I suppose this is my attempt at a knowledge transfer.  I believe I have a good understanding of the phenomenon we refer to as Gang Stalking, Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment, and Mindwar… this information has come from first hand discovery.  I have been a knowing victim since about December of 2010, right around my thirtieth birthday.  I can trace the influence of mind control back throughout my entire life, however, from isolated incidents at ages as young as five, to much more involved intervention in my life from twelve onward.  What has happened to me since 2010 has been a kind of demystification process, I have probably believed every stupid theory put forth by our fellow victims on the internet at one point or another.  In the end, the vast majority of them are really bad theories.
I find almost unfathomable the lack of interest in our plight.  From the government, who surely knows it exists at certain levels and is either ignorant or complicit, to friends and family who are controlled not to believe the victim, to the actual perpetrators — who are likewise controlled to participate, the entire world has become a wall of disbelief to me.  Even fellow victims fight over technological and operational details, ignoring the fact that we are all victims, not only of the same crime, but of the same perpetrator.  
This is one of the most important things I can convey:  there are no individual perpetrators purchasing mind control in a box and using it against you.  Your neighbor does not have a website interface to see inside your home, through your eyes, or to make you “feel” or “think” things.  There does exist however, a very large civilian army of victim perpetrators, people who for one reason or another act inhumanely by participating in the torture of victims.  They may be people you know well, they could be perfect strangers, and they could be neighbors.   It is possible they were “planted” in your life, much like an intelligence handler, many years before their participation.   At the same time, one of the major weapons used against victims is to create the appearance of a much larger group of people “out to get them.”  Loved ones are mind controlled to disbelieve, and then to act in a manner which the victim sees a threatening, while their motivation may not be nefarious.  Mind control is used in order to falsify the voices of people, which this enemy can do flawlessly.  If you overhear conversations of people, without participating, it is highly probable the conversation was not real.  At the same time, noises coming from neighbors homes, are most likely not real.  It is very possible to create what is essentially an auditory hallucination using mind control technology.  
Along those lines, victims who receive V2K, or voice to skull, are not being attacked with silent sound, or an LRAD, and nobody has a tooth implant with a powerless radio transmitter in it (as I once believed with all my heart).  The perpetrators are not communicating with cell phones, text messages, or using radio communications at all.  These ideas are implanted in the mind of victims, and then rigorously displayed to them as a way of reinforcing this false belief.  The purpose of this idea, in my case, was to nurture my personal belief that only the victims of mindwar are being mind controlled.  In reality, all of the perpetrators are also being heavily mind controlled, and any and all communication regarding the OSEH/mindwar operation is being conveyed to them with the very same technology that tortures victims… V2K.  This is a direct manipulation of the auditory cortex, and using a mechanism which is not radio frequency related, it is nearly untraceable.
Over the course of “learning” about mind control technology, I have tried and failed at using every conceivable countermeasure.  Faraday cages do not work, this is prima facie evidence that the technology being used is not electromagnetic in nature.  Period.  It is not microwaves, it is not the Soviet woodpecker technology, and it is not coming from GWEN towers, cellular phones, wifi hotspots, or the microwave ray gun that you think your neighbor has pointed at your house. 
For a long, long time I believed that the easiest mechanism to control the minds of humans was nanotechnology.  Several nano-stimulators per neuron, communicating either via some non electromagnetic means, or not requiring constant radio contact (they could store a “program”, upload it when communication is possible) made the most sense to me.  I researched modern technology, like IBCOM, and for a long, long time I was positive that this was the predecessor of the technology being used.  It is not.  The technology afflicting not only the victims, but the perpetrators, and the world at large, is much more advanced than you would think.  It has been affecting humanity for much longer than anyone would rationally decide.

