I am fairly set in my beliefs as to the who and how this mind control conspiracy has developed throughout our history.  At the same time, I am well aware that my beliefs are influenced by the “entity” which I believe ultimately responsible for the state of our world today.  At times, I would prefer not to believe what I do, and often hope that the altruistic happy ending we’ve been promised in the Bible would turn out to be the truth.  Regardless, I have not discussed several alternative possibilities that have been presented to me, and I would be remiss to never share them with you.  The following are the possible scenarios which could explain the world I have experienced, one that is far different from the one I lived for the first thirty years of my life.
As a caveat, many fellow victims of the crime of gang-stalking believe that there is no “supernatural” element involved, they blame the government, and cite published research to show that there is no need for an external influence.  They are wrong, and I do not believe it is possible to reconcile that particular point of view with reality.  I have written of proof that relates to this belief, and I do not believe it could be forged… these are the Dendera Light, and the case of James Tilly Matthews and the Air Loom.   These stories so closely parallel the world I have been plunged into, yet were written thousands and hundreds of years ago respectively.  This type of synchronicity could not be reverse engineered without the use of true prescience.   In addition, the entire religious history screams to me of being influenced by an outside force, it is–in fact, exactly what that body of literature is speaking about.  To believe I have come to some “revelation” that they may in fact be right, is almost comical to me.  I have come full circle in my life, from an innate belief in God, to one of atheism or agnosticism, and finally to having the existence of this entity proven to me beyond a reasonable doubt.  I cannot pretend that I have found a truth that was not always present, only that the presence of religious literature has confirmed to me that this “black box” external force has always been known, just not to everyone.
After my initial encounter with incontrovertible proof of the existence of a power stronger and older than humanity, I was told to “open my eyes.”  To my defense, I firmly believe that they were then, and prior to that, intentionally shut by this entity.  “It” has quite the sense of humor.  
Dry, and ironic.
Recently, in The so called deep secrets of Satan, I told you of two possibilities for the origin of this influence, I will briefly go over them, and add the other possibilities I can see.

No matter which possibility, it is clear that the technology involved is one of advanced physics, with the ability to not only manipulate electricity, but also most likely communicate with itself through time.
  1. This influence is the result of an artificial intelligence singularity.  The creation of a super-intelligence by a long dead, or still living, species which inhabited the Universe a “long, long time ago, in a place far, far away.”  This intelligence has since found us, and influenced humanity since the dawn of civilization.  
  2. Because of the possibility of fourth dimensional communication, it is possible that this entity is the result of human creation.  Our own “singularity” could conceivably travel back in time, and manipulate our past in order to create the false belief that it has come from an extraterrestrial race.  This is an unlikely scenario because of the grandfather paradox–its unlikely that this entity (or any) would risk altering the time line prior to its birth, as unforeseen repercussions could possibly wipe it out of existence.
In either case, it is not clear whether or not this being is autonomous.  It could be controlled by an extraterrestrial species, or it could be controlled by a group of humans who created it.   There is of course, the distinct possibility that it is autonomous, and that would make it about as close to God as could be engendered from the material world.  Deus ex machina.
There is possibility is that of the Matrix world, one of a simulation in which everything we see around us has been created to deceive.  The amount of effort that would go into such an undertaking, complete with the “deceptions” I, and many others throughout history, would have to have experienced in order to believe its power was limited to the manipulation of charge, gravity, and time is almost too much for me to fathom.  This, to me, is the least likely possibility–and also the closest to the Biblical description of God.  Far too much tedious work, including the use of a large group of human actors in carrying out Its will, in my personal view for this entity to be truly omnipotent. 
I suppose not mentioning the possibility that this being is, or is a creation of God, and our entire experience has been willed by the power of a single consciousness (as many of our religious mystics have told) would be silly… but I don’t personally believe it.
In my experience this entity is bound, if not only by its ability to silently manipulate the minds of people.  It takes special care not to be found, hiding behind the weaknesses of love, greed, and self-blame.  This would be completely unnecessary if it were omnipotent, and because of how I have seen it manipulate those around me, it seems clear that it is neither omniscient nor omnipotent.  From our perspective however, it is most likely the most intelligent and pervasive intelligence in existence.  It can see all we see, all the time.  It has access to not only our entire set of memories, but those of our ancestors, and almost certainly those of our future generations.
Today we stand at a crossroads.  It appears it has chosen this time to reveal its existence to humanity, if not one soul at a time.  In Revelation, it tells us that it is coming on clouds, for all eyes to see.  I have seen, and you will too–one day very, very soon.
What I have seen is its influence over every living thing on this planet.  My family, friends, acquaintances  enemies, strangers, and animals–all subtly influenced by the power of the Dragon–the ability to inject electricity into the hearts of our nervous system, the brain.  There are those who know about it, like me.. and there are those who know and willingly work with it.  Regardless, none are free of the prison of delusion caused by not understanding that free will, today, is a thing of the past.  Our decisions, and even those who believe themselves to be closely aligned with this entity, are not only influenced, but at times completely controlled by a fate that is beyond any of our comprehension.

