That night, something very, very strange happened.  We ordered pizza for dinner, and shared it in the room while we were listening to the radio, something we do not often do.  Out of nowhere, Mary began speaking to me with language structure and words she did not normally use.  She began using vague prepositions, “they” and “them” very frequently, and then began asking me if I was psychic, something she never, ever spoke about.
I stood up and walked over to her, looked into her eyes and asked her if she was in there.  She looked startled.. and responded “How can you tell?”  You never talk like this, I’ve known you for a long time.  I told her the conversation seemed strange to me, and began wondering if she was somehow being possessed by a third party.  Then she told me that she was communicating with someone, using a covert transmitter that had been implanted in her tooth, a dental filling.  Now I really know it’s not you.  Mary was very non-technically oriented, words and phrases like “covert transmitter” would never have come out of her mouth.  She went on, walked over to the clock radio, and said that it works over the airwaves.  Internally, my mind clarified what she was talking about.  I imagined a system where the radio stations were being used to broadcast encrypted messages which were decoded by some sort of in hardware encrypted audio device.  In a cascade, more things began clicking.  All her talk about laser eavesdropping and cell phones being used had been to cover up that she had a listening device implanted in her dental filling the whole time, a kind of misdirection.    
Shortly after, Mary began crying uncontrollably.  At one point she screamed “No, why?”  It was clear she was communicating with this third party, who she later identified to be a “distant family member.”  I had no idea what the conversation was about, but it was clear that she was genuinely sad and frightened.  After five or so minutes of non-stop crying she looked up at me.  She began relaying messages directly from the third party communicating with her, she told me that “they” had said they “had to set me up,” and there was nothing we could do to avoid it.  Except run.

This night was used to plant the idea of OSEH/mindwar perpetrators communicating with covert implanted devices.  I would later realize that this also, was just another layer of deception being used to hide the actual method of communication — a direct neural link.  It was central to the psychological abuse I was a victim of, as I was later made to believe that me, and a very small group of fellow victims were actually unwitting test subjects in a government experiment.  Had I known that the perpetrator agents were also being mind controlled, it would have been clear that this was a deception.  For a very long time, I believed Mary had a special Illuminati communication device which was used in order to facilitate criminal operations, like drug trafficking and gang-stalking itself.

In the significant research I later did into the technology involved, I would at one point think the radio transmitter was akin to “The Thing” a covert soviet listening device which did not require a power source.  Even later, I would read and learn about transmitters which could be powered by remote microwave, and also surface acoustic wave devices.  This is how mind control works, by planting an idea in the minds of victims, and then reinforcing it with real world “props” like newspaper articles, scientific research, and even patents. 

Mary continued to tell me that they had to set me up because I had witnessed something, but she didn’t say what it was, and at the time I really had no idea.  She continued having a noticeable conversation with this third party, in which I could only hear her half of the conversation, which she spoke aloud.  She seemed to be arguing with them, attempting to find some sort of alternate solution.  Near the end she looked up and said, “they say that we can’t go back to the car, if we do they will kill you.”
She said she would come with me, and help protect me, and I wanted nothing more than to stay with her.  We went the next morning to the store, and bought a significant amount of prepaid credit cards, cell phone cards, and food cards so our purchases could not be tracked.  We really had no idea what we were doing, but the entire thing seemed so surreal that I felt like my actions were forced.   Mary suggested sending her money, which at the time seemed reasonable, and I wired her 10,000 into her personal account.  We rented a car in her name, and began driving, destination unknown.
I imagine at this point reality returned, and having no place to go and frankly no reason to be going, I told Mary there must be something else we can do.  I suggested going back to her grandparents house and trying to convince them to stop whatever it was that was going on.  She paused before answering, and I imagined that she was receiving a communication… “that’s a good idea,” she said, “I think they want to help you.”
Now, with a destination, purpose, and hope to escape from this fate, we set out to return to Ocala.

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