At this point I am practically jogging, attempting to get away from whatever it was that was so important that the video I had taken was deleted.  I felt as if there was no escape from this.. in my parents home, their neighborhood, the same thing was happening that had happened at my apartment earlier.  I just wanted to get away, and was glad that I had rented a hotel far away.  

I had a very strange experience in a taxi a few weeks prior, so I was attempting to avoid getting one that was on the payroll, as I called the people who were somehow associated with the large group of people acting strangely around me for the last few months.  

I walked in to a restaurant, sat down and had a cup of coffee, and requested that the waitress call a cab for me, thinking that this would avoid whatever listening device had been placed in the software of my cell phone.  The cab came about thirty minutes later, a long wait in the area I was in, and I jumped in and asked him to take me to the Extended Stay America in Palm Beach.
The cab driver was Jamaican, asked me how I was doing in, and put on some music.  Everything seemed normal, apparently my evasive maneuvers had worked.  Feeling relieved, I called my girlfriend again to see if she wanted me to stop by and pick her up on the way to the hotel.  This time she answered the phone, and during the conversation, I overheard a train in the background.  The only person I knew of that she knew who lived near train tracks was her ex, and cringed inside.  She told me she might come to the hotel in a few hours, and barely made small talk before telling me her cell phone battery was low and she’d have to call me back.  Great.
A bit more agitated now, I rolled own my window in the rear of the cab, and asked the driver if he minded if I smoked a cigarette… he said no.  I slouched a bit in the chair, thinking about the strange events of the previous night.  It’s just not true.  I thought about who would have access to the exploits that would be required to access a webcam on a machine not connected to a network, the kind of people I had read about in Geek Mafia, by Rick Dakkan… or maybe an intelligence agency — certainly nothing I had ever read of law enforcement (state of federal) being able to accomplish.  
We were exiting I-95, heading towards Congress where the hotel was.  Suddenly, the driver rolled up my window, and said he was going to put on the air conditioning.  I didn’t object, and looked out the window for the hotel, which was supposed to be right off the highway.  Neither of us saw it, and we circled around one more time before I asked him to drive east towards the beach, thinking that might entice my girlfriend to join me later.  Driving east, the driver began pressing buttons somewhere out of view, I could tell because of the strange chimes that each button press echoed in my ear.  I was alerted to his center console, and noticed that the normal GUI interface had been replaced with a high contrast text interface.  I could not read it.
Seconds later, the air went full bast, it was a noticeable change in sound, and I looked around the cab.  Tiny white particles were flying around in the air, and stuck when the hit front of my eye glasses.  I whirled inside, thoughts of the set up my girlfriend had warned me about focused clearly in my mind’s eye.  “They” are drugging me.. it was almost exactly like the last time this happened, and I immediately told the driver to stop at the first hotel he could find.  I was so anxious that I did not even know where I was.  I attempted to roll down the window, to get fresh air, and it had been locked.  “Please roll my window down.. ” I grunted at the driver.  He complied, just as he was pulling in to the parking lot of a Marriot hotel right on the beach.  I jumped out of the car immediately, grabbing my backpack and walked around to the driver side.  I didn’t feel any different, what on Earth could these people be thinking, so brazen.  I paid the driver a large tip, almost twenty dollars, relieved that he had both rolled the window down and stopped quickly.  Maybe disaster had been averted, since I had noticed what was going on.
I walked in to the hotel to book a room, and as I walked towards the front desk, a blonde man standing with his wife and speaking to the clerk said, “Here he is now.”  He looked directly at me.
Enraged, I immediately turned around, the cab driver must have brought me here on purpose, my heart sank, and I began walking towards the door.  A mind control alert followed, and I heard his companion say “he’s still playing ball, right?”

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