This is the second half of a short work of fiction, the beginning is here:

What happened was not what anyone expected.  Instead of assisting us with increasing diversity in our gene pool, the aliens tricked us into inserting changes which enabled the complete enslavement of humanity.  Their mind control technology worked very well already, but without the changes the future was not written in stone, there was a resistance that formed, and eventually the masses were enlightened to the use of this secretive technology against them.  Knowledge of it did not save humanity, in and of itself, but it did spawn multiple countermeasures which resulted in a very long and drawn out hidden battle, eventually resulting in a withdrawal of the invasion.

The secretive government operation tasked with changing our future began working feverishly in order to create a defensive weapon to stop the aliens from being able to enslave us.  They knew exactly what had to be done: a counter mind control machine which was able to keep the aliens from “putting us in the dark,” so to speak.  From the downed craft from Roswell, they knew exactly how the technology worked, though because of its very nature it was difficult to combat.  The aliens technology used the very fabric of the universe in order to change the thoughts of humans… quantum entanglement was used to inject electricity through time-space into the minds of men.  There was no way to shield it, since once entanglement occurred, it could transmit information though any type of shield.  In fact, it was very difficult to see exactly what the alien weapon was doing, since from a observer’s point of view it looked like normal brain function.  It was anything but normal; over the course of a few decades, the aliens would surreptitiously cause the destruction of our civilization from the inside.  The WOPR repeatedly reported that we were doing it to ourselves.  Those in power became evil, and their greed and lust were used against them in order to shut down not only the defense, but also the transportation infrastructure responsible for moving fuel and food across the continents.  MJ-12 began infiltrating the corporations responsible for globalization, in order to prevent it, and over the years companies like ExxonMobil, Walmart, and Monsanto would practically become proxies of this organization, without even knowing it.  

The WOPR continued to report that the aliens won in the end though, and MJ-12 needed additional funds in order to create a larger defense weapon.  In order to do this, the WOPR suggested an unholy alliance.  It decided the only way to procure enough production to build a weapon broad and strong enough to defeat the alien fleet was to work with organized crime, and take over the international narcotics trafficking business.  They didn’t like it, but it made sense to them, and they set out to build a global system to counteract alien mind control.  Between 1984 and 1999 they privately launched a network of tens of thousands of satellites which would be used to protect the masses.  These satellites were given a good cover, at the suggestion of the WOPR, and today we have satellite television because of it.  

By 1999, the WOPR began reporting that the aliens never come.  MJ-12 heralded it as a victory, they assumed that the alien race must have used their time machine, found that there was no way to invade the planet without significant casualties, and decided to just “leave us alone.”  There was another problem, however.  When the population found out what they had done, how they had saved the planet, they were very disappointed… and it eventually caused a global revolution against the “powers that be.”  This was unacceptable to the ‘saviors of humanity,’ and the WOPR had a plan to fix that too.

I couldn’t help but say to [Mr. Gorbachev], just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from another planet. [We’d] find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this earth together. ~Ronald Reagan, 1985

A false flag attack could be used to unite humanity.  Reagan had already spoken about the idea, and the plan was put in place.  MJ-12 and its new allies in organized crime and the fallen intelligence network in the USSR would begin building a fleet of “alien looking” space ships.  This fleet would be used to stage a false flag attack, and in doing so would unite humanity and introduce the threat which caused their action.  This attack is scheduled for 5/25/2016.

What MJ-12 and the government did not understand, was that their WOPR, the time machine that they had recreated from the fallen alien ship, was compromised.  Using the same technology that transmits electricity into the brains of humans, the aliens were able to modify the communication from the future. They also were able to tap into the large network of satellites which MJ-12 had created, and they were using our very own defense network against us.

