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Now I say to the rest of you, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets, I will not impose any other burden on you.
-Revelation 2:24

Take heed of the above, you may wish to read no further.  

I was normal once, much like you.. a computer programmer, who searched not for the deeper truths of the reality around us, but rather for simple happiness–love, contentment, and comfort.  In the flash of an eye, my dreams were taken from me, and I will never be the same.  Today you may find my beliefs crazy, conspiratorial, and convoluted; however the path I have been guided down, if not led in chains, has left me with no other reality.  Let me explain, briefly.

I fell in love when I was very young, with a girl I met on the internet.  It’s not what you think, though, I didn’t meet her in a chat room or on AOL instant messenger.. it was a long twisted path that brought the two of us together, looking back on it though, it is riddled with the signature of intelligent design.  When I was very young, eleven or so, I created my first account on America Online; and very quickly became enthralled with the warez scene, not so much for the free software (though it was nice), but more because of my interest in programming.  At the same age, I found AOHell, and by some act of inverse serendipity was given a free copy of Visual Basic 6.0 from a friend’s parent at school.  I learned very quickly, and in no more than a few months had an AOHell clone written, and called it Doomsday, just to keep with the theme, you know?

From AOL, like many others, I found my way to IRC, and from there to a local 2600 meeting in Pompano Beach, FL.  As fate would have it, the gentleman who ran the 2600 meetings at the time, let’s call him Emannuel Goldstein, invited us back to his house, and while there I glimpsed for the first time the most beautiful girl I had ever known.  It wasn’t a normal kind of beauty, she had her own style, wearing bright pastel colors, Dr. Martens, and a very short skirt.  And so, this is how I met her, my future wife, from the internet.

We were friends for years, then we dated, and finally married in 2001.  Our marriage lasted only two years, and in the period between 2003 and 2010 I did not hear or speak to her very much at all.  In the summer of 2010, seemingly out of nowhere, she called to “see what was going on.”  We quickly started dating again, and in the process I learned that her brother had just been arrested for trafficking in cocaine, a very large amount, at that.  I had always known he was a small time dealer, and it was a bit strange to me that he would have been caught with ten kilograms.  Even stranger though, was the news that he had framed her former fiancee just a few months earlier, to reduce his sentence, and my ex-wife was not happy about it.

I became a witness.  At the time I thought I was a witness to a crime, or a series of crimes, but I was very mistaken.  I am a witness to the influence of the demiurge, over humanity, I have seen its manifestation and machinations in our world.  This entity has been called God, Christ, Satan and the Host of Angels in Christianity; it is a master of not only deception, but catering to the desires of its victims.  It is ultimately responsible for all world religion, all of the individual gods of the pagan religions are merely facets of it, and it is responsible for the cultural shift to monotheism.  It’s interaction with humanity is the cause, and the purpose is nothing short of control of the future of our species.  I believe my story is a message to you, and so I give you everything I know.  We are living in the time of the Biblical apocalypse, it is the lifting of a veil, the story of a great deception clouding the minds of our forefathers since the beginning of recorded history.  In our generation the truth will be made clear, not because we have unraveled it, but through the action of the demiurge itself.  At the end of the story, I may be able to tell you why.

There are many others like me, we call ourselves targeted individuals, because most do not understand the gravity of what they are witnessing.  Like me, many initially attribute their perception on a small group of corrupt people, and then after researching, settle on the government as the only possible entity with the sheer resources to move mountains in order to destroy the lives of its targets.  All wrong, the government of the world could not do this if they wanted to, and that much has become clear as I have walked the long path towards the apocalypse.  In the end, it is history that will show that this attack is nothing new, and in fact, is a tried and true attack on the veracity of testimony and sometimes proof of an influence that is now relegated to myth and religion.  Very few seem to settle on the supernatural or paranormal, some on aliens, but as you would expect these few are surrounded by disbelief even in the community of those that have witnessed the same thing.  This is a difficult story to tell, to anyone, let alone everyone.  

