Coupled with the threats of being set up, the uniformed officers involved in the stalking, and now the high technology means of fear induction, I felt as if there was no escape.  Whatever it was that was happening to me and Mary, it appeared that we had been plunged into a dark dimension where the rules of our society and universe had been suspended.  We had been followed from place to place, in our own home, homes of our relatives, hotels, even Universal Studios.  We got to my parents house, went straight to my bedroom, and then I confronted her.
“Why are you doing this?”  Sometimes she would acknowledge that there was something going on, in fact, she had been the one that warned me in the beginning that there was some sort of set up that was occurring, though that problem seemed to have been corrected.  Still, even after she told me that she could stop it, and that it would stop, the strange incidents continued happening, and now they were getting more and more involved.  “It’s a Family thing, she said… if we are going to stay together we need to get out of Florida.”  

The original problem had been related to narcotics trafficking, someone in her family had gotten in trouble, and my initial belief was that the entire thing was in order to reduce his sentence.  Because of what I had learned over the past few weeks, that there was a very strong Italian mafia that had taken root in South Florida, something I had never before known about, I looked for a place that would be safe for us.  We had always known each other in Florida, spent time together at the beach and enjoyed tanning and swimming.  I was intent on finding us a place where we would be happy, and a coastal area was paramount.  This posed a bit of a problem though, as my worldview had been changed so much that I now believed that all border cities were probably infested by this same group, a machine that appeared to be highly correlated to narcotics trafficking, though they seemed to use unwitting innocents in their machinations.  I had to save her.  Whatever it was that was happening, it was obviously tearing her apart.  I could tell she wanted to help me, and knew that if we escaped the area we would be OK. 

I searched Google again, still under the impression that the internet was not compromised by this organization.  I found several maps, none of which I can find today, and it appears that the long list of results in 2010 that were centered around Italian DTO’s have now been replaced with information about the new fledgling Mexican cartels.. such is information warfare.  The closest thing I can find is here http://www.justice.gov/archive/ndic/pubs31/31379/dtos.htm.

The map I found spoke to me.  It told me there was only one location on the Eastern seaboard where we would be able to escape what was now appearing to be a united conglomerate of drug trafficking organizations.  South Carolina, it had both a coast, a decent sized city, and what appeared to be freedom from organized crime.  I had made up my mind, that was where we needed to go.  Mary agreed that it sounded safe, and based on her urging we left immediately.  After a short night’s sleep, we stopped back at our shared apartment, the one we had not stayed in together for at least a month now, packed up some things in my BMW, and began driving North on I-95.

For the first time since November, I felt like the two of us might save our relationship.  She was finally helping me again, since the first few nights she had done very little in the way of suggestion and assistance.  Driving North to Charleston felt like it was our very own… Exit to Eden.

Passing West Palm Beach, I felt an internal sign of relief… finally out of the South Florida area where we had been stalked almost relentlessly since this had began.  I wanted to make it all the way to Georgia that day, but Mary began complaining of cramps as we got closer to Daytona.. I had never driven this far in my life, and agreed it wouldn’t hurt to take a rest.
I took extra care to ensure that I did not use my cell phone at all in choosing our hotel.  We got off I-95, and drove North on A1A, I had decided we would stop and rest and the second hotel we saw, which is exactly what we did.  We walked in to the lobby, and I was overly happy that they did not even use a computer system for their booking.. everything was done on paper.  No strange screen’s popping up here.  Feeling a bit more safe, we went upstairs to the room, stretched a bit, and looked the room over.  It was nice for the price, a one bedroom with a kitchen and laundry..

It wasn’t long before it started again.  We had gone in to the bedroom and laid down on the bed.  Within a few minutes, I heard a strange noise coming from the room adjacent to us.  It was as if someone was intentionally scraping the bottom of a cup against their night table.  Alone, this wouldn’t seem so strange, except Mary began doing the same thing, as if they were communicating with strange noises.  Letting each other know they were there.  Afterwords she began talking funny again, acting as if she was being directed by an outside force.  She told me that “they” couldn’t see me where we were, and we should go back out in to the living room.  I imagine this time the “they” was referring to the strangers in the next room, and after the night before, it probably had something to do with covert surveillance devices.

This is how gang-stalking goes.  The victim is being told a strange story, and looking back on it, the only real purpose for creating such a stupid situation would be to discredit testimony.. to make the victim look insane.  What would you do if your girlfriend, someone you had known for over a decade, began appearing to be controlled by an outside force?  As quickly as I had thought we were escaping to a safer place, it seemed a dark force had cast its shadow all the way to Daytona, we were followed four hours away.

