Occupy, the “false flag” attack against peaceful protest.  The Federal government is attempting to use this movement to silence dissidents, peaceful political protest, and destroy our Constitutional freedom to assemble.  Your neighbors are not terrorists, they are concerned citizens, they are exercising their Constitutional rights.  Lately, FBI internal leaks are showing an interest in this group that our country hasn’t seen since the Vietnam era. 
This is COINTELPRO, no if’s and’s or but’s.  It is something that was done and supposedly stopped during the 70’s, and it is a manifestation of a government that is unwilling to hear the voice of it’s people.  Back then, it lead to violence on the part of the government against peaceful protesters.  Don’t let this happen again.  
In my eyes, the behavior of the FBI, and the “leaks” are an attempt to “Engineer Revolution,” or at least a non-peaceful attempt at it. Violence should always be used as a last resort, however when people are silenced in peaceful protest, it may lead them to act irrationally. It’s important that we stand up for, and maintain our rights of peaceful protest without compromise
Government interference cannot be tolerated, if not only to keep the peace.  
Escalation of violence, on the part of protesters or the government cannot be tolerated.  
Labeling peaceful political groups as domestic terrorists brings us one step closer to 1984.  

Take a step back.
We are looking through a tunnel at an  oncoming train..

Behold, the First Amendment, both Assembly and Speech, assaulted head on using Occupy as a scapegoat.




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