I implore you to read this entire post, despite some little discrepancy that makes you “turn away.”  This behavior is a symptom of mind control induced censorship.

This is first hand testimony!
I have lots of dots to connect, including the infiltration of this group into our justice system and law enforcement communities, and this is the most realistic theory which fills the gap. That’s not to say there are not others, but if the others are true, there’s really no reason to care (things like, we live in the matrix and the simulation is ending soon.)  In this situation, there is a reason to care, and this is about as “good” as it gets, given what I personally know.

I have personally experienced these dots, which is why I have gone to such great lengths to attempt to explain them. At the same time, I’ve also gone to great lengths to attempt to find things which I think PROVE the existence of not only the force I am speaking of, but also the dots.  

The Conspiracy

You can’t fake this stuff.

This is the purpose of searching for synchronicity. Without mind control and time travel (or at least mind control and a really vivid future looking imagination), it would be impossible to create these patterns IN HISTORY

JFK and RFK, mind control everywhere.
Reagan and Lennon, mind control, everywhere

It would be wonderful if people could look at the patterns, and perhaps evaluate them. 
There are some cognitive leaps, however from my point of view (being a knowing mind control victim), the work of Dick and Orwell are more than prophetic, they are prescient. One day I think many more will “know” about this conspiracy that involves the technology both wrote about, as well as the authoritarian and hidden government both spoke about.

It’s all happening, and it’s way farther along than you think.

I am often asked the question, if this infrastructure exists, why am I able to speak about it.  What I can tell you is that my giving you the truth is most likely going to serve to discredit my testimony over the reason I know it, which initially was related to United States government involvement in domestic narcotics trafficking.  I’ve chosen the better of two evils, giving people the truth, and remaining a credible witness for a small part of a big problem.  

In addition,  consider the fact that there may well be a censorwall which is linked to your thoughts.  I have personal proof of the existence of the ability of this force, and most likely our government, to  transparently isolate small groups of people.  You are most likely in the group of people that will not believe me, if you do will not care, and even if you cared will not act.  I can guarantee that I alone cannot spread this truth to those people who would be able to do anything about it.  Despite filing multiple reports with numerous government agencies, including an in person visit to the National Security Agency, out of fear that electronic communications were being intercepted, rerouted, and otherwise disposed of.  
The point is this information, which is everything I know about mind control, a vast conspiracy which I link to an extraterrestrial influence, which uses advanced technology related to mind control that has been proven to me, must be put in the hands of everyone.

Mindwar, what’s happening all around you.

I have spent a significant amount of personal funds in order to spread this truth, free of charge, to anyone that cares to listen, it should be much more popular than it is–ITS TRUE.  In addition, I used to have significantly better computer skills, and a much larger network of friends that also possessed the skills that might be able to get this put on your television, where it belongs.  For one reason or another, related to mind control, I am forced to write, and “advertise” in my free time.  It’s disheartening really, do yourselves a favor, and see what your friends think of these theories, I honestly think our collective future depends on it.

15 thoughts on “Share this information, your future depends on it. I swear it to you.

  1. After more than 30 years experience of this subject, I have to state that there is no alien involvement, though there is a massive drive to convince all that this is an act of god or aliens.This is because the C.I.A. were caught abducting people for mind control(MK ULTRA)in the '70's. A matter of public and court records.Anyone saying it is supernatural or alien beings doing this, are working for the Gov. , trying to cover up what is really happening.

  2. You state that the CIA was abducting people for mind control experimentation in the 1970s. I will not refute that, and in fact agree with your statement, I too believe that is proven.At the same time, there is clear evidence of the use of fully working mind control technology in the assassinations and ensuing cover ups of JFK and RFK. How do you account for this?There is a clear influence of mind control technology on the works of PKD, Orwell, Huxley many years prior to even the Nazi research into mind control. How do you account for this?There is a case of paranoid schizophrenia in 1800, with so many commonalities to modern day symptoms of mind control victims that it is clear that it was intentionally left in our history in order to prove the existence of the technology, and its use by an extraterrestrial force. There is no way to reconcile this truth with the obviousness that modern day mind control victims experience almost identical symptoms. If you think I work for the government, you are stupid.

