Is not an alien force already among us? –President Ronald Reagan

Since antiquity, there has been a hidden influence shaping the course of human events without the knowledge of the masses.  From the flying shields reported around the time of the Roman Empire, to the Foo Fighters seen during the destruction of the Third Reich, the iconography of alien spacecraft has been made obvious enough to the people to remain in the written record, yet be relegated to remain in the realm of fringe conspiracy.  In the last hundred years, our world has been witness to alien abductions, sightings of UFO’s and crop circles around the world… these are a harbinger of things to come.
These flying saucers are the obvious mark of a hidden influence, their sightings always dismissed as lore and paranoia, however often they are repeated, verified, and substantiated.  They are not the whole story however, and the influence caused by their existence runs much deeper into the crevices of our civilization than anyone could possibly imagine.  
The story that follows is fiction, but it is based on fact.  It’s a possible scenario which would explain the nightmarish terror which surrounds our world today, slowly creeping from the shadows into every recess of our once free society.
On July 4, 1947; an alien ship, usually cloaked and hidden from radar, performed a altitude ‘reconnaissance’ fly over of a top secret United States propulsion facility working on nuclear sciences.  The facility was under staffed due to the holidays, and the intent of the mission was to make it appear as if the alien force was attempting to scout the facility prior to an invading group of three other bogies which also flashed in and out of radar on what appeared to be a direct approach to the secure and undocumented facility.
The few people in the radar room at the RAAF facility, which picked up the incoming unidentified flying objects scrambled.  They knew their trajectories would put them directly over the secret base within twenty minutes.  They attempted to contact Colonel Blanchard for further orders, but he was unavailable, attending a fireworks show celebrating his nations independence.  Without authority, the RAAF facility decided to confront the incoming objects, and scrambled a squadron of top secret fighter jets to intercept.  These jets were the predecessors to the F-86 Sabre, and their legendary performance on this day would cement their celebrated use by the United States for decades to follow.  
Thirty minutes later the squadron engaged one of the incoming objects, the only one they could visibly see, and by that time all had disappeared from ground tracking.  The pilots attempted to divert the hexagonal shaped craft from its trajectory, and were met with a violent response.  No munitions were fired, however one of the craft’s jet’s shut off with no warning, and became non functional.  The pilot ejected on descent, and the jet crashed into the New Mexico desert.  Assuming peril, the remaining fighters engaged the unmarked assailant, and munitions had no effect.  Radio communications were being disrupted, and they had no contact with the RAAF controllers, in a last ditch effort, one of the pilots attempted to ram the alien spacecraft in mid air.  In his attempt, the pilot caused the UFO to spiral out of control, and it crash landed in the desert also.  The pilots returned to RAAF, landed, and reported the events to their superiors.
Colonel Blanchard at this time spearheaded an effort to recover the crashed vessel.  Local crews around Roswell began salvaging the wreckage, and putting them on military transports to the secret facility in Roswell.  Over the course of the next twenty four hours, orders would come down through the chain of command through DOD intelligence, but ultimately from the joint intelligence organization responsible for breaking Enigma during the war.  The debris was to be moved to a joint research facility, where British and American military scientists were researching recovered Nazi technology, located at Groom lake, in Nevada.  This technology appeared to be foreign to the Allied scientists who recovered it, and a joint team was created to understand its origin. 

It wasn’t known to the whole of the intelligence community at the time, but there was already a significant presence of Illuminati in the SIS and American Intelligence, it was a secretive group that had been in contact with the aliens for many generations, and had been placed in the position to infiltrate the intelligence service during their founding years.  They had been there the whole time secretly directing the course of the war, and ensuring that their organization would be in the right place, at the right time, as the cold war began progressing.  This group was responsible for the joint facility in Nevada, and it would direct global governments down their path of self destruction over the next decades.  In much the same way they had orchestrated the outcome of wars since antiquity, they had infiltrated the KGB as well, and were in the usual position of being able to determine not only the final outcome, but the path which lead there.

At Dreamland, the craft was determined to be of alien origin, and significantly advanced at that.  It’s construction was of materials which the scientists had never seen, engineered lattices so uniform they had to be manufactured atom by atom.  It would be the communications and weapons systems that demanded the most interest, and the team from the Manhattan Project, including Oppenheimer and Einstein were flown in immediately to give their opinions.  The crash lead to the creation of a secretive organization within the United States, composed of top military scientists and lead by Vannevar Bush.  This organization was known as the MAJESTIC-12.  MJ-12 would secretly direct the progress of technology over the next thirty years, slowly assimilating the fruits of the Roswell discovery as well as the Nazi technology into the global infrastructure.  This was the beginning of the end, but MJ-12 didn’t realize that until it was too late.

