An excerpt from a colleague’s book, reprinted with permission.

Capabilities of Mind Control 

Swept through the population of the world, the pervasive loss of self control was unseen by the masses, perhaps forever. A scourge to any who know of its existence and are not complicit, the program has the ability to modify the very foundation of the thoughts and fears of the whole population –it can change what you want, small nuances in your world view, and the very logic that constructs the social fabric of humanity. It is a tool that could be used to greatly improve the quality of life of the whole of humanity, but it is being used by a nefarious force o suppress, subvert, and systematically transfer the wealth and power infrastructure of humanity to the Mafia and its allies.
From personal experience, I can tell you a great deal about the capabilities of the mind control system. It has the ability to modify thought processes, and perspective/outlook on a constant basis. This says two things: (1) it has a constant very fast connection to the cerebral cortex, with the ability to modify neural firing patterns and connections on the fly and without gap; and (2) it shows as very well established and researched program which has an understanding of neural structures far beyond the comprehension of modern science. They have the ability to search your memories, and re display the firing pattern that accessing those memories cause, and a view of the underlying structural firing pattern behind normal thoughts.
Thoughts are made up of both sub-vocal and semiotic, sub-vocal being a ‘plain English’ representation of the semiotic alphabet, and the semiotic thoughts (probably more basic and inherited from lower animals), and the thoughts which aggregate and organize the relationship between objects,feelings, and actions. There is almost positively significant back propagation involved in the internal creation and analysis of both types of thought, so this explanation is a bit of an oversimplification, however it is mostly true. By viewing the neural connections that make up semiotic thoughts, one can view the semiotic vowels (hereafter used for connectome patterns which are neural representations things such as animals, people, actions, memories – objects) which cause the firing of the thought pattern – this shows you not only the objects that go into creating the thought, but also connections to those patterns, which can show you related ideas, memories,a virtual document history of the reason for the thought – all by walking the connectome. The mind control system also has the ability to, on the fly, redirect and/or suppress neuronal firing patterns changing the natural path of the connectome walk which results in a slightly different, or very different thought process from what would naturally be occurring. I am most certain that there is no other method of communication, other than quantum entanglement, which could possibly allow for such a fine tuned and constant connection to the neural structure which would be able to beat and suppress an action potential from propagating between neurons. Because of the breadth of control, that is the sheer number of people that are being affected by the Mind Control program,the only possible means of communication between the Operations center and the individuals’ neurons is quantum entanglement. It would require a blatantly obvious showering of radio communications across the globe in order to be using anything other than entanglement.. In addition to this, the fact that shielding, including Faraday cages, does not stop the ability for the mind control program to affect feelings and thoughts further proves that a method of communication that travels outside of time-space is required in order to maintain this connection.
There exists a distinct possibility that there is a method for altering the function of neural ion gates using some sort of quantum back door.

More Capabilities of the System

Fine grained viewing and modifying of intentions, such as the decision to take a left instead of a right, the desire to leave or stay, or simply the internal decision of whether or not a flower is beautiful can be modified on the fly. In addition, the system has the ability to force physical movement via the motor cortex, including control of both the autonomic and voluntary nervous system – everything from heart rate, to the direction of view, focus, and the blinking of an eye.
Mind control can modulate both visual and auditory signals, creating the ability to view what the subject is seeing, as well as hearing, and modify those signals to induce false auditory hallucinations as well as visual hallucinations. It appears they have the ability to perform Hollywood magic’, in real time, changing the input of natural stimulus in order to create a false reality for subjects. Autonomic nervous system control includes the ability to both induce and suppress pain, histamine response, and the false impression of neurological damage.
By way of altering firing patterns, mind control also can alter the emotional response to memories, events, and connectome vowels – changing not only your outlook and perspective, but also your decision making process. It is my believe that this phenomenon could also be reverse engineered,by forcing a particular outcome to a decision or feeling, and moon-walking the connectome (backwards) in order to view causes, percentage of attribution or weighting between causes. The connectome firing patterns can be used to adjust recollection of memory, relation or similarity of objects, and modification of subconscious cerebral firing in order to change the reasons or feelings behind both sub-vocal and semiotic thought.

Possible Drawbacks and Limitations

Requirement for the existence of the mind control program to be kept secret – people must not be able to prove, even to themselves, that the mind control exists. Requirement not to change other connections, it is important to realize that the neural circuitry is reused for several functions, individual neurons and connections that are permanently changed by the mind control infrastructure would also change other things, perhaps affecting the emotional or logical constructs that are separate from the targeted change. This would require either significant simulation or post-change subconscious interrogation in order to maintain a seemingly constant world-view, otherwise the victim would be alerted to the change. Conscious knowledge of the mind control allows for subjects to “second-guess” their own needs, feelings, desires,in order to at least hinder the ability of the program to covertly influence actions and beliefs.

