This is a chaper in a long running series.  Contents: Engineering Revelation
For three months in 2010 and early 2011 my reality was transported to a fantasy world.  In this world, thousands of people around me, by my estimation somewhere between 2 and 30 percent of the population is consciously aware of the influence of a powerful external force on the minds of all people.  This fantasy world is reality, but to most it is the stuff of a strong delusion, the truth of the matter, is that this influence has been hidden in much the same way as the existence of God has been questioned in modern times.  Most do not witness it first hand, and because of their lack of experience, dispel any stories as a false perception, or worse–the stuff on insanity.
The true insanity is that despite tens of thousands of people crying out loudly about the existence of this force–the population does not believe, simply because they have not seen.  A blanket has been pulled over the eyes of the world, and it has stolen the truth from the minds of the masses.  
Some may wonder how we, as witnesses, can be so sure that it is the mass of disbelievers that are truly suffering from a delusion, rather than the group of so called victims.  It’s not a bad question, and I not only understand disbelief, had I not witnessed this first hand I most likely would have agreed.  It is because of how we learned about this entity, over a long period of time, by having small revelation after small revelation that proves to us, beyond a reasonable doubt, that we are not wrong.  The truth is, the story told to us is so complex, so intertwined with reality, history, and religion that there is no conceivable way you could deny it once you have seen proof not only in the world around you, but also saved in our cultural record for all time.  
The world I was transported to was much like the fictional stories described in the movie Fallen, and the television show Joan of Arcadia.  In reality though, it is much more pervasive than those depictions.  I have witnessed, at different times, up to forty people in one location performing what victims have termed “street theater.”  The phenomenon is akin to a large group of people performing a skit, as if on stage, but in broad daylight.  Their words and actions are choreographed, not by some evil director, nor the CIA, but by an entity which has not only written the script itself, but also performs it as if it were a puppet-master.

These skits are made even more realistic by the knowing and unknowing inclusion of those you know well in their performance. Unknowingly, some can be made to utter small phrases, or act in such a manner that it appears they are aware of the broad skit.  At the same time, often there are agent provocateurs placed  the life of the victim. In my case, my ex-wife and current girlfriend was heavily involved in the performance, playing a “starring role” which increased the feeling of realism, by utilizing my trust and love for her.  Without the addition of agents known to the victim, it might appear as nothing more than an outside attack by an unknown force, this is dispelled quite easily.

These “skits” were complex, and told a story.  Slowly but surely over the three month period it became apparent that the people that were performing these scripts could hear my thoughts.  Many of them included “psychic” undertones, others were threatening, some had clearly religious undertones, and yet others were comical.  Regardless of the theme, all included real time responses to inner monologue, and the purpose of doing so was well hidden.  As it was happening, I believed the sole purpose was to create the appearance of schizophrenia, which resulted in my abject silence about what was happening.  I was scared to retell these stories, and this fear too, was injected with mind control–a tactic that was exposed during the MK-ULTRA hearings in 1996.  Despite a significant amount of testimony, and written documentation about this programs, and obvious proof of the existence of the technology, the general view of the psychiatric community and the world is that the symptoms which have been identified by numerous victims as being the result of advanced technology are rather the result of a psychiatric condition.  This itself, is a societal delusion.