  3. Dobrin is a perfect example of a mind control victim. Above, he writes about extremely effective mind control technology that has been used on humans for centuries, yet he concludes his message illogically by blaming stupidity rather than mind control.I don't think the anonymous critic above writes what he does due to stupidity, but due to mind control. It doesn't matter how intelligent you are. If the system or entity or whatever absolutely wants you to think in a certain way, then you will, period.

  4. Is the entity trying to create a record of apparent resistance to hide total mind control? If there's a plan to reveal the existence of a surveillance and partial control system (mind reading, the production of auditory hallucinations, and the manipulation of emotions), for societal reasons, then the creation of such a record would make sense.The elite may be after such a crimeless utopia. This would not only give them more control, because they would no longer have to acquire evidence in the traditional, tortuous way (evidence acceptable in court, that is): it would also serve to further hide all sorts of crimes perpetrated by this entity through possessed individuals, because people would think there's no crime due to the "perfect surveillance system".Just a thought.

  5. "there is a massive drive to convince all that this is an act of god or aliens"More like a massive drive to discredit those ideas by making them seem as ridiculous as possible by associating them with nuts like David Icke or various "schizophrenics" (like me and Dobrin). Do you really think people like me have any influence worth mentioning? Even David Icke is a fringe lunatic at the end of the day. What purpose could supposed agents like Dobrin possibly serve?

  6. P.S. If by "massive drive" you are referring to a couple of mentions in the mainstream media of possible alien invasion in the future or remarks to that effect, those aren't associated with any sort of mind control occurring through history, or mind control in the first place, so ultimately there are only a few insignificant individuals writing about these topics with the kind of detail and science and logic based approach Dobrin uses. Everything else is misleading fiction or incoherent ramblings.P.P.S. Try to find case studies of schizophrenia. I bet you can't find more than a couple of detailed studies or accounts (I've tried), and most likely you can find detailed accounts only in memoirs, and even then they are very rare, even though schizophrenics of the paranoid type especially are supposed to be perfectly able to write coherently and to often recover for long periods of time. You can't find much real information on the supposed disease though beyond superficial and vague consensus notions. Now why would that be?? Could some force be interested in keeping a lid on information about TOTAL mind control by keeping detailed accounts of its most obvious influence away from the historical record?

  7. There's a confusing sentence in my previous message I'll have to fix. Here's the corrected version:If by "massive drive" you are referring to a couple of mentions in the mainstream media of possible alien invasion in the future or remarks to that effect, those aren't associated with ideas or remarks about any sort of mind control occurring through history, or about mind control in the first place, so ultimately there are only a few insignificant individuals writing about these topics etc.

  8. I've taken the liberty to publish one of your comments from another thread as a page on my blog with additional commentary by me (see Statement). Let me know if you're unhappy with any of this.Here is the intro to it:The vague concepts of delusion and mental illness are used to discredit victims of mind control as lacking insight and not understanding better than psychiatrists what is happening to them, often after a series of superficial interviews to note down symptoms in a general vague sense. Schizophrenia is often considered too much trouble or not treatable by psychoanalysts, while other psychotherapies are quite superficial, often focusing on behavioural modification or modification of ways of thinking, so that those victims of mind control who exhibit some symptoms of schizophrenia can easily be hidden within the larger group of schizophrenics whose symptoms are actually, upon a more detailed examination found to be, very different in some important aspects.What is more, neurologists don't know the mechanism behind complex hallucination or psychosis. They may not even understand the difference between complex psychosis and simple psychosis. The former is rational or irrational in a way that can be analysed in terms of a story arc; the latter is a break down of mental functions that produces symptoms reminiscent of dementia. It is a distinction I have had to invent words for to even be able to refer to it. Or perhaps I've been kept ignorant of an existing distinction, but I doubt that very much.In any case, people are taught to simply assume that all kinds of strange "symptoms" can, and do, occur naturally as a result of mental illness. The film "A Beautiful Mind" serves this purpose by portraying an account of supposed schizophrenia which suggests to the viewer that schizophrenics can live in a pocket universe of hallucinations, basically. People are taught to assume that someone who makes very strange claims for no apparent reason is "simply mentally ill". In fact, people seem to believe in the validity of psychiatric claims about psychosis with stubborness. Dobrin calls this faith the "comfortable delusion" in the paragraph below.(Not from that page: it now occurs to again that it will be difficult to convince people that the entity is both real and should be opposed as much as possible. People might believe it is real if we can convince them of what I wrote above, in the intro, but then they'd see the suffering it has caused as rather insignificant. I think we need to combine this stuff with convincing argumentation about how world wars and other horrors have been orchestrated by relatively few individuals manipulated by this entity. Not sure what to say about the idea that some individuals have not only been controlled, but also made to serve the entity knowingly. I'm still very doubtful of the illuminati being anything more than a distracting and intimidating myth, so that's something to think about as well when formulating a strategy.