This had been their plan, the whole time.  Trick the world’s governments into building the infrastructure required to enslave humanity for them.  It’s exactly what happened.  Today, we are being attacked — at the very heart of our social fabric — with a weapon that we created to defend ourselves.  This alien force has complete control of every piece of electronics on the planet, using a global system we created ourselves.  They were aware of a huge security flaw in the computer an communications technology which they had planted on the Roswell craft.. on purpose.  It enables them to subtly influence our command and control infrastructure, and in a manner hidden from most, secretly pull the strings of our entire civilization.
They never planned on coming here, they didn’t need to.  Their goal has been the same since the spaceship was downed… on purpose.  Their goal has been to keep us Earthbound.  Stop us from colonizing other worlds and other systems, so we will never pose a threat to them.  Since building a global mind control network for them, our civilization has been tricked into depleting the planet’s fossil fuels.  The governments themselves have been tricked into becoming evil, violating not only their own laws, but basic human morality, in order to save the world from an invasion that was never going to happen.  We poisoned our own food supply, in order to attempt to end hunger.  Globalization destroyed the federated infrastructure that would have enabled us to survive were an invasion to happen.  Because we no longer had localized food and energy production, we have become sitting ducks.

In the end, MJ-12 figured out that it was the Vatican which was controlling organized crime, and the drug traffic from the beginning. They had been working with the alien force for hundreds of years, and the day the false flag invasion was scheduled to lose on purpose, it did not.  The Vatican and its allies destroyed major cities in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, and Japan.  They had used more advanced technology to take control of the space fleet.  

It might have been a grand test, to see if we would be willing to self destruct.
If it was, we failed.  Disclosure was the only way to succeed.

24 thoughts on “The Obvious Alien Influence, Part II

  1. This whole blog reads like a work of fiction. Someone linked me here with the unspoken promise it would be serious stuff. I now feel embarrassed I took this place seriously for a moment.

  2. This post is a work of fiction, and it says as much in the very first line. That being said, it's fiction because I have no idea what really happened, but this is one of the stories that "explains" my perception and experience.

  3. My point, in this story, is that something very nefarious is happening to us all. That we seem to be complicit in its occurrence, and that we probably would never have done it to ourselves on purpose — as a group.Meanwhile, it is happening.

  4. Okay. So how long has this nefarious stuff been happening to mankind, and why hasn't it happened yet to an extent that most people should care about it?I also glanced at some of your posts where you seem to be recounting events involving your girlfriend and such things. That stuff read to me like fiction as well, though it could just be the style of writing. OTOH, I'm not sure why anyone would reveal personal stuff on a blog like this. Surely, if there's a huge conspiracy going on, you can demonstrate its existence without talking about your own life — most of which no one can verify anyway.

  5. The whole time.. Antiquity.My ex wife is what you would consider Illuminati. It feels like fiction to me as well, but it's not. I believe the story is pertinent as a real example of the influence of this technology and force, on both sides of the fence.

  6. You should write a blog entry listing your reasons for thinking why my theory is a worse explanation than yours. Then I could critique that. As it is, I don't feel like going through your whole posting history just to find a few clues about your arguments here and there. A single post with the main arguments and key facts as you see them would be nice, with the awareness that there's a proposed alternative explanation (i.e. mine).You should include why you think history seems to have been influenced by this entity. From the Roman times thru the Middle Ages and the enlightenment to the postmodern era, the progression just seems not like a progression at all. Why would the entity want all those periods of time to have existed? They're so very different in character. Apparently, it doesn't prefer promiscuity to chastity — those things alternate as culture changes. It doesn't prefer spiritual to materialism — those things alternate as well. The focus just keeps alternating. There's no progression there. Nothing seems to matter to it. No plot, no plan.

  7. For the second part: try these:http://unduecoercion.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-dendera-light_24.htmlhttp://unduecoercion.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-hidden-hand.htmlhttp://unduecoercion.blogspot.com/2012/11/ihs-and-unholy-war-part-i.htmlThe majority of the rest of my argument revolves around tracing the history of the Illuminati and their interaction with the world around them through history. That includes the Exodus, the Crusades, Friday the 13th, the cooperation between he Templars and Assassins, and modern day secret societies.