The true mechanism behind “street theater” became clear to me much later.  It wasn’t the people who could hear my thoughts, but rather this entity, the grand script writer.  The lines were written in such a way to make it look as if the actors were reading from a teleprompter, and in fact they were.  The teleprompter was mind control, however because I was made to believe I was a test subject, I did not believe that this was possible.  Instead, I was told that they were using an advanced radio communication system, though others believe their lines are delivered via text messages, or some other less advanced technology.  The end result of this, is a search for the truth, and this is exactly what I did.
Because much of the street theater I received revolved around organized crime and narcotics trafficking, after the street theater stopped I began to search for the perpetrator of the crime.  I read books about organized crime and its relationship to the CIA, and firmly believed I had traced the source to the Secret Team, a group within the Central Intelligence Agency which was linked to narcotics trafficking during the Korean and Vietnam wars, as well as he JFK assassination, and Iran Contra.  My research, including the very books I read, and right down to my understanding of their meaning was directed by mind control technology, but I did not know it at the time.  This was my grand deception:  I believed firmly that I was a test subject, and that my thoughts could be read, but because the only interaction I had with this entity was through other people and electronic communications I did not think it could directly manipulate my senses or thoughts.  
I was wrong, and that was made clear much later.  What is even more amazing, is that manipulation of my senses was proven to me in the very beginning, during the Lake of Fire.  Even though I experienced it first hand, and was directed to CIA MK-ULTRA research, I was unable to connect those two very simple dots — this proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt the power of mind control.  This entity was able to fog my understanding of what was happening to such a degree that my first hand memories, which I was fully aware of at the time, did not make the logical connection that would have told me that I was being manipulated as well as surveiled.  What becomes clear, when you do realize that, is that your reaction to the street theater is also part of the script, that you too, have little to no “free will” when confronted with this phenomenon.
I now know that my research into the CIA and MK-ULTRA was directed by this entity, most likely to cause me, like many others, to blame this organization for the “mind control research” that was being done to me.  To further this delusion, I later did a significant amount of research into how this technology worked, as well as possible countermeasures.  Like many other “targeted individuals,” humorous to me now, as all around us are unknowing victims, I searched through their stories and their explanations, and was made to believe the silliest of explanations, and then later, understood that they were not the truth.
I bought RF detectors to search for the source of mind control radiation, built Faraday cages, and searched high and low for the source of what I imagined must have been a TEMPEST like interferometer which was being used to remotely read EMF emissions from my brain.  At one point I painted an entire room with RF shielding paint, in order to create a “safe place,” away from the neural surveillance which was tormenting me.  Despite all my efforts, I would continue to receive messages from this entity which let me know, beyond a doubt, that it could continue to hear my thoughts.  In the beginning it was not clear how often “they” were listening, however this facade too slowly fell apart, and I was aware that this was ’round the clock.’  
Once it became clear that my thoughts and feelings were being manipulated, it was “revealed” once again that there was no possible mechanism other than nanotechnology which would allow for the remote activation of individual neurons, which through my research, I had “deduced” was the only possible way to change a persons feelings and their understanding of the world around them.  I settled on a kind of technology called remote neural recording and stimulation, and found that there is publicly available modern day research into this type of technology.
At this point you may be thinking to yourself, as I did, that this “research project” must cost a fortune in manpower and resources.  Round the clock surveillance, complete with almost daily custom tailored messages designed to frighten and intimidate the subject… I often wondered if they had a team of monkeys working around the clock on me.  It was a silly delusion, but because of the influence of mind control, I believed it wholeheartedly.  It would not be until much later that the truth was revealed, and I finally understood that this entity watches, listens, and changes the lives of all people on the Earth, all the time.  This is what was being hidden–that there were no resources being used, no money spent, no people sitting behind computer monitors–this is what this entity does.  The large group of people I encountered at first were not who they said they were, they were the Synagogue of Satan, a group that knowingly works with this entity in order to create the false delusion described in Revelation.  Their sole purpose, in the very end, was to frame the CIA and organized crime for using mind control in order to take over the world.   It is now clear that these groups are all used by the entity, though I imagine many fewer than I first believe do so knowingly.  It is a master of deception, and its great skill is subtly manipulating the strengths and weaknesses of all people into doing its bidding.  
In the end, it was all to prove the existence of an outside force, one that has not been hidden as I had once thought, but has been openly written about for thousands of years, in our religious literature.  Revelation tells us that the end times are the revelation of truth on the entire world, and the truth is that now is the time that our society has evolved (with help) to the point of being able to understand the technology behind religion.  Today, government researchers and intelligence organizations are most certainly aware that the stories that have been told as myths of occult magic are in fact prima facie evidence of the influence of an extra-terrestrial force on humankind… and yet they remain silent.

This time has been chosen, because we finally have the capability to understand how this has happened; when the technology is revealed publicly, please return here, and understand that it has been all around us for a very, very long time.
Throughout my ordeal, I was often asked to question why, rather than how, though I ignored this as subterfuge.  Now it is the question I seek the answer to the most, and I hope we will receive it together.