One of the primary reasons for making us, as victims, believe that we are a small persecuted group, is to hide from us the fact that mind control is being used on everyone around us, all the time.  I never knew the people that were causing me such distress were also being mind controlled, because I believed they were communicating with high tech covert microwave transmitters.  They could have just as easily been using text messages.   I am very close to an entire family, connected to organized crime, and the United States military, who were primary participants in the initial phase of my introduction to OSEH/mindwar.   This is what I see, because it is what I have been shown.  Others see jews, masons, religious groups, the United States government and the real truth is these groups are all involved  but not as a whole.   Had I known the entire time that those close to me were also victims, I probably would have acted differently.  That is the purpose of these lies, to ensure that we do not realize that those around us are being affected by the very same technology which is tormenting us.
The real group involved in attacking us is much more federated (kindof how we see Al-Quaeda today, in cells), but at the same time it also shows to the victims a front of solidarity.  Groups which would otherwise be at each others throats, like warring narcotics empires, come together in order commit this crime.  This tells you one thing, very clearly: at the highest level, these people are working for another entity.  It could be the CIA, or it could be space aliens, it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that they work for this thing to their own detriment in order to further it’s goals.  Period.
The mind control works better than you think.  For a long, long time, I thought I was a test subject.  I’m not, and neither are you.  This thing is not being tested, it’s perfected.  I was made to believe I was dealing with technology which needed to record and playback neural firing patterns, this was a complete falsehood, in the end.  It was designed however, to make me believe that mind control was in its infantile stage, and further the delusion that I was an unwitting test subject.  In the end, after all the falsely reinforced idea s about playing back previously recorded “feelings,” it has become clear that this technology has not only decoded human emotions, but has completely reverse engineered the entirety of neural circuitry.   It’s been proven to me that this is a deception.  We are not test subjects, we are a weapon.

There have been other ideas that I’ve believed and dismissed.  The ultimate perpetrator is not religious, nor morally correct.  The attack on us is not meant to improve us in any way, nor to teach us a lesson.  More to the point, the attack is designed specifically to engender self-blame, where none is deserved.  You have not brought this upon you, and there is probably nothing you can change internally to make it go away.

Back to the mind control working better than you think:  there are points in our experience which we believe to be pivotal.  Crossroads and turning points that internally we understand to have been a monumental decision that has changed the course of our lives.  These points, along with our internal feelings, subvocal thought, and the ultimate decision itself might be the result of nothing more than mind control.  It is absolutely possible that we have no free will, though its rational to believe we have some.  Defeating the mind control technology is impossible without technological countermeasures.  Christ will not save you, meditation will not save you, and knowing about it, will not save you. 
What will save us all is loving each other, organizing, and motivating ourselves to sacrifice for the greater good of humanity.  We can today, join together, and make a difference.  We need to show understanding to each other, and work together regardless of petty disputes.  We need to stand up not only for ourselves, and our individual problems; but also for each others problems.  
I think.

22 thoughts on “Everything I know about Mindwar.

  1. I completely agree that the motivation for this kind of harassment isn't to counter undesired political activism, or to test the technology, or anything of the sort.Like you, I believe there is convincing evidence in my life that the pivotal events of my life have been planned, pretty much from the beginning. Even details involving birth dates and names given at birth have produced extraordinary synchronicities.There have also been stunning synchronicities involving at least three Hollywood films, released either a year before I first became "psychotic" or somewhat later. These synchronicites have involed names given at birth. There have also been unlikely synchronicities involving news stories, but I didn't keep records of the articles, so I might have hallucinated them.Unfortunately, I haven't been collecting evidence of a possible conspiracy.However, there has been little in my life that would make me suspect that I have been targeted consciously by any human as part of a larger operation. I've had a couple of items that have gone missing, and there was a man who seemed to have been contracted to change a battery to all of the fire alarms in the building, and when a couple of years later I called the company that should have been responsible for organising any such thing, they told me both through phone and email that they didn't know anything about such a thing.I'm a bit disturbed by the missing items phenomenon. I'm disturbed that someone could have stolen them without having to break in, but I don't see that as evidence of that person's knowing involvement in a larger conspiracy. Could just be someone abusing their position of opportunity, for private kicks. That kind of makes the whole phenomenon rather trivial in my view, because it's always a possible explanation, and much more likely in my view than the hypothesis that ordinary people have been revealed information I don't know, as if ordinary people were even able to judge whether that information is truthful or whether they're just schizophrenic.Regarding the battery change, it could have been some sort of honest mistake, but if I dismiss that explanation and if I begin to trust my senses enough to draw conclusions based on that sort of thing, then why wouldn't I also trust other people when they talk about experiencing and witnessing psychic or mystic phenomena of the kind that your materialistic paradigm can't explain? It would often be easier to explain the former as a hallucination than the latter. So I think your piece of writing above demonstrates that you are employing a double standard in regards to standards of evidence.