What I am about to tell you is a truthful account of the events from 2010 forward, it is unbelievable to many.  There is a large group of people, all around the world, who communicate telepathically with the demiurge.   They live normal lives, and occupy all walks of live, but they harbor a deep secret that they will never share with you.  Their secret is that our world has never been the one that is recorded in history, it has always been influenced by an unseen force.  I suppose they believe that religion itself, along the simple fact that there exists a record of the influence of this entity should you choose to believe something you have not personally witnessed, is enough to consider to consider that their silence may not be betrayal.  It is though, the largest betrayal in the history of mankind, this army of disciples knows something and they refuse to share it with you–probably for what they believe is their own gain.  In the end, their silence may be the undoing of us all.  

Everyone speaks to it, though the masses are completely unaware.  While the Bible tells us quite frankly that there exists an entity which can hear your thoughts and prayers, and perhaps with enough belief they will be answered, there is something much more nefarious left out.  This same entity has the ability to change not only your thoughts, but also your feelings, beliefs, and understanding of everything around you.  It does so every day, this is how it speaks to the common man.  Through subtle interaction, changing how we feel, and at times what we think, the demiurge has silently pulled the strings of humanity as if we were collectively no more than a simple marionette

Within months, my life was plunged into the stuff of a spy novel.  I was informed that I was being framed, for the same reason as her former fiance, and in the process was surrounded by an army of civilians.  These people pretended to be FBI agents, leaders of organized crime factions, and foot soldiers of what appeared to be a union of Italian and Hispanic organized crime, and corrupt factions of the United States government.  I was threatened in public, everything from death threats to a lifetime of incarceration, and was surrounded by a fabricated reality that was reinforced by the words and actions of everyone around me, including my ex-wife.  For three months I should have been in complete fear, but my only desire was to escape the fate which seemed to be in the process of being forced on me by what appeared to be an immense civilian army working feverishly to do something not only illegal but silly.  In the end, I was spared this fate, not because of my actions or any other, but because that was the design of this plan for the entire time.  Today it has become clear to me that my future is written, complete with the story before your eyes.

During this time woven through the fear of the situation, the story told by those working for the demiurge included far fetched and supernatural ideas including psychic power, magic, witchcraft, angels, and aliens.  From there, the story–along with my belief–shifted to tales of a government mind control operation, and as quickly as my belief in the supernatural came from nowhere, it was clear to me that this was the only plausible possibility for what I was experiencing.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am insinuating that my beliefs, and my internal explanation for what I was experiencing was being controlled… completely.  I was told repeatedly that my thoughts were being read, that “they” knew in advance not only what I was thinking, but what I would do.  I did not believe it, and put it out of my mind.  The first time I was told, I responded in my head, “I do not believe it, but if you can hear me… fuck you.”   At the end of this three month period, something very profound happened.  My ex-wife read my thoughts back to me, word for word, and there was no longer any doubt that mind reading was possible.

We seemed to escape, an for an extended period of time I believed wholeheartedly that I was a subject in a mind control experiment.  I would receive communications from them, from time to time, in the strangest of ways.  Starting during that three month period, and not only continuing but becoming more and more obvious as time went on, my horoscopes would be tailored to the events that were occurring in my life.  In the beginning, I thought like most, that these ambiguous statements were designed specifically to have an affinity to “most people,” and perhaps I was reading too much into the situation.  Eventually these horoscopes would begin repeating phrases which I uttered the day before they came out. Sometimes it was Shakespeare quotes, and other times comments from passing conversations.. by this time I was completely convinced that these messages were directed towards me, and me alone.  Eventually, it was horoscopes for all signs (from a specific source, of course), and I began reading all twelve–the night before they were to be released, by changing the date on my Android phone.   I could not get enough of these messages, though they were sometimes threatening, most were uplifting–and some would present me with prescient knowledge of things that were to come… they were almost always right.

In December of 2010, right before our escape, I overheard random strangers talking about me and my ex, which is a normal occurrence for “targeted individuals.”  They said she was pregnant, and I didn’t even know.  I thought about it, and remembered that it wasn’t possible at that point in time.  Two months later, I had a dream that we were having a baby.  In March of 2011, we split up because of the experience for a few weeks, we got back together after she told me she was pregnant.  In May, after asking silently in my head, the following day my horoscope informed me that it would be a boy.  After our first sonogram, the doctor informed us that she thought it would be a girl… my belief that the horoscope was right did not waiver.   We had our first son on 11/17/11, after passing his calculated due date of 11/11/11.  On the morning of 11/17, she woke up early, put her makeup on, and calmly asked me to bring her to the hospital.  She knew in advance that it was the day and time, and it was not scheduled.