Evidence of the Existence of Mind Control

Attempting to prove the existence of mind control technology to non believers, and especially to non believers who are being unduly influenced by the mind control center itself is an arduous task. Although the science is simple, and has been in published papers since the 1950’s, the existence of neural recording and stimulation does not by itself prove the level of control nor the fact that these elements have the ability to perform these acts outside the laboratory. It should be noted that the means of communication, and the sheer breadth of connections required is daunting, and a solution to that dilemma is spoken about elsewhere in this book, however its existence can be tenuously shown by the attempts of global intelligence agencies to shield the public from its existence via obfuscation, and in some cases murder. The intelligence organization perpetrated information operations of “psychotronics” and “MK-Ultra”, s to (1) serve to hide the existence of working mind control, (2) obfuscate the technological singularity required to create the infrastructure for global mind control, and (3) give the public the perception that the mind control program had been shut down. Additionally, the Illuminati performed an information operation on a large group of Americans, in order to hide the truth about the “new physics”, resulting in several books by a United States Army Lt. Colonel, Thomas Bearden, which discussed Soviet technology that was being used to cover up the CIA-KGB joint project for enabling global mind control. In 2002, NASA published and then quickly retracted information in an article in the Washington Times, which stated that they had the ability to remotely read minds in airports, and were planning on using this technology in order to stop terrorist attacks. This proves first, that the connectome, the connections in the brain and its functionality have been at least partially (and they are fully) decoded, and second that this information can be remotely read. It is the retraction of the article, however, which proves above all else, that the Government of the United States not only has this technology, but is suppressing knowledge of its existence from the population and most likely has technology much more advanced than what was published. It is likely that there are many government agencies working on duplicating work that has already been completely by the intelligence community, and they are actively suppressing not only the success of these programs but also public knowledge of their existence.
From the period of 1970 to 1995, it is my belief that the top secret projects, GRILL FLAME, STARGATE, and related governmental research into psychic ability was actually a deep cover operation performed by the National Security Council, and its “Secret Team”, in order to confer intelligence which would otherwise have divulged the existence of hyper spectral satellites or mind control to those who were receiving the intelligence via a method which concealed the origin of it completely. The existence of coordinate remote viewing is so inane, that it is a glaring red herring showing that the NSC has no qualms about destroying the lives of military personnel, perpetrating a lie on them that they had psychic powers, for what amounts to the majority of their lives, in order to transfer what would amount to barely actionable intelligence to lower echelons of the government. These projects are further proof of the existence of mind control technology, both mind reading as well as the ability, documented by the testimony of the participants in these projects, to project visions into the minds of humans. It will come to light that these participants were victims of mind control, and that they have given testimony proving the existence of this technology as far back as 1970. It is most likely that this project was part of the testing or finishing of the mind control project, and it was most likely that the mind control was completely honed by the time the first deep cover operation was completed, and the “psychic warrior” phenomenon was continued in order to further conceal the existence of mind control.
John Norseen, an engineer working at Lockheed Martin, on a project called bio-fusion; was the center of several nationally distributed articles on both mind reading, and thought injection around the turn of the millennium  Norseen expressed that their project already had the ability to remotely read and inject“semiotic” thoughts into humans, essentially proving that not only does the technology already exist, but it had trickled down into declassified work at defense contractors. Norseen made the information public, and it would cost him his life. In his 2000 article in US News and World Report, he wrote “The ethics don’t concern me,” he says, “but they should concerns someone else.” Apparently the ethics should have concerned him a bit more before he left this Earth. On September 27,2007, Norseen was murdered, shortly before he was to give testimony before an ethics commission regarding mind control. This was a government contract worker, working on federally funded mind control technology,who was murdered in plain view of the world without remorse,leaving behind a wife and child.