  2. Regarding paranoia, I have personally gone through periods when I was convinced that my parents and friends were involved in the operation, knowingly. I no longer believe that they were, because I've myself done and said puzzling and/or synchronistic things — I've myself been acting like a mindless puppet almost my whole life, without even suspecting I've been mind controlled, so why the heck would I think others know any better than I do what is going on?I'm also not carrying a recorder or using a video camera when I interact with people, so I could just have been hallucinating most of the time. It's very easy to mind control people into not making it obvious to you that you are responding to auditory and/or visual hallucinations when you are talking with someone and aren't making too much sense to them. It would also be simple to cause hallucinations in THEM, so that you'd both think you are having a rational conversation when you are both just hearing your own stuff. I don't think this latter is a tactic often, if ever, used, for the reason that it's somewhat risky, but it's a possibility that can't always be entirely dismissed in my opinion.Anyway, you don't seem to be acknowledging just how much hallucinations and unnoticed mind control can be responsible for. I'd take the stand that no one knows about this sort of mind control except victims like you and me. I don't believe any government is knowingly involved. I don't see any reason for this entity to reveal its capabilities to all these people, let alone its nature (whatever that would mean in terms of epistemology).

  3. I agree with everything except the last part. I try to minimize the involvement of mind controlled hallucinations, but do recognize their existence. There comes a point where verifiable actions due to possibly hallucinated conversations or events disproves the possibility of a hallucination.The government definitely knows. They are not that stupid. More in a bit, I'm on the way out the door.

  4. At that site, there is a link to eharassment.ca where there is supposedly a video recording of gang stalking etc. The link doesn't work for me. Do you know any other source for that video, or any similar videos?Also, without knowing the details, all of what that man describes could have been accomplished without anyone knowing about mind control, at least beyond synthetic telepathy (and that's not really mind control at all). In fact, the fewer the people who know, the better such operations can be accomplished, I think. Also, I'd say the vast majority of street theater and gang stalking are either mind control perpetrated on unknowing random people on the street or where ever, or hallucinations, which could include combining this with the first explanation to make random different people look like they're the same group of people who have been supposedly involved in a conspiracy for a long time, or it's paranoia in some cases but of course not nearly all or even the majority of the time.There just doesn't have to be all that much actual knowing conspiracy there to expain this sort of thing. I pity the fools who fall for the idea that everyone is out to get them, and decide to revenge by killing random innocent people, whether they work for the government or not. I think that's one of the dangers in allowing this sort of point of view to become the first line of explanation.

  5. P.S. I noticed you used the word torture in your original post to refer to what is being done to targeted individuals. I don't think you should use that word to mean harassment. They are two very different things. Someone reading your post might even think you mean actual physical torture and stop reading at that point due to disbelief. While the psychological damage of harassment can be bad, it's no where near to the damage of being actually tortured. It's just not the same thing, at all.Of course, there can be actual torture through the use of this technology or whatever, but I think such phenomena are unrelated to gang stalking. I think they're typically known cases like the dozens of torture murders of women in the town of Truth or Consequences. Of course, there's a delay between the crimes and the revelation of them, but I think the point stands.There can be some mild forms of physical "torture" in gang stalking cases, through manipulation of the targeted individual's nervous system. They can, of course, cause tremendous pain through that method when they want to. I doubt, I hope, that they don't do it. But of course they could be doing any amount of it without anyone knowing. I only know they haven't done it to me except for one twenty minute incident that actually helped me figure out a genuine problem involving my gums (a condition that is painless but might end in you losing your teeth).

  6. P.P.S. Correction: that pain they caused me wasn't tremendous. It wasn't trivial pain, but for the relatively brief amount of time it last, it was somewhat tolerable. It was bad, but it didn't leave a trauma.