14 thoughts on “The power of the Dragon

  1. I agree with much of what you've said, specifically that the so-called "perps" are under some form of mind control. I've seen it firsthand when normal people suddenly change – every one of them suddenly gets this look in their eyes, kind of like they are twacked out on speed. A certain "blankness," if you will. I've asked many of the "perps" about things they've said, weeks after they've said it. They don't have any memory of any of it, and I do not think they are lying. Many of these TI webpages do a great disservice by stating inaccurate things as fact, such as "these are networks of people working for the police state who spend inordinate amounts of money and time to simply harass one person…" It's illogical, and since this is so widespread, someone would have come forward by now. Organizations like FFCHS and disinformation agents like "Eleanor White" have done an effective job of misdirecting targeted people. I've interacted with both of them, and trust me, it left a bad taste in my mouth.My questions to you are:Do you think this is some kind of extraterrestrial force, or perhaps "God?"Do you think we are living during the end times, and that we targets have been shown these things and been tormented and tortured for some reason? That is to say, do you think there is some grand plan in which we targets will survive apocalypse, and rebuild the world as a better place due to our knowledge of everything that is wrong with the world today, so that it won't be repeated?I can tell you, I was tortured in a hospital, and asked if I wanted "to be a freemason." They gave me this BS oath: "Freemasons are police, and police are freemasons. I must make the long walk home. We're freemasons. We shift lives, and we never die." I was then asked what I wanted to be, and I said "a cop in the Cumming police department (here in Georgia)" I was also asked what kind of wife I wanted, and how many kids I wanted, and other things like where I wanted to live.After this, I was framed for aggravated assault and burglary, after being subjected to gangstalking, street theater, etc. A random guy attacked me with an axe! Anyway, I spent a month and a half in Deklab County jail in Atlanta. I planned on fighting the charges, but every time I brought up gangstalking, I was forced to take a "psych eval." One doctor even asked me why I hadn't killed myself yet, and what it would take to get me to do it. One strange thing that sticks out, is something my grandmother said to me during the last time I saw her, right before she died. Out of nowhere, she asked me "does he ask to much of you? Does he!?! She was living with us so we could take care of her, but right when my gangstalking started, her personality drastically changed. She had been very healthy and a generally good, loving person, but she stopped eating and eventually starved to death in a nursing home in a matter of months.Make no mistake, I believe whomever, or whatever is behind this MC/OS is one evil son of a bitch… I still want to know the truth, and I do believe it will be revealed eventually.Please let me know your thoughts on any of this. Sorry for making this post so long, but your work really gets me thinking!

  2. It is not an supernatural being, it is 'the hive mind' of a bunch of narcissistic people, they have the power and tech of police and civilian spies backing them. It is known as CoIntelPro.

  3. I vehemently disagree with your assertion, though I admittedly once believed it. Just because you state something as fact, doesn't make it fact! That's my problem with most of these "TI support groups." Every one of them is certain about "who's behind it:" freemasons, Jews, communists, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, Military Intelligence, Infragard, "Weed n' Seed," HAARP, and on and on. But not one of them has any proof. Worse still, if you disagree with any of their "facts," you must be a "perp."The only evidence I have is what I've seen and experienced, first-hand. And through careful observation and , for lack of a better term, "experimentation," I've come to the hypothesis that "organized stalking" is done by a limited number of people possessing some form of centralized mind-control technology. You'd have techs working in a main office, or a series of offices in scattered areas, and then you'd have field teams assigned to one or many targets in a given area, who assist in focusing the efforts of the technology to hone its effectiveness. They would not only use the aforementioned technology on the target, but on many people the target comes in contact with. In this way, they engineer many peoples' realities at once. That's just my hypothesis, and it's subject to change! But that's the way the scientific method works, and in the case of mind control and organized stalking, Occam's Razor cuts both ways. What I mean by that is, yes, MC/OS bears resemblance to COINTELPRO in many ways. But in certain ways, it doesn't. For example, COINTELPRO was largely carried out in America. MC/OS appears to be a global concern. Yes, MC/OS bears resemblance to the tactics of the Nazi Sicherheitsdienst and Gestapo, as well as those of the East German Stasi, and the Soviet KGB. However, in all those instances, even where as many as 1 in 10 citizens was an informant, SOMEONE SPOKE OUT!!! Someone escaped, someone got word out, somehow! There were, if only a few, some "good guys" who listened and worked to stop such crimes against humanity. In the case of MC/OS, there are plenty of people speaking out, but NO ONE is listening. It's almost like they are…MIND CONTROLLED! :)I'm not saying this couldn't be COINTELPRO V2.0, because it could. I just don't believe it is. It would be nigh on logistically impossible, and it would mean that EVERY target's family, mind included, would have to knowingly turn against the target, whether through blackmail, or simply because that many people are sociopaths. The research doesn't bear this level of sociopathy out, unless the human species has suddenly and drastically devolved in a matter of a few short decades. I don't buy it.In sum, my beliefs are just as valid as yours, but it would do us all well to state beliefs as just that: beliefs.

