For the past several months, my girlfriend made some passing comments about surveillance technology to me, they didn’t really stick out too much, but in hindsight, they were obviously planted there on purpose.  On one occasion she had mentioned that the “feds” could eavesdrop using cell phones in order to hear audio in a room.  Another time she mentioned something about lasers being used to eavesdrop, using the vibrations in windows.  I probably knew both of these things already, but it was strange hearing it come from Mary, who was never very technical or geeky.  In fact, she shunned computers altogether, and to this day does not have a Facebook page.  
During the same time, she also discussed some details about organized crime structure that seemed like too much information, at the time.  We were watching a movie about Lucky Luciano, and out of nowhere she starts talking about family structures.  She tells me “its not really like that anymore… its more loosely organized, and made up of many, many small families.”  I didn’t think much of it at the time.   Later she told me that her family was involved in a very strange sounding operation.  It had something to do with hiding drugs in women’s make up.  This was downright odd.  Her brother was in trouble for trafficking, and she could barely talk about it… but out of nowhere she basically tells me that there is a huge drug smuggling operation going on.  
Up until this point, through ten years of knowing Mary, dating her, and marrying her; I had no knowledge that she had anything to do with the mafia.  Many, many years earlier, when we first started dating, we went on a trip to her grandparents ranch in northern Florida.  Way back then, in about 2001, she told me that they were “associated” with the mob, and I should be on my best behavior.  It never came up again, until now.  I’m not sure why she told me the makeup story, but in hindsight, I think it was to make me look completely retarded when I did go complain to the FBI about what  was going on.  Because I had ‘figured this out,’ I made no mention of it when that did happen, though who knows… it might be true.
Over the time period that Mary and I had been seeing each other, and not really living together, she had mentioned several times a bar on the beach.  Her and her ex-boyfriend had been there before, and she said it was a “really great place.”  She only knew it as “Bamboo Beach,” which I imagined in my mind as a tiki-bar made of bamboo.  Mary had been asking about it that week at least two times, and on Friday, she asked if we could stay there that night, pretty much out of nowhere.  Thinking it might be like a ‘vacation,’ and somewhat fun, I agreed, googled it, found the place, and we set off for the evening. It was about 5PM when we arrived there, and we self-parked, and checked in without much fanfare.  We went to our room, settled in, and did our normal christening of the bed as soon as we arrived.  A few minutes later, we tried to turn the TV on.  
It didn’t work.  This was a definite no go.   We went downstairs and asked the clerk at the desk for another room.  He said they would send somebody up to look at it, so we went back up to wait for him.  While we are there, the beginning of the strangeness began.  Out of nowhere, Mary tells me that her “family” is setting me up.  For what?  I was never a drug dealer, and I really didn’t do anything wrong.. I was a bit perplexed.  She said we had to be really careful, but that she would help me stop it.  I asked her if it had something to do with the makeup operation she had told me about earlier.  “Shhh… they don’t know about that,” was her reply.  They’re listening? Internally, I’m trying to grasp what is going on.  Clearly if somebody were listening, and for no reason at all I “knew” it was the FBI, they had just heard her telling me it was a set up… I dismissed it as silly.  

I now know significantly more about what was happening back then, and its likely that our entire conversation. including my inner monologue, was being scripted.  What was being done was similar to memory implantation, I was being given details that I was intended to repeat, probably to make me look completely nuts.  It was also to induce fear and paranoia, which were also being implanted with mind control.  Complete emotional states can be “injected” into your world view using this technology, just like words in the conversation.  In reality, Mary would never have had to have told me about the “makeup conspiracy” for me to have been mind controlled to talk about it that day, but it would have made no sense to me later.. I would have figured it out.  The whole point of implanting these ideas is to keep you from realizing just how much control they have… something that took me a very, very long time to fully grasp.