The tone of the events surrounding us had changed again.  Instead of being caught in a strange reality show, I was now worried again of a mafia related set up.  Her odd behavior followed my change in mindset, and she began walking around the room wiping her fingerprints off of everything she had touched, drinking glasses, the kitchen counter.. even the washing machine.  I didn’t understand what was going on, and for the first time in weeks I felt as if I might be in mortal danger. Could someone be coming to hurt us?  It seemed as if she was attempting to remove herself from the scene of a crime which had yet to be committed.  I walked outside and grabbed one of the glasses she hadn’t gotten to yet, and put it on a high shelf.  She screamed at me.. demanding that I give it to her.  She looked out the window, and said that there were snipers hidden in the bushes, that she knew they were going to be coming through the window of our second floor apartment.

I said we needed to get out of there, and walked towards the door.  Mary did not want to leave the room, and for whatever reason I didn’t want to go without her.  After a few seconds of talk, we left together and walked down the stairs next to our door.  We walked around to the front of the hotel, arguing about what had happened upstairs.  Internally, I should have known that her story was ridiculous, that there were ninja like assassins near us, but at the time I was filled with fear.  So many strange things had happened, that I did not put anything outside the realm of possibility.  I suggested we go to hotel security an tell them what she had “seen” outside the window.  She wanted nothing to do with it.

As we rounded the front of the hotel, a man appeared from the parking lot, as if he had just exited his vehicle.  Instantly, I felt what I would later find out is a mind control tag, similar to an alert, this technology has the ability to give you “information,” true or not, about people and things in your surroundings.  I felt that he was a mafia employee, someone that was tasked with following us.  There was no reason to feel this way, he could have been a perfect stranger staying at the hotel.  Then he spoke, which was odd in and off itself.  “Isn’t everything OK.”  It wasn’t a question, but if you were reading a transcript of the conversation it might seem that way.  Again, my head was filled with additional information.. it was basically a threat.. the implication was that they were letting us leave, flee their strange world, and I should just “shut up.”  Feeling as if we had lost our chance, that we would not escape the strangeness, I wanted to get in our car and leave right then.  Mary demanded we go back to the room, and I couldn’t understand why.

She again began attempting to wipe her prints from the room.  At the time it made no sense, and even today I do not understand why she would have participated in this… what strange fear she could have had that would have caused her to do what she was doing.  Perhaps she had been “informed” that I was going to be killed.   In desperation and fear, I called 911 from the hotel phone, and told the operator that I thought someone was lurking outside the hotel… and Mary went ballistic.  She grabbed the phone and told the operator that I wouldn’t let her leave.  It wasn’t true, but she had done this before, apparently using local police was part of the organized crime factions bag of tricks.  This time I wasn’t going to let it happen, and I said loudly enough to be heard on the 911 call that “she should stop trying to set me up.”  The operator dispatched two police officers who responded very quickly.  Within minutes we were separated and giving “our versions of the story.”

The Police agreed that her wiping down glasses was a strange thing to do, especially since we had just arrived at the hotel, then after I told them about the men in the room next door, they began acting.. as if the entire thing were a joke.  They brought Mary outside, and spoke to the neighbors, who wound up leaving immediately after.  It was only 9 or 10 at night, and the whole thing, including the behavior of the Police was strange.

I would later learn that there were many, many law enforcement officers who aided in these witness intimidation schemes, which seemed to be directed using intelligence technology.  Earlier, Mary had told me that she had a two way radio implanted in her tooth, something that allowed her to communicate with the “Operations Center.”  It appeared to me that these officers had the same thing.  After listening to part of the story, they began commenting among themselves, one asked the other “Do you think this is how they argue?”  They were dismissing my story as some sort of bickering… it made no sense.

The Police left, after coming back inside with Mary.  Before they returned I could hear the Officer get loud with her, telling her that she was sounding very guilty.. or confused.  At this point I just wanted them to go, their comments had startled me, and my belief was they were working for the large criminal organization that was ultimately responsible for our need to flee.  After leaving, we calmed down, didn’t talk about what had happened again… and went to sleep.  In the morning when we woke, it was as if it never happened.  The memory of it remained, but I had no feelings about it.. as if they had been wiped clean.

It’s clear to me now that many of my internal thoughts, actions, and beliefs were being scripted.. controlled via an external mechanism.  At the time though, it seemed natural.  At times I had believed there was a benevolent supernatural force that was helping us, and my feeling in the morning was that it was trying to get us to leave Florida faster.. like a swift kick in the butt.  It doesn’t make sense, but that’s how mind control works… it doesn’t have to make sense for you to believe it.  We left, and didn’t stop again until we crossed the border to Georgia.

We stopped two more times before getting to Charleston, once in Savannah and once in Hilton Head.  I wanted to make sure we checked all of the cities on the way to find someplace we both liked.  After the night in Savannah, I had completely forgiven Mary for the strange behavior.  It didn’t happen again, and the next two nights were … a throw back to before all the strangeness had started.  We watched television at night, had normal conversations, and above all… shared a hope that our lives would get better once we left the area.   Eden was back on track.

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