After about four lines of my thoughts being repeated to me verbatim, the conversation started.  I was awed that I now had first hand personal evidence of the ability of another human being to read thoughts.  This is world changing. I thought to myself, not realizing that I was beginning a conversation in my mind.  “It is that,” the voice came from Mary’s mouth… months earlier she had told me that she had a two way radio transmitter installed in her tooth, something that while being far fetched, explained the strange intonation, and her seemingly disjointed personality.  Often times she would look at me strangely and repeat words from this hidden source, and now I knew how it was happening.  The voice I heard must be a psychic working for the Illuminati or the mafia, someone that was somehow able to read my thoughts, transmit them to Mary, and have her repeat them to me… now I was talking to it, and I knew the transmitter was real.

This was one of the longest running deceptions of the story, and while it may seem trivial, it is a very significant one.  For a long, long time I believed that Mary was receiving her “orders” through a radio transmitter, and that it was some fancy CIA hardware that was “stolen” by the Mafia.  It makes some sense that they would have equipment like this, and I rationalized it as a countermeasure to FBI wiretapping and eavesdropping that had crushed the operations of the five families in the decades earlier.  The simple idea that the same mind control that was being used on me could also be used to “communicate” with Mary did not dawn on me.  After a very long “demystification” process, it would eventually all make sense, but through most of the story I was sure that I was the only one being mind controlled.  Wrong, it’s me.. her.. and you.

I asked the man, who I imagined to be the same nodding and quiet man who had played the “director” earlier, questions about why this was happening.  He presented a story of a group of psychics, ones who could hear my thoughts due to proximity, and that because of an age related metamorphosis (I had just turned 30), I was getting louder.  The whole thing, he said, was to scare me into leaving the area.  My memory raced back to the Marriott, when I had heard loud whispers of me being a “good projector,” I asked him if the psychics worked in pairs, one being a “projector” and the other a “receiver.”  He almost laughed, and said “no, that’s not the way it works.” 

Reality shifting is very powerful, and while I remain grounded in scientific explanations today, at the time the idea of a psychic cabal reading my thoughts made perfect sense to me.  This is the essence of the concept, that something that is not true, or only a portion of the truth will be perceived by the victim as absolutely logical truth.  The entire ordeal, the Truman Show experience, is a testament to that ability, and it would serve the purpose in the coming months in my quest of discovering the how behind what was going on around me.  The process took a long time, and brought me through a web of lies and unscientific explanations for months before I landed on what I believe now to be the real truth.  The irony of course, is that using mind control it’s possible to make you believe… “almost anything” within reason.  

I walked out for a cigarette, and then realized that I was wearing a shielded hoodie that I had purchased weeks earlier after discovering a site about gang-stalking and countermeasures.  I pulled the hoodie over my head, and pulled the sleeves down to my wrists.  While I was outside smoking, Mary came running outside to join me, even though she wasn’t smoking that night.  I looked at her and thought What’s wrong hunny? She didn’t respond, as she had been the entire night, to my inner thoughts, and I internally noted that perhaps the shielding did stop the mind reading.  As we walked back inside, I put the hood back down around my neck, and asked if the psychic power was “machine assisted.”  It seemed to me that for someone to be reading my mind over a long distance, something more would be required.

This is one of those questions that is clear to me now to be not “of myself, the question was asked in my inner voice but transmitted to me using synthetic telepathy, it’s something a lot of OSEH victims experience, conversations with your self, sub-vocal thought.  At the time though, it flowed as if it was my change in the direction of the conversation, as if I had gotten a eureka moment and felt as if I could have screamed “gotcha” after saying it.

I stayed up most of the night talking to the voice emanating from Mary’s mouth, while she tried to sleep. By talking, I mean I would think my half of the conversation sub-vocally, and I would receive an audible response immediately after.  She woke constantly, complaining that I was keeping her up by talking (though I was making no noise), and would occasionally stay up for a bit and join in the conversation.  When she spoke to the voice, she spoke audibly and quietly, and in her normal tone — this was much unlike the tone she took when she spoke to me at its behest in the past.  I told the voice that I wished I had an implant of my own, so she wouldn’t be bothered.  After hours, I feel asleep, and woke early the next morning with the hyper-realization that something life changing had happened the morning earlier.  Mary and I went back to my house to continue packing (I thought), and my conversation with the voice continued, well into the morning.

6 thoughts on “I Spoke to a "real" Psychic

  1. I'll have to correct you about mind control allowing reality shifting only "within reason". First, logically, what you believe is dependent on what comes to your mind. So if mind control can be used to determine the content of your mind, then you can be made to believe anything, with no limits except the capacity of your mind to hold information. I've personally experienced very strange and limited states of mind while awake, long before my first so-called psychotic episode, and in fact my "psychoses" don't even compare. The experiences started when I was a child and I've had a few of them since the first one. What keeps coming to my mind when I think about them is "this may be how insects think if they have consciousness". But that's not really it, either. The best short explanation I can come up with is that there are at most a few objects and behaviours that seem to have meaning or significance, but that meaning is, objectively speaking, strange and possibly completely illogical. The rest of the world and my personality might as well almost not exist. There is no reason to focus on them, and I'm not sure I can even think of them. For example, I might wake up feeling uncomfortable and my blanket would somehow be the key object in the mystery of what I must do to find peace, yet manipulating the object produces no solution. I may at some point get the idea of standing up and going to the bathroom, where I would sit down on the toilet seat, and the paper roll and possibly some other object or idea would become significant in turn. Then I would slowly begin to recover and try to forget the uncomfortable emotions and strange madness, which I always vaguely explained to myself and others as some sort of waking nightmare, a mere dream that just happened to happen while I was awake. I now think these experiences make more sense as results of mind control.