  4. You should like my article, then (link in my handle). (I revised the intro again yesterday.)I've yet to read or experience any sort of alleged gang stalking that can't be explained either as a combination of unnoticed group mind control, mind control induced hallucination, mind control induced paranoia, and teleportation (which I believe I've personally experienced in regards to my cellphone appearing in a closed pocket of my coat, and I've certainly read about teleportation in literature on the paranormal). Teleportation or materialisation could be used to plant items or steal them.I don't know what is behind these phenomena, but I think the most reasonable hypothesis is that it is some sort of godlike inhuman entity, possibly a machine, as our host contends. And as I implied, I think it's able to "gang stalk" targets, without there actually being any human conspiracy involved. I think the mere fact that everyone (?) experiencing this stuff these days first blames some human government (as I did) points the conclusion that the real perpetrator is something else entirely. Thing is, it *can* fully control your mind. So it can make you believe whatever it wants about who or what or why. I personally think it makes us blame the governments at first as a way to completely discredit us in the eyes of those governments: if the governments don't actually know anything about this entity, then our blaming them will just appear to them as clear evidence we don't know what we're talking about, which in turn is easy to see as a pretty clear sign of mental illness.That's the problem in blaming innocents: they'll think you're either an asshole or a paranoid lunatic. If you want to convince these people about something, you have to try something they aren't familiar with from personal experience. So I'd say talking about some Lovecraftian entity, howsoever nuts in some sense, is much more advisable than talking about human conspiracies, because then at least you'd be talking about something these people can't disprove in the blink of an eye by referring to their own personal experience.

  5. I do believe it is an extraterrestrial force ultimately responsible for this phenomenon. I am also personally aware of a number of people who participate in this crime, knowingly, with full memory of it. I do believe that everyone who participates is coerced to do so using mind control, however some are fully aware of what they are doing. It is possible and likely that a number of individuals participate without their knowledge.Regarding the "End Times." I certainly do not think that the group of targets is destined to be the only one that "survives the apocalypse." In recent history, it appears that this group is destined to be a group of obvious martyrs in the future, sad as that is. At the same time, we may be beyond the Fifth Trumpet already, in which case martyrdom would not be an assured fate.I also had a charade performed at a hospital, I can tell you the entire thing was a fabricated play, performed by "professional actors" (not to say they are actually actors, but professional operatives performing a military (or worse) grade psychological operation on the victim. There may have been truth in the story, but it was also riddled with lies and deception, I can promise you that. The entire point is to manipulate your belief system and world outlook. What happened with your framing? I'm very curious.I do not doubt that your grandmother had a religious experience. Again, these are the weapons of this entity, religion and spirituality are used against not only the victims, but also the perpetrators and general public. Gang-stalking itself will one day prove that religion has been used as a weapon of a monolithic force for a long, long time.Truth is a funny thing. Towards the latter part of my experience, the phrases "your truth," "our truth," and "my truth" have been used repeatedly. While I firmly believe there is only one 'real truth' it appears this entity would have us believe that 'perception is reality' (another commonly uttered phrase), and that 'the truth' may in fact be beyond our understanding. Either that, or it would sicken us to the point of no return. :)Strive to be 'over the experience' rather than to find the penultimate truth, that road leads to a dark place.

  6. @AdamI believe I mentioned unusual hallucinations as a possible explanation the first time I recounted that experience here. I lamented that I didn't attempt to make a call with the cellphone before I put it back to its usual place in my apartment, to verify it wasn't a hallucinated object.The problem with your particular explanation is that I remember perfectly well what happened. There was *no* lapse at any point when I came back to my apartment, and I immediately noticed the phone in my coat pocket after I had opened the door to the main room, the other end of which usually houses my cellphone, and where I was certain I had left it. So I'd literally have to be a Superman and be able to move faster than light to have grabbed that cellphone from the other end of the room, opened my pocket, placed it there, closed my pocket, then taken the same pose I was in before the feat, and then have my memory of it suppressed, and continue on as if nothing had happened. Impossible. (Incidentally, I have a new section about false memory at my website.)Whether it's teleportion or hallucination makes no difference in the context of this discussion anyway. If the entity can produce hallucinations like that, then it could easily plant "objects" (persistent mass hallucination) as well as make them appear to be missing ("steal" them), without human help whatsoever. (That's not to rule out unknowing human help in some cases, but I'd say it's a more elegant explanation than human conspiracy, and interestingly I seem to be the only self-identified "TI" who thinks so. Which must mean something.)