6 thoughts on “The Capabilities of Mind Control

  1. John Norseen was murdered, according to whom? I tried to google it, but didn't find any other such claim (except for one "may have been killed"). I don't know why the writer of that book would undermine his own credibility by making a claim about something he didn't witness, without at least explaining how he came to believe in his claim and whether he heard it from someone else, ideally naming his source(s). I wouldn't mind if it were just an idea, but it's presented as historical fact, so a lot of people will raise their eye brows at that point.Who is the writer, by the way?I think you both should give some more thought to the idea that mind control isn't limited in any meaningful sense by the "requirement not to change [neural connections]". From what I've experienced personally, the existence of mind control is not only incontestible, I can not only prove its existence easily as an intellectual exercise, I can also point out that, for example, during dreams the content of my head (including all associations and memories) can seem to be completely different from what they really are, and this without there being any need to rework the "neural circuitry". When I wake up, I'm normal in less than two seconds. People can even dream they are of the opposite sex and not notice anything unusual about that while dreaming.That pretty much demonstrates there's no meaningful limitation to mind control imposed by individual human neurology. The only practical limitation, apart from the capacity of the mind to hold information, would have to do with extreme skills like concert level piano playing. That sort of thing I don't believe can be induced without a lot of modification of the circuitry, so to speak. At least I've never heard of any cases where such skills have allegedly been learned in a paranormal fashion. (Of course, that doesn't mean it can't be done, just that it would require much alteration, which the entity doesn't want to do as a rule.) If you don't like dreams as an example, here's another one, less interesting but perhaps relevant: I can think one word and mean another and still think that the word I thought meant what I intended (i.e. words and meanings can be separated). That doesn't normally happen, of course; I attribute these experiences to mind control entirely, and don't believe they exist without it. They make me think that the following is a more extreme version of the same phenomenon:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SchizophasiaYou could also argue that these people just babble something for no reason, without understanding what they are saying, but I don't think that's necessarily so.

  2. A colleague from the TI community wrote it, Prometheus Locke.Norseen's death was not ruled foul play, though the "family" and friends have said it was due to a "congenital defect." His age makes that supposition a bit silly, along with the fact that his death came at a very inopportune time for mind control victims.The intent "not to change connections," I believe, means not inadvertently changing something. Neurons are re-used over and over, and changing a single connection to change how you feel about, say, wanting a tan; might effect not only how much sunscreen you put on, but also whether or not you travel halfway across the country to a beach.

  3. So why do you think changing neuronal connections is necessary for complete mind control? I've mentioned dreams two times now on different pages at your blog, yet you've never commented on that. How do you explain thinking you live elsewhere or thinking and thinking you're another person in a dream? And if you explain it in a way that doesn't require changes in neuronal connections (as you obviously should), then why would you explain any mind control as requiring changes in neuronal connections (apart from extreme skills like I mentioned)? Don't you feel you'd really have to address this sort of thing to be taken seriously? I think you may be avoiding the topic because on some level you realise that it means you don't really understand the mechanism of mind control at all, and that's something you don't want to admit, even to yourself.

  4. "Conscious knowledge of the mind control allows for subjects to “second-guess” their own needs, feelings, desires,in order to at least hinder the ability of the program to covertly influence actions and beliefs."Feel-good optimistic propaganda, basically. I regularly go through periods of time (counted in minutes, sometimes perhaps even hours) where I've completely forgotten that this entity talks to me hours every day. I'm not even sure that's mind control, but it seems quite obvious to me that you can be kept, probably with zero added expense, in a state of mind where you're living as if nothing were wrong about the world, and making choices accordingly.

  5. Write it down, and read it every day. FYI memory suppression is most definitely a weapon and mechanism of mind control. I experience it also, unfortunately for me, the memories of my experiences with this entity are not suppressed, but rather highlighted. It is the focus of my mind, against my will.

  6. I remember at least a few times when it has flashed some insight in my mind for a few seconds, one time a simple but brilliant argument about some flaw in current psychiatry or something like that, then I immediately forget it and can't recall it in spite of my best efforts. Pretty annoying. I don't think I'd be speculating too deeply if I said most psychiatrists are probably being mind controlled in some such fashion, at the least.The more I ascribe to mind control in general, the more I begin to "get" humans: libraries full of silly, trivial, or insane books so that the good stuff literally drowns among the dreck (mind control), dogmatic science (mind control), a badly aged education system where you won't learn anything most of the time or if you do you will forget it soon anyway without any harm to your future success (mind control), the consumerist system itself where the market value of work has been detached from public need, a system where the vast majority of work is strictly speaking pointless, wasteful, mindless, while some work that needs to be done isn't being done, ideologies that make no sense, religions that make no sense, social mores that make no sense, stupid old theories that lecturers still teach as if they weren't stupid old theories, stupid theories in general, philosophers arguing over the same imaginary problems for centuries, meds that don't work (yet are used by dozens of millions of people in the West), saturated fats being seen as unhealthy even though they are probably the healthiest source of energy, biological egalitarianism being a widely held belief among otherwise smart people even though an idea further removed from reality on all levels is difficult to conceive, etc. etc. I used to ascribe all that stuff to stupidity, greed, political motives, and conformism. I'm not sure anymore that nature could produce a species that pathetic. I think there's some mind control involved there, probably.

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