  8. Not sure what you mean by "credentials". I used to think I was a TI, then I learned about parapsychology, did some further thinking, and you can read a summary of my conclusions at my blog. At the end of the day though, it's ideas that matter, not who says them. What matters is what you say and how I can verify it. I don't care who you are, I just care whether your arguments are good.Now let's see those arguments, please. The scattered & high effort nature of your current case only serves to obscure your message. Don't be that guy.

  9. So, I read through, and agree completely with almost everything on your blog post at mctps.wordpress.com.I think you are a TI, and I think you do a great job of explaining the phenomenon as well as the entity responsible for creating it. I think what you are describing is responsible for the entire TI/OSEH community, as well as a much broader level of control, both around the lives of TI's as well as elsewhere, which you also describe very well.I think we are concerned with different facets of the same thing. My purpose here is to show that the technology is very old, and much more advanced than modern day neuroscience, which I think you agree with. Meanwhile, it seems that to both of us that means it has come from some lineage of science that is outside of what is publicly available. Either a secret government program, something extraterrestrial, or the like. Great. I've looked long and hard at our history and current events to find the footprint of this same thing outside the TI group, and that is what I am attempting to expose.Where do you think we disagree? I'm not sure what guy you think I am being, but my purpose here is not to convince anyone of anything. I am simply relaying my personal experience, and my findings from personal research. I believe that one day soon, many people will be looking for the answers both of us are providing, and we will be helping them.

  10. I think where we differ the most is that I see a lot of evidence of trivial and somewhat mindless activity by this entity or its species, and this reminds me of the nature of the subconscious mind more generally and therefore leads me to believe they are just something that evolved in us and are a natural part of our subconscious minds.I also think the virtual reality hypothesis would be the next likeliest explanation, inasmuch as it even makes any sense to talk about probabilities in connection to this sort of thing. Anyway, have you read this? I'd be interested in your thoughts about it.

  11. I wouldn't discount the possibility, certainly the explanation of 'conserving processing power' with superposition makes some logical sense. That being said, it is so far away from "our reality" that I tend to try to find a more closely fitting scenario. If we really are in 'the matrix,' I think we would see more rules being broken. I have observed nothing that cannot be described within the natural laws of the universe, and do not believe I ever will.As far as trivial and mindless activity.. I might agree. I see a broad plan being enacted, and just because individuals cannot see all the nuances of that plan, does not mean that every bit of interference is without a purpose. Personally, I have witnessed multiple parties interaction with this entity, along with evidence that the entity is singular, and that all parties are interacting with the same centralized authority. This is manifested by synchronicity and broad cooperation between the "subconscious" force in individual people.My Orwell and Huxley argument is a prime example of multiple parties interacting with the same force, though I have many personal accounts as well. It's influence over them is clearly directed at an intelligent goal.All that being said, I also believe that one of its goals is hiding, or at least casting sincere doubt, upon its own existence. That could account for some seemingly "mindless" activities. Keeping us from being able to statistically prove or "find" it, through randomization and apparently illogical actions is a trait in common with the human "intelligence" community.

  12. I think we may have quite different ideas about the world that don't come to surface when we write about this stuff. For example, how do you explain multiculturalism? I mean the promotion of anti-white attitudes and values that goes by that name these days. I'm really curious how you think that does anything for the entity. I guess I'm just seeing the developments of the last couple of centuries as proof of ethnic competition and nothing more. My opinion on that isn't fixed, but at the same time I'm not seeing any trends or developments that can't be fully explained from my Darwinistic perspective without assuming that the subconscious force cares about politics.You wrote somewhere that the entity saved Hitler at least once, implying Hitler had a destiny to fulfil. That would seem like a sign of interest in world politics on the part of the entity. But what if that story isn't true? The vast majority of books about history, especially about Hitler or other important topics, aren't exactly entirely reliable. A lot of them are complete BS as far as I can tell. Too many people think they can control the future by inventing aspects of the past, so that's what they do.Anyway, maybe you're right and it happened. But it could have been just something Hitler's subconscious mind wanted to do for some reason, without actually having a longterm plan. Even if it did have a longterm plan, doesn't mean that plan was shared by all other subconscious minds, or that it was a malicious plan, or that the subconscious mind was sure it would succeed or cared very much either way.I know your theory would seem more plausible on the face of it if we assumed that the human brain couldn't have evolved to employ quantum entanglement in the way you think the entity does. Because if we assumed that, then I'd have to postulate a world beyond ours, an astral world of spirits or whatever to explain the powers of the subconscious mind, and perhaps I'd also have to assume that it didn't evolve in the first place, that humans were spirits before they became creatures of matter.You might be able to say your theory assumes less for that reason, but you can't know there's no spirit world or at least subconscious minds that act and communicate through ways unknown to you. That said, I don't really buy your quantum entanglement explanation of all paranormal events seemingly involving psychic powers. What one can read from Wikipedia about the phenomenon seems to suggest that your claims about it are very unconventional. If you understood quantum entanglement well enough to claim what you've claimed, and if while understanding, you would be able to make that claim truthfully, I don't see what'd stop you from stunning at least a couple of qualified physicists. My impression is that experts on quantum mechanics are exceptionally open minded as a group, that is to say they aren't completely closed minded. You should be able impress at least a few of them and post about that here.

