Because of an unrelenting attack by the Illuminati, the American Mafia, and their corrupt agents working for the United States of America I am forced to make this information public.  If you personally know a reporter, investigator, newscaster, or blogger, please send it to them with my heartfelt thanks for their assistance in saving the fucking planet.

My intention with the Truman Show Series was to tell the story leading up to these events as accurately and interestingly as possible.  Most of the information contained below probably would have been written eventually anyway, although I probably would have hidden a significant amount of incriminating information.  Since it seems that I have been unable to complete this task, for whatever reason… this is the whole evil truth.  

If I happen to be incarcerated, I probably need legal assistance.  I’d love to talk to any reporters, lawyers, or investigators who are interested in stopping this disgusting corruption from continuing to infest and destroy America, its values, and its future.  It’s important for me to mention that most of the people below were most likely being influenced by mind control.  They also knew about it.  I blame them because they knew, and didn’t do anything about it.

If you know, do something about it.  It’s going to destroy us all.

Most of the people that participate in gang-stalking don’t really do anything that bad.  They probably think they are “having fun” or “helping themselves without really hurting anyone” the truth is, all of these people, and even people who know about mind control and do nothing, especially those that have taken an oath to protect and serve, uphold the Constitution, or are members of the “Free” Press are criminals.  They are guilty of a RICO conspiracy, and they all have blood on their hands.  Be ashamed.

What has happened to me in the last 7 months is the United States of America’s gulag, it is their method of dealing with “political dissidents.”  It is well hidden, almost impossible to prove, torturous, and illegal.  They are using mind control to silence those who care about freedom.

My life has been threatened too much, and my freedom taken too often because of the events below and the story I am trying to tell you not to make sure it is heard.  There is a problem in our world, and I am a witness.  

This is my testimony.

Before reading this request, it is likely that it would do you well to research the “gang stalking” psychological attack. A good book describing this organization is “The Last Circle” by Cheri Seymour.  This organization is one and the same with the one described in Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance, and it is my belief that it is the manifestation of corruption in the United States of America brought about by illicit trafficking in narcotics and an unholy alliance with the Italian Mafia.  I believe this corruption is deeply infesting the American Judicial System, and after three years of hell, that it has been attempting to use the “gang stalking” attack to induce the appearance of insanity in myself, in an attempt to destroy my ability to be a credible witness against corrupt law enforcement and criminals in South Florida.  

