I feel like I need to stop the story for a moment, and explain what’s going on.  I have had several victims contact me asking questions, who seem to be going through a very similar situation right now. This tells me two things; first, what happened to me is more common place than I had previously thought.  Second, I can’t make the story as fun as I thought it would become.  
My goal with telling the story the way I have been was to show you how my thought process changed throughout this ordeal.  I wanted to make it very clear that mind control was responsible for distorting the truth, making me unaware of what was going on around me, and believe fanciful things.  My intention was to make this surprising and suspenseful, not really making it obvious that my world-view was changing (even though I did tell you about reality shifting).  The point, was to vicariously explain how you can be aware that your perceptions are being altered, while still being unaware that your changing realizations — how you perceive what is happening — is actually being directed by someone or something else.  More clearly, my understanding of what was going on, which was my primary drive in ‘playing the game’ of discovering how mind control worked was, and still is, the mechanism through which my opponent was controlling me.  Please be aware that most of this writing is told as if I were current experiencing what I am writing about, and I have tried to remain as true to my inner mindset as possible.  Almost all of how I felt at the time is no longer valid.  As I start finishing up the “Truman Show” portion, and move back in time towards the darker drug cartel and organized crime portion, you will begin to see not only the point of the Truman Show, but also how much I didn’t understand for so long.

In certain instances, I have indented text, this is meant to be closer to my “current take” on what is going on.  You might consider it similar to Fred Savage’s voice-over in The Wonder Years, or his grandfather’s voice in The Princess Bride.  Just a little note on synchronicity and lack of coincidence here:  it’s pretty funny that both of my examples point back to the same actor.

For those that are experiencing symptoms of what I am describing, you are in a much more dangerous situation than the current posts describe, please do not think I am taking what is happening to you lightly.  I have written a letter to victims of “Mindwar,” as I call it, and hope you will read that.   Beware, the people that are actively working to damage your credibility as a Federal witness, intimidate you into not testifying, and psychologically abuse you are dangerous criminals.  Also please be aware that not everyone you think is “in on it” is.. one of the most difficult mechanisms of this attack to get through is the feeling that the entire world is out to get you.  It’s definitely not.  There are still good and loving people around you.  Your family loves you.  The world has not plunged into the depths of Hades yet, though it might be on the precipice.

To the victims

What is OSEH


The precipice

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