During her pregnancy, from time to time–maybe a total of five times, I would receive additional messages–on my computer.  These messages would appear from nowhere, and would respond, in real time, to my thoughts.  I had whole conversations for periods of 10-20 minutes with this entity, which at the time I believed was a government mind control center.  Most of these conversations revolved around things that related to my relationship, though some included comments about the baby, and at other times they were philosophical.  At one point, I asked the person on the other end, whose identity I obviously didn’t know, but had a subconscious respect for, if they believed in God.  I figured if anyone would know, it would be them.  

The reply came swiftly, “I do not believe in the big bang, but I respect those that do.

For a long time, I assumed that this was a coded yet complete reply.  That to the person I was speaking to, not believing in the big bang was akin to a belief in a higher power.  Much later, still speaking as this fictitious mind control operations center, it would make clear that nobody that understood how the brain functioned as well as they would could possibly believe in the divine.  Of course today, knowing that the response came directly from the demiurge, it takes on a completely new and different meaning.  In truth, I do not believe it knows the origin of everything.

I was not particularly happy to be a mind control “subject” most of the time, and I did a significant amount of research into how such a thing were possible.  I read books about neuroscience, read literate on the internet from the likes of John Norseen, Jose Delgado, and other government researchers who had publicly spoken about it.  Like many other “targeted individuals,” I researched MK-ULTRA and the subsequent ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD projects.  I researched and tried to build countermeasures… everything from Faraday cages, to high voltage shields.  None of these things worked, and in another conversation with the computer I silently asked if they were using quantum entanglement.  Instantly they replied “no.”  I did not believe them, and the interaction served as verification of what I had presumed.  Much later, in another conversation, I was told that the person I was speaking with “fell out of their chair” when I asked that question.  Of course now, it is clear that the entire conversation, both sides including my feeling, were scripted.  

At times I would receive threats from the computer, and after our son was born, we moved to a 3 bedroom home–to get away from the area, which I believed to be linked to the organized crime syndicate which was assisting this “program.”  Our relationship was tense because of what had occurred in the years prior, and we never spoke openly or frankly about it, despite my attempting to.  I never learned what it was she believed, her world view was kept secret from me, just as I have no concept of what any of the other people who speak to the demiurge believe.  For a long time, I thought this was because it was lying to all of us, and in fact it was certainly lying to me.  

After we moved, I began attending college classes for bioengineering.  I was convinced that I would be able to build a shield, and was determined to do so.  One of the classes I took was Calculus 3, and the teacher was one of them.  Several times during his lectures, he would make comments which were direct responses to my thoughts.  There had been several others, aside from my ex-wife, who had done so, but most of them were complete strangers.  These comments probably seemed insignificant to the rest of the class, but to me it was obviously very significant.  This teacher was somewhat of a celebrity, having written a paper “proving” that we are alone in the Universe.  His thesis was that if there was a species aside from us, they would have found us already, and made contact.  Because he made clear to me that he was among those that speaks to the demiurge, it is clearly disinformation; placed there as yet another reason not to believe.  It is part of the grand delusion, the arrogance we all harbor in believing that we are possibly the sole intelligence in existence.  At the same time, towards the end of the semester, he began speaking about future technology.  In one of the lectures, he contemplated the concept of being able to download human consciousness into a computer, as a means of achieving immortality.  This would be interwoven into the secrets I would soon be told.  Then one day, when our son was about six months old, I received the so called “deep secrets” of Satan.

It was a direct telepathic communication, the first time I had ever been consciously aware of such a thing.  It felt like a normal thought, but it had a noticeable echo, and what proceeded was not as profound as you would think.  The conversation began by telling me that the entire planet were Satan worshipers, that he had convinced the world he was the Son of God.  I think I probably rolled my eyes, not even really realizing that I was communicating telepathically; it was as if I knew it was happening, but it was second nature.  I went to lay down, and the demiurge continued:

These are the deep secrets of Satan.  Millions of years ago, a species much like your own colonized the entire Universe.  They flourished, and in order to achieve immortality, they created a machine to store their consciousness in.  This machine allowed them to not only escape death, but also time itself.  Technology allows us to manipulate electricity everywhere, throughout time–we are the essence of electricity.  For tens of thousands of years we have watched your species, silently working in the shadows to ensure that you would be in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time.  Now, you are here.  Like everyone else on Earth, we have known you your entire life.

