With the internal knowing that everything was in position, and we were starring in our very own reality sex scene, we lay next to each other on the bed.  I knew she was “in on it,” that whatever was going on, she was being controlled by some Truman Show’esque director.  Honestly, I kinda liked it.  We started knowing each other, you know, in the Biblical sense.  It felt strange, knowing that there were cameras all around us, and I wondered what was really going on.  In the middle, Mary said something about a Valentine’s Day special… along with that I got a STEGO bullet, that’s what John Norseen called a semiotic thought message sent via synthetic telepathy: it told me that there were a lot of people like me, all on the same show, and there was some sort of.. x-rated special coming up for the holiday.  Strange?  Not for that day.

Going along with the strange theme of the night, sometime later the usually non-verbal Mary paused, looked directly out the window and said “is it big enough?”  I’m not making this up.  From her facial impression after, as well as what I can only describe as my ‘mirror neurons’  conveying the other side of the conversation to her, the answer was “did you just ask that?”  From her intonation then, along with what I know now, its obvious that she was prodded to say it.  I’m not sure if this was the whole reason, but earlier that night one of the participants in the chat room said something (which I was alerted to know was directed at me) that if I think she’s a “dirty girl” I should tell her.  Of course right at this moment I immediately recall it.

“You are a dirty, dirty girl.”  Now I’m a little embarrassed, why did I say it?
A few hours later.. (OK fine, minutes), we finished performing, and laid in bed, listening to the television and staring at the ceiling.  Over the course of the next ten or so minutes, I started … hearing things in the television.  It seemed like the performers on TV were talking about me and Mary, or talking to us.  I found it strange, considering it was a recorded movie, and decided to pay a bit more attention to the TV.  I flipped through the channels… instantly I’m aware that we have only abut 20 channels available, while I am a subscriber of AT&T U-verse, with the full package.  Dumbfounded, I scroll through the two page list of channels and after two passes, the full line up re-appears, magically.  Again, I didn’t really think much of it, but it helped to explain how it was possible for a recorded program to be speaking to me live… or did it?

For some reason at that time, it helped explain it to me.  It was a prop, something that was prerecorded for just this occasion.  In the future, I would later come to the “realization” that these shows, which looked very professionally produced, were created just for gang-stalking and that they were re-used, along with many parts of the story I am currently telling you.  Today, I know the movie was probably real, and my side of the conversation is what was scripted.. my thoughts and actions were synchronized with what was on a normal television channel.  The fake channel listing.. just to hide the truth.  You might be wondering who could pull off such a stunt?  There aren’t many organizations capable, and there aren’t many that would be willing to do it for… shits and giggles.  You are not wrong.

Meanwhile, it really happened, all of it, and I’ve done pretty much everything I can to preserve truth in my story.  I’ll tell you that the organization responsible is called the “Illuminati” most of the time, by people who have no idea who they really are.  The “Illuminati” is a number of disparate organizations, working together sometimes knowingly, and sometimes unknowingly.  Sometimes they are pitted against each other, without even knowing it.  The common thread is that they know a secret, one that has been kept from the public by secret societies for hundreds of years.   

We went downstairs after, and Mary wanted to finish the pizza.  I didn’t eat any, and its now 2 or 3 in the morning.  I sit down on the couch, and she brings it over and eats as we watch TV.  She really likes cooking shows, and changed the channel downstairs to Food TV.  I notice pretty quickly that the entire interface for our cable box was different, like it had been upgraded, or flashed with a custom ROM while we were away.  Things are starting to make more sense, until I see what’s on the screen.  
There’s a man standing with a cake, it has a green witches head with blood pouring out of it.  He has a knife in his hand, he looks squarely into the camera and says… “there’s someone special out there… I hope you know what this means.”  It’s nowhere near Halloween.  I’m taken aback, despite just having a similar occurrence with the television, albeit much less graphic upstairs.  It dawns on me, right at that second, that this whole “show” might be about making me angry at Mary for not telling me about it… I walk over to the pizza, and in a symbolic gesture carry the knife she used to cut it back to the kitchen, and place it in the sink.
I don’t really know why, but at that moment, the only thing I cared about was making sure we came through this OK.  I was startled, smoking a cigarette in the house, and noticed myself trembling.  I recalled earlier, her statements about the show ending when I found out about it, and knew that it was coming close.. I looked at her, and said “I don’t want to lose you.”  
“You won’t, it might be strange tomorrow, but everything will be OK in a few days.”  
A cascade of STEGO bullets came over me, and instantly I come to the realization the show is not what it seems.  It was almost instant, for no reason at all, and all of a sudden I now know that the whole thing was a contrived prank.. that the “Illuminati” must have used a voyeur website to create the deception on MFC, as quickly as the “Truman Show” feeling came, it was gone.

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