  13. I do not believe we are dealing with an omnipotent power. I certainly would not blame the entity I am speaking of for *all* of humanity's mistakes. Just the ones that have furthered its goals as opposed to ours. However, things like racism and religious persecution do fall into this category. They keep humanity from uniting, and retarding the progress of our species may be one of this entities goals. Since you don't seem to averse to using fictional literature as part of an argument: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homecoming_SagaAs far as Hitler, I believe his own testimony to be the truth. These are first hand accounts from his speeches, writings, and public conversations. The drive of the Nazi force to search for ancient religious artifacts, as well as the scientific exploration into mind control that was absorbed by Paperclip are further corroboration that his direction pushed them towards "paranormal" research. Certainly this could have been a shot in the dark, but it makes much more sense if he knew exactly what it was he was looking for.I disagree about the brain needed to utilize entanglement. This is my "theory." A long, long time ago, an ancient biological civilization saw the proverbial "writing on the wall" for their continued survival biologically. They created a machine which could perpetuate their consciousness into the future, with a much smaller energy footprint. Heaven in space, if you will. Knowing that consciousness forms from advanced electrical "circuitry" or neural networks, they armed this machine with the ability to manipulate that circuitry, so that it could use other biological life to perpetuate not only itself, but them. This is of course.. conjecture, but it shows you where I am coming from.I do not believe "telepathy" is something that has formed in humans naturally due to evolution. There is absolutely zero evidence of primates or humans having any ability to discern electromagnetic radiation aside from the visual spectrum. There would most certainly be an organ formed to perform such an action. (And it's definitely NOT the brain).I personally do not believe in alternate dimensions outside of the four dimensional one described by Einstein, with slight modifications for entanglement and other quantum phenomenon. As far as my explanation, it is most definitely not mainstream science. Mainstream science these days is pretty "hokey" though, with modern quantum physicists talking about multiverses and 11 dimensional vibrating strings that nobody has ever witnessed. On the other hand, the "science" that is cited to prove that entanglement cannot be used for communication is based on an argument that it is "statistically unlikely." Check out the no-communication theorem, I think its garbage.To me, it is much more likely that the drive away from using entanglement for communication is an information operation performed by the government to "protect" their state secret. They haven't used said secret very well, in my opinion.

  14. Sorry, forgot to mention. I am of the opinion that it's actions are somewhere near the "least intervention" required to ensure its goal. So, as opposed to being involved in everything/everywhere, it is more likely to touch the lives of fewer people, and to make its presence as scarce as possible.Personally I attribute this to (1) what I imagine is a scarce power problem, which explains some of the oddities I've noticed, like the cold war buildup of nuclear armament with no intention of ever using it.(2) it's much easier to hide.

