Yesterday, I told you that we were not a body of test subjects, but were instead a weapon. Let me tell you why, and against whom.

When you take a step back and understand the sheer power of the technology being used against us, its almost silly to think that any of us have discerned its means or purpose… without the intention of the perpetrator.

Time and time again, it has been proven to each and every one of us that our actions, responses, and beliefs are directed. To escape the intended belief we are meant to take as our own is actually impossible. This is my sincere understanding, what we believe, each and every one of us, is by design — we cannot escape the truth that is pushed on us, to us it is fact.

That being said, despite the powerful technology being used against us, we all find each other, we find commonalities between our stories, and have grouped together — for a reason. It didn’t have to be this way.. we could have easily been driven to isolated delusions that would have forced us to give up in our battle. Instead, we find each other, and a battle that is larger than each of us individually… one that is destined to make a real difference in the world.

Many of us feel a great need to publicly cry out about the abuses we endure. The number of books written by victims is such a high percentage, it would be uninsightful not to glean that creating a body of literature about mind control is one of the primary goals of OSEH. It is being left in the written record, for the future to see. I firmly believe that one day, not so far from today, the entire world will be made aware of the technology being used to harm us. When they are, they will seek out and find the community of victims that had been organizing for the last decade, and the books, blog posts, and complaints that have been filed as a result.

What they will eventually discover is what we already know. That we are stonewalled by “modern psychoanalysis,” that our symptoms were clearly designed in order to create false reason for investigating bodies, government entities, and private citizens in order to ignore our plight. I think it is much more obvious than any of us see clearly. There have been no real studies, no real investigation on the part of the government, and because of that it will leave an indelible mark of complicity upon those who were tasked with protecting the population.

More to the point, when you take into account the fact that government bodies such as the NSA, are without a doubt aware of the existence of this technology, and its use against the public, it will prove that their lack of investigation was intentional. Knowing of its existence and capabilities sheds light on the perpetrator, and would make an investigation to find correlations and commonalities between victims a trivial matter. Even more damning, there are most likely known countermeasures, which would enable us to be protected by the government. These will be facts one day, not so far away.

Ultimately primary blame will fall on these agencies for failing to investigate and stop what is essentially an unseen invasion and corruption of human morals. The NSA and CIA, who most certainly have “eye to see,” not just because of the knowledge they have but also because of the technological means of global surveillance of which many of us are made aware… on purpose. For this reason, I firmly believe that the body of knowing victims is a weapon against these agencies. They are most likely complicit, and also victims of the same phenomenon. From my personal experience, I imagine, and write extensively about the sincere possibility that they have been tricked into complicity.

On the other hand, as we have seen in the last decade, it is also possible that this is a false flag attack. The idea has been ingrained into the collective consciousness of the population from 9/11 forward, and it may be that this knowledge is the excuse used by the government to ignore what they certainly know is an attack.

Raising public awareness is the answer, and with recent strides being made in the mainstream media, as well as assistance from Jesse Ventura, we are making progress. It is important that we do not lose this momentum, and the only way I see to do that is to increase honest testimony related to the crime. Along those lines, I have asked repeatedly for more victims to file complaints, and publicly testify.

One of the largest problems we face is our disunity as to the mechanism and ultimately the identity of the primary perpetrator. I believe it is important that moving forward, we try very hard to give as much objective testimony as possible, leaving out opinions which are designed in order to discredit what otherwise would be objective observation usable by a researching or investigating body to pinpoint a solution.

In short, with the knowledge that we will be proven right in the end, the only way to accelerate our salvation is to stand together, provide the information required to stop it, and seek out a group of doctors and scientists willing to investigate further.

13 thoughts on “One purpose of Mindwar.

