The next morning Mary called me really early.  I did not expect to be hearing from her, since she had a boyfriend and she had left pretty quickly the night before.  I answered, and in a very chipper voice she said, “let’s go to the beach!”  I was excited, me and my last girlfriend had recently broken up, and I hadn’t really had any fun for .. a few weeks.  I stopped at my parents house, and told my mom I had a date with a girl.  I didn’t say it was Mary, she had become pretty disillusioned with her since the events surrounding our divorce many years earlier.  My mom told me that she had just had a dream, one of me dating a lot of different girls before settling down again.  I had just had two back to back very long relationships, and this wasn’t… really my style.  Regardless, I left, silently musing that she thought I was going on a date with someone new.  I had probably spent about an hour talking, and got to the beach twenty minutes later.  
I called Mary when I got there, and she told me I’d taken too long, and she was at a bar with her boyfriend.  She said it would take her a few hours to get away, and I probably protested quite a bit.  I had just driven to the east side to meet her, and I’m a pretty impatient person.  After a little bit of  bickering, she said it wouldn’t be that long, they just had to finish a beer, and she’d be right over.  About 30 minutes later, she was pulling up in her little blue Sentra, wearing a very hot pink bikini.  Mary got out and started chatting my ear off as we walked on the beach sand.  She told me that she and her ex-boyfriend had slept together the night before, after seeing me at the bar.  It was just yesterday that she told me they were basically not romantic anymore, and he was … ‘on the way out.’ Regardless, her admission was a bit of a surprise, though she said it with a smile on her face, and it seemed friendly.  We had a few drinks at the tiki-bar, and after eating a really light lunch, decided we’d spend some time at the nearby Pompano Park Casino.  We played blackjack on the electronic machines for hours, and I taught Mary the rules.  We did exceptionally well.  So well in fact, that our winnings could have financed a weekend without regrets.  
A few times while we were playing, Mary would get up and say she had to go to the bathroom.  She came back a bit drunker each time, and I imagine she was taking trips to the bar and hiding them.  By the time we were done playing, there was no more hiding, and she could barely walk straight.   I confronted her about it, and told her that I felt like our reuniting was fate… that we were destined to be “helping each other.”  I wanted to help her stop drinking so much, and I had sincerely missed her companionship and resented the fact that we had not remained friends after our divorce. 
Mary was hitting on me very blatantly, she wanted to spend the night in a hotel, and since it was really our “first date,” again, I didn’t want her to think that was the reason I wanted to spend time with her.  I told her that we should separate for the night, and put her in a cab back to her house.  I took one back to mine, and we didn’t meet up again until the next day, when I called her around noon.  I asked her if she wanted to spend the night at the Hard Rock, now that she was sober, and she practically screamed “yes.”
We arrived at the Seminole Hard Rock, and for the first time in my life I got a room there.  It was more expensive than I had thought, but the winnings from the previous day took care of any qualms I had about spending the money.  I wanted our first real reunion to be special, and it was.  Mary had been drinking a little, but she was’t drunk, and we headed straight for the room.  Both of us wanted to go to the casino, but we decided to … take care of business first.   Mary stripped down and got in the shower, and after a minute or two I followed with my phone.   The two of us had always had a ‘thing’ for pictures and movies, and I walked into the bathroom with the phone recording video.  Mary looked at me through the glass, soaking wet, her eye lashes reminded me of the day at the beach a decade earlier.  She blinked a few times, and then wiped the condensation off the glass, so I could clearly see her.   She smiled, looking mildly embarrassed, and then drew a heart on the window, and kissed it with her lips.  I put the phone down and got in the shower, and began kissing her neck, and holding her from behind.  
We got out of the shower, and finished what we had began without even drying off.  It had been a long, long time, but it felt like we had spent no time apart.  We spent the rest of the day gambling, eating, and drinking.  When we awoke the next morning, we had breakfast out by the pool, and spent a few hours splashing around and playing in their very large pool.
Before we left that evening, going our separate ways, Damon’s legal trouble came up in conversation.  I asked if he had any idea what was going to happen, and Mary began bawling.  She couldn’t discuss it at all, and this was very unlike her.  She was never overly emotional, almost stoic, although it was beginning to appear as if this was no longer the case.  After she calmed, I told her we didn’t have to talk about it if she didn’t want to… we left, and didn’t see each other again until the next weekend.
Saturday, we met again at Pompano Park, and this time went upstairs to the card tables to play poker.  We didn’t sit at a table, but watched for a few minutes, until one of Mary’s friends came over. He pulled her aside, and I could see that their conversation wasn’t very friendly, it was almost as if she wanted to get away… I walked up and asked her to come smoke with me outside, in an attempt to save her, and she seemed pretty grateful.  She told me that he had been set up by Damon, not more than a month or two earlier, and had confronted her about something else… that her ex-fiance was also set up.  This was… very surprising to me, almost coming from the horse’s mouth, the person Mary had been with before her current boyfriend was set up by her brother… 

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