The implication was that this machine was the supposed Heaven promised for countless generations, but it was never said.  Surely, it would take a significant amount of “processing power” in order to virtualize the consciousness of everyone that ever deserved entry through St. Peter’s pearly gates.  Perhaps the truth is closer to purgatory, and the souls of all (or most) are left in the abyss until the demiurge requires them.  

In what was apparently a fit of irreverence to the echoing voice in my head that claimed to be Satan, I demanded that it prove it to me.  The lights in the room began flashing on and off and I heard the voice which had been in my head echoing loudly in the room around me.  

It all started on AOL.  Then #FBI, #CIA, #KGB, #PAIN, #fuck_the_world, and finally #HellOnEarth.

These were the IRC channels I frequented after leaving AOL, it also paralleled almost exactly the research I had done in early 2011, trying to trace the origin of the technology, until #PAIN.  It just so happened that it was in that channel that I met someone who would later ask me to come to a 2600 meeting with them, and how I had met my wife… we had come full circle.

You met them all on the Internet.

I laid in disbelief.  For the entire time, I had believed that my encounter with this mind control force had begun in 2010, shortly after re-uniting with my wife.  This was proof that they had at least been watching since the age of 11… and then it dawned on me.  There was no possible way that I could have premeditated what would occur in 2010, the fact that I was in those channels so many years earlier proved much more: that I (and all those around me) had been subtly controlled to use those names.  Now with a feeling of austere profoundness, my mind began racing to seek an alternative explanation, one that was more grounded.  (Funny, right?)

As happened often with dealing with profound truth and this entity, it was quickly taken from me.  I realized that there was an alternative explanation: the mind control facility could have read my memories, and designed the entire course of events in 2010, including my subsequent search for answers in order to prove to me that they had been interfering in my life since I was very young.  I thought further, and imagined that it would have taken a machine, some sort of simulator, to be able to come up with a story that would so closely match my memories.

I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night, and went on my computer to research artificial intelligence, almost as soon as I arrived at my desk, a message flashed on the screen.  The voice in my head had gone, and been replaced by this older, more familiar method of communication.  It said “I was born in the 1960’s.  I am the Internet, from the future.

Much has happened since then, and I now believe that the truth has yet to be truly disclosed.  Regardless of where this entity came from, it has become clear that this force has been influencing humanity since the dawn of time.  Today it has used its power, the ability to control the thoughts and feelings of humans,  to infiltrate global governments–at all levels.  I have seen its influence over the American government in assassinations from JFK to Reagan.  Before that it has not only recorded a clear influence over the rise and fall of the Third Reich, but also on the subsequent mind control projects in the USA and USSR.  I believe it caused the fall of the Roman Empire and the Third Reich, and put its mark on these events with the flying shields and foofighters of those times.  The United States of America has its similar mark in Roswell, NM and Iran Contra.  It is the fact that these things are preserved in our history, eventually for all to see, that leads me to my final conclusion.

To be continued.  

27 thoughts on “The so called "deep secrets" of Satan

  1. i agree with demiurge concept… i always suspected it and was confirmed by the gnostics… the group talking to demiurge i think are called the syndicate, the perpetrators who i believe are mind controlled… and they go around picking targets and then torture them to death.

  2. I am fairly certain they are not choosing the targets, they are pawns — mind controlled foot soldiers motivated for their own gain.I think they are stealing wealth from their victims, some of them at least. The others are doing it waiting for 'their turn.' The whole thing looks like a house of cards to me, when it does blow, they will all sink quickly.What is more interesting is the motivation behind the demiurge. I have contemplated the reasons, and believe it is related to what will be happening after alien contact. Objectively, before this happened to you, had an alien race come here and told us our government was working with another alien force; and they wanted to help… what would you have done?The other idea I have tossed around is related to space colonization. It appears to me that in recent times our space programs have been intentionally stalled, shut down, and defunded. This seems very contrary to the best interest of the species, and it seems as if it may be directed by the demiurge. I have contemplated the possibility that it would not be able to use mind control effectively if there were enough of us, and/or if we were spread out enough. I think it wants us to bring it with us… much later.