  7. On a second thought, I guess a complete blackout and being taken over by this entity, as I described seemed to have happened once when I was walking outside, could explain it. The entity would have to have positioned me exactly where I was before the blackout, in the exact same pose, but I suppose it wouldn't be beyond its powers. I also remember reading about this being-taken-over-and-experiencing-a-blackout-about-it phenomenon in one of Colin Wilson's books. I'll try to find the exact reference for you if you're interested.

  8. I am interested. I imagine Wilson is a fiction author you enjoy reading. I've had a number of experiences that closely parallel works of fiction that I enjoyed reading as a youth, including Orson Scott Card and Stephen King. I have come to the conclusion, of course, that I read the books initially because of the influence of the entity, knowing full well its plans to use them in the future in my um.. 'escapades.'

  9. You are right in that it is widespread and growing. The technology is able to be used on almost everyone. There are exceptional people whom have a built-in resistance that cannot be fought against. The technology is based largely on nanotech as you surmised. My own nanotech device was brought to my attention in a way that surprised me. They sent instructions to have the device show itself to me. It was barely able to be seen but was as wide as a thin pencil line , like old thin lead mechanical pens. It came out as one line about 1/2 an inch long. It then split into a line 2/3 of original line length and then the remainder of the original line . The part that remained 2/3 length then split evenly so as to now have three equal length lines all in a row with a small space between each section. the action totaled about five seconds for the original separation sequence. There was a time of about 3 seconds of no movement and then it rapidly assembled again and returned again to it's domain underneath my skin. The device is dark black in color though it seems to be a grey color when changing configuration. I have had no noticeable health problems that can be associated with the device and I only have a small worry about what it can do if I become too large a liability. Perhaps I have said too much but then again maybe I have said too little too late. ?

  10. Sounds like a mind control induced hallucination to me. I know it doesn't require implants, and the kind it would use, were "they" using implants for mind control, would be nanotechnology distributed throughout the brain.There are several documented cases among TI's as well as UFO abduction cases where implants, similar to the "Verichip" were found. IMO it's another "set up," seems be a recurring theme with our old friend.Out of "professional" curiosity, could you describe your state of mind, and internal monologue (if you can remember any) when this happened to you?Were you frightened? Awed? I'd probably get an x-ray to check, but odds are its not really there. One TI did have a chip with a cancerous growth around it, so…

  11. I'm pretty sure the reference is in "Afterlife", which I don't have at the moment. (I'll come back to comment here once I do.) Before I remembered that, I looked at the index of "Beyond the Occult". This book seems to recount several cases of possession (I've read the book but no longer remember it too well). I read a bit of one now, a case that took place in the 17th century: an exorcist tried to exorcise nuns, but was himself temporarily possessed, and such possessions would continue intermittently over a 25 year period, stopping completely for five years before his death. Possessions like this don't seem to involve blackouts, just overt, forcible control of the body or its parts, and at least sometimes obvious (to us) mind control of some sort. One example is that when this man tried to make the sign of a cross during a "possession", the entity would force his hand away or make him bite it "savagely". Another example from the case I was reading is a nun on her back (on the floor?), masturbating and shouting to the exorcist: "come on, f*** me."

  12. Found it. It can be found in Adam Crabtree's book, "Multiple Man". Wilson recounts the case on pages 69-71 of "Afterlife". Here are the most relevant parts:"[The case] concerned a man called Marius, who taught history in a university and held a good position with a government health agency. He had been a happily married man until, for no reason he could understand, he suddenly began to experience murderous impulses towards his wife. He seemed to be driven by 'some relentless inner compulsion to see blood'. These impulses were so strong that he believed he might lose control and kill her.""…[Marius] was looking through his collection of coins when he found that one had been displaced and put on a shelf. He had no memory of doing this. A window screen that he had repaired was torn, and again he could find no explanation. It was after this that he began to hear a voice in his head. It told him that he — the voice — was the man he had seen in his dream, and that he was permanently inside Marius. To prove it, he had twice taken possession of him, moving the coin and tearing the screen. He could, he said, possess him whenever he liked."An obvious case involving mind control, although reading it now I can see the ambiguity of the supposed evidence of the alleged blackout possessions (to coin a new term): the details given in Wilson's book don't seem to be enough for drawing a solid conclusion about how the changes in his environment were accomplished.

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