In June of 2010, seven years after our divorce and zero in person contact with Mary, I called her brother out of the blue.  We had a pretty long conversation, caught up a bit on what had been going on in my life for the last half decade since I had seen him.  He invited me to his bar, one that he had purchased in the interim, and I wound up going there a few days later with a friend.  As we approached, I was surprised to see outside filled with people, there was a barbecue going on, and it seemed like the whole town had come out  to share in what was apparently a weekly festivity.  As I walked towards the front door, hoping that Damon was inside… as I approached someone patted me on the back of my head, and said “Hey!!”

It was another one of those coincidences.  The ones that prove that there is no such thing.  Being drawn to call Damon, and then meet with him after such a long time was no accident, it was the universe calling.  The cosmic play that you are about to read was being gathered together, and despite what appears to be circumstantial coincidence after synchronistic ill fate; there were strings being pulled from on high, by the Prince of Darkness himself.  From this day forward my life would never be the same, free will had been thrown from the window, and the twists and turns of the roller coaster of the next three years would be more like a run away train ride into hell.

 I whirled around, half recognizing the voice.. it was Mary, staring at me smiling.  “Long time no see.”  She said.  “Mary, wow. I was really hoping I’d get to see you today.  How have you been?”  Ignoring my question completely, she looked me up and down and said, “you look like shit.”  I had just been to a pool party with my friend before coming, and was probably half soaked with water from being pushed in with my clothes on.  I didn’t really mind her saying it, and explained that I had been at a friend’s house in the area and had no time to change before coming.  She told me Damon was inside, and that she’d meet me in there in a few minutes to catch up.  
As I walked in, and old friend that I hadn’t seen in at least a decade pulled me aside.. “hey man… how ya been?  Mary’s here…”  I replied that I had just seen her outside, and exchanged pleasantries.  A few seconds later Damon appeared from the back room of the bar, and walked over to say hi.  He told me that he had just been busted again, that an old Family friend had set him up.  His old confidence that things would always be OK seemed shattered, and he was visibly upset that he had gotten in trouble so late in life.  He had divorced Marge and remarried and just remarried a few weeks before I met him, and told me his family was now much larger, with another daughter and a son that had recently been born.  Afterwords he gave me a few more details… one of his old hook ups had come to him with a deal that was too good to be true, and he was warned of as much.  Regardless he said, it was an old friend, and despite some misgivings, he didn’t think anything would happen.  BSO had followed him from the deal to another location, and caught him red handed, with a significant amount of cocaine.  

By this time I knew how things around Damon worked.  He’d made deals with the DA before, and I was sure he would flip on a few people to get a reduced sentence.  That’s the way of the world in this day in age, little fish flip on a bigger fish, and they wind up walking away with half the time.  I wished him the best of luck… in my mind I thought about the last time he had been in jail, and how it had brought me and Mary together.  Strange, I thought, that I am reconnecting with her around such similar circumstances.  It almost felt like fate.

I saw Mary sitting at at a table next to the bar, and she waived me over.  I went to sit with her, and our conversation centered around the relationships we had each been in in the last seven years.  Both of us had been with only one other person, and she had been engaged.  She told me that her fiance wound up being a huge asshole though, and they had broken up after 8 years.  8 years I thought… they had started dating while me and Mary were still married.  
I told her about my relationship, that we had been in love, and thought about getting married… but had drifted apart in the last few years, becoming closer to good friends than lovers.  After a few more minutes of talking she looked at me and whispered “my boyfriend is starting at me.. maybe I should introduce you.”  Boyfriend, for a second my heart sunk.. the growing feeling that our reunion was fated slipped into the dark.  She introduced me as her ex-husband, we shook hands, and then continued talking for only a minute or two longer.  Mary and her boyfriend left the bar a few minutes later, and I left shortly after finishing another drink.
My friend who had driven me there left much earlier, shortly after I had seen that Mary was there.  I told him I definitely had to stay to catch up with her, and he left somewhat angrily.  Damon told me he’d call me a cab, one of his friend’s from ‘work.’  The guy came quickly, and after telling him where I was going, about 40 minutes away, I drifted to sleep in the back seat.

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