I have put forward a theory that the ultimate perpetrator behind organized stalking and electronic harassment is inhuman.  My book, The End Times, provides evidence to support my theory that there is an alien force that has been altering the development of our civilization since time immemorial.  There is additional evidence though, that this specific attack is one of the hallmark’s of  this force, the kind of signature you would use to search for a serial killer, which is exactly what it is.
Many organized stalking victims experience whisper campaigns against them, large groups of people who knowingly tell lies in order to discredit the testimony of the victim.  There is a clear example of such a campaign… in The Holy Bible.

Some people plotted to kill me. And like a lamb being led to the butcher, I knew nothing about their plans.  But then the Lord told me that they had planned to chop me down like a tree— fruit and all— so that no one would ever remember me again. -Jeremiah 11:18-19 

Some of the people said, “Let’s get rid of Jeremiah! We will always have priests to teach us God’s laws, as well as wise people to give us advice, and prophets to speak the Lord’s messages. So, instead of listening to Jeremiah any longer, let’s accuse him of a crime.” -Jeremiah 18:18 

Pashhur son of Immer was a priest and the chief of temple security. He heard what I had said, and so he hit me. Then he had me arrested and put in chains at the Benjamin Gate in the Lord’s temple.  -Jeremiah 20:1-3 

I heard the crowds whisper, “Everyone is afraid. Now’s our chance to accuse Jeremiah!” All of my so-called friends are just waiting for me to make a mistake. They say, “Maybe Jeremiah can be tricked. Then we can overpower him and get even at last. -Jeremiah 20:10

These passages embody the stories of many Targeted Individuals: attempted assassinations, false accusations, false arrests, and encountering a world of disbelief in those who should know them well.  It is no accident that Jeremiah was directed by an external influence, and it led him down this path.  Much like Jeremiah, many TI’s are guided by an inner voice, and are driven to help their fellow citizens by presenting a message of truth which is shown to them by this force.. sometimes knowingly, and sometimes not.  
Jeremiah did not see advanced technology, however many would say that communication with a higher power could be considered as much, another case though, that of James Tilly Matthews, did see many more clear parallels to the experiences of modern day mind control victims.  His story so clearly parallels that of many modern day TI’s, and their current plight, that anyone currently dealing with the hardship of organized stalking or gang stalking would be remiss not to read about it.

Matthews believed that a gang of criminals and spies skilled in “pneumatic chemistry” had taken up residence at London Wall in Moorfields (close to Bethlem) and were tormenting him by means of rays emitted by a machine called the “Air Loom”. The torments induced by the rays included “Lobster-cracking”, during which the circulation of the blood was prevented by a magnetic field; “Stomach-skinning”; and “Apoplexy-working with the nutmeg grater” which involved the introduction of fluids into the skull. His persecutors bore such names as “the Middleman” (who operated the Air Loom), “the Glove Woman” and “Sir Archy” (who acted as “repeaters” or “active worriers” to enhance Matthews’ torment or record the machine’s activities) and their leader, a man called “Bill, or the King”. 

Matthews’ delusions had a definite political slant: he claimed that the purpose of this gang was espionage, and that there were many other such gangs armed with Air Looms all over London, using “pneumatic practitioners” to “premagnetize” potential victims with “volatile magnetic fluid”. According to Matthews, their chief targets (apart from himself) were leading government figures. By means of their “rays” they could influence ministers’ thoughts and read their minds. Matthews declared that William Pitt was “not half” susceptible to these attacks[1] and held that these gangs were responsible for the British military disasters at Buenos Aires in 1807 and Walcherenin 1809 and also for the Nore Mutiny of 1797.       


James Tilly Matthews was tormented by a group of organized criminals, who in the process of their torment informed him that they had the ability not only to read the thoughts of anyone, but to modify their feelings as well.  They conveyed to Matthews that they were able to alter the course of British politics using an advanced scientific weapon:  The Air Loom.
Much like modern TI’s, Matthews was most likely shown this advanced machine, which at the time of his description would have been so far advanced from currently available technology it would have seemed like fantasy to anyone who he spoke about it to.  Today, it is nothing more than pure fantasy, however the fact that he witnessed effects which could not be explained, and sought out a technological means performing them, is almost a 100% parallel to modern day Targeted Individuals.  The difference today, however, is that the technology does exist, and has been researched thoroughly by the exact modern day equivalent of those Matthews blamed: national espionage.
In addition to those parallels, Matthews also described numerous symptoms which could be created with mind control technology: control of the autonomic nervous system, and the reading of subvocal and semiotic thoughts — something that today, is most likely possible via advanced neuroscience and remote imaging techniques.
Today many modern psychiatrists consider Matthews case one of the first publicly known cases of schizophrenia.  It is my contention, supported by numerous scientists, however, that schizophrenia itself is not a neurological disorder.  This case, coupled with the thousands of current mind control victims who experience nearly the same scenario as Matthews did, might show the modus operandi of an external force, rather than a disorder.  
Commonalities abound:  blaming the state for the torture, seeking advanced technology (even in a time when it could not possibly have existed in the human repertoire), and finally a diagnosis of mental disorder to do events which the victim believes are first hand testimony.