Regardless of whether or not it made any sense to me, I operated under the premise that we were being watched, and listened to, for the remainder of the evening.  Someone came to look at the television, and was unable to fix it.. we went out together to look at the fuse panel, and sure enough there was one missing.  The maintenance worker said he didn’t have another one, which struck me as odd, and told us we should go back down to get another room.
We went down for new keys, got them, and I walked outside to smoke a cigarette.  Mary came with me, and noticed someone she knew in the parking lot.  It was someone she had told me about, a man named Frank, who had been friends with her former fiance.  During some “marital difficulties,” Mary had apparently went and spent a few weeks in Orlando with this Frank character.  She had told me that he was madly in love with her, and that he wanted her to travel the world with him while he painted, which was his job.  He was apparently there on a job, painting the restaurant in the top floor of the hotel.  I invited him to our room for a beer.. to be nice… even though I really didn’t want anything to do with him.  He told us he might come up, and we went back inside to check out the new digs.  
On the way back up, the hotel clerk asked for my car keys.. he wanted me to valet.  I never, ever valet.  I told him that we had self parked, and I wasn’t comfortable with strangers in my car.  He insisted, and I told him I didn’t have the key on me, lying, and that I’d bring it down in a bit.  This was pretty odd to me, and I felt like there was just no reason to give him my keys.  I was relieved that I hadn’t done it, and we went up to our “room.”
The place was filled with boxes.  There was no bed, no furniture, and no TV.  We were unimpressed with the accommodations, to say the least.  I gave my car key to Mary, thinking to myself that it was safer for it to stay in the room than my pocket… I guess in case the hotel staff frisked me for it?  I told the clerk about the room, and he gave me another set of keys, not apologizing at all.  Because of what Mary had told me, I now believed that they entire issue with the rooms was to put us in a room with surveillance cameras in it.  I’m really not sure what I thought they were looking for at the time, but I felt really strange regardless.  When I got back to the room, Mary tells me that someone went there to ask for my car key, and she had given it to them.  Huh?  She had witnessed the whole conversation between me and the clerk, and knew I had given it to her for… “safe keeping.”  
It’s not every day your girlfriend warns you about a set up, and then helps the people doing it.  At this point I am now worried that whoever was doing this is planting drugs in my car as we speak, and I’m downright frightened inside.  Internally, I decide that I won’t be driving when we leave.  When we got to the new room, there was another strange thing.. the room had a balcony, like the other rooms we had been in, but there was no sliding door.. it was a solid piece of glass.  Being a smoker, this pissed me off, and we both went down to complain…. a third time.  The clerk this time was downright rude… he told us we “might as well just go home now,” and didn’t even offer a refund.  I looked at him, cocked my head, and said “really?”  He said they didn’t have another available room, and if we were staying, we’d better keep that one.
Back and sitting on the bed, wondering what the hell was going on around me, Mary started touching me.  I looked at her.  You just told me we are being watched by the FBI.. and you want to “do it?” My inner voice was skeptical.  “Come on.. it’ll be fun,” she whispered erotically.  
It was fun, she was really, really into it.  I don’t think I’d ever heard her be so loud and animated.  Looking back, I guess looked like exactly what it was supposed to… an act.  But she was really into it.  Afterwords I suggested we go to the beach, I didn’t want to stay in the room if we were really being set up, and I had to get to the bottom of what was going on.   She agreed, and we walked down towards “Bamboo Beach.”
We laid down on the sand, in the middle of the night, the water illuminated by the bright moon light. “Are we alone out here?” I asked.  She said that she thought so, and we both knew I was asking if the FBI could hear us speaking.  “What’s going on?  Are we going to be OK?  Why did you give them my key?”
Mary ignored me, or so I thought.  She started talking about angels.  “There are good angels and bad angels.  I’ve seen them.”  Aliens, you mean?  I asked her what they looked like, and she described a scene of angels swarming around someone to help them.  I didn’t really believe her, she’s told me stories before of seeing fairies in the grass when she was doing K, even though I never had a real visual hallucination.  In fact, I’d never hallucinated at all, and wasn’t sure if it was a stretch of the imagination that was required to “see things.”  I listened to her story, and stared up at the blank night sky.  
We slept, and when we woke up I told her I wanted to leave right away.  The whole scene the night before was terrifying, and whether or not she was telling the truth, the staff was rude and strange.  I wasn’t as worried about my car, though this night has never really left my mind.   We walked down, and I told her that I didn’t feel well, and asked if she would drive.  She said she thought she was still drunk from the night before, and didn’t want to.  This is going to be an argument.  I suggested we go for a walk, and we walked down the A1A strip, talking about what I suspected.  I told her that if someone was setting us up, and they needed my car key more than anything the night before, that they probably hid something there.  She said it was nothing like that… that she had been mistaken the night before, and we should just leave.  After she agreed to drive, we walked back to the hotel, and drove towards our home in Plantation.
Mary looked at me after we got in the car, and said .. “well, they did something there,” pointing towards the glove box, “and there,” towards my iPhone connector… “do you think they did anything else?”

I say this is the beginning of the strangeness, and it really was.  It wasn’t just Mary’s behavior which was strange, but mine too.  My responses to what was going on make no sense in retrospect.  I took things at face value, ignored things, and forgave Mary over and over again, for “no apparent reason.”  That means it was mind control, by the way.  Regardless, at the time things seemed strange, but I was attempting to manage what was going on as best I could.  This day is a prototypical example of just how well mind control works… one minute Mary tells me the whole thing was a “mistake,” and minutes later she’s continuing with “memory implantation.”  

Knowing what I know now, the whole car thing couldn’t have been anything but that, memory implantation.  They needed me to know they had done something to my car, and that was the point of the operation.  It was never about hiding anything in it, and they didn’t need my key.  These people, the Illuminati, don’t need keys to get into a car, it would have been a simple matter to unlock it by remotely controlling the electronics inside.  Even if you don’t believe their technology is that advanced, which it is, this is “the mob”… like they couldn’t break into a BMW?

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  1. FBI has the most sophisticated surveillance technology. It's hard to separate reality from fiction in the technology shown on movies with FBI tech.

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