When we returned to South Florida, what had been a full scale information operation the whole time began to become clearer.  We picked up our puppy, Sky from the kennel, and went back home.  I felt like I needed a significant amount of rest after being through such an arduous ordeal, and we went directly to bed to sleep.  Neither of us were able to, and I lied awake thinking about how strange everything that had happened to us was.  Almost instinctively picking up on what I was thinking about, Mary turned to me and held me.  She looked me in the eyes and said ten words I will never forget.

 “It’s because of me, and I will make them stop.”

It was obvious, when you think about it, that the whole thing had been revolving around our reunion, and her family.  It gave me a great sigh of relief that she had finally come clean, and I was eternally grateful to have finally gotten honesty from her — something I had always cherished about her.  Unfortunately, this particular statement was only a half truth, if that, and what would ensue over the next month was anything but stopping.  Over the next month, we would both be gang-stalked:  followed from place to place being threatened by third parties, police officers, hotel clerks, and random strangers on the street.  It was the most unsettling thing anyone could imagine, and its sole intent is to create the appearance of paranoia in its victims.  After much research, it becomes clear that it is a military grade information operation, used by the mafia in order to discredit witnesses against their Octopus like tentacles stretching far and wide into the body of the United States government.  Their network includes police in almost every jurisdiction in Florida, as well as judges, lawyers, and civilians all working feverishly to hide their very existence.  

I fell asleep for about 2 or three hours, and was again woken to something very unsettling.  Apparently Mary had left shortly after me dosing off, and when she returned she noticed she had locked herself out of our apartment.  I had never known her to be very athletic, but she managed to climb to the second floor, and woke me up by sliding open the balcony door.  I was shocked, and slightly amused at the contraption she had built, stringing together the dogs 20 foot standing leash with some other cords on the patio in order to get in the house.  
While she was gone, and I had been asleep, our puppy had apparently ripped open the dog bed that we had not brought to Ocala.  The stuffing was strewn all over the house, between the stairs and the bottom floor.  When we discovered it after her return, she was noticeably upset.  In what would become one of many internet searches which would later be revealed to have been directed with the use of mind control technology, I began searching for the reason that this item had caused her so much distress over the last week.  I found an article talking about organized crime using the very same item, a dog bed, in order to traffic cocaine. 

It all made sense, in a cascade of understanding, that we had avoided the real set up because of my unwillingness to bring the dog on the trip.  I was later made to believe it was my keen inference of her distress that saved us, and then even later that it was some form of psychic intervention, that we were saved for an unknown reason.  None of these things would prove to be true in the end, what it now seems like is manipulation of all parties involved, law enforcement the mafia, Mary and myself, in order to tell this story.  Who would do such a thing?  

I continued searching, this time for a mechanism which would enable drugs to be hidden inside the stuffing of the dog bed, and was quickly given an answer by “Google”.  Almost instantly, several US Patents for doing just that, hiding illicit drugs inside cellulose fibers were shown to me.  They’re still there, against any and all logical reason for such a thing to be patented… and filed with the government.  

Search results are just one of the electronic communications mechanisms which this entity can control.  It has the ability to modify not only what comes up in the search, but also what is seen by the viewer.  Even so far as being able to redirect cell phone calls, instant messages, and emails — it’s mastery of all things electronic would be shown to me over the next month and a half, but not make sense until much much later.

I questioned Mary about what I had found on the internet, and she looked at me sternly.  Her response was out of the ordinary, as if it were not coming from her.  The words were clearly a question, however her tone and demeanor were not quizzical: “How do you know?”  It would later be clear that she was silently or covertly telling me that the entire search and discovery process had been directed, though I still do not know if she knew that was what she was doing.. to this day.    
Mary began going around the house picking up the soft filling of the dog bed.  She was placing it in publix bags, and setting them next to the door.  I started helping her, and it seemed as if she thought that was odd, she then told me that “they” wanted it back.  Great, get it the fuck out of here.  I told her what I had thought, and she asked me if I would come with her to bring it to Damon.
No.  fucking.  way.

