A day or two before we were supposed to leave for Thanksgiving, Mary informs me in a not so subtle way, that “The Family” was setting me up.  She didn’t quite say it was a set up, but after the last week it was pretty obvious that that was the sole intention of what was going on.  She told me that they were hiding something in my car, so it could be “transported” to the holiday retreat.  She didn’t say exactly what it was, nor did she mention anything that we should do to stop it… but the impression that I got was that she didn’t “agree” with the idea, so she was warning me. 

“The Family” is also a bit deceptive.  From what I’ve learned in the years since this happened, this is a moniker for the Illuminati, but at the time I was pretty sure it just meant her immediate family.  Again, I never really knew them to be big mobsters, and thought that the whole thing was a bit out of their league as it was happening.  Boy, was I wrong.  The level of sophistication of the operation that began in 2010 and to this day has not ceased is so advanced I’m somewhat inclined to tell you I think its beyond the intelligence capabilities of the Federal government, let alone “her” family.  What it boils down to is a level of operational control that is well beyond the communications infrastructure that most people believe our government to use.  

The day we were set to leave, we got in an argument about whether or not we were bringing the dog.  Mary was adamant that we did, so much so that it set off something in me… despite the fact that I would pay to keep her in the kennel for the weekend, we had to bring her.  Whatever it was that alerted me to the fact that it was a problem, and by this time I’m sure it was something external, I put my foot down and said no.  “Call my Dad and tell him then,” she screamed at me.  Your dad?  Why would he care.  I refused, since it made no sense to me at all.  It made so little sense that I was even more wary of bringing the dog, and more concerned about what was happening.  She called him herself, and I could hear both sides of the conversation.  He said it didn’t matter, and that we should just come… “everyone was waiting for us.”

Later I would deduce that the dog bed, the one that Mary had made a huge fuss about ordering from amazon, and then two magically appeared was the ‘storage unit’ for the narcotics that she had warned me about.  It had clicked at the time that it was related to the dog, though I wasn’t sure if it was swallowed balloons or exactly how the dog was related to the issue.  It would become very clear very soon, but at the time, it was just another very strange thing surrounding Mary.

We left, and arrived about 6 hours later, late at night, and slept until morning.  Mary’s aunt had been nice enough to get us a free room at the hotel she worked at in the area, and we really needed the sleep.  The next day, the Thanksgiving day affairs were relatively normal, until the very end.   After dinner and a few hours of talking Mary approached me with a very concerned look on her face.  She said we were leaving right then, as if something had happened, someone had told her something and she was downright frightened.  I immediately agreed to go, and then her uncle tried to stop us.  He said he wanted to follow us back to the hotel, and then made the strangest comment I’ve ever heard come out of the mouth of a family member.  Mary had had one or two drinks, and he said that she “might get rear ended” on the way back to the hotel… or “he might just do it himself.”  I was appalled, and I told him as much… Was that a threat?  It made no sense to me, and I insisted then that we leave, which we did.   We left the area in fact, and drove to nearby Orlando for the rest of the weekend, with the intention of going to an amusement park — hopefully to regain normalcy in our lives.
We arrived in Orlando, and spent the night at a hotel near Universal Studio’s.  There were several in a large semi circle right by the entrance, and I picked the first one I saw.  The next day, the strangeness continued.  Half of her family had followed us to Orlando, and they too were going to the theme park.  Mary’s father, his spouse, and her cousin were also going to Universal…. awesome, there’s no getting away from this.

The next day we went to Universal, and things were certainly no more normal than they had been in the previous weeks.  Mary stopped me before we entered the actual park, and told me that “they” wanted us to drive back to South Florida that day.  Why would we do that? Whatever had happened the previous evening, she seemed to have changed her mind.  I asked her what was going on, specifically asking about what she had told me before we left South Florida.  “I think they put something in the car at my aunt’s hotel, and they need it back at home.”  She tells me coolly.  It was like they were trying to trick us into being drug mules, without even having the decency to ask…  I just didn’t get it, the audacity of the situation made no sense to me.  We got in an argument about it… I told her I’d rather leave the car in the parking lot and take a plane home, I wanted nothing to do with whatever odd crap her family was into.. nothing.  At this, Mary offered me “half” of what she was getting paid for the “job.”  “Half?” I asked, “of what?”
“Well.. nothing I guess.”

I just about had a coronary.  Even if all of this were true, what kind of “family” would take advantage of their children like this?  Making them “work” for nothing.  The whole thing made so little sense to me, that looking back on it, I’m pretty sure none of it was true.  At the time though, it all seemed very real.  Regardless, I wasn’t going to be pushed around like this, and made it a point to search the car thoroughly as soon as we left.  I didn’t find anything, and I wasn’t sure if it was because there was nothing there, or it had just been hidden too well.  We never made it to the park that day, and those two things combined made me want to stay in Orlando instead of going back home early.  We left the park, and went to another nearby hotel on the same stretch of road.

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