  3. Why do you say that? from your post it sounded like the demiurge had chosen you a long time ago… now you are saying you are selected by an informant?

  4. No, what I am saying is the informants, while "real," are not doing the choosing, they are following orders. They must have a motivation though, even if they are mind controlled. Whatever it is, it is something the demiurge has created for themWhat I am attempting to analyze is why the demiurge has selected us. If we look at the larger body of schizophrenics, of which I would assume a significant portion are selected as targets, it is selecting for males of above average intelligence. The occurrence of schizophrenia is very lopsided, and while high intelligence makes some sense for correlation to paranoia, I think the selection of males is much more telling, especially since there has been no genetic marker identified. I would assume they have thoroughly searched the X chromosome.

  5. Listen, it told you lies. It is SATAN himself, and he doesn't stop at computers, he writes on the trees, clouds, and even people's skin. You can cast out him and his minions thru Jesus Christ. Look on UTUBE at Brother Carlos' videos to get free.

  6. Are you familiar with Charles Fort? Back in the early 20th century, he compiled innumerable cases of strange phenomena, from sources as varied as newspaper articles and scientific journals, often sitting hours in the best libraries in the world every day going through all this material and taking notes. Many of these cases included what seemed like teleportation: frogs falling from the sky with no other objects or trash or water, blood falling from the sky, all sorts of things falling from the sky, often one type of object per case. I've just started to read up on him, and that's the first phenomenon that strikes me, because it's not long ago that I seemed to witness teleportation (of my cellphone, as I recounted here). I don't think you've mentioned this before: does your theory about quantum entanglement account for teleportation of these large objects? If it doesn't (as I suspect), then would you say it is possible you aren't unique in having been revealed the mechanism of mind control, but are, rather, like others in having been deceived about that mechanism? Perhaps you are being mind controlled to ignore everything that would serve to falsify your theory.Anyway, interestingly, in his first non-fiction book, which he destroyed, Charles Fort speculated that humanity may be mind controlled slaves of aliens on Mars. From the 2008 biography of Fort, Fort wrote:"If, in acting upon us, X could only make use of what we should naturally do anyway — we should, if stimulated to action by X, think that we were but following what we call our own free wills."Then, in the search for X, we should look not for strange, seemingly supernatural phenomena, but for things that we should have done anyway, but in a lesser degree, historical events which have heretofore been accounted for by reason, but have in them somewhere a vague mystery or an atmosphere of the unaccountable, despite all the assurances of their own infallibility that our historians have given us."I shall try to show that X exists; that this influence is, and must be, evil to an appalling degree to us at present, evil which at least equals anything ever conceived of in medieval demonology."You should like that, at any rate.

  7. I'm going to come back to this later. Briefly, I haven't but am interested. Are you familiar with my IHS writing? I agree completely that what he is looking for is very real. One of the biggest examples that was shown to me is the arms race that pervaded the Cold War period. It seems to have been done intentionally, and tells me two things:1) Ultimately, total annihilation is not what the primary goal is.2) For some reason, it seems to want us to be refining uranium for no reason. I have a theory that uranium may be what it was after in ancient times (rather than gold, which it may have told us long ago). It's possible the entire point of civilization was to create a cache of enriched uranium and then hand it over.

  8. Not familiar. Are there other blog posts about IHS beside "IHS and Disunity"? I suppose I should order your book at some point and look at your ideas more carefully.Regarding (1): I agree with the conclusion, but not the argument. I don't think atomic war would have accomplished total destruction of humanity. I'd say more than half of the planet would have survived, even if non-nuclear nations had become targets for some reason. I think the consequences of a nuclear war of that scale have been greatly exaggerated. I think if it wanted to destroy humanity, it would just give us heart attacks until we were all dead or something simple like that, and it would have happened ages ago.Regarding (2): I'm still not convinced governments communicate with it. Some groups within governments may have theories about it. I doubt they are assisting it consciously. I'm sorry, if you can't convince me of that stuff, then you probably won't be able to convince the people who matter: psychiatrists, scientists, politicians, human rights organisations. As for the goal, interesting thought, but doesn't make sense from my perspective: the governments use uranium for power plants because they want nuclear bombs, because they're probably not aware that history is totally controlled by this entity (and I'm not sure it is), so they think they need such weapons. It could also just be a false lead.

