The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”  -Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death
During World War II Dr. Mengele performed much of his sadistic work in the concentration camps on twins, who have long been investigated for what has been perceived as significantly increased psychic phenomenon.  I believe this work, directed by the Nazi party, who had well known beliefs in the occult overlooks the glue that binds the Nazi party to the cult known as the “Illuminati” and the mind control trials in both the USSR and the USA during the 1950’s and 60’s.  This glue is the existence of a hidden influence, one which Hitler personally spoke about.
In  this  period  of  the  most  inward  orientation,  Christian mysticism demanded an approach to the solution of structural problems and hence to an architecture whose design not only ran contrary to the spirit of the time but also helped produce these mysterious dark forces that made the people increasingly willing to submit themselves to cosmopolitism.
The leading members of the  Reichswehr openly supported the “ stab-in-the-back” legend, a myth purporting that the German army had been on the brink of victory in the autumn of 1918. As victory appeared to be within reach, traitors without conscience—aided by mysterious dark forces—robbed the army of the fruits of its victory, thus stabbing  Germany in the back. 


Hitler believed in the existence of this force which he described as mysterious and dark, and I believe the “scientific” direction into psychological torture and psychic phenomenon in the camps was directed in order to find and understand it.  He believed it had and was helping him, and was determined through his open searches for religious relics to harness and control it.
According to an interview with a British correspondent years after the First World War, Hitler claimed a mysterious voice told him to leave a section of a crowded trench during a minor barrage. Moments after he left the trench, a shell fell on that particular spot. Hitler saw this experience as a message that he was a uniquely illuminated individual who had a special task to fulfill.[11] This story did not, however, appear in Mein Kampf.

Many writers have attributed The Hidden Hand, or the assistance of Freemasonry to Hitler’s rise to power, but this too overlooks the actual hidden influence which was driving the beliefs and thrust of that movement as well.  The true hidden hand is the power controlling the advanced technology that scientists like Mengele were pursuing actively.  This power, proven simply by its existence prior to humanities scientific understanding of the technology required to influence the mind — as well as by the Nazi and subsequent Cold War drives to understand it, is most definitely not of human origin.

It is this same hidden influence which is responsible for tagging the searches for its source with The Mark of the Beast.  The technology needed to create a true Manchurian Candidate requires no torture, no pain, no trauma.  It was always a simple method of scientific understanding, yet for almost 3 decades from the Nazi searches, brought to the US and USSR through operations like Paperlip the unscientific and inhumane search continued.  The atrocity of the Mind Control Experimentation during this time period, MK-Ultra and it’s counterparts, were conducted without remorse, conscience, or scientific grounding… are a prima facie example of the Mark — it’s a set up, designed to associate the technology with evil forces, and blame its creation and use on humanity.  In as much as Hitler’s rise and fall were also aided by the true mysterious hidden forces, so were both the method by which the search for its power was conducted, as well as the very negative spectacle made by their public discovery.  The technology was given to both factions in the Cold War, but it came at a price.

This hidden influence is now responsible for an infestation in global government and the private sector, one which is working feverishly to Reverse Engineer Revelation, whether or not they all know it.  
MK DELTA was a special procedure designed by the CIA to oversee MK ULTRA research conducted abroad in the 1950s. It involved the use of drugs in interrogation, therefore physicians, most likely psychiatrists, were direct participants. MK DELTA also funded research on the use of biological materials for “harassment, discrediting, or disabling purposes.” [19] 
According to the research of Edward T. Haslam in New Orleans, author of Mary,  Ferrie & the Monkey Virus, The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory, he speculates that Dr. O (Alton Ochsner) former head of Surgery of Tulane Medical School and director of the Ochsner Clinic of New Orleans secretly headed MK Delta.[20] Dr. O was heavily implicated in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 
Haslam also speculates that MK DELTA is linked directly to clandestine research at Tulane’s Delta Regional Primate Center in Covington, LA. Tulane’s primate center was the site of the 1957 American symposium on the effects of flashing lights and human nervous center above. Tulane was involved in both NIH (National Institute of Health) and CIA-sponsored projects, especially research with psychoactive drugs. [21]  
The source of the work of MK DELTA has been linked to the secret experimental mind control research of Hauptsturmführer SS Dr. Josef Mengele. Recently, a Member of the Norwegian journalist Union made an explosive discovery that U.S. Guantanamo Base Detention Center in Cuba is referred to as “Camp Delta.” Camp Delta is the center of tortures and of human programming after Josef Mengele’s CIA Projects. [22] 
These details were taken from police undercover operations revolving around Norwegian Kjell Inge Røkke. Røkke was a Norwegian CIA asset that flew secretly kidnapped civilians across Europe to CIA torture centers around the world including Guantanamo. [23] 
In 1995 at President Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments,Valerie Wolf, a New Orleans therapist, brought forth some remarkable revelations regarding MK ULTRA trauma based mind control experiments on children in New Orleans. 
It appears that the CIA had funded a large scale ongoing children trauma based mind control operation in New Orleans revolving around Tulane University involving some of the most infamous CIA mind benders, Dr. Robert G. Heath of Tulane University, Dr. Stephen Aldrich, Morris “Morse” Allen, Dr. Ewen Cameron, Dr. Robert A. Cleghorn, Dr. John Gittinger, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Dr. James Alexander Hamilton, Dr. Martin T. Orne, Dr Otto Menninger, Col. George White, and Jewish Dr. Luther Wilson Greene.[24] 
Claudia Mullen of New Orleans was a ritually sexual abused mind controlled child victim/sex slave of the CIA from 1958 to 1988.[25] Mullen’s CIA sex slave ordeal in New Orleans somewhat parallels Perry’s time frame of ritual sexual and physical abuse.  
According to Mullen, the sadistic Dr. Robert G. Heath of Tulane and Dr. Luther Wilson Greene headed the New Orleans’ CIA mind control operations. The Jewish Dr. Greene admitted he had worked directly with the Nazi Angel (Demon) of Death, Hauptsturmführer SS Dr. Josef Mengele of Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland. [26] 
Auschwitz was established as a Nazi “…experimental physiological, pathological station” that a number of universities and research centers benefited from. It was connected to the great centers of German medicine at Heidelberg, Munich, Berlin and Konigssberg. [27] 
At Auschwitz, Mengele’s experiments included experimental electro-shock treatment resulting in the torture and death of hundreds, dissection of internal organs, limbs and eyes by the thousands from unsedated patients for study. Mengele also supervised secret experimental drug testing on adults and children for pharmaceutical companies. Bayer, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, had a representative on site providing drugs and direct funding for human medical experiments. [28] Mengele was personally responsible for the death of about 400,000 people. He may well have been the “World’s Greatest Mass Murderer” war criminal behind Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. 
There was one certain drug developed at Auschwitz that was used on children to induce severe pain and torture. Where the child would normally black out, and become unconscious from severe pain, the doctor would administer or inject the drug and it would keep the child from blacking out, and thus the doctor could than inflict greater pain, going far beyond the threshold of human endurance, which in turn would allow the mind of the child to became totally wiped clean, a total blank so that the child forgot their own personal identity, forgot how to add or subject, or carry on a conversation. Dr. Mengele was the CIA’s quintessential expert in iatrogenic dissociation and multiple personality disorders. [29] 
The New Orleans Jewish Community Center where Maxine Perry worked was only blocks from Tulane University, Dr. Heath and Dr. Greene. They were all uptown on St. Charles Street. Perry recalls that he had to see a doctor every Tuesday for allergy shots. I can only speculate that he was being seen at Tulane, and it wasn’t for allergies. 

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 I am a witnessand this is my story.

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