  1. I think it's a logical, and possibly practical, mistake for you to blame humans for this even in part. First, free will is a myth, as you've pointed out. Second, they are being mind controlled as fully as you are, I'd say. I've seen at least two psychiatrists face to face basically admit to me that meds are almost useless according to meta-analyses in most cases or aren't the wonder treatments that they've been advertised as, and then comfortably transform back to being mindless slaves of the drug companies, trying to force that crap on me because "this particular brand might work and we haven't tried it yet", particularly in the case of antidepressants (btw, I lost my depression once I stopped taking ANY medications). Or they try to force it on me without a good reason in the case of antipsychotics even when I'm not in "psychosis" just to make sure I won't "relapse", never mind that the logic behind "maintenance drug treatment" is shaky at best and there's no evidence of benefit over the longterm anyway, rather there is evidence that over the longterm third world schizophrenics fare better than first world schizophrenics who are stuffed full of antipsychotics. It's nuts, in so many ways.One of them admitted that there's significant publication bias regarding the efficacy of antidepressants, and then instantly recovered like from a bad dream and continued as if that fact meant nothing outside the limited context of the efficacy of antidepressants. I mean, geez, you just admitted the information psychiatrists have been getting for the past thirty years has been utterly corrupted by bias, and you wouldn't even have suspected you've received incorrect information if someone hadn't made a FOIA request and produced a meta analysis that included the uncovered studies, previously hidden from the public.It's like if you hit a random beam in a rotten house, and it spilled open with termites, you'd just say, "Hey, I suppose we must replace that beam. That's all it takes." Yeah, that's "all it means."And even when it came to the efficacy of antidepressants, she still seemed quite optimistic, or if not very optimistic, still used them as a rule, trying many different brands and types until the patient refused due to sheer embarrassment. That. Stuff. Does. Not. Work. The irony is she told me I might have hallucinated a certain thing because I "wanted to believe drugs don't work". I told her that I certainly wish they worked, and that this has nothing to do with what I "hope to be true". Then a week later she repeated that argument in some possibly different context. I didn't even respond anymore. It didn't seem to occur to her that that sword slashes both ways, and in fact would've applied better to her than to me.

  2. I've also seen them remember actual series of events in a way that they didn't happen, to protect their blind faith in the sanity of what they're doing (medicating, medicating, and medicating). The first time I took antipsychotics, they did nothing for me over an almost two month period. When I stopped taking them, however, the harassment ended. These people then speculated that the drug had finally started to have an effect just when I stopped using it. Is that something anyone but a mindless puppet would say? Then in other cases I've come out of "psychotic" states BEFORE the meds could've had an effect according to what they've told me about how they work, or I've recovered before I even started to take them. Now they're telling me it's those meds that have caused my recoveries in the past, so I'm endangering myself due to not taking them to maintain my sanity. Seriously, how can you blame these people for anything? They're clearly out of their minds. I haven't even told you all the wrong predictions and nonsense and crap they've said and done to me. It's like they live in their own alternative universe where what they hope to be true just so happens to be an inescapable conclusion for them regardless of overwhelming evidence against that conclusion. But these are two very sweet women, and as far as I can tell, they aren't stupid, and they certainly MEAN well.However, I think these are people who naturally tend to have blind faith in the system, in authority figures, and so on, so they are merely being helped to be what they already are. Their blindess is REVEALED to people like me through comical statements they wouldn't make without the entity. But this doesn't mean they would be some sort of revolutionaries without its influence. I think they are people who are either beneficial or harmful depending on whether the social system is beneficial or harmful. Because that's what they want to be: social, "good people" mainly in the superficial manner that conformists are "good". Enough cognitive dissonance might wake them up though. Even such people may occasionally learn something.I don't see why the drug researchers or the FDA gate keepers would be any different, except they might have other less than noble motives. I don't see why the puny humans at the top of the monkey pyramid would be any different either, except again the motives. There are signs that their conspiracies and crimes are somewhat bungled so that, while the false flags seem to succeed to some extent, they also leave behind all sorts of clues of who the perpetrators were, and in the case of global warming, I'd say that hoax is being discredited in a way that the ruling elite didn't expect. I've seen a tendency that their crimes are being revealed. Some think they are being revealed to cause despair. I think they are being revealed to expose the fact that our current leaders are corrupt. Or perhaps they aren't even behind those crimes, such as Sandy Hook. Such events could happen because the West has become corrupt, and God is helping them express their true selves, from which at least some of us onlookers can learn something. Keep in mind that mindless violence and schizophrenia have both exploded in recent times, and correlate with the rise of materialism and human arrogance. I'm amused by the thought that all that might be true. Imagine being the U.S. government or the so-called Illuminati or whatever. Imagine that every time some great crime happened there would suddenly be tons of evidence that YOU did it, even though you had no idea it would happen and zero reason for it to happen. Then you'd figure out a way to possible benefit from the situation. That would further serve to give the impression you were responsible. LOL

  3. This is definitely an idea I've gotten from the entity, also. Transference, or in this case… the "mark of the beast." That is, it replaces or modifies what the public sees in order to cast what it would consider "a true light" on the subject.A good example is Michael Aquino's "satanism," and his publicly known relationship to the NSA and mind control. The stories of the Bohemian Grove fit well also.Of course, transference in this way is wrong, and while it's an interesting concept to ponder… why not just let the actual truth out.