Around June of 2010, I became an unwitting and undesiring witness of what now appears to be a concerted organized cover up of the use of Federal Government resources in the systematic corruption and collusion of the legal and law enforcement systems in place in Broward County Florida. This collusion involves numerous local police agencies, the district attorney’s office, several Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and the Directorate of Central Intelligence.
In March of 2010, prior to my restarting a sexual relationship with my ex-wife, Nanna Pisani, her brother, a well known cocaine dealer in Pompano Beach, FL was set up by a contact unknown to me, purported to be a member of the ‘ndrangheta mafia. This setup involved a very large quantity of cocaine, and what appeared at the time to be a normal bust by the Broward Sheriff’s Office. The drug bust was anything but normal, and the events of the following year would make that clear to me, and anyone who cares to look.
Immediately after being arrested, Dustin Pisani proceeded to set up two more people, one with the exact same drugs that he was arrested with, and another for something else. This might look like ‘normal operating procedure’ on the face, however the person who was set up with the same cocaine was his sisters fiance, a person who had been less than liked by his family at that time. The normal reason for allowing such a thing to occur, in order to mitigate his sentence, is to ‘go higher up on the food chain,’ however it is my belief that Clayton Montgomery was not a drug dealer at all, let alone a cocaine trafficker. The fact that the police allowed them to use a person who was so close to their family, and with no prior history, is the first sign that something odd was happening in Pompano Beach in 2010.
Apparently over the next two months, Mr. Pisani participated in the setup of another person, Sean Michael Irving, who I have no personal knowledge of, but given the disgusting events that happened to me in the following months, I presume his case to be equally tainted by the corruption of the Federal Drug Enforcement system. This case remains open today, almost two years later, odd in and of itself. More odd though, is that the two prior case were closed with significant downward departures from minimum mandatory sentences, illegal in the state of Florida, only weeks after Nanna Pisani became pregnant with my child. Another indication something very strange is happening in South Florida.
Around June of 2010, after the above events occurred, I began speaking with my ex-wife for the first time in over 8 years. I learned of the events above through her statements, as well as the statements of her brother, and several acquaintances of theirs who told me “some” of what was going on in his life. At this time I was on probation for a DUI in 2001, and had received no technical violations or problems related to drugs and alcohol since the DUI. I had changed my life, owned and operated my own business, and was hopefully on track for the family I had always wanted. Nanna and I had repeatedly tried to have a child when we were married in the early 2000’s, and this seemed like the second chance I never thought we would get. It would turn into anything but that.
In November, after a strange few months attempting to stop her from drinking heavily, which I blamed solely on the trouble her brother was having, she moved in to my apartment in Plantation. Her drinking had become a huge problem for her during the time we were apart, and it was my personal mission to regain the loving relationship we had had many years earlier. Around the same time, my probation was terminated early, and I was for the first time in many, many years, free from the worry associated with Florida DOC probation. It felt like the second chance I was hoping for was finally becoming a reality, and I hoped for nothing more than our relationship flourishing. Around the same time, my ex-wife asked that we re-marry, in a very odd and histrionic evening, to which I replied that we had to make sure the things that drove us apart the first time were out of our lives, and that we needed to continue working on her alcohol issues.
Shortly after that, around November 15, 2010, Nanna Pisani informed me that her “family”, a word which would be repeatedly used as a code for the ‘ndrangheta mafia and their corrupt contacts in local and Federal law enforcement, was setting me up for a crime related to narcotics, and that we needed to leave the area. This was met with mostly disbelief, as I was not aware of their families ties to organized crime until that time, and it seemed like a very silly thing to do to set up someone for a crime they were not committing, I was skeptical, and partially assumed that her “information” was tainted by paranoia and the strange events which had surrounded her brother’s life in the previous months. My skepticism would prove to be wrong almost immediately, but it would not be for several years before I was “sure” of that.   
Immediately after this, and perhaps due to her breach of omerta, and information related to the mafia’s attempted set up of me, both myself and my ex-wife began experiencing what can only be described as the strangest experience I have ever had in my entire life.  Strangers, police officers, and menial employees at businesses, (including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and taxi drivers); began acting very strangely around us, threatening us, stalking us, and attempting to convey messages to us from what appeared to be a centralized authority, which had access to private information regarding our lives.  This psychological attack, I would later find out, is called “gang stalking” and it is happening all around the United States and the world. Our lives were both repeatedly threatened, we were threatened with false arrests and complex set ups involving “high technology” means of narcotics trafficking — the kinds of things that would require teams of scientists and millions of dollars in research and operations in order to pull off.  Because of these ridiculous and odd threats, both me and my ex-wife decided to seek ‘witness protection’ from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a near fatal mistake.
