Over the years between meeting Mary and her brother, we all became good friends… or so I thought. We spent a significant amount of time hanging out at Damon’s house, with his wife and baby daughter — who in a synchronistic non-coincidence happened to be born on my 18th birthday.  I always had a crush on Mary, though I don’t think she realized it, and she always had a boyfriend.  
Literally days before going to college, we were at a friends house sharing a vial of K.  Most people don’t interact much while they doing it, but in another strange coincidence, on this day the two of us stayed up and flirted with each other, with our eyes, for about twenty minutes.  It was almost as if we were communicating, and I was overjoyed to finally see that my crush wasn’t totally in vain, there was some reciprocation.  We didn’t say anything to each other about it, but we both knew something subconscious had been confirmed, and I tucked it away in the back of my mind.  I left for college the next weekend, and didn’t see Mary again for almost 6 full months.
My first summer back from freshman year in college, we went out on what I would have considered a date.  We went to a nice Italian restaurant around the corner from Damon’s house, and had a good time.  Afterwords we drove to the beach, which was only a few minutes away, though we rarely went.  It was night time, and the beach was empty, we walked down to the shoreline smiling at each other.  Inside my heart was swelling, I rarely had my dreams fulfilled like this.  
We both stripped down to our underwear and ran into the water.  I looked over to Mary, and she had dunked her head, leaving her hair slicked back and saturated with salt water.  Her eyelashes were so long, and her brown eyes so vibrant when she looked at me, grinning.  Her black bra was soaked through an nearly transparent.  I stared into her eyes and simply said: “Wow.”
“Please.”  Was her one word reply.  She was neither shy nor arrogant, and keenly aware of her own attractiveness.  I wanted to kiss her right there, but felt like I wasn’t sure if this was a date, or a … friendly swim.  We splashed around for a few more minutes in the ocean, talked about nothing important, and were… genuinely having a great time.  We walked back to the shore, and without a towel stood there in the cool Florida air drying off for a few minutes.  Internally, I formulated a plan.  I would call a friend, who had an apartment nearby, and ask if it were OK if we came over to spend the night… maybe I would gather enough courage to make a move.
Mary thought it was a great idea, she was living at her father’s at the time, but seemed to have more freedom than anyone I had ever known, always doing as she pleased.  It was a weekend, and staying out all night was pretty much my norm also during my senior year, so I called our friend, who agreed to have us over, and we slept together on his couch.  I held Mary the whole night, though the one time I leaned in for a kiss, she turned her head to the side, an obvious rebuff.  I guess all dreams don’t come true… right away at least.
One weekend, Damon’s wife and Mary went on a trip together.  They said they were visiting Marge’s home in New York, and I didn’t really think much of it, other than a bit of regret that my crush wouldn’t be around.  That weekend, in hindsight, was my first real experience with reality shifting, though everything didn’t seem that out of the ordinary then, even though it was.  Damon had several strangers hanging out at his house the whole weekend, older ones, who seemed to know him pretty well.  They were introduced as ‘family friends,’ and they didn’t do much other than sit around talking on their cell phones most of the day.  I didn’t spend much time there that weekend, but it was enough to glimpse what was really going on.  Damon began hanging out with new people from the bar he routinely played pool at, and would bring them back to the house also.  It was a sting operation, but not one run by police.  They didn’t look or act like undercover agents, and they basically warned me not to come around while they were there, through strange behavior and strange communication.  One of them asked me if I could ‘hook them up’ with some of Damon’s stuff while he was out at the bar.. and then answered for me “No, you don’t even have the safe combination.”  I got the hint, and stayed the hell away from there until things were back to normal when Marge and Mary returned in a week.
Shortly after this happened, Damon was arrested for possession of coke.  His home was raided, and he had about an ounce locked in a safe in his room.  This was the norm for him at the time, and he went through about that much every week.  I was worried for him and his family, but told everyone it would be fine, and seemed to have an ability to positively know whatever happened wouldn’t be that bad.  It was around this time that I learned that his connection was someone from the mob, and unbeknownst to me at the time, I had just encountered the machinations of the illuminati for the first time.

The fact that the “Family” sting operation preceded the BSO raid didn’t really stick out as an important fact, over ten years ago when this happened.  I didn’t really think much of it at all.  Today it is a testament to me of the Illuminati’s ability to plan and prepare with prescient knowledge.  For a long time I would have attributed this ability to a network of informants inside the police force… but now there is another option.  Actual precognition.  Not the kind from psychics like in Minority Report, the kind from an actual working time machine, which I am pretty sure they have access to   (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/7904712/Quantum-time-machine-allows-paradox-free-time-travel.html).

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