We went up to our room on the second floor, walked in and sat down on one of the twin beds.  I wanted to ask Mary about the new information I had been receiving through Google searches.  I asked her what she knew about the ‘ndrangheta mafia… “who?”  Then I mentioned the Sacra Corona Unita… “did Marge tell you that?”  It seemed contrived to me, like she was trying to throw me off the truth, so internally the likelihood that it was the ‘ndrangheta went up a few notches.  Too bad, I thought, United Sacred Crown sounds so much cooler.

We didn’t put on the television, which was pretty unusual for us, before this happened we religiously watched at least one or two shows every night.  The maelstrom of unusual behavior had rubbed off on us, and our usual daily habits had been tossed by the wayside.  Strange, I thought, that we had no more interest in watching anything on TV.  Time to get down to business.  I pushed Mary down on the bed, and started kissing her neck.. she purred a little bit, and I was elated that it wasn’t going to be an argument, after the conversation in the cab.  Seconds later, I snap free the bikini string that was tied in a bow on her back.  “Not right now baby…” she said to me.  I gave her what I imagine was a perplexed look, and she said she wanted to get under the covers.  This was a bit unusual, but I thought that maybe she wanted to be a little extra romantic since it had been so long since we had been together.  She got herself undressed under the covers, leaving only her socks on.  I took off my clothes standing next to the bed, and then laid down next to her.

We had sex for a few minutes, and then, in what I now look back on as a controlled request, I asked her to get on top.  She gave me a look of horror.  It made no sense at the time, but it would become much clearer in a few minutes.  She wrapped herself in the blanked, and straddled me on the bed.  After a few more minutes, I started to playfully pull the blanket away from her, I wanted to see her naked on top of me.

She pulled it back, startling me, and now I knew something strange was going on.  I pushed her off of me, and asked her why she was acting so funny.  She looked at me, with a mischievousness grin, and said that we were being watched.
“Huh?” .. I looked around, noting the mirror in front of the bed, and thinking that it would be pretty strange for it to be a two-way.  She turned around and pointed to the cable box… “there’s a camera in there..”  Sure there is.. Mary could be a little adventurous in bed, but this kind of role playing was very out of the norm or her.  I didn’t say anything.. then she pointed to the smoke detector, then the clock on the wall, and said “in those too..” She then stood up, taking special care not to uncover herself and walked towards the door, “and there’s one over there.”
I got up and walked over to the door, next to it, where you would expect the light switch to be,  there was a plastic panel with what appeared to be a light sensor in it.  It was barely noticeable if you weren’t looking for it, but if we had tried to turn on the lights, it would have been obvious the switch was missing.  I started shaking.. what the hell was going on around me?  Thoughts of the reality TV show came back to me, and I wanted nothing more than to escape.  I picked up the phone, and instantly someone tried to enter the room, but the hotel lock was latched on the inside, nobody had said anything before attempting to enter, or after.  The door shut again.
I called the cab service, and asked them to come back to pick us up.  Before I hung up the phone, someone tried the door again, and this time I heard a voice coming from outside… “he’s taking her home, it’s OK.”  I didn’t know what to make of the comment, at the time I thought they were happy I had called the cab instead of the police.  Nervous and shaken, we barely said another word to each other on the way back to my parents house, I didn’t even bother to ask if she wanted to come, her strange behavior had taken a turn for the worse.. there was now some reality in it.  I had to get to the bottom of it.

I would later decide that the long wait for the room was intentional, that “they” had had some engineering crew quickly modify the switch in the room, swap out the motion detector, and the cable box in an attempt to make me think we were in a special “FBI room,” the kind used to entrap suspects.  The whole thing was surreal, and while I dismissed it as “more of the same” attempt to shake me up and scare me into making a report to the authorities, the amount of effort and money being spent on harassing me was now becoming more clear.  

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