  7. Torture is defined by United States code to include severe mental pain and suffering. 18 USC 2340(2) “severe mental pain or suffering” means the prolonged mental harm caused by or resulting from—(A) the intentional infliction or threatened infliction of severe physical pain or suffering;(B) the administration or application, or threatened administration or application, of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality;(C) the threat of imminent death

  8. So you have experiened "severe mental pain or suffering" in excess of what normal people do in the course of their lives? All I can say is that I haven't.In fact, I could say I've been rather lucky compared with normal people trapped in their boring day jobs and stale relationships with no ambitions, insight, or much idea of what is going on in the world they seemingly inhabit. I'm sorry, I take my epistemological limitations seriously. And I know that I don't have a SOLID reason to believe that The Powers That Seem have allied themselves with this God-like power. I rather think that they are trying to rebel against the order of the Universe, of which this Power represents the enforcer. Yeah, I've been thinking this over for the past couple of days, and this is my current viewpoint. I know it isn't a message you want to hear. But in a world where EVERYTHING has been fine tuned to produce intelligent life, in the universe in general, and on this planet in particular, including the position and size of the moon, I'd try to keep my mind open about the possibility that there's something more going on here than a Darwinian drama about power over others.Is there any evidence that this entity takes away anyone's free will in a significant way? I'm certain that it organises tons of synchronicities, but those happen mainly to people who have already made their decisions and decided to invest in a certain view of themselves and the world, and have, in effect, made the case that they are just brainless machines, so why wouldn't they be helped along to their fates? And of course, there synchronicities are often rather entirely good for a lot of people, especially those allegedly high on the spiritual path. That could just be a deception, or it could be how karma works. Remember, there's no difference between cosmic justice and mind control if the mind control system mimics karma to a sufficient degree, at least in the lives of those for whom it does mimic that karma consistently. There's something for you to chew on.I once had a mysterious message from someone, posted on a now semi-public forum, addressed to people in general but implicitly to me. It was tailored for me, I felt, and still feel. So it might not have much of an effect on you, but I think you should still read it. The background is that I had done something very embarrassing, and it was revealed to everyone on that message board by the person who had promised not to reveal it. I noticed that someone had registered on those boards just before the revelation, taken a handle that reminded me of my stupidity, and started posting interesting and intelligent messages with a speed and talent I associate with a person I admired there on those same forums. Then he came to that thread and started posting there. After I had told everyone I would leave those forums, he at some point wrote the following message there (I'm the one he refers to as neonazi). My next message will be that message.

  9. Free will is a myth, especially when dealing with this entity and phenomenon. Have you considered that you have experienced several mental pain and suffering, and fail to recognize it because of mind control itself? It's highly probable that mind control would be used to make you believe it was… interesting, exciting, a game, or less damaging than you would have perceived had you had a objective view of what was being done to you.That being said, I think you will agree that the purpose is to change significantly your perception of the world and of yourself, and this (whether or not you consider it pain), would probably be considered so by any objective third party.There are comments and observations from many victims which indicate they believe the EH entity operates on a "karma" program, or uses "transference" in order to … "make good in the end." It's a deception, designed to falsely make you believe that despite your trials and tribulations, you will one day be rewarded for your suffering. It's a mechanism to keep you "in their game."

  10. In my case specifically, I have received numerous threats of death and bodily harm from participants in "street theater," as well as "Mary" and people related to her. These threats were most likely designed in order to control behavior through the use of fear, which is also consistent with torture.Just because it is not done in a locked room does not mean it's OK.

  11. I have no idea what humans would have achieved or not achieved without this entity, and what their lives would be like. That includes my own. In SOME cases, it's obvious that aspects of their lives would be much better. I particularly dislike the idea that some people have to endure hallucinated bugs crawling on their skin and causing itching, and all such similar experiences. I honestly don't think anyone really deserves that sort of thing. The only punishment anyone "deserves" is painless death, so I'm of course a bit conflicted about the concept of karma. I guess it's a nice concept for the lucky, but not so nice for the unlucky, I mean if it's not true. I much prefer mercy to "justice" anyway, as increasing pain and suffering isn't a sane way to combat pain and suffering. Still, IF karma is a cosmic law, then there's little point in trying to argue yourself out of it. I can vaguely understand how it might be a cosmic law, and why. I won't bother to argue my case though. I don't know which would be worse, karma + reincarnation or a mind controlling alien machine + only one life per "person". I think I'd rather take the latter.

