The next day, Mary and I were somewhat back to normal.  It was like a reset switch had been hit, and the events of the previous night didn’t make any difference to me in my activities.  It was Saturday, and she suggested I call a friend of mine to have a few drinks.  It was odd, because she was really not a fan of this particular friend, and never wanted to hang out with him.  I was a bit excited, because I hadn’t seen him or his girlfriend in a while because of this, and was eager to take advantage of her change in “opinion.”  I called, and we made plans to go to his regular hang out, the Ale House in Coral Springs.  It has become his “thing to do,” and though I wasn’t much of a fan of the bar, catching up sounded like a great idea.  It wasn’t.
We met them a few hours later, and after having a few drinks at the bar, decided to go back to his house for more privacy.  Like I said, not a fan of the Ale House, so that was fine by me.  When we got there, things got a bit strange.  It seemed that my friend and Mary were getting along much better, and they were chatting outside while he smoked, without me.  It wasn’t normal, especially knowing how much she didn’t like him.  I didn’t know what was going on, but there was something strange.  I went outside to see what they were doing, and they rushed inside… a few minutes later, my friend came outside with a shot glass filled with a strangely colored liquid.  He told me it was “really good,” something he had saved for a long time, and wanted me to try it.  I looked at him like he was crazy.  Really?  I’ve known this guy for a long, long time.  Almost as long as I had know Mary, but I met him in college.  Nothing like this had ever happened before.  He insisted I try it, “just take one small sip, you don’t even need to drink it all.”  I had had a few drinks, and I obliged, just to shut him up.  It tasted like water, and I dismissed it from my thoughts.  Mary said she was feeling tired at that point, and wanted to go home.. which we did.

I went to sleep that night, almost normal… on the precipice.  When I woke the next morning, my life would never be the same.

I was woken early the next morning.  I woke up on the floor next to our king sized temperpedic mattress.  Mary was standing over me, I could see a white ring around her nose.  In a flash, everything suddenly made sense.  My friend, who I knew had an on again off again coke thing, must have been offering some to Mary.  I was so pissed its not even funny, I screamed, straight out of the Usual Suspects, “where’s the fucking coke?”  Mary took me into the guest bathroom, she told me it had been in there, and pointed to a foot bath.  Huh?  She made it sound like the thing was full, like there had been a significant amount in there, then the first story started.  She told me that my friend from the night before had come over, and he had stolen it.  She had it hidden there for her brother, an he came and took it.  She asked me if I remembered what I had done?  Slept.

Then she asks me if I left the house.  What’s going on here?  After at least an hour of listening to her babble incoherently about my friend coming over after we left his house the story gets even stranger.  I tried to calm her, told her she was being paranoid because of the drugs she’d done, but there was nothing I could say.  The next thing she says is that she had invited him over, that he had drugs that she wanted to do, and they discussed it at his house.  She said I had fallen asleep, and she stayed up doing it with him.  Then she told me I had walked in on them, in the middle of the night, while he was raping her.  She said I stabbed him to stop it.  I was beside myself.. there’s no way any of this could be true, but who on Earth would come up with a story like this.

Funny thing, false stories of rape are a common theme among the “perpetrators” of organized stalking.  Dr. John Hall describes it in his book, A New Breed of Satellite Terror.  Many victims on the old Freedom From Covert Harassment forum tell stories in their “Daily Harasment Log” of  perpetrators claiming that they were raped, or that the Targeted Individual was raped.  I imagine it’s something that flips a switch in the victims brain, sending them down a spiral of not understanding.  

I called my friend, who did not answer his phone.  Then I called his girlfriend, who said that he had gone out the night before, and had not returned yet.   Now I’m slightly scared, there was nothing in my memory to corroborate what Mary was telling me, but why would she lie about such a thing?  It really made, and frankly still makes very little sense.  The story changed so many times, and from one unbelievable leap to another, that there was absolutely no way any of it could be true. 

We talked about it some more, I tried to get details from her.  I wanted to understand how she could be coming up with this stuff.  At one point, I screamed across our living room that “I hadn’t done anything!”  When I said that, she started crying, and said “I know you didn’t do it..” This gave me some solace, and shortly after that I spoke to my friend, and he said he was fine.  He was never at my house, the whole thing was fabricated, by someone other than Mary.

Later that night I smoked a cigarette from a brand new pack.  I started hallucinating, but I didn’t realize that’s what was happening.  I saw a strange machine in our parking lot, and wondered where it had come from.  Me and Mary went for a walk, and the reality shifting continued well into the next morning.

For a very long time, I would think that this cigarette was laced with something, though it came from an unsealed pack.  I wasn’t sure if it had something to do with the strange drink I had the night before, maybe it had activated something.  I felt similar to descriptions of a tropane that I have since read on the internet, something like belladonna.  Today I am sure that the drink was water, and the cigarette was normal, because I now have a real explanation for what happened.  At the time, the theories of drugging were a cover for the influence of mind control, much like the Eleusinian Rite.  The use of narcotics to cover up the existence of advanced mind control technology being used is as old as the narcotics themselves, and this old trick is still being used today… by the same trickster.

One thought on “Mindrape.

  1. There's evidence of these same tactics being used in court cases in Florida, with individuals who are known associates of The Octopus Syndicate.The transcript from the proceedings in this case, are almost identical in tactics to those used to acquit Clay Shaw.Further this same individual has a number of Broward cases which are closed without investigation, showing complicity of the law enforcement community as well as the judicial branch.

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