I have provided documented and verifiable evidence of a vast drug related organized crime conspiracy to the NSA in person, to the CIA both by phone and mail, to the FBI/OPR as well as the USDOJ OIG all cases have been closed without even a follow up phone call.  These organizations are run by criminals, and nothing short of a revolution will save the United States of America, or the people of the world.

Since 1963 we have been lied to by the upper echelon of international intelligence, and they have been personally complicit in narcotics trafficking, financial fraud and manipulation on a global scale, and the toppling of numerous nations as a result of their false flag attack on September 11, 2001.  They are responsible for actively censoring the internet, fixing numerous elections, and willfully disrespecting the Supreme Law of the Land. The  Federal government of the United States is now completely overrun by a criminal enterprise.  The worst of all, they are hiding from you the most important secret in the history of humanity.  The USA is actively aware and participating in a mind control conspiracy with species changing ramifications.

They have sold all your souls.

The formal complaint issued to these agencies has been published, and their denial letters attached here.  They were provided with a first hand account of the influence of known members of organized crime over a number of local police agencies, as well as the entire Broward Country Circuit Courthouse.  Their refusal to investigate amounts to no less than treason.

God save us all.

CIA letter rec 51713

OIG letter received 05 20 2013

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