IHS: Isis, Horus, Set — The Unholy Trinity

Part 1: Ancient Egypt
Part 2: The Cold War
Part 3: Organized Crime
Part 4: Armageddon

Temporally speaking, this is the last installment of the IHS series, it is also the most important as it is the one that is most pertinent to our struggle, and with the most parallels to the actual Isis/Horus/Set story, which I will go over again briefly  to refresh your memory.  The IHS phenomenon is the historical artifact of the influence of alien mind control technology on human conflicts, and the pervasive truth that this hidden force attempts to play both sides of most conflicts, using its influence in order to control the outcome of the conflict.

In ancient Egypt, the unification of the Upper and Lower Kingdoms clearly shows that the victorious nation is not always the clear winner. Not so hidden, between the lines, is the fact that the unification of Egypt resulted in the ideological and religious beliefs of the loser being adopted by the winner, essentially swinging the battle without having to win a physical war.  The Cult of Horus (and Lower Egypt) was the clear winner, despite what history tells us.  IHS uses humanity against itself, and ensures that the xeno-influence is always dominant.

This is especially pertinent in our current story, as the end of the second world war, and the cold war resulted in an infestation of un-American ideals throughout the United States of America, predominantly due to the infiltration of our institutions — from universities to the congress, by Nazi and Soviet spies whose agenda was literally a hidden revolution.  Some believe this revolution succeeded.

During the Cold War, both the KGB and the CIA would begin an unholy alliance with organized crime for different reasons.  The KGB’s union would be to aid in their infiltration of American democracy, however the CIA would marry to evil for another reason — to enable it to hide its secret machinations from not only the American people, but also the Congress of the United States, and the Office of Management and Budget.  It would be this unholy bond which would eventually bring American values and liberties to its knees, and put the final nail in the coffin of “representative democracy.”  I would be remiss in not mentioning here, the high probability of significant MI-6 involvement in the aiding of SD and KGB infiltration of the American way of life in the years during and after World War II.

Before I get into the significant details, which span pretty much every major American scandal from the assassination of John F. Kennedy to the Fake Depression of 2008, let me point out that the mark of the beast, tacit written proof of the involvement of the American Mafia with the upper echelon of the United States of America is written all over the records of the public financial markets.  From the 1988 crash, to the short sales in the days prior to 9/11, to the significant and obvious manipulation of the real estate and oil commodity markets in 2008; organized crime controlled interests proved time and again prescient knowledge, and complicity in the “seemingly” odd machinations of American markets.  Worse, the manipulation of the Treasury market and the US Dollar in open foreign exchange, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was more than private interests involved, but also the full weight of the Federal Reserve in the manipulation of these markets.  This is further proven by the lack of prosecution of the manipulation of the markets on 9/11 and the crude market in 2008.

Now, on to the dirty.  The unholy alliance between treasonous members of the United States government, organized crime, and corporate interests like Wackenhut, Hadron, and the Cabazon band of Indians.

The Central Intelligence Agency has been involved in narcotics trafficking since World War II, back when it was a baby and called the OSS.  The Vietnam War was the single largest trafficking operation in U.S. history, and it was this war which brought together a gang of agents, working at one point out of a CIA outpost in Turkey, in a Dark Alliance with the mafia, for the purpose of subverting the fake war on drugs.  Shackley, Richard Secord, Tom Clines, William Colby and others would be yet another link between the CIA and the mafia, known associates of Sam Giancana, and would also create more evidence of their involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the framing of Richard M. Nixon.

This “Secret Team,” which is the unpopular media’s term for the group which was committing routine treason for the benefit of the “New World Order,” and the alien intelligence in control of the advanced technology used for mind control, would rear its ugly head again in American scandal during the Carter/Reagan transition.  The October Surprise, and the subsequent Iran Contra Scandal, would like them to then Vice President George H.W. Bush, Edwin Meese, and known mafia personalities Eugene Giaquinto and John Gotti.  This also brings the Illuminati to Hollywood!

These events tie together the American Mafia, members of the Reagan Bush administration, large corporate interests, oil interests, narcotics trafficking, and private sector weapons development AND complete non-prosecution of crimes complete with murder laden cover ups.  Hello Illuminati.

Later on authors like Gary Webb would detail this groups infiltration into the judicial system at all levels, and events like 9/11 would show that they have no regard for America at all.  In 2008, organized crime would assist the “new” United American Empire in secretly nationalizing the financial sector, the auto makers, and many other private industries.  Financial transactions have linked organized crime to the 9/11 short sales, the manipulation of the crude oil market, and massive bear raids on the banks.  Thank the FDIC for assisting them in blowing up several huge American financial institutions, making their trades much more profitable.   Some say hindsight is 20/20, but when you have the American Government to back up your illegal trades, foresight is even more profitable.