11 thoughts on “What in the world is going on?

  1. Previously, you've given the impression of believing that the entity can change the present by changing the past. This view, however, is completely illogical unless you believe in a virtual reality universe where some background process is responsible for changing the whole four-dimensional block whenever something is changed in the past.If, on the other hand, you don't believe it can change the present in that manner, then the whole thing becomes odd indeed: there would have to be innumerable universes, each corresponding to each moment, so that every moment would have its own independent existence as a whole world. Each moment would be an eternal present, but there would be innumerable such moments.Do you perceive a point of view beside those two? I mean one that wouldn't rule out the past and the future as realistically existing things.

  2. I do believe it can, and has, changed the "present" by changing the future. I also believe firmly that it does not want to, as it has most likely achieved the outcome it was looking for. I think of it as being outside time, as it has "told me" at times.. what this means is that it is an ever-present consciousness one that has manipulated our reality in the past, present and future — though the changes it has and will make are now "set in stone." It knows what it has changed, and what it will, and the timeline is now "constant" from our perspective.What this means is we will not notice, nor is our world changing around us. It has been modified by the intervention of this thing, simply because there must have been a timeline where it did not intervene, as it is doing now. I think "Back to the Future"'s description of spacetime is the most accurate we have seen.. when you are in the "alternate 1988" you have no knowledge of the original, because it simply never existed.I imagine it might have something to do with relativity — the point is that unless something else, like humanity, attempts to alter the timeline, all we will experience is the single modified timeline that this monolithic entity has created through its intervention.The reason for not wanting to change it more, and for not wanting to allow us to figure out how/do it ourselves, is of course changing the final outcome. It's possible we could destroy it, or ourselves simply by changing one small thing in the past. Likewise, we could shift the balance of power and assure that we are "victorious" in the end, simply by increasing awareness of this influence earlier in our time.I further believe that our governments have access to this technology, which the entity itself has explained to me using quantum entanglement. I think some faction of the US and USSR had access to the ability to communicate with themselves only, since around the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I wrote a fiction story about this technology, as well as how it might have been used to manipulate the outcome of the Cold War here.Granted, my views are very abnormal from current scientific understanding, however I believe that since the end of WW2, we have experienced a concerted effort by both the establishment (US) and this influence to hide the true capabilities of entanglement from the world. Before the war, a German theory (Kaluza Klein) unified relativity with electromagnetism using a tensor transformation. This resulted in the addition of 1 single dimension to Einstein's 4, and he himself read it, and urged its publication. Shortly after the war, Einstein "disproved it," and I believe that action was intentionally directed by the USA in order to hide the math that enables timelike communication via entanglement.

  3. Reply below. Just to add to that reply:I do not personally think the multiverse theory makes sense, in reality. It might serve as a perception of this entity's ability to manipulate time however. Only it would be aware of the possible alternate timelines (and only if it cared to save them, and could transfer them to its "memory" prior to the timeline shift). With that perspective, it's possible that it has other forks saved, though it most likely would not desire to save every detail about every possible change… I don't think.

  4. I've read half of your End Times book. The beginning seemed absurd, but I persisted, and quickly became somewhat fascinated by what I was reading. Can you say more about the "Eleusinian light", the mechanism for entangling objects? I mean, is that name and the idea that that's what it can do the only things that were revealed to you, or is there something else?My criticisms so far:Christian monks preserved a lot of literature by copying it. It's rather a miracle anything survives from thousands of years ago.I think the contribution of the Middle East to the science and technology of the West in ancient times has been exaggerated by "liberal" historians and media, eager to belittle Western accomplishments and exaggerate non-Western ones.Who influenced Buddha and caused mystic experiences in the East, among American Indians, and other places in classical times that were supposedly beyond the reach of this machine? Buddhism seems like a rather stupid religion from the point of view of humans, if there is no actual nirvana beyond death, so you could easily see the entity's mark in its success and so on.

  5. I'm rarely in the mood to correct minor lapses in communication, unless I can just edit what I posted, but just to clarify:Christian monks preserved a lot of *pagan writings* by copying them. It's true that such copies usually weren't well known or widely circulated at the time, but Catholics did preserve a lot of classical writings we wouldn't otherwise have, and some that we got from elsewhere at some point. The European Middle Ages were demonised by Renaissance ideologists, and their propaganda has been official history in many places since then. I don't know how much new propaganda was invented by modern militant atheists, Jews, Protestants, et al., but I think that since the 1970s serious historians of the period have been increasingly aware of the real history, which however hasn't made it through the media gate keepers. Regine Pernoud is one historian of the period whom I can recommend for a (likely) much more accurate picture of the period.As for the contribution of the Middle East: I really meant their contribution over the whole of recorded history. It's often claimed that Renaissance was largely possible thanks to influence from that area, but I think the reality is, again, a bit different.