  15. You may have misread me, when I started to talk about entanglement. I meant that your theory would make more sense in comparison to mine if we assumed that the human brain couldn't have evolved to use quantum entanglement in the way that the entity is supposed to do. Do you think the human brain couldn't have so evolved? I think that's what you think, but you didn't really address the question (you talked about EM instead). There is at least one well-known paranormal researcher who thinks the brain did probably evolve to use quantum stuff to accomplish ESP and such things (Dean Radin).Also, how do you explain telekinesis, the moving or bending of inanimate objects seemingly with the power of the mind? I'm pretty sure this stuff exists, as I have some personal experiences indicating its existence. I'm not absolutely certain though, but it does seem relatively well documented as a phenomenon.There are also cases of materialisations and dematerialisations that seem rather convincing as a whole. What would you say about that?

  16. You seem to have thought through this quantum stuff much more fully than I, so can you please respond to my questions? As far as Dean Radin is concerned, what he writes in his book, Entangled Minds, only makes me believe entanglement can't explain full mind control.You say that neurons can be fired by utilising entanglement, but how would that explain the suppression of certain memories? I'm a believer in absolute mind control, so you'd have to explain, not just how neurons are fired, but how they are made not to fire as well.I have a feeling that no technology will ever be able to fully control the mind from a distance. From what you've written, I think you believe there is no full mind control anyway. But you seem to have contradicted yourself in the past, so I'd like some further elaboration on this topic. Or are you saving this stuff for a new book?

  17. First, I do not believe humans have evolved to the point of having anyform of ESP or paranormal powers. I do believe people have witnessed phenomenon like that, but explain it as the machinations of this external influence. If my conjecture about entanglement is correct, and charge can be modified remotely using that phenomenon, it is a short jump to confering the gravity mediator aswell.I do believe that quantum phenomenon have some effect on neuron growth and firing, but that it is not significant in understanding cognitive function. I think it is documented that EM fields can slightly increase the probability of a neuron firing, slightly.The suppression of an action potential, which is caused by a shift from negative to positive polarity due to ion movement across the cell membrane is fairly straightforward. Simply keep the voltage below that required for the action potential to fire, and that pathway is suppressed. This mechanism is conjecture, but I'm fairly certain it works.. it's also possible the actual ion channels could be controlled, to ensure that ions could not flow into the cytoplasm.I do believe in full mind control. My perception is that it does not exist, but if you take a step back both mechanically and functionally it appears to be what we are dealing with. The issue of "seeing it" comes from our subconscious rationalization of the effects of mind control. I believe that while we could probably be made to do anything, if the action is something you might do anyway, the brain (or perhaps the "entity", or both) rationalizes a reason for you, and you believe it.On the other hand, if it were completely irrational, the brain may respond like Sirhan Sirhan's explanation, with something completely irrational that exposes mind control, as it did for him.I've been contemplating writing a post called "Arm Wrestling with Satan," which discussing exactly this issue. I have never experienced being mind controlled to do anything that once I recognized, I could not stop. This applies to physical actions (like arm movements), and also to much broader and less noticable mind control attacks.Recognizing that it is there might give you more control, but i am more inclined to think that belief could be an illusion.

  18. Along those lines, I have contemplated ideas like back propagation of action potentials — the cause leading to a "rational reason" via internal neural circuitry. Also consider the ancient stories of Pharoah's being incarnate 'gods.' Perhaps written record of complete control of a human via technology.