It is glaringly apparent that this particular case has been preserved in the record intentionally, in order to link modern day Targeted Individuals to a schizophrenia diagnosis.  Additionally, from the response of James Tilly Matthews, it should be clear that both his, and the TI response to seek out a technological mechanism to explain the influence of an external force is unnatural, and driven by this remote entity.  This is manifested in Matthews’ description of the “Air Loom,” which is not a product of an internal delusion, but rather one that has been imparted on him in order to link his case to the modern day.  

The lack of similar cases until modern times, when the technology Matthews’ described has been fully researched and implemented in the intelligence community serves as further evidence that the delusion is not a natural response.  The simple fact that his, and the modern day mind control victims seek out the same mechanism of action shows clearly that the actual perpetrator of the crime seeks to blame the international intelligence community for this phenomenon.

In 1809 his family and friends petitioned for his release, on the grounds that he was no longer insane, but their petition was rejected by the Bethlem authorities. They therefore took out a suit of habeas corpus and two doctors, George Birkbeck and Henry Clutterbuck examined Matthews, declaring him sane.

During his involuntary confinement he took part in a public competition to design plans for the rebuilding of Bethlem hospital. Bethlem’s governors thought so well of the 46 pages of designs submitted by Matthews that they paid him £50 (£2,810 as of 2013).[5] and the drawings finally used to build the new hospital show some features proposed by Matthews.[1] 

In 1814 Matthews was moved to “Fox’s London House”, a private asylum in Hackney, where he became a popular and trusted patient. The asylum’s owner, Dr. Fox, regarded him as sane. Matthews assisted with bookkeeping and gardening until his death on 10 January 1815.

A modern day diagnosis of schizophrenia is based not on quantitative analysis, neither neurological nor genetically verifiable causes, but rather as a result of symptoms described.  These symptoms are all possible to be remotely caused by an external influence, and in many cases have attributes which would point to an external influence rather than an internally generated issue.
Mark Rich has a chapter in his new book, The New World War, specifically detailing the issues with modern day schizophrenia, and the possibility that it is a misdiagnosis caused by a nefarious external force.  Below is his summary, please read the entire chapter if you are interested in an in depth analysis of the faults of schizophrenia diagnoses. 
Organized psychiatry is vastly corrupted. It is obviously more concerned with power and profit than mental health. In addition to the APA as an organization being heavily funded and outright controlled by drug corporations, its panel members that update the DSM are individually connected to drug corporations as consultants. 
The symptoms in the DSM which define mental illnesses have steadily increased over the years. Profit and control appear to be likely reasons. Schizophrenia and related disorders have no biological origin. These illnesses do not exist according to science. 
The industry, disguised by its many fronts, releases an onslaught of propaganda to the public to convince them that toxic medication is safe and effective. However, neuroleptics destroy normal brains. They also shut down the higher brain functions, producing a chemical lobotomy.


Why would an external force intentionally induce a psychiatric disorder?  It discredits the victim, tainting their first hand testimony and serving to cover up whatever it is that they may have witnessed.  In addition schizophrenia has a high incidence rate in those with above average intelligence.  Were it being used as a weapon of an external influence, it could serve the dual purpose of removing high intelligence genetics from the gene pool, as well as stopping a large group of people that may otherwise work to better our civilization from their ability to do so.
Today many TI’s include those that are outspoken critics of our current governments, and way of life.  They rally against oppression, human rights violations, and a socioeconomic system which not only favors, but intentionally transfers wealth and power from “the people” to the 1%.  Given that we see that the technology has been in existence for a very long time, though probably not it the hands of Earth governments, this begs the question of cause and effect.
Is it more likely that these individuals feel the way they do because of their torturous experiences, and in their search attempt to find the most likely cause of them and rail against it, just as James Tilly Matthews did?  Or, could it be reverse engineered, in order to point the finger at a government whose culpability is more of ignorance than intention, essentially being used to frame their own government? There are TI’s all over the world, and they all seem to be blaming their own governments… from that commonality, it should be pretty obvious that there must be a monolithic entity which desires for individual governments to be blamed for its actions..
Probably both.

I personally believe that most of the technologies which have been provided to TI’s as “mechanisms of action” are very much like the one that Matthews “discovered.” He was positive that there was a machine being used, and that it utilized “magnetics” and advanced chemistry in order to perform the actions that he perceived. This is a red herring, and a clear message to the TI’s of today, IMO — that the search for technology itself is a mind controlled response, as well as the ability to force us to believe that a certain technology “solves the problem.”

I do not think radiation, or subliminal messages through television or monitors have the ability to impart the kinds of effects that TI’s are witness to. I think they are salves, to stop us from attempting t figure out exactly how the technology works, as well as to leave an answer for any future mind control victims who search out a method of stopping it. In short, we are being mind controlled to be a significant part of a disinformation operation not only against fellow and future TI’s, but also against the future.