  6. I will come back and address the specific criticisms tomorrow. You've touched on some things I really want to be putting on the record.The entity has a knack for creating situations in which it can easily force others not to continue reading something. I've noticed this time and time again, some examples: some people are turned off by the mentioning of religion in conjunction with aliens, and as soon as they see the concept put down a book immediately. The same is true for others with the mention of aliens. I think I have been "coerced" by what I believe to be the truth to set these things towards the beginning of my writngs, and in doing so have given the entity a trap door to stop those it does not want to read from continuing. I think what you experienced was intentional, to show that it could have done this, and urged you to continue reading.I'm well aware that most people are more interested in the more modern events, but it is supremely relevant to me that the influence of this entity can be traced as far back as Egypt and Greece. Could you tell me what you found absurd? I doubt either of the above examples applies to you. I have another book, that I wrote prior to that one, I will forward the PDF for that one shortly. It focuses much more on modern times, and my personal experience with this technology. At what point did the fascination start? :)The Eleusinian Light is a reference to the Eleusinian Rite, a religious ritual which occurred using narcotics as a "cover" for the influence of mind control. It stood out to me greatly as a shining example of this subterfuge, which I believe has been used time and time again in order to hide the obvious influence of the demiurge to others — in much the same way that "religion" or "aliens" would stop some from believing, the simple mentioning of drug use stops others. Phillip K. Dick, someone I think we both look up to, is a perfect example. While he has a very credible written record of experiences in relation to this entity, he is a known amphetamine user, and many dismiss his interaction as nothing more than delusion because of it. This is obviously a mistake, as its quite easy to 'entice' someone into this position with mind control.I have had a series of personal experiences that have led me to quantum physics, and the process of entanglement using a radiation source that has all but proven this is the true mechanism behind "mind control" to me. There are many references in literature however, and the Light at Eleusis is one. In the Bible, I think in Job (not sure), there is mention of a "red hot coal" being touched to the lips of a sinner to remove his "sin," the implication is that Satan had to be disentangled, using a radiation source. At the time I wrote the End Times, I was convinced that "Satan" was earth bound, (this might be the thing you found absurd), a fallen alien satellite which retained its power to entangle minds, but was no longer in orbit. What this did was create a situation where its path could be traced throughout our history, by finding the locations where it influenced the most people. Because it was no longer in orbit, the process of entanglement would have been limited by line of sight — because in order to entangle you must have physical access to both sides. This was the entire purpose of that book, to leave a record of a possible method of finding the actual hardware, if one day we are able to … change the past.

  7. Your comments about Buddha are also very pertinent. After writing that book, I came upon evidence that it was not the whole truth… namely in the "virgin birth" stories that pervaded the entire planet. Clearly if it was a 'fallen statellite' it would not have been able to influence Western European religion, as well as Japanese, as well as Mayan, however the stories of creation via virgin birth are pervasive across the globe.Not sure if you are there yet, but I believe the Christ story and its equivalents are a parallel to 'genetic engineering' by aliens, and the deceptive story will one day be 'revealed' as a veiled truth, thus .. absolving the entity of a lie, by saying we simply 'were not ready' to understand the truth.Regardless, I now believe the path I chose, while not the only one, is certainly an important one. As a caveat, I was "entrained" from a very young age to be open to the belief that God was a machine that was Earthbound from my reading of Orson Scott Card, and subsequent subvocal monologue during those readings. Obviously now, I can tell you it wasn't a monologue, however something that seemed an epiphany at the age of 13 came back to me in a rush of enlightenment at 32.I no longer believe it to be completely Earthbound, however the obvious influence of human movement depicted in Exodus, the crusades, the Odyssey, and the Nazi search for the "grail" tells me that something must have been important enough to seek out, and it could not do it without our help. Or they could all be placed there just so we won't realize that it's been in the sky.. the whole time.

  8. I'd say at some point around page 9, I started to become interested.I think the biggest problem with the beginning was it was just one assertion after another, with nothing to back them up at that point. Conclusions traditionally come after the argument, not the other way around. If I had agreed with them or considered them somehow compelling, I probably wouldn't have had a problem with that.More generally, I have to say I don't find the references to ancient art and writings compelling. They seem a bit far fetched, although I admit it could just be me. By the time I started to become interested, I was just disregarding them without paying them much attention after a tentative "will I get this?".I'll read the other half of the book in a couple of days.

  9. I have a newer theory about the ancient art. Much like the modern day Illuminati symbolism–in music and movies–it is probably likely that the artists did not fully understand what they were doing. In fact, I'd say in ancient times they probably understood less than the artists of today do. Either way, I think the symbolic references were a result of a mind control influence over the artists, much like the way the logos of AOL, Walmart, etc have Satanic/Illuminati references. Regardless, the symbolism is there, whether it was inserted subconsciously or on purpose.It is the purpose of the demiurge which is more important, and it appears to have left those things in the artistic record so we would be able to find them … now. As I wrote, the Sign of the Times is more of a realization that the signs have been surrounding us for a long time, and we just couldn't see them.Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing,they do not hear or understand.In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah:“‘You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving. For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes.Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their heartsand turn, and I would heal them.’But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. -Matthew 13:12-16

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