Upon arriving in Miami, complete with written testimony related to this strangeness, we chose to stay at a hotel for a night, prior to attempting to walk in to the FBI field office in Miami.  That night, my wife against asked me to marry her, this time I agreed, as it seemed at that time that her love for me had not waned as much as I thought, and that she was attempting to save our relationship and our lives by fleeing South Florida — which has apparently, and without my prior knowledge, become a cesspool for organized crime and narcotics trafficking during the time that I had grown up here.  I would later understand fully why I never had seen this monster, and I believe very few people are fully aware of the level of corruption in the legal and law enforcement systems in South Florida, and perhaps beyond.
The hotel we decided to stay at, the Park Central Hotel in Miami Beach, appears after the fact to be a hotel designed specifically for setting up people for federal offenses.   It is my belief that Goldman Properties is both associated with the American Mafia and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and at the time this hotel was physically built with false doors and rooms for observation.  We stayed at this hotel after a very strange series of conversations between Nanna Pisani and the clerk, and could not check in until after 4AM for some.. unknown reason.  The next morning, I was drugged in an unknown manner, and perceived neurological symptoms including difficulty speaking and walking.   Because of these we took a Taxi cab to the nearest hospital — after being advised of its whereabouts by employees of the hotel.  Upon voluntarily asking for medical assistance, I was Baker Acted for an unknown reason, and held at the hospital, Mt. Sinai Memorial, for three full days.  My experience at this hotel was nothing short of hellish, and began the obviousness of the psychological attack against me that would continue off and on for the next three years.  The employees of the hospital threatened to sexually abuse me, intimated repeatedly of CIA mind control technology being used against me, and informed me of very strange facts surrounding a drug case which I had no prior knowledge of.  
After leaving the hospital, being released with very little communication from the doctor, who I believe had been on staff the entire weekend and failed to see me on purpose, so this psychological abuse could continue longer, I sought assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
I filed a written complaint with the FBI tips hotline, and received a call back from Agent Brian X Blake of the HSDTA.  Mr. Blake emailed a response to me, and after several emails back and forth describing the threats of set up and high technology means of drug trafficking that was being “described” to me by the gang stalking perpetrators, including my ex-wife at this point, I had a verbal conversation with him about a week later, which I initiated.  Almost immediately after hanging up the phone with Mr. Blake, two DEA agents with official jackets and badges knocked on our frontdoor, and asked a single question “Is everything OK?”  After receiving an affirmative response from both my father and myself, they quickly left our home, without asking another question or offering any sort of assistance.  I had made it very clear to Mr. Blake in writing and on the phone that I was fearful for my life, as I had been repeatedly threatened my persons claiming to be members of the mafia.  
It is now my belief that these DEA agents were knowingly working for the mafia, in an attempt to further psychologically abuse me through their strange behavior, which correlated strongly with the time and behavior of the threatening civilian army.  I never received any follow up communication from Mr. Blake or the DEA, however I would file another complaint, in person with the FBI several weeks later, to which I again received no response at all.  Further, the FBI agent I spoke with refused to give me his name, and cited “undercover work” as his reason.  It is my belief that the entirety of the law enforcement officers I had contact with during this time were being unduly coerced by the American Mafia, in an attempt to intimidate me, and silence me related to an attempted false setup, or related to the string of set ups which I had become aware of .. basically for no reason at all.
I believe that upon research, there will be a significant amount of physical documented evidence of an attempted set up, most likely including statements by known members of the American Mafia as well as corrupt officers of the law, which were falsely used in order to convince honest Americans to psychologically abuse both myself and my ex-wife.  The gang-stalking attack is a sophisticated psychological weapon, utilizing fear of incarceration, death, and induced insanity as a means of coercing individuals to both participate in, and discredit themselves.  It is a military grade information operation, utilizing skills and techniques which were most likely developed by the Central Intelligence Agency and the United States Army, and it is being used by criminals in order to cover up illicit narcotics trafficking, as well as corruption in the United States of America.
Prior to my in-person visit to the FBI, my ex-wife began acting very strangely.  She began accusing random strangers as well as long time friends of raping her.  In addition she began complaining about physical attacks, telling crazy stories about set ups, including assaults, drug deals, and rapes, which could not have been real.  Her entire demeanor changed, and I believe she was purposefully attempting to create an environment of fear and intimidation in order to protect “the family” from their attempt to cover up the collusion between law enforcement and the mafia during this time.  Her stories were designed to create the appearance of paranoia in any further complaints filed with Federal authorities.  They were detailed, contrived, and there was no way these stories were of her own making.  They utilized facts and corruptions from newspaper articles, current events, and myths on the internet — they were for all intent and purpose, psychological abuse in and of themselves. She does not read the paper, watch the news, or care much about knowing about current events relating to crime.