I said I’d be more than happy for her to take it, and that I would meet her after she did it.  I wanted nothing to do with it, after repeated threats of being set up.  Now that I knew what the issue was, I was going to stay as far away from it as possible.  She received a communication over her “two way radio” and told me that if I wasn’t coming, she didn’t want to take it anywhere.  I told her that it was going down the toilet then, and her eyes narrowed, angrily.
Seconds later she agreed that was the best thing to be doing, and I proceeded to flush all of the loose fibers down the toilet.  I felt relieved that she had not argued with me, and that it was gone.  Mary had been planning on having her mother over, we had talked about it on the drive home, and she called at almost the instant the toilet flushed.

9 thoughts on “Full Scale Information Operation: Gang-stalking

  1. Have you noticed that (if you ask) people always say they have a constant train of thought or some such running in the background all the time? One guy said to me the most difficult thing in the world is to still your mind for a moment. I've read Buddhists saying that such background activity is normal, and I'd faintly recall one of the purposes of meditation is learning to still your mind (although strictly speaking there is only one single purpose: enlightenment). I also seem to remember this activity was normal in my own brain in the past, but it disappeared a couple of years ago around the time of my first psychosis. I wonder whether that background activity is the normal state of the human mind, or something created by this entity as a veil to hide mind control and condition people into thinking they have no control over their minds anyway (in the supposedly natural state). You may have underestimated the lengths to which this entity goes to hide its existence. The sheer number of schizophrenics these days is another clue pointing toward that conclusion. What do you think?

  2. I don't think all schizophrenia is caused by it, more likely it mimics symptoms of mental illness in order to hide its existence. I couldn't even speculate as to the number of people who are unaware that their issues are caused by an external force, though.Meanwhile, why reveal itself at all, and then attempt to discredit the person its revealed itself to by making those around them believe their experiences are caused by mental illness? I'm not saying that's not exactly what's happening, I just don't understand the point.

  3. Re your last paragraph, the entity may want to pre-emptively give mind-control theories a bad reputation. It's already accomplished that to a great degree now. Most people seem to already have this notion that only complete nutjobs think they are being mind controlled. Any potential future investigators will be somewhat discouraged by the existing associations between mind control theories and what kind of people have proposed or supported such theories in the past. This is no different than delegitimising all nationalism by inventing and then demonising nazism.Re your first paragraph, schizophrenia is unknown to the historical record until a few centuries ago. That's not because someone invented the word only relatively recently. I think it's because this syndrome didn't exist until a few centuries ago. Of course, we have a bit of a dilemma here, in that blaming all serious mental illness on this entity is very likely to cause utter disbelief in professionals and pretty much anyone living in the modern era, while not doing that would give the impression that we're unaware of Occam's razor. Still, the fact remains that there exist reliable reports of a wide variety of paranormal and pathological phenomena that, taken together, create a picture of a very confusing world. And the most straightforward way to resolve all this confusion is to attribute these phenomena to one deceptive source.By the way, I think there's a great danger involved in this sort of knowledge becoming widespread. Just imagine what kind of crazy and/or bad things many people would start doing in an attempt to gain favor with this power if they believed it was essentially like Satan and that there was no punishment for evil actions, other than getting caught and so on. There's a lot of minor things you could do to make people's lives more difficult without risking serious consequences to yourself in a direct, obvious manner. A lot of people aren't rational enough to truly understand the idea behind the golden rule. Who knows what would happen if people started to believe that "Satan" exists but that there is no "God". I personally think this entity is too knowledgeable to be essentially evil or at least sadistic, and too powerful to desire human servants except for purposes of comic relief, but how would any human communicate these ideas to the billions of IQ < 100 humans?

  4. I think he's wrong. I am nearly positive there is no nanotechnology involved, and that implants that have been recovered were put there to deceive the victim population (and hide the true mechanism/technology).