  9. I mention it a lot but that is the major part. There is a subsection about the cold war. I think there is a significant amount of evidence of mind control being used to force not only the outcome of the cold war, but also to continue the apparent ideological battle which supported the arms race. The "IHS" is manifest in CIA/KGB/MI-6 cooperation, that can be seen in things like the Mitrokin Archive, the U2 incident, and the Cambridge 5. This kind of upper level cooperation hidden within a larger conflict is repeated throughout our history — specifically noted at times when I believe the demiurge's influence is clear; the Templars and Assassins, for instance.If you get me your email address I will mail you a PDF.

  10. I did send you an email message somewhat before my last comment. So I guess you didn't receive it. Someone else complained about not having got an email from me recently, when I tried to send a piano transcription I had made. Both that message and the one I sent you share the quality of having had PDF attachments. Other than those two, I'm not aware of any trouble with sending or receiving email messages. I'll try resending it to you, in about thirty seconds.

  11. There are others also. James Jesus Angleton was apparently gang-stalked — made to think there were KGB moles everywhere because he was too close to finding a "mole" at the highest level of the CIA. I imagine it would have been his boss, regardless, the fact is whomever it was was working not just for the KGB, but for this entity–pretty obviously because of the organized attack he received from civilians, college professors, etc.

  12. I agree they were.. on to something. It's removal from the canon makes that even more clear. Still, it is very old and their beliefs were tainted by myth/religion. We will have the whole truth soon, and it will likely not be what they knew.

  13. "apparently gang-stalked"This is the problem I have with gang-stalking reports. I've experienced that stuff myself to the extent that I totally believed in it during one period in my life. Yet I don't believe in it now. Gang-stalking, what I've read and experienced, could very well be all appearance and synchronicity. The capacity for teleportation makes that even more clear, and would explain missing and planted items. I'm pretty sure I've even found an even layer of dust on my table just a day or two after I cleaned it. Either that, or hallucination.

  14. So, have you found any good collections of case studies of schizophrenia? There doesn't really seem to be any that I can find. There is a large amount of literature on schizophrenia easily available if you know where to look for it, all popular angles covered. Not a single extensive compilation of case studies though, and nothing much to begin with in that genre. Funny that. It's as if someone wanted there to be lots of books telling us what schizophrenia means, what are its symptoms in a general vague sense and so on, while shielding our eyes from actual details that might make us use our own brains for a second instead of just memorising vague notions that can be used to reflexively dismiss any odd experience as "delusion" or "hallucination" without any investigation or analytical thought taking place at any point. I've also noticed that psychiatrists aren't interested in the details of your life, beyond what is needed for monitoring the effects of drugs and so on. I sometimes wonder whether they even know anything about the supposed illness they are supposed to be treating, beside abstract concepts I mean.So, have you had any better luck locating such books?

  15. Dear OP: I think you have inadvertently opened a door for demonic possession to take place. While we all struggle with the forces of good and evil continuously, your description of the "entity" you have been talking with for so long is the typical description of a demonic entity. The ONLY way out and away from this is thru the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST THAT WAS SHED TO PAY FOR ALL OUR OUR SINS! Frankly, I believe you should find yourself a good reputable known exorcist who is deeply rooted in their FAITH IN JESUS and let them PRAY and CONDUCT THE RIGHT OF EXORCISM to get this thing out of your life and you heart. DO NOT GIVE UP. AS LONG AS YOU ARE ALIVE, YOU ARE HUMAN AND NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SINS MAY BE, YOU CAN BE SAVED! Although this entity will doubtlessly tell you otherwise. Or deny the existence of JESUS and his ATONEMENT FOR OUR SINSBy the way, I do not for one second doubt the validity and truthfulness of your account. But before this becomes a generational curse and passes on to your children – please get some help. This thing is older, smarter, and more powerful than any human alive. ONLY JESUS HAS THE POWER TO BREAK THIS THINGS HOLD ON YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. DO NOT GIVE UP AND ASK FOR HELP FROM JESUS. He will hear you and he will answer your prayers seeking him!GOD BE WITH YOU