During this very disturbing and stressful ordeal of being abused by complete strangers, law enforcement officers, and electronic harassment via the internet; it was communicated to me that my ex-wife was pregnant, three months prior to her actually becoming pregnant.  This very odd bit of information would stand out for the next few years.  
After filing the in-person complaint, both myself and my ex-wife left South Florida, in an attempt to evade the harassment and torture.  We moved to South Carolina, and stayed there until she did become pregnant, at which point, against my wishes, she decided to move back to South Florida to be closer to “family.”  I maintained residence in SC, and attempted to visit and take care of here as much as possible during this time.  During her pregnancy, and for several months after, the psychological abuse died down significantly, however it did not stop completely.  Harassment continued on the internet rigorously, and on several occasions “street theater” attacks were done in public places, while visiting SFL.
On two occasions, my ex-wife and I separated for a short time, and during these times the psychological attacks against me were significantly increased. I was followed back to South Carolina, stalked and harassed in hotels, public places, restaurants and stores, and was threatened significantly more during that time.  During this time, my ex-wife committed acts of extortion, larceny, and verbal abuse which were strongly correlated to, and designed to flow with the psychologically abuse ‘information operation’, though I honestly believe that she was being unduly coerced by this group to make it appear that she was the main perpetrator behind the intimidation and abuse that was occurring. I believe that she was repeatedly threatened that my life was in danger, and she was stealing money in an attempt to ‘make sure she was OK’, though she had not communicated that she had been threatened since very early in 2011.  Fear and intimidation are powerful weapons, and the Octopus, the group behind this abuse, appears to have perfected its use against people. It was obviously used against her and her brother throughout 2010 in order to mitigate his prison sentence.
During a trip back to SFL, I was set up for a possession of a small amount of an unknown substance, by police officers working for the Lighthouse Point Police department.  I have a significant amount of evidence that these police officers were corrupt, that they were working for the mafia, and that they lied repeatedly on their police report, ultimately resulting in a false arrest. While a small possession charge may be insignificant, when you understand that the entire purpose of this set up was to discredit my testimony against the FBI, DEA, and Mafia; it becomes a Federal crime. These people are working in a conspiracy in order to make my testimony against “The Octopus” less credible, an in doing so, in my eyes, have shed a brighter light on the corruption and collusion that this organization embodies. While I never had a significant amount of tangible evidence, aside from my word, linking sworn officers of the United States to the gang stalking phenomenon, now I do. Officer Mike Search of LHPD, in the most disgusting displays of corruption I have seen from an officer of the law, blatantly disregarded his oath, the law, and the truth in his actions. He lied repeatedly, planted evidence, verbally threatened me, falsely arrested me, and made a mockery of himself and the law the entire time. After arresting me without cause, he threatened my life in the police car on the way to jail, asked me if I “wanted him to let me try to run so he “could shoot me in the back,” later, in what appeared to be a simulated conversation on his cell phone, he mentioned that his “price was going up” and it would cost “10,000” to “do the hit.” These simulated conversations are indicative of gang-stalking and street theater, and they are a thinly veiled attempt to obfuscate the threat, as well as making the retelling of the story sound less credible. He is a disgrace to the uniform.
Because of this tragic event, I am now a witness to a much larger conspiracy, which I wish every day I had never seen.  It is my belief that the American Mafia has corrupted the Broward County Judicial system to the point where narcotics traffickers walk free, and those people who would be ‘enemies’ of organized crime are imprisoned and detained in order to coerce silence, intimidating witnesses, and threaten innocent civilians utilizing the “long arm of the law” as a weapon to violate 42 USC 1986 among other Federal Statutes.
Also during this time, my life was verbally threatened, and I was falsely arrested by a police officer in Lee County Florida.  Both the officers in Lee County and Broward, working for the Lee County Sherriff’s Office, the Plantation Police Department, and the Lighthouse Point Police Department appeared to be communicating with a central authority via an advanced means of communication.  They appeared to be taking orders directly from organized crime, and verbally communicated threats and participating in long running “information operations” designed to intimidate and coerce potential witnesses against organized crime. These information operations include threats, stories designed to discredit testimony, including threats of set up’s, “tall tales” revolving around very overt surveillance techniques, and the use of advanced technologies. It appears that these information operations are designed in order to communicate information regarding what could be considered top secret technology to the victims, and they may use ‘knowledge’ of this technology against the victims in the future. On numerous occasions these villains mentioned the use of hyper-spectral satellites being used to surveil us, in addition to remote neural monitoring, something that is pervasive among victims of this crime.