The team of scientists recognized the theory behind some of the components of the weapons systems, each of them had miniaturized particle accelerators, stores of pure refined uranium, and what appeared to be a significant quantity of sheet metal, of an unknown alloy.  After several days of close inspection, the scientists agreed that some of the technology fit equations published by Theodore Kaluza in Germany much earlier.  In an effort to stop the Soviet Union from gaining access to this technology as quickly as they stole the secrets of the atomic bomb, MJ-12 decided to run an deception campaign, and had Einstein instantly discredit the paper Kaluza had published…. at his behest years earlier.  
The deception was well thought out and executed, and it worked.  Only the upper echelon of the government, centering around the MAJESTIC group knew what was happening.  This was necessary in order to ensure there would be no leaks, and the plan of hiding the most insidious technology recovered from the craft from not only the public but also the majority of the government and its private sector contractors, scientists, and allies abroad was a complete success.  What they were hiding was a very powerful tool, the ability to remotely modify and surveil electronic equipment from a distance.  The particle accelerators on the craft were used in order to connect to anything electrical, using a little known property of physics known as quantum entanglement.  Once this was done, the computers on board the craft could remotely monitor anything going through the circuits, reconstruct the signals, and there was no way to tell it was being done.

There was something else.  On board the alien spaceship was a special ansible.  Around the same time they figured out how the surveillance equipment worked, they also realized that this ansible was able to do something very special.  Communicate through time.

The ansible was connected to a terminal, and it allowed visual messages to be passed across the timespace continuum from another time and place.  When they turned the power on, a simple message was frozen on the screen.

The MAJESTIC group quickly figured out that the message was a deception.  Whatever it was that was on the other end of this communications device was attempting to use our history against us, a weapon in order to create fear and awe.  Whatever was out there, it clearly wanted to not be talking on even footing, or it would not have used such obvious iconography in its message.  Still, numerous attempts were made to reply through the machine, and regardless of what message was sent, there was no reply.  “I COME IN PEACE,” is all that was displayed.

A decade flew by, and the MAJESTIC crew began using the alien technology in order to further efforts against the U.S.S.R., now solidifying itself as the other world superpower, and attempting to spread its ideology like wildfire through Asia and South America.  The group had reconstructed the time machine, and figured out its method of communication.  Using quantum entanglement, it was possible to create a machine that could send and receive messages to itself at a fixed interval in the future.  This enabled the operator to know its own future.  As testing ensued, they realized this was almost limitless, they could talk to the future MAJESTIC ops center in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s … but when 2001 came around, no reply came back.  It was like the world had ended, though the previous communication had not mentioned anything out of the ordinary, and actually had reported that everything was on the up and up.  

In the early 1960’s work would begin on a machine which utilized the time ansible in order to stop the alien race from destroying humanity.  The group had ascertained that in 2001,  there would be an invasion which was the cause of the lack of communication from the future.  They worked feverishly to stop this impending doom, and with instructions from the machine they created, speaking to itself in the future, they began working to defend the planet.  Most of the government was aware of the WOPR, many decisions would come down from MAJESTIC, and appear to be the result of a cold war super computer that was supposedly designed in order to ensure that the Soviet’s did not succeed, however at the upper levels, the Soviets were working together with America in order to save humanity.

It was quickly discerned that decisions made in response to information coming back from the time machine would change the course of the future.  A program was written to shield the timeline from destruction, and thus, the actual communication between times was handled first by a computer program, designed only to transmit information that was absolutely necessary back to the past.  They were being kept in the dark on purpose, so the future would not alter itself.  Significant security measures were put in place to ensure that what information did come back was not disseminated outside of the MAJESTIC group, and that their decisions were always wrapped with a source that was not related to the time machine — were the world to find out about its existence, there is no telling how that could alter things…  Still, the MAJESTIC group slowly began controlling more and more financial resources due to the insight they had given themselves from the future, and the balance of power in the global economy was forever shifted.  

The Cold War was the answer, it was a way to create munitions to defend the planet from what they could only imagine was a huge invading fleet.  Intercontinental ballistic missiles would be used to repel the invading fleet.  The public is kept unaware, the issue of alien invasion is not disclosed, but it somehow makes its way into fictional entertainment, an attempt at preparing the public for possible disclosure and ensuring their support against the invasion.  More research is done into the technology on board, and eventually they understand how to read the information in the alien computer systems.   They were astounded at what they found.  The machine contained the key to understanding and engineering the functions of the human brain, the most complex computer on Earth.

At the same time, there were inconclusive reports from the WOPR that when alien contact did occur, it may not be a simple matter of fighting.  Using the mind control technology, which they had just discovered, the aliens were able to swing popular opinion in favor of not fighting.  The aliens, who were coming to share the planet with us, deceived the world.  They appeared to be benevolent, coming to assist us in transitioning through what was a species changing process of using science in order to control evolution.  They would tell stories of their own follies, using genetic engineering had decreased variation in their gene pool to the point where reproduction could no longer be performed naturally; with their help, they said, we could avoid the same fate.

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