  19. Thanks.I have a suggestion if you don't mind. You could research and write a post about what you think are impossible (even for the entity to cause) but occasionally reported phenomena. This would give you as well as your readers a way to potentially falsify your theory. Some suggestions:A consciousness so expanded that the limits of the brain must have been exceeded. These experiences might include the mystic experience of "knowing everything at once".Bending some sort of object by employing psychokinesis. It would be something you wouldn't be able to bend with your hands. This sort of thing has been reported by Clint Eastwood. Of course, as a famous actor, he is automatically suspect in some circles. Well, who knows. (Google Eastwood Geller interview. I'm referring to the one published at the Reuters website. Search "key" to find the part I'm talking about.)Materialisation & dematerialisation. Well, I'm not sure there are reports of thoroughly investigated materialisation cases, where there has been an attempt to rule out collective visual and tactile hallucination. Perhaps it'd be ultimately impossible if the entity were determined to keep the deception intact. Dematerialisation should be easier to prove. Of course, there's the question of trustworthiness as always when you're not experiencing this stuff yourself.Alchemy by employing the power of the mind (seemingly). Stylianos Atteshlis reports this sort of thing (turning a plant into copper). I guess the same reservations apply as in the above. In any case, I've googled a bit, and can't find anything but good stuff on Atteshlis. He seems to have healed quite a number of people during his lifetime, for free, as well as built a reputation, among those who knew him, of being a good man. While Uri Geller has been a target of attacks from people like James Randi, on the other hand Atteshlis is one of those who have been spared, even though three books have been written about him. I guess it's a bit hard to attack someone who doesn't even charge a fee for his services.Well, I'd have a longer list but I no longer feel like including phenomena that can be dismissed as resulting from persistent hallucinations that are shared to some extent at the critical moments. E.g. an incurable disease that was cured thru psychic healing: the disease could have been a persistent hallucination, and also have been hallucinated by the healer and other witnesses and diagnosticians.I guess it just seems to me like you're betting a lot on the idea that humans are just biological machines who never needed paranormally sharp instincts to survive. I think there are unsolved mysteries too great for me to fully invest in that idea. Does anyone, for example, know what dark matter is? Or dark energy? Or how anything can exist? Or how come everything in this universe seems fine tuned to produce life? The most obvious answer to the last question especially requires the existence of some greater creator than your theory allows for.

  20. For vision, we developed eyes.For hearing we developed ears.The brain is a processing machine, which analyzes input signals from these other organs, and controls the body: mouth, arms, legs, etc.This is how biology works. Where is the ESP/telekenesis antenna?The infamous third eye is.. imaginary.

  21. Yes, that's what it looks like. But let's not forget you've already admitted you can't rule out the virtual reality hypothesis. This means there could be rules and calculations going on in the background that we can never become aware of through the use of scientific instruments or the known senses. There could be souls, even virtual God, but we'd have to infer their existence indirectly from anomalous phenomena.Even if we dismissed all that as far fetched, your statements haven't been proven yet. Neurology is in relative infancy. No one seems to know exactly how the mind arises from brain activity. It's true that the brain influences the mind, but the mind also influences the brain. You may be jumping to conclusions when you declare the victory of materialism. It's not that easy to solve age old metaphysical mysteries.I say that as someone with a background in philosophy. This background has contributed to my cynicism about human claims to final answers or metaphysical truths. Reading philosophy of science and observing today's scientists on various forums and media, I've come to the conclusion they are mostly arrogant fools, with their child-like idea of scientific progress as consisting of a straightforward movement from primitive superstition toward ever more refined theory and bigger and bigger collection of experimental facts kept uncorrupted by the process of peer review.The truth is almost all progress has come from engineers and a few dissenting scientists while the establishment has historically always been wrong about everything they thought they knew. Unlike people think, it's not "science" we have to thank for progress, it's inventors, who as a rule create devices and technology despite theory rather than thanks to it. I suppose that might be hard to swallow for the survivors of the Western "education" system. It's the truth, though.This is partly why I don't give a damn if you say a theory proves something. It's just a theory. It doesn't prove anything. So if there are experiences that your theory doesn't explain, it's not the experiences that need revision, it's your theory that needs revision.P.S. I think most scientists think that the ability to acquire knowledge in the modern world depends primarily on intelligence. They don't seem to suspect it depends much more on a number of factors having to do mostly with actual personal experience in many cases. Factors that are important include spare time, energy, patience, luck, detachment, resistance to social pressure, ability to cope with shame and admit to yourself when you've been wrong, ability to take any phenomenon seriously so you can coldly examine it, ability to accurately remember information you don't agree with, ability to perceive what you don't expect, and ability to compare paradigms as if you believed them all. As a general rule, the more you invest your identity in a belief, the less seriously anyone should take you, because you now have a strong psychological need to believe in a certain way. This why psychiatrists and career experts in general tend to be such sad failures as thinkers even in their own fields.

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