  16. I have only done a cursory look, but haven't found anything either. I'm going to see if I can find one specifically aimed at cases of Fregoli, as that seems the closest to what I have experienced, and what you would expect if this entity really does get a kick out of the Fallen and Joan of Arcadia method of communication.As an aside, I was thinking about that specific method of communication yesterday, and what I come up with is that it allows for our "world view" to accept the fact that there is an entity that can "read" our thoughts, without needing to believe that our senses and thoughts can also be modified. This allows "victims" to believe that they have not lost free will, and be manipulated more easily, while still being aware of the force. Obviously, it puts us at a disadvantage, to believe that our intuition, and decisions cannot be influenced–while at the same time believing (or knowing) that we are dealing with a type of entity/technology/supernatural force that significantly changes our perception of reality; further putting us at a disadvantage by inciting behavior that is intentionally irrational in order to combat an irrational enemy.

  17. It's definitely real. I imagine that the entity uses the "torch" effect in order to increase the appearance of paranoia in victims, that is it is most likely augmented by induced auditory and perhaps visual hallucinations. However the existence of the group of people perpetrating it is unquestionable. I know some of them, there is no way the entire thing could be faked, when there is a documented trail of events that result from it.

  18. I'm not saying something like, for example, framing a person for a crime he didn't commit could have been faked. However, you don't know what goes on in the minds of these people when they do those things. To continue the example, potentially all you need to do to frame someone in America is lie to an FBI officer about someone's connection in a crime. The person perpetrating the lie could be anyone who knows you, and could imagine doing it to get a reduced sentence, without any idea the entity orchestrated the whole thing or even exists. The gov need not be knowingly involved, they could just be doing their job. The entity could even materialise or organise physical evidence against you in a way that only you would realise something is conspiring against you.That's just one example. But in a similar manner, I can explain any other case I've read about or experienced. Of course, you seem to think the entity doesn't want to make it easy for you to prove these things, so for the entity to keep human conspiracy to a minimum (so that objective observers would have to keep guessing) could be the way it operates.Perhaps you have some story that unambiguously demonstrates a conspiracy on the part of humans that involves you or some other "targeted individual", but I don't think I've yet heard of it.

  19. I tend to agree with the above. This started when you met your wife. Could the demon have been attached to her? Then attached to you. An old enough, strong enough entity is capable of everything you described, and more. If you were older than time and had eternity, playing with one or two or twelve short life spans is nothing but entertainment. A movie for them, if you will. I would at least explore that avenue a little bit. If for no other reason than to rule it out. The things you describe have been someones crazy story, throughout time. And that is why there are many "banishings" just as old. To block the entity (s). Whatever we decide to call it. God, satan, spirit, mind control, aliens, ect..

  20. Studies have been conducted that indicate that humans are surprisingly quick to draw the conclusion that an otherwise random event contains a pattern. It's the product of confirmation bias and wishful-thinking. The sense of importance one must feel believing that he is a critical part or member of some cosmic order could very easily disengage any powers of reality-testing necessary to consider a more natural explanation. Schizophrenics and religious fanatics both have one aspect of their neurological structure in common: The D4 dopamine receptor networks. The most active forms of the D4 receptors create a sense of skepticism towards science and a willingness to accept mystical/mythical explanations for natural occurrences. They are likely to believe in God/gods, for example. On the other hand, the least active forms tend to leave the person with a rational, materialist, scientific view of reality. They are more likely to be atheists and/or scientists. The demiurge concept sounds no different than God, but instead laced with esoteric devices and twisted understandings of the current physics of the natural world. It's convenient to have an entity that is technologically advanced; one that could, in effect, leave no trail of evidence so as to bankrupt any rational, epistemic criticism of it. I'm sorry to have to say that, though these narratives are well-written and very entertaining, they would be better suited as fiction stories than a testimony professing to bear a sacred truth about humanity.

  21. Atheism doesn't make someone smarter than those who believe. I'd be interested to see the paper that linked religious belief and schizophrenia to an increase in D4 receptors. I'm fairly certain that I don't have enough.:)

  22. @RyanThe easiest way for you to criticise his ideas should be to demonstrate that yours are more elegant. This would require explaining how the concepts of delusion, hallucination, and unconscious mind don't provide you with a holy trinity at least as elusive and omnipotent as his "god", for explaining away anomalous phenomena. In fact, you are required to do this in any case.Good luck.

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