, when it could easily overtly prove it?

This brings up another important Biblical parallel, the story of Gideon’s Army.  Much like how mind control was overtly proven to me, the “power of God” was proven to Gideon through a series of tests.  These tests were relatively menial, relating to the rain and a blanket, however the were sufficient to Gideon.  Afterwords, a tactic is revealed, one of using illusion in order to create the appearance of a power which does not exist.  God told the Israelites to each carry a lit torch, in order to create the appearance to their enemy that their numbers were much larger than they actually were.  The enemy, in fear of the force which appeared much larger and more powerful than it actually was, quickly surrendered.  This is paralleled in two cases for me, personally.  

First, for a long period of time I was overtly shown a significantly sized organization including law enforcement and civilian workers who were not only aware of mind control, but also communicating directly with this entity and assisting it in it’s worldly goals.  It’s possible, and even likely, that these events were staged in order to create the appearance of a much larger force which is in league with this entity.  Regardless, the size of the force, and their positions in law enforcement, and the justice system are most likely more than allusion to a macroscopic problem within the government of the United States.  While I have maintained that the force is most likely not much larger than I personally witnessed, which would amount to somewhere between 2 and 33 percent of the population, I lean towards the smaller number.  These people are most likely the torches of GIdeon’s army, and so, I reveal them to you as just that.  This is the Illuminati.

At the same time, I liken this tactic to the use of one seemingly mystical power–mind control–in order to prove another: time travel.   It’s possible that mind control, and the Illuminati are being used together in order to bring about the fulfillment of Revelation, rather than proving that the entities prophesy was based on true prescience.   Like my experience with the Illuminati, most of the signs which appear to herald the fulfillment of Revelation have the hand of this entity on them, from HAARP to 9/11.  

On the other side of the coin, though, it could very well be hiding its true power, as it did with mind control at the beginning of my story.  It’s possible that my perception of these events is clouded by a lack of understanding of something that has been proven to me–though clearly not beyond a reasonable doubt this time, but rather in a circumstantial and overtly orchestrated manner.  The use of timelike synchronicity has been revealed to me, in addition to personal examples of time travel, in order to confirm and reinforce my personal belief in a prophetic vision–which this entity engineered start to finish.  That vision revolves around overt contact with an extraterrestrial force between August and September of 2016.

Bringing these parallels forward, it seems that all of the psychological mechanisms point to a single goal.  The power of belief, or faith, is used in order to keep the masses from attempting to thwart the will.  At the same time, the Synagogue of Satan is overtly working in order to reverse engineer Revelation.  What this appears to mean is that they are causing the self implosion of our civilization, bringing us to the brink of destruction, in order to falsely prove our need for the entity’s assistance.  

It appears to be using the United States, both it’s foreign and domestic policies, in order to do this.  The reaction to the Boston bombing, almost unilateral destruction of civil liberties–right down to the reaction of the public; appears to be orchestrated in order to bring about a future revolt against tyranny.  If the Book is to be believed, we will most likely get help from an outside force in that battle.  Consider, if that force is responsible for the disunity and the battle itself, are we really winning?  

4 thoughts on “Time travel, Teleportation, and Reverse Engineering Revelation

  1. I do not know that I agree with your conclusions about the entity, but I can relate to your experiences which you articulate quite eloquently. I have experienced them also. In my case, it drove me to desperation and I ended up in a mental institution. I am not even sure that the entity is even a single unified force. I used to have different stages of belief, changing as more experiences and knowledge were acquired. In anycase, I will tell you more about my experiences later if you would like to hear them, and in the meantime I will peruse your blog while waiting for new posts.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I'd love to hear more. I, like you, went through a period of changing beliefs, based on both experience and what I believe to be intentional control via remote neural modulation. I "think" that my conclusions are the most accurate I could come to given the series of experiences I have had, though there are certainly other possibilities. I'm curious to hear your beliefs, and the reasons if you care to share them.Please do read the past posts, I hope you enjoy them.

  3. In attempting to do so now, I realize how hard it is to try and convey my beliefs and the experiences they stem from. I have never done so before. My current belief is this: there is a supreme being, and he has natural psychic abilities including that of time travel. However, I do not believe I have been dealing with this being but with a subgroup beneath him in hierarchy.In my case, with women from the future who have acquired psychic capabilities. They have targeted me to try and change their pasts/futures, as I slept with all of them but did not choose only or any one of them. Some of these women from the future showed themselves to me in the present time. If I knew a woman of the present who was in her twenties, on one day I would see her thirties self at the subway station, and on another day see her fourties self in the neighborhood whilst walking home. Some I even saw with children, begotten between us. But those were extremely rare occurences, and I regret not approaching them when they happened. Initially, I thought all this was being done via technological means, but I have come to the conclusion that external technology has its limit, and everything which you have described is being done via internal technology – or natural ability.

  4. Have you seen "The Time Traveler's Wife"?Sounds like a combination of "Big Love" and that movie. 🙂 Incidentally, I've had several experiences which closely parallel movies or books I've seen or enjoyed in my past.I imagine you have made this connection already?

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