  4. I've pondered writing an autobiography with the purpose of exposing mind control.Some problems:1) I'd have to use the real names of people for anyone to trust anything I wrote, or to be able to verify anything at all. I doubt I'd get the permission of the most important person in this story. I'd also have to publish her birth date. If I didn't publish those things, then I can't immediately think of anything involving mind control in my own life that the readers could reasonably verify.2) I haven't been collecting evidence, so I'd have to rely on my memory, although in some cases I might be able to include photo copies of news articles and such should I find them again. If I don't include such things, it will be the easiest thing in the world for critics to accuse me of having false memories. I'm sure you've heard of the false memory movement. They could also accuse me of hallucination.3) I feel like I'd have to include everything to make a convincing case. But some stuff would be difficult to include, either legally (in addition to getting permissions to use real names), because it includes under-age people and sex or similar problematic subject matter. 4) Some material would be difficult to include because I would suffer emotionally if it became public. Yet such material would be very relevant to getting across the unbiased truth.5) If it were published, and I didn't conclude the book with a convincing statement to the effect that I have now recovered my sanity and no longer believe in mind control, I would likely be locked up in a mental institution. There might even be a new law introduced to decrease obstacles to forced medication. In my case, if such a law were passed, I would have to resign to the fate of being medicated for the rest of my life. Another, alternative scenario might occur: I would be accused of having faked my illness, and would be tried for fraud. I don't care to go into details, but I have good reason to believe that the entity has planned that as a possible path for me, depending on what I choose to do.6) I have severe doubts that it would be published by a proper publishing house, or that more than a handful of people would buy it if I self published. I have written a novel which I consider to be quite amusing and worthy of publication and moderate success. It's a light hearted fantasy novel. The only major fantasy publisher in my country commented that it had good qualities but didn't quite work as a whole. They didn't want to publish it. It's not conventional fantasy, so I've sent it to just about every fiction publisher in my country. No responses beyond standardised rejection letters. I've also been learning truths about various topics over the course of my life, and always had the desire to spread those truths. Without a few trivial exceptions, I have only encountered a disappoinment after disappointment. I don't know why this truth about mind control would be any different, except it would be even more difficult for people to accept in their natural, free state of mind.7) It's a distinct possibility that, even if I somehow became a celebrity as a result of this planned autobiography, it wouldn't have any measurable effect on anyone's life. Few people would believe my conclusions or most of what is in the book. Fewer still would bother to attempt to verify any of it, and these would be people of zero significance in the grand scheme of things. I would have caused sorrow, despair, and embarrassment about my life and sanity in the few people have remained important to me in my life. I would have got money I didn't need. Publicity I have no use for, and that I might learn to resent quite fast.To conclude, writing such a book, especially publishing it, doesn't seem like a wise decision.

  5. 2) ADDENDUM: Even if I included photos of those articles, I could be accused of lying about how they were relevant to my life during the moments that I encountered them. The problem with proving synchronicities is that there are usually two parts to them: what happens in the external world, and what happens in your mind. The former is relatively simple to document in a way that can be verified. The latter is, perhaps, impossible.

  6. No matter what you write, the public won't be interested and you know why… and the only audience would be other targets… and all targets will be destroyed… either you have to tough it out with drinks/smokes, or just have to end it yourself… it appears to be reality…

  7. I disagree. It appears to me that the entity causing this is using mind control to coerce many targets to put in the indelible written record stories of their victimization. It could be to serve the purpose of discrediting them, but with the sheer volume of complainants I believe personally that its purpose is to help our future generations. Many of us write books, many of us file complaints, and they will be there forever. One day, it will be analyzed, I am sure.The following is reproduced from the other thread, I don't want to leave the part unanswered anywhere:Suicidal thoughts are most likely caused by the entity itself. I have spoken to many victims who feel the same way. Let me remind you that there are many victims of both gang stalking and "V2K" who eventually do get almost complete relief. Removing yourself from the equation, especially being a well educated and credible target, only hurts our cause. Together we can solve this problem, and make the world a better place for future generations. I would definitely counsel against euthanasia, if you do feel that way, I would, myself, prefer to seek psychiatric help rather than lose my ability to speak out against the injustice perpetrated on me. As I am researching, it appears that this entity has been using schizophrenia as a weapon/mechanism for hiding its existence for some time. I would not say that all cases are a result of it, however its high co-ocurrence with highly educated people, and late life onset, are neurological evidence that at least some cases may be caused by an external influence. Leaving our truth in the psychiatric record, that we believe it is externally caused and have personal evidence of as much, can only serve to help future generations.

  8. if i can not live by honor and respect… and with love and compassion… plus generosity….. i can not live it………….. i am not a fighter… i am a philosopher…. above being a scientist/engineer.

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