So while I believe that the “Air Loom” gang bears such striking similarities to modern day gang stalkers, the only conclusion I can come to from the story is that this group (or, more likely different groups whose major tie is nothing more than knowledge of this technology/magic) has been working with an advanced inhuman species much longer than we have suspected, using their technology (which probably was not in their hands.) This is evidence that the “occult magic” was not only real, but that it proves the existence of alien contact throughout human development. I imagine that at least some of them knew that what they were witnessing (in being “witches” etc), was not due to “incantation,” but rather contact with a more developed “being.”

Along these lines, I do not personally believe that trauma works for mind control, I think that the fact that these things were researched and then provided to Congress publicly shows that they were failed ideas.. which by the way I think the CIA was “mind controlled” to perform, in order to further hide not only the true mechanism, but also that working technology was in existence before the CIA began researching it.

There are other examples aside from Matthews (though that one hits very close to home, for TI’s), Hitler himself appears to have been “contacted” via synthetic telepathy during WW1, and I would imagine throughout his reign.

I have a “hunch” that historical cases of Fregoli and Capgras syndrome would yield many more similarities between modern day TI’s and past cases of “schizophrenia like symptoms.” I am personally entertaining the idea that these syndromes, as well as what may be many commonly associated symptoms of schizophrenia, have been the tools of an external force used to remove certain.. individuals.. from society for a very long, long time.

To be clear, I am not attempting to say that the likes of CIA, NSA, and GCHQ are not involved… what I am trying to say is they did not develop the technology from scratch, and they are most likely working with an alien force… in the here and now.

If you look at the case of Matthews specifically, and then the entire TI phenomenon as a whole: it appears that the entire point of may be nothing more than (what appears to me to be) a strange attempt to prove the existence of this force, not only now, but in the past. 

It is my belief that this “force” has gained significant power in the modern time, probably from collaboration with international intelligence. My theory is that while it was here the whole time, it did not have the technological infrastructure, or power that would be required to use the technology en masse against the entire population. 

It appears now that the TI phenomenon is not only being used to prove the existence of the force, but to frame international government for creating and utilizing it. Assuming this force is as intelligent as I believe it is, such a thing would never be allowed to have occurred until its power base here was solidified to the point that it could not lose in a head on and open confrontation.

In short, all may be lost if a battle is at hand — without the intervention of another more powerful force (hopefully), or the use of time travel to stop the creation of the infrastructure I believe UKUSA has been building since around the time of the JFK assassination.

I link the entire phenomenon to Casolaro’s Octopus, and firmly believe that this group of humans have been using proceeds from illicit narcotics trafficking in order to build such a thing “off the books.” Perhaps they were tricked into it, or perhaps they were promised … “dominion.” 

13 thoughts on “Jeremiah and the "Air Loom" Gang

  1. mctps: I expected something from you by now. 🙂 Any interest in trying to compile a list of schizophrenia cases prior to 1940 which include signs of either Capgras or Fregoli Syndromes?I have a "hunch" that there might be some obvious ones, other than James Tilly Matthews, and they might lead us somewhere.

  2. I hadn't read that chapter by Mark Rich before. Good stuff, at least the first half. I have my doubts about neuroleptics being as harmful as he claims, partly because I've been on different neuroleptics for non-trivial periods of time myself. I never noticed any difference in my intellectual or emotional functioning (other than intolerable restlessness that passed in a couple of days, in one case), so chemical lobotomy sounds quite harsh. In addition to that, many of the side effects listed there are rare and perhaps best attributed to some other cause (such as the entity).

  3. Proof that this attack is very, very old. That it is ultimately not being done by humans (though clearly it uses human assistance), and that it is detrimental to society as a whole.

  4. I'm starting to think psychiatry as a whole have unwittingly taken on the role of Reality Police. Shutting down the entire concept of a "higher power" actually having a real hand in the affairs of humanity.It's pretty silly, if you think about it.

  5. No, but I do get number stuff also. "2" was big when it first started, I had several people make a "2 sign" during very obnoxious public stalking spectacles. It was the back of their hands, with index and middle finger extended and together.Now a'days I am "directed" to look at clocks and stuff when its 1:11, 11:11, and 11:17. 11/17 is my sons birthday.

  6. Just to note an interesting synchronicity between James Tilly Matthews and John Nash:Matthews was committed to Bedlam is 1797, Nash to McLean in 1959. equidistant between the two, and following the same pattern described by 'timelike entanglement' in 1878 Emil Kraepelin combined the various diseases of the mind and named it 'Dementia Praecox' – meaning early dementia divided it into 4 categories. These included 'simple', 'paranoid', 'hebephrenic', and ' catatonic'.Both the cases of Matthews and Nash have strong parallels to the effects noticed by TI's. I would say too strong for them to be associated by some sort of common defect, but rather by a common external cause.

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