After being advised by a well respected attorney that calling the police was the proper action, I was put off.  I had already destroyed the “set up,” but who could know if it would happen again.  It seemed someone intelligent to make sure there was a paper trail, proof that this had occurred, and so we decided to listen to the advice of counsel.  We called 911 from Mary’s cell phone, and informed them that we were staying at a hotel, and someone had planted drugs there.  I told them that it was not a significant quantity, but it had been destroyed, but we were worried about how they had entered our room, and if they would come back.  The dispatcher told us to sit tight, and the police would be there shortly.

In the meantime, Mary began acting very strange.  First, she “realized” that her shoe was missing, and said she must have left it in the adjoining room.  This was a little more than a surprise to me, as its the first I had heard her talk about the room, which apparently was not locked.  Mary opened the door, and whispered inside, “is my sneaker in here?”  Without a word it came flying through the open door, and then the adjacent door was abruptly shut.  Internally, I thought that this must have been the source of the oddly sedating “coke” she had “found” the night before.

Then things got really weird, she told me she saw things moving on the floor, being pulled under the doorway, which was closed and sealed.  I wasn’t sure if whatever we had been “given” the night before was responsible for her hallucinations at the time, but today I’m sure it was all an act.  Time and time again, Mary would seem to be acting out some grand script, one that was designed to make the events in our lives seem very unreal.

I imagine the point of the odd behavior was an attempt to make the retelling of the story seem unreal.  She would repeatedly pretend to be intoxicated, when she probably wasn’t, and would constantly show fear of some esoteric organization which was apparently hell bent on setting us up for a crime we had nothing to do with. Much of the OSEH/Mindwar tactics are used in order to discredit the victim, to make the detailed accounting of events seem implausible and paranoid.  It works very well, since the initial reaction to almost all victims is complete disbelief.  There are so many documented cases though, that it is almost unreal that they have not been properly investigated.  This lack of investigation almost assuredly points to collusion between the criminals and the investigating bodies, in most cases local police and the FBI.

The police officers we called came after a long wait, almost forty minutes.   We told them what had happened, and they looked around the room.  They said there was noting there.  Clearly there was nothing there, I had already flushed it.  They did find a note that we had not seen, it was scribbled  in poor handwriting on a piece of tissue paper in the bathroom, it said “this is how we deal with rats.”  It was written in dark black large letters, and I could read it from across the room.

The policeman crumpled it up and put it in his pocket.  They left the room to “confer with each other,” and came back in three or four minutes later.  They had arrive? with a hotel manager, and after returning, looked at him and said “well, it doesn’t seem like there was any crime committed here, but there appears to be some furniture damage, can you estimate it for us?”  What?  No crime?  At this point I was just happy we were not being arrested, as I had become increasingly agitated and fearful as the demeanor of the officers appeared almost humored.  They walked us out of the room, and asked for a 700$ deposit for the “damage” we had caused.  I felt like we were being Charlie Sheen’ed, who had recently had a somewhat similar event happen around the same time.  Some people have noted that he might be an Illuminati target, also.  Charlie, it’s not your fault.

From what I’ve seen since, it’s obvious that not only the police, but the hotel staff were “in” on whatever was going on.  Over the course of the few months, I would witness a significant number of hotel staff involved in OSEH.  Sometimes it would be as innocuous as a few passing statements at the check in desk, but other times it could be much more nefarious.  Break-ins, theft from rooms, leaving threatening messages… all part of the Illuminati mind control play book.  

After leaving the hotel, we sat down on the sidewalk together.  I tried to gather my thoughts, what was happening was just too much to handle.  Mary looked over at me, and told me that “it was just a prank.”  I sank down further inside myself.  I could not understand why she would do this to me, why she wanted to hurt me, scare me, make me feel like this.  My thoughts jumped from possible reason to possible reason, attempting to search out the root cause of her problem.  I settled on drugs, it had to be, there was no good reason for her to be hurting our relationship like this.  I thought back to the makeup racket she had told me about.  It was a knock-off of “bare escentuals”, and I demanded her purse.  I went through it, and threw out every single thing bearing the label she told me about.  Whatever it was that was making her do this, I had to get rid of it.  One by one, another strange looking “defective” makeup container landed on the street before us.  Mary interrupted me, somewhere in the middle of the process, and told me that she had been raped, again, the night before.

She didn’t mention in the whole morning, not a word when the police were there, and now it seemed like she was doing it to get me to stop throwing away her ‘strange’ makeup.  I didn’t believe her, I just couldn’t.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  Well, I wasn’t having any more of her stories, whatever it was that was causing her to act like this, it wasn’t going to fly anymore.  After thoroughly inspecting our suitcases for anything “hidden,” we went to yet another hotel.  Here, Mary, who continued to fabricate new details in to her story explaining the very odd occurrence the night before, said the person in the adjoining room was who had raped her.  I told her that the story didn’t make much sense, and it was very strange that she had not mentioned it earlier, but that if it were true, she should definitely call the police and report it.  This is exactly what she did, and the police arrived with an ambulance to transport her to the hospital for a rape kit.

I followed in my car, and again, the police started acting very strange once we I arrived.  They would not let me see Mary at first, and it seemed as if they were interrogating her in the emergency room.  After about 30 minutes they said I could see her, and she told me that the rape kit had been negative. I asked her what was going on, and she told me that they had convinced her not to press charges.  After speaking with her, they asked me if I would give a written statement, which I was happy to do. They seemed very curious as to where I was when this “supposedly” happened, I told them the whole story, that I had been sleeping, and woke to her screaming about being set up.  I said she did not mention the rape to me until much later, and I instantly suggested she report it.  The police told me that she was complaining to them about the first instance, back in South Florida.  Huh?  This was absolutely not what she had told me, she very clearly said that it was at the hotel the previous night.  Confused further, I thanked them and brought her out to the car.  She told me that she had become disoriented, and confused by their questioning, and she was so out of it for the next few hours that upon returning to the hotel room we had rented, she said “I love your new place, where did the furniture come from?”

I imagine she could have been drugged in the hospital, but it’s much more likely that she was being affected by mind control technology.  Often the technology is used to create the appearance of false druggings probably to cause complaints to be filed that would not be corroborated by toxicology reports.   Regardless, she was most definitely out of it, and her story of the events while I was sleeping became more detailed and less believable as the day had gone on.  I wanted to return home, nothing good had come of our trip to Orlando, and I craved the safety and privacy of our own home.

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