After being set up by Mike Search in June of 2012, I began speaking openly and publicly against gang-stalking, and what appears to be the governments use of this psychological weapon against innocent civilians. Before this time I had remained silent, probably the biggest mistake I have made throughout this ordeal, as during this time it appears that a significant amount of effort was being made in order to strip me of financial resources, as well as create distrust in my family. My first instinct and response to gang-stalking, after personally deciding that its intention was to create the appearance of insanity, was to remain silent.. which did nothing but exacerbate the situation in the long run. Those that do speak out are criticized for not understanding the “how” of what is happening to them. This is by design, and all “targeted individuals” including myself, are victims of military grade information operations designed specifically to leave the victim with unexplainable or far fetched stories which discredit them upon repeating. It does not take a trained eye to see through this deception, nor to see the great similarities between the stories and the confusion of the victims. There is something rotten in Denmark.
After my false arrest, I hired an attorney I have known for over 10 years to represent me.  I informed him that this was set up by criminal police officers working for organized crime, and detailed the lies on the police report.  He repeatedly told me it would not be a problem, and informed me that he was subpoenaing the appropriate information in order to exonerate me, including police tapes, GPS records, service records, and traffic camera data.  Adam J Katz lied repeatedly, never filed a single subpoena, and was working with these same criminals in order to suppress evidence in the case. His behavior was very odd, repeatedly telling me that I did not need to file my own FOIA requests when I informed him that I was doing so, because his subpoena’s were taking too long. On multiple occasions I informed him both verbally and in writing that I was concerned that the electronic records would be routinely destroyed, and his reply was always that they keep them for ‘unlimited time,’ Despite his bad advice, I had simultaneously been performing my own investigation using public records requests, and have now received enough information, which I provided to him immediately, in order to exonerate me completely.  This information proves beyond a doubt that the Officers were corrupt, working for an illicit organization, and were violating 42 USC 1986.
Among the information, multiple FOIA requests which show that the LHDP was intentionally hiding information, providing false information in violation of Federal and state law. Additionally, even the false information that was provided proves that the LHPD officers lied multiple times on the police report. First, the narrative makes absolutely no sense, the police fabricated it completely and it does not even resemble the disgusting travesty that I encountered upon being harassed, threatened, and set up by these officers. GPS data shows that he lied about where he encountered me, how fast I was going, what car I was driving, and the condition of my car. The first request showed that the police officer was never speeding, however the police report showed he “paced me.” After inquiring about how this is possible, a second set of GPS data was furnished to me, which included numerous indications that it had been fabricated: 1) There was a significant amount of additional data provided, showing that the first request was either incorrect, or insufficient, showing an intentional attempt to mislead, and a violation of the FOIA statute. 2) It included multiple additional “GPS pings” which show that the data was fabricated, as the pings normally occur on at a regular frequency.. inserting extra lines serves the purpose of making the data “look OK” after increasing the officers speed to match the police report. 3) This was a very poorly done job however, and it is obvious, as with a little bit of knowledge of MS Excel, you can see that there is additional evidence of fabrication, in that the Excel “rows” show changes in size, which is an indication that they were edited. 4) All those things aside, once the fabricated data is analyzed with the police report, it shows that the narrative makes no sense, if it is taken as “true” the officer lied about where he encountered me, lied about and ‘exhibition of acceleration’ after being stopped at a red light. Remember these are police officers that work in a two city block radius, for them to make a mistake about “which light” I was stopped at either makes them completely incompetent, or liars, or more likely, both.
Second, the officer lied on the police report about the vehicle I was driving, and it was not an immaterial mistake.  He said I was driving an 8 cylinder Dodge Charger, which would have made his testimony that I accelerated to a very fast speed immediately after the light on Sample Rd changed make more sense. I was in fact, driving a 4 cylinder Dodge Avenger, which is a very slow vehicle. Third, his reason, on the police report, for asking me to exit the vehicle was that it was ‘very messy,’ alone a silly reason to request a driver exit, and also not true, as the vehicle was a recently obtained rental car. Fourth, his other reason for asking me to exit the car was that I was ‘looking in my pockets after he pulled me over,’ a natural thing to do, as you normally produce license, registration, and insurance information, which is exactly what I was looking for. According to his fabricated story, after this I “jumped out of the car and screamed out that I had “drugs in my pocket.” Not something someone would do that was attempting just a few seconds earlier to hide something.