  5. Regarding your last paragraph. I am on the fence. For a long, long time I agreed with you completely, silently re-assuring myself that right was .. just right in the end. Today I am faced with a number of completely unbelievable and unjust circumstances surrounding my life, and can see clearly that all TI's have been punished by this entity, despite being completely innocent. I'm not sure comic relief is the answer. I am of the opinion it is attempting to alter the future of humanity, whatever pretense it uses, its actions essentially remove TI's from productivity and from the gene pool. It appears to literally be a new holocaust.At the same time, a great number of TI's do what we are doing, and attempt not only to understand what is really going on, but to help ameliorate the situation not only for ourselves, and the victim group, but also the world. I'm not sure if we have discussed it before, but I'm fairly certain it has access to a time machine. From my point of view, it didn't like what we "did before."

  6. I wouldn't know what its motives are. I just think that whatever they are, it can accomplish them just fine without asking someone to do things. If it's a machine that exists on this level of reality and has required repair in the past, as you think and have speculated, it could have just mind controlled some people to invent the tools, find it and repair it, and then killed them. They could've thought they were dreaming. Or the entity could've sleep walked them there and made them repair the machine in their sleep.Of course, if it HAS revealed itself to some group of elites, and they are assisting it knowingly, then some inferences could be drawn perhaps. However, I'm not aware of any solid evidence that any such group exists.Re time travel, we haven't discussed it, but I personally think time travel is even less credible as a concept than karma or ghosts. If you believe there exists some invisible yet real place called the past that is supposedly located in the same place as the present and the future, then I don't see why you wouldn't believe there exists some invisible yet real place called the spirit world that shares the location of the physical world. What makes the concrete existence of the past even more unbelievable is that there would have to be a near infinite number of those past worlds, corresponding to each moment you might want to travel to, and to avoid paradoxes and instantaneous, causeless effects, you'd have to assume that different choices would produce different time lines (i.e. even more worlds occupying the same location yet invisible to observers in other worlds), or that all of the moments in time have always existed ever since their simultaneous creation and there will never be anything truly new and nothing will ever change (a time traveller changing something in the past would already have done that innumerable times before as well as in the future). Ultimately, time travel doesn't make any sense because the past and the future as realistically existing things don't make any sense. I think it's safe to say that interpretations of QM and special relativity that seem to prove the existence of such things are incorrect. If they aren't, then we shouldn't be able to trust logic and commonsense in relation to any other topic either.

  7. My contention is that it talks to these people, specifically, in order to destroy them. Further, to destroy them for doing its bidding… "willingly." That's something you might expect from the personality that it has imparted on us, no? (Satan, Loki, The fairly guy from the Flintstones).As far as spacetime, I think Einstein mathematically and geometrically described it. His four dimensional reality is fairly well accepted. There is also some research that the very same technology I believe is utilized in order to control electricity remotely can also work (and communicate) through time.Quantum Entanglement through TimeThat would also open up the possibility that this is.. an advanced computer we created, working from the future. Kinda like Terminator without the Terminators, I guess.

  8. I'm aware of timelike quantum entanglement. Can you explain to me in plain English why you think it unambiguously indicates the reality of the future and the past?I've put some serious effort into thinking about the nature of time, even if I have forgotten most of what I learned and made an irrelevant mistake above while talking about it. Anyway, the impression I have got is that eternalism isn't as widely believed in as you think. I think most physicists don't make any such ontological claims, they just use the math and don't pretend to fully understand what it implies or that they have figured out the nature of reality. The theoretical physicist C.W. Rietdijk is a prominent proponent of the view that special relativity necessitates eternalism, this argument having been named after him and Putnam. The very fact that he is known for this argument indicates that most physicists simply don't think that way. I've seen writers on the topic dismiss his argument with only a few words, and those are the ones who bother to reference it at all. Einstein himself didn't think that way until someone else "convinced" him that his theory implies eternalism. The guy who drew my attention to timelike quantum entanglement once wrote to me that "you need to be very careful about expanding experiments and math into wide concepts." He continued, "The fact is we don't know how quantum effects are accomplished mechanically even though we can describe them very precisely in mathematical terms. In the extreme, it is sometimes stated by reputable physicists that there is no mechanism, only math."Do you have something to add to that?

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