In the wake of the contrived fall of the USSR, and in an eerie parallel to the original IHS story, leaving un-American interests in practical control of the helm of the United States Federal government, this secret organization would begin making their boldest move yet.  They would enlarge their civilian army of mind controlled associates, and begin spreading even further knowledge of the governments involvement with the mafia, and an alien influence alluded to by Ronald Reagan numerous times in public addresses.  Knowledge of mind control technology would be spread far and wide into the private sector, to the point where now a significant percentage of Americans are aware of a mind controlled coup d’etat.  At some point they probably planned on blaming MI-6 or the KGB for this fiasco, but the infestation is so large now that it would never be believed once exposed.  This organization is using mind control technology to steal your money, your civil liberties, and your children’s future — out from right under your noses.

We all owe Danny Casolaro and Cheri Seymour a huge debt of gratitude for not only exposing this secret coup, but also for linking together the JFK assassination, the Watergate Scandal, the October Surprise, and Iran Contra, in the United States of America’s Last Circle.
This is what is in control of your American Government.  It’s criminal and treasonous.  Care, it will not be OK for our children if you don’t.

One thought on “IHS, and the Unholy War Part 3

  1. im confused, really confused, i KNOW that something BIG is happening, something SO BIG , the likes of never seen before,i feel it, but WHAT can we do to stop them, when, they have ALL the money, knowledge and power. I KNOW that they have weakened the middle classes with viruses, that, no matter how many obvious symptoms you show or tell your GP, every test is done yet NEGATIVE you are in perfect health. I am far from perfect health, as are most of the peoples, the doctors are all involved, i trust no one now, ive seen what they do to people, ive seen things and know things that i shouldnt. Ive seen the contents of a freemasons case and ALL i actually remember seeing is a black square of cotton, like a headscarf, with a pentagram on it with all strange symbols on the pentagram. Shortly after this, i was sectioned!! honestly i swear to this, then in the madhouse, it got more strange, they control people in there, men in black coats are planted in there, amongst people fallen fowl of them, having what they saw reversed, i could go into much more detail, i KNOW that there are demons involved here, ive seen them, indeed, ive manged to encourage the demons to misbehave, i was told stories by the patients in there of animals, strange animals but the guy who was telling me this was an old friend of mine and i know he was telling the truth about this as he had stabbed himself in his stomach, after he did that, they cut him open from his navel right down to his groin. Then planted a guy to sleep next to him and go where he went, he trusted this guy, so did i, even inviting him to my house, everytime my friend started to tell his story, the guy in black would look into his eyes and say "stop chatting shit". He also did this to a really serious case of schizophrenia, a girl, bless her, i could see the demons in her face, he would tell her to stop chatting shit too. He never did tell us why he was in there, or why he had a red sports car which he was allowed to drive (as he was posing as a mental patient), using mobile phones and writing notes, ALWAYS writing notes, but it seemed to me with hindsight that he had been sent to watch my friend, his bed was next to my friends. I got him away, as the guy knew my family and would ONLY go out if he was in the car with me or my mum, claiming that THEY were everywhere and trying to kill him. After i left the unit, i saw my friend again, he appeared to be MUCH BETTER, he seemed to know nothing of what he was telling me whilst in the hospital, i am positive that they brainwashed him, you had to be there and know him as long as i did, it was weird, i had, had a breakdown at the time, due to (i am sure) unwittingly being too close for comfort to the organisation, i nearly lost my life, i was also warned by a frantic ex of mine about men in black suits coming to my door, he sounded hysterical and was screaming at me, however he had broken my heart and messed up my head, so i just laughed at the time thinking he was trying to freak me out, now looking back on everything with hindsight, i see that i was in a very dangerous situation. I didnt know of the illuminati or even much about the freemasons at the time, now though, i know what was going on, and as for my friend in the mental hosp. he was telling me that THEY were trying to make him a prince or king? and there were all these animals, i even thought at the time that he was mad, but the look in his eye when telling me was like he knew that what he was saying made no sense, and he didnt really expect me to believe it, but he persisted, almost laughing as saying it, he desperately wanted me to believe him, but the biggest thing of all was his terror of going out. He thought he was safe in the ward!! The ward where they were watching him and eventually silencing him for good, and this i swear is all true

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