In actuality the police encounter was much more nefarious. After being pulled over, the officers asked me to exit the vehicle, gave no reason, and immediately after me exiting, handcuffed me and told me that “I was running,” two times, in a stern and angry sounding voice. I had made no attempt to do anything other than respond to the officer’s instructions. After this, they searched my vehicle without obtaining consent, and produced an artifact which was not previously there. I told them I did not know what it was, and they put me in the back of a police car, despite my complaints that it had not been there to my knowledge, in my brand new rental, previously.
The “evidence” they found turned out to be a derivative of prescription diet medication, and this too makes no sense with the officer’s testimony on the police report that I was speaking quietly and slowly, the normal behavior of someone taking a diet medication would be fast speech. These numerous lies on the police report should serve to show that the officer’s were participating in a planned set up, that they have no intention of giving honest testimony, and that they were acting outside the law from start to finish.
To that point, the officer who was driving me to the jail stopped for no reason at his police station, threatening me verbally both in the vehicle before, during, and after the stop at the police station. Any evidence of these threats in the way of recordings were intentionally suppressed and destroyed by the LHDP, as a FOIA request for all recordings was responded to, without any audio/video from the vehicle and the police holding room. This was further exacerbated by Adam Katz’s intentional delay in requesting information from the police.
After being informed that he had not filed any subpoena’s after repeated requests and promises that they were “in the mail,” Adam Katz was fired, and another attorney, John Cotrone was hired.  This attorney too was participating in this conspiracy, which I am sure involves a significant portion of the Broward County Judicial System.  Cotrone, working in collusion with the District Attorney on the case, threatened a guideline prison term and indefinite detention without bond, in order to coerce a no contest plea bargain, while I was being detained — without bond for no reason.  I had been before Judge McCarthy two times, and was denied access to bond, which I had been threatened and warned about while being detained in the BSO’s Jail.  Remember, this jail is being run by the same organization which ultimately began this conspiracy, by setting up Dustin Pisani over two years earlier. Also, Cotrone was Pisani’s defense attorney, and I now believe he has a vested interest in forcing me not to use that case as evidence in my trial.
After receiving sentencing for the plea bargain, being repeatedly threatened by John Cotrone not to “ask any questions of the Judge” and not to “take it to trial” (even though he had also been furnished with a full accounting of the events verbally, as well as a request for him to issue subpoena’s for evidence related to the officer’s actions in writing, which he also ignored, The DA’s office, immediately after my official taking of the plea under duress, said they “made a mistake” on the score sheet and changed their guideline sentence of Prison Time to “Any non State” — meaning they had lied, threatened prison time when a normal sentence was simple jail time, and figured it out… literally minutes after I plead! I believe the DA and John Cotrone were working together against their oath to the court and against Cotrone’s duty as a defense attorney to coerce my taking of a plea under false pretenses and duress both knowingly and willfully.
I personally witnessed on two occasions Judge Barbara McCarthy, already in the news for unfair treatment in a public case were she gave obviously preferential treatment to the son of an affluent member of the community. The same day I was denied bond, the same Judge allowed a defendant on bail in two separate counties for trafficking in narcotics to remain on bond. Further, the day I was coerced into plea’ing, another defendant received the exact same sentence for trafficking in extacy (the record read in court said there were thousands of pills), while I had a minor possession of less than one gram of a controlled substance without a prescription.. it appears that her court room is designed to severely punish minor infractions and give major relief known ‘big time’ narcotics traffickers.
On multiple occasions the presiding Judge misstated facts related to my case, sided with my defense attorneys when I questioned their lack of action and representation, and I believe that the entire system has been corrupted by this intimidation machine known as the Octopus, that this corruption is heavily influenced by narcotics trafficking, and that it goes uncontested in Broward County due to the high presence of organized crime in the area.  Their actions have caused me irreparable harm, and have sincerely damaged my faith in justice and honesty in the Broward Judicial System.

Since these events, and her initial attempt to set me up for drug trafficking, Pisani and the Mafia have used their corrupt officers of the law in order to attempt to discredit my testimony against the Illuminati.  She has filed multiple false police reports, and acted in a manner in which I can only describe as possession by the Devil.  She has no concern for the well being of herself, our child, or me; and out of greed and sheer idiocy repeatedly attempts to continue their attacks on my sanity regarding the disgusting information operation she performed throughout this period.
I have been a victim of organized stalking, electronic harassment, and psychological torture at the hands of sworn officers of the United States of America since 2010.  I believe I am being politically persecuted, and verbally and psychologically intimidated by a criminal element that appears to have a stranglehold over the Federal and Local government in South Florida, and I request whatever help you can offer.
Adam Marshall Dobrin

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