This is a chaper in a long running series.  Contents: Engineering Revelation
The day after my very first, and only, bona fide religious experience, I received another message through DailyHoroscope: “It’s not black and white, the truth is somewhere in between.”  A clear response to my distaste for the message from the prior night, one that I had dispelled time and time again as it had been suggested, I just could not believe in the existence of Satan.  While I had never before believed in a being of pure evil, even during the days when I did hold religious conviction, I had also not believed that humans possessed innate evil.  This is one belief that has been shattered since learning the secrets of Satan; while it still appears to me that even the worst of actions are influenced through the exploitation of emotion, I have now glimpsed into a world where humans harm each other for no reason.  Come to think of it, it may not be for no reason at all, it appears to be at the behest of the demiurge, in order to fulfill its desires, regardless of whether or not the process of fulfillment destroys both those assisting it and its targets.
In what seems like a lifetime ago, towards the end of 2010, someone very close to me attempted to frame me for a very bad crime.  While I seem to have escaped that fate, during that process, and in the ensuing years, I was tormented by a mind control program, that for the majority of the period in between then and an actual framing in 2012, I did a significant amount of research into this program, the actors involved, and its mechanism of action.  At the time I was very sure that this was a deep black NSC program, which had been outsourced to the American Mafia in an attempt to keep it off the books.  That still may be part of the truth, but it is not the whole truth, as I would soon find out.
Around the time I was framed by a small group of very corrupt police officers in Lighthouse Point, Florida; a large group of civilians, who at the time I believed worked for my ex-wife’s family, members of the ‘ndrangheta mafia began actively psychologically torturing me.  This amounted to threats to the lives of myself and my family and using law enforcement to frame me.  These threats would occur in public places, on the road, and on the computer and via phone from a somewhat large network of perfect strangers.  The majority of these people were working their menial jobs at the time, many were hotel staff, and it seems this force has a significant presence in the hospitality industry.  At the same time, there were new elements to the threats this time, very different from the stalking that occurred in 2010.  Now, as I had learned a significant amount more about mind control in the interim, I was also threatened with having my memory wiped, or being forced into a car accident–as has happened before, several times, in my life.
In retrospect it seems to be by design, but it was because of the repeated death threats, as well as the memory related ones, which compelled me to commit to writing not only my experiences, but he knowledge of the mind control program I had gained from being a victim to paper.  After being set up, I was overwhelmed with the dreadful feeling of impending death, and more than anything in the world, wanted to save you, and our children, from the same fate.  It was because of this that I wrote my first book, The Illuminati Resistance, shortly after being framed, and wrote down everything I knew of the history of The Octopus, and their primary weapon, mind control technology.  I wrote this book under a pen name, and though I believed it all to be true at the time of writing, I have been enlightened with a significant amount of additional information.  
This book detailed the covert exploits of the Secret Team, an organization comprised of CIA agents, wealthy businessmen, and organized crime; which purportedly worked directly for the National Security Council.  They are, from what I hear, responsible for the assassination of JFK, the October Surprise, and Iran Contra; among other wonderfully treasonous acts.  My primary source for truth related to this organization came from none other than a fellow TI, Cheri Seymour.  In her book,  The Last Circle, which I now know was clearly inspired by the same entity I have been “dealing with,” she describes somewhat unknowingly several significant events which clearly parallel my own story–and a mind control attack in general.  The antagonists in her story, one Robert Booth Nichols, Ted Gunderson of the FBI, and Michael Riconoscuitto are clearly representative of the “Synagogue of Satan,” and their use of mind control in order to alter the outcome of events.  In this case it was an investigation into the death of Danny Casolaro, which would have lead to the highest levels of American government.

I took my newly written book, and decided to go ask for help.  I had become a witness to what most likely is the largest conspiracy in the history of humanity, and believed wholeheartedly (or at least I still had a glimmer of hope) that our wonderful government would be interested in hearing about how they were being set up.   I flew to BWI, rented a car, and drove directly to NSA headquarters in Ft. Meade.  I spent about 20 minutes walking around the public museum, before asking an employee there if there was a “public” facility there I could speak with someone about a complaint.  She told me very clearly that there was a sign marked “PUBLIC” which lead to the main NSA HQ, but that it was not really public, and I should not go there.

Of course I did, and wound up speaking with a NSA psychologist for the better part of two hours.  She would not take my book, but did take the complaint and what seemed to be careful notes.

To be continued…

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