  9. The anti-spam code this time was:3524 GoductoI immediately associated it with 'conductor', a conducting metal, and God, implying I'm merely conveying a message from this entity. It also occurs to me the conductor part could refer to conductor of music, an orchestrator of events.

  10. Now I'm cursing out loud that I didn't take pictures of those two codes I've mentioned so far. Either I'm being set up as a liar as usual in many contexts, or not allowed to increase the weight of evidence at this time or … what? Also, those codes can be refreshed, so I could have been clicking and waiting to get something that would appear meaningful, but the truth is they were both first codes, no refresh.I've also been introduced to the idea, which I believe isn't entirely esoteric (there could've been a mention by some actual medical or psychological authority), that psychopaths may hint about their bad intentions to their victims. This idea is especially prominent in Michael Hoffman's "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare". It confuses the lines between confession and perversion. I'd say Hoffman is pretty much fully mind controlled as you'd expect of an eminent writer on the masons and supposed conspiracies and supposed masonic magic.

  11. Got an opportunity to take pics in connection to the anti-spam code in posting my previous message. Couldn't find an USB cable for my camera, but here's a screen shot:http://i.imgur.com/Aa1yPu4.pngThe part where it says "the characters you entered didn't match" and so on, comes up every time when I try to post, because that whole anti-spam thing is missing when I'm writing my message. I have to press publish or preview to get there, and I always press publish. (Tested it with preview, and as you'd expect, it doesn't come up in that case.)As for the analysis of that synchronicity: the code is "bylficy", that is "by l ficy", which I soon interpreted as "by lord fishy". It's supposedly an allusion to me, since people familiar with the external appearance of my case would think there's something fishy about me to a masterful degree, and they'd think so due to the influence of this entity on me and possibly on themselves. It could also be an allusion to the entity, as the entity is a master of creating suspicious coincidences and so on.

  12. Here's an actual picture taken with a camera (it shows a different part of the message, due to an impulse I had later to hide that part by scrolling down, and probably being mind controlled to do so):http://i.imgur.com/aVNehkg.jpgOh man! Look at the address! It says "a VN ehkg". VN could be how you say WN without hurting your tongue in the process. So it alludes to white nationalism. I've had a history of being a white nationalist, and on the internet I'm mostly known as one. "ehkg" is very close to how "maybe" sounds like in my language. Really, it's like a caricature of a retarded person saying the word "maybe" in my language (Dobrin knows my native language, and can pretty much verify my statement as well as reveal the language if necessary in the future). So, the whole thing translates to "a white nationalist, maybe (as if spoken by an idiot)". This relates to my experiences of many people not really knowing what to think about me, about what I really believe or what motivates me.

  13. Can you edit the message where I mention psychopathy, in order to add this:Anyway, this concept could be used against me by claiming I'm simply hinting about my true deceitful nature when I write about these synchronicities and my related experience. It could be used to make the allegation that I have somehow invented and created all of these synchronicities, as well as my whole "illness" (I say "illness", because I don't think I'm truly mentally ill, but instead a victim of mind control).

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