We arrived hours later, after driving around lost, unable to communicate with her family.  Eventually we finally got them on the phone, and were given a bed in their barn.  They denied having any idea what had happened the previous few days, and used what would become a common excuse the mafia would use in order to discredit our testimony.  Mary decided she wanted to leave to get food, and we did just that, setting out in the middle of practically nowhere to find a Friday’s or someplace still open at that hour.  After searching for about a half hour, we decided that the response we had gotten from them was not what we were looking for.. after all the threats and crap we had been through, there was no way we were going to be met with denial.  Mary suggested we return to Orlando, and I agreed.  
I fell asleep on the way home, dozing off in the passenger seat.  We had been driving for almost twelve hours.  Somewhere between Ocala and Orlando, on 441, Mary was pulled over for speeding.  The officer woke me up ten or twenty minutes later, and asked me one single question, “how do you know the girl driving the car?”
I was drowsy and a bit dazed from being woken. I told him that she was my ex-wife.  He looked at me a bit perplexed, and asked me what her birthday was.  I told him, and he muttered, “I hate a liar.” and walked back towards her.   She was arrested for DUI, despite the fact that she had nothing at all to drink.  She would later pass field sobriety, and a breathalizer test, yet she was still charged with the crime.  
Apparently believing that we were really “on the run,” because of the mafia threats of set up, Mary had told the officer that I was a stranger she met in a restaurant down the street.  I honestly didn’t even think about the possibility that she would have lied about how she knew me, but the officer used it as an excuse to take her to jail for… no reason at all.

Over the course of the week prior, I had learned that Mary’s uncle’s brother in law was the chief of police in Ocala, which I wouldn’t correlate to this event until much, much later.  Whatever the reason, it seems as if they planned the entire thing, first by lying to both her and I, then by causing the false arrest.  Over the next six months, the “silver handcuff program” which I would be told about later by Mary manifested itself in full force.  The district attorney’s office would threaten Mary repeatedly, and then after some very strange events, involving a sickness which I believe to be mind control related in the DA’s office, she would be coerced into taking a deal, despite being innocent.

The officer allowed me to drive the rental car back to her grandparents, and they offered me a bed for the night.  The next morning, her grandmother offered me pancakes, and told me that I should stay there for a few days… they had wanted to “leave Mary there to learn a lesson.”  I’m not sure what the lesson was, but looking back it seemed for a long time as if it was retribution for helping me avoid the issues that they were attempting to force on us.  I told her I would never do that to Mary, and that I needed to call a cab to get to the jail to bail her out.  After saying this, her grandfather offered to take me, and we went together for a three or four hour trip waiting for her to be processed.  Immediately after being released, we set off for Florida, shaken significantly by the horrendously strange events which had befallen us on our Thanksgiving trip in 2010.

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