  2. The potency of reality shifting is obvious in dreams, where even "normal" people can take the strangest experiences seriously and have strange beliefs. I wonder how often humans would dream and remember their dreams without this entity. It could be suppressing most dreaming, or humans might not dream without it at all. It could be responsible for all dreams, or just a few of them. Who knows? I think one important step in making the concept of total mind control appear as ridiculous may have been introducing the deception, the lie that animals and humans dream. Because dreaming is clearly very closely related to experiences of mind control: the dreamer is rarely in control of his reactions, his reality has assumed a new meaning, and so on. Some psychiatrists compare psychosis to dreams and say that psychosis may involve some mechanism that produces essentially waking dreaming. How are you going to discredit that idea if dreaming is natural and has a natural purpose? The only concept we have left in our weapon room is synchronicity, of the extremely improbable sort, and the idea that they are common enough to defy all pure chance explanations.I also seem to have noticed that the cognition of something being true or making sense is separate from the other content of your mind. I think they can literally put a thought in your mind, and no matter what it is, they can make you "feel" that it's true or that there's nothing unusual about it. I've had experiences where I've challenged the entity to make me do a certain thing without my realising I've been influenced, AND while I'm trying not to do it. The entity has used the method of using maybe ten seconds for subtle preparation, after which time I don't even realise that I've forgotten the challenge, and then it subtly makes me perform the behaviour. But I'm pretty convinced it can just make you do whatever it wants without your realising it, no preparation needed, although at some point, possibly much, much later, you'd realise what's happened. I believe it may also be able to create memories to some extent — the phenomenon of false memories seems to indicate so. It can certainly put anything in your consciousness and control that "space" completely, but whether it can alter longterm memory I don't know. Of course, if we allow that possibility, then we're in deep shit trying to prove anything without impeccable documentation.

  3. So they way I see what you are telling me is that because you can see the effective neural connectome, that is the ideas that branch from others in the cerebral cortex, you believe you can be made to see anything. I disagree.At this point I believe mind control is constrained by two factors. First, that the entity does not want its presence to be incontrovertible, so it must hide, in some form, most of the time. Second, that the mind control needs to be constrained by the actual neural architecture. For instance, if you think of Red and Yellow when you are presented with roses, it would be beyond your internal comprehension to picture a black rose, simply because other structures would cry foul.Have you read Orson Scott Card? Particularly Ender's Game, Pastwatch, and the Homecoming Series? I imagine you'd find them enjoyable if you have not.

  4. I agree with everything you said. As I said before, I've asked to "arm wrestle" and have not been given that opportunity, just like you. At the same time, I have noticed forced actions that are obviously due to an external influence, however upon noticing them it generally stops instantly.Until I have access to NSA satellite telemetry, I won't be discussing memories. 🙂 I will, one day.

  5. What I'm saying is that the entity seems to be able to use the space of the mind directly, while suppressing associative thought and all memory completely. The entity can become your longterm memory and your subconscious, by positioning itself between your mind (which includes pre-conscious thought) and the rest of your brain. In that way, it can take over your mind fully. Or at least that seems to be the obvious conclusion from what I've experienced, and what I recounted above.I haven't read Card. The entity keeps me on a rather strict diet, but I do enjoy some things, movies, fiction, such stuff, quite a lot, and in a way I doubt I would without it. For example, I absolutely love The Dark Knight Rises. Where others see flaws or broken logic, I may see deep significance or touching drama. Are you aware of H.P. Lovecraft and his mythology of God-like evil beings who can influence human minds and behaviour through telepathy or some such procedure? You may have missed him and the significance of his stuff as an omen. (I'm not sure which stories reveal such mind control explicitly, but I'd recall that at least one of them does.)

  6. I didn't mention it, but the entity has twice made me walk faster while I was having a walk. The first time it happened it said "let's walk a bit faster", then it seemed to assume complete control of my body and walked faster while I witnessed my movement with some amazement. It lasted only for a few seconds though, both times, and I didn't think to attempt to stop it. But I'd be surprised if the entity weren't able to fully control your body no matter what. In addition to those experiecnes, there's also been something seemingly involving complete memory loss. It's happened once, as far as I can remember. I was walking outside and there was one guy behind me. It was during daytime. I was maybe fifteen feet from a rather busy road that I was going to cross from a safe spot somewhat further away. Next thing I know I'm on the other side of the road, and the man is ten feet in front of me. Could be a sign that the entity can completely shut me out and take over.

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