  12. Life without this entity, are you sure it would be a high tech paradise of non-violence, no disease, no grief and loss, and no suffering? I'm not sure why you think natural selection and a mechanistic universe would produce such results. Of course, since you believe that natural selection has produced a species capable of building this God-like machine, you think it's possible. But that sort of reasoning would be circular in nature, since you haven't yet demonstrated that such evolution is possible to begin with.I, for my part, remain sceptical that there is a mechanistic explanation for the existence of this universe and how it works. You haven't solved all the mysteries of the world, so why do you write as if you had?Re free will being a myth: in its widest sense, I suppose it is. But whatever humans are in their natural state, they are still creatures capable of learning something. Nature teaches them the hard way, and without any sense of irony or comedy or anything redeeming about the experience, why wouldn't God be like nature except better? It seems to me that a mechanistic universe would be lesser in its potential to inspire or stimulate.

  13. I certainly haven't answered all the questions, but I've found what I think is the best explanation for what I have experienced. That being said, I'd much prefer a world where this entity was much nicer, than one without it at all.

  14. if u think gang stalkers out there are just puppets and dont know what they are doing to vicitim. do u think if some victim becomes action hero van dam like thing and goes out for killing these puppets, will the perpetrators stop these puppet after losing many puppets?

  15. The modern governments have a tendency to use violent incidents as an excuse to undermine liberty and increase their control through oppressive laws, etc. etc.The entity itself is unlikely to care if you kill a couple of humans. The death toll of wars in the past hundred years alone has been dozens of millions of more or less innocent people. That doesn't mean the entity will make sure there will never be war again.I don't even see why anyone should care about "gang stalking", unless it involves break-ins or other crimes. But then you should deal with those crimes as you would anyway: by increasing the security of your home, buying a gun or learning martial arts, reporting the crime if it's notable enough, and so on. TI's aren't the only people on earth who have to endure burglaries or whatever.

  16. Thank God I took the time to read your site again! I'd seen it before in researching the veracity of a well-known advocate's claims, but never saw this particular theory presented. I saw one of your posts on GLP, and decided to take another look.I wholeheartedly agree with everything you've said in this "knowledge transfer." The main reason I believe this is because I KNOW my family. They would NEVER turn into "perps," and for me to actually believe that they would, would be worse than death. I never will belive it, and though I initially suspected it, after discarding myriad theories, I know better now. I also strongly suspected my neighbors of knowingly being involved with my stalking, but their behavior was anathema to their personalities, I never got aggressive with them because I didn't have irrefutable proof that they were knowingly doing this of their own volition.I can tell you that I've been framed, jailed, and suffered numerous and tortuous abuses. But I've also learned things, too, and become a stronger person. I'm really dying to know what the hell is behind this phenomenon! That said, I don't condone torture of any kind, and "gangstalking" is certainly torture.I'm going to hang around here and take all this in, but I'm sure I'll comment a bit more at some point. Stay strong, and keep at this. You're on to something here.

  17. I'm still really confused – i feel like no matter how much I read of your work that *something* is missing to help me understand exactly whats going on.Is it in our DNA? Is it not only extra, and ultraterrestrial, but part of the fabric of our space-time reality? Something is not clicking.

  18. It's possible, but unlikely, that it is "greater" than our universe. The evidence I have points to an external influence, one that is capable of transcending time, yet for some odd reason takes an active interest in the daily lives of many individuals.I imagine that this microscopic interest is nothing more than the manifestation of a macroscopic desire to control the fate of our species as a whole. I come to this conclusion based on what I have perceived as its complete lack of regard for human life, and disinterest in what we consider "right" and "wrong." In my experience, it is the defining force behind the creation of our rules, simply so it has the benefit of being the best rule breaker.I'm sure its not what you were asking for. What is missing, to you?

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