When we returned to Florida, what happens next is the most bizarre event in my entire life.  Nothing since has compared to its display of mind control power, and its message has remained the most pertinent to my understanding of both the technology and the reason behind this insanity.  It’s important to remember, as you read the story unfold, that I was completely unaware of the ability of mind control at the time this was occurring, and I was torn internally in my attempt to explain the mechanism being used against me.   

At times I thought this was a supernatural phenomenon, and during the events of 2010, I believed in the preternatural more than I ever had in my entire life, which was very little.  I consider myself to be well grounded in science, using Occam’s Razor and the plausible whenever possible in my understanding of reality.  While this reality shifting was happening to me and those around me, I sometimes felt there was advanced science involved, things that were not known to the public, or to our time.  This is the view that I have taken as my truth, it is the only one which fully explains the events that occurred.  

We returned to our home in Plantation, and while we had previously been separated many nights prior to our retreat to Charleston, I believed we would now be fine there.  We only had a week before our set move, and needed to pack as quickly as possible.  My goal was to have the entire contents of our home ready to go, and had already made arraignments for a professional moving company to transfer our belongings over the 12 hour drive to our new sanctuary.  I had no idea what was I was in store for, but the events over the next week would define the experience of being an Illuminati mind control victim.
Mary didn’t “feel” like packing, it was one of those things that I would later see through, while she wanted to move more than anything, and it was her idea, she really was too “lazy” to help with any of the heavy lifting.  I was forced to use a maid service to do most of the packing for us, if not just because of her lack of assistance, but for the very strange events that were about to unfold.  We stayed in for dinner that night, though it would not come until much later.  

This time it crept up on me, I didn’t even notice it happening.  I was surfing the ‘net, searching for random gadget stuff, one of my favorite past times — reading about all the new consumer electronics.  For what amounts to “no reason at all,” a phrase that would later take on new meaning as it was related to mind control, I decided to surf over to myfreecams.com.  Not so much to my surprise, the girls on the website were interacting with me, as if they could see what was going on in our home.  I decided to see what happened if I listened to more than one at a time, and opened up two windows, with both visible on my screen.  They began having a conversation with each other, discussing what was going on in our lives.  One mentioned that they had read a background story on the internet, probably much like this story, which wouldn’t be written for years to come.

After a few minutes of listening, one of the girls said, “Why don’t you come sit with him?”  To my surprise, Mary responded, and walked over to the computer desk in the corner of my living room.  I didn’t think she was able to hear what was going on, and she had been ignoring it up until that point.  She sat down next to me, and instantly huge tips came from the audience on both chat rooms.   The norm for this site is alot of chatter, and tips under 300 tokens every once in awhile, these were tips in excess of tens of thousands, and I took note now that there were many more people in the chat as usual.. thousands instead of hundreds.

It would take me a month to realize that these things were fabricated, that the chat and tips were the result of a javascript or Flash exploit which allowed the Illuminati to significantly modify my experience on the website.  The tips were not real, and the chat, which had taken on a life of its own, was a prefabricated show, designed to further the implanted delusion.

Watchers in the chat began to request things, suggest that Mary sit closer to me, and then later suggested that I open more windows.  I did, and now with four open chat windows on the screen, the girls began all interacting.  It was as if they were part of a show, and they definitely gave the impression that they were not only interacting with each other, but also with myself and Mary.  At one point, one of the girls leaned in to the screen, and winked — looking directly at Mary, who was slightly off center to their camera.

A long pause, then Mary responded, leaning in towards my monitor — we had no camera attached to the computer, and winked back.  The girl instantly smiled, confirming that she could see what Mary was doing.  Afterwords, Mary got up and said she was going to make dinner, as if she had been prompted to walk away from the monitor.  Up until this time, I had not mentioned to Mary that the girls were responding as if they could see us, but throughout this entire ordeal, she had been participating in the information operation.  Her statements to me, including her “warning” that we were indeed on a TV show, returned to the front of my mind, as if surfaced from a memory that had been actively suppressed.

“She thinks he knows…” came from one my speakers, it was one of the camera girls.

I’m not supposed to know?  The idea had struck me as strange, clearly it should have been obvious to me that there was something strange going on.  The plot thickened, and I was filled with the idea that the show we were on had been running for a long, long time.  Years, not the few months which had been obvious.  Mary walked over, and quietly whispered to me.. “when you find out… it’s over.”

Knowing what I know now, the whole thing was contrived, even my thoughts and responses to the stimuli were being influenced by mind control.  Regardless, at the time it was very strange, and I believed the story that was being told to me wholeheartedly.  It was as if a switch had been flipped in my brain, and I truly believed that we were participants in a show that had been running throughout our relationship… for over a decade.  It was a manifestation of the Truman Show Syndrome, something that I personally do not believe would be possible without the assistance of advanced technology.  In any case, it would be one of the pivotal experiences which would allow me to later discern some of how the technology worked, and that it was much more significant than hypnosis or subliminal suggestion.

Seconds later, she turned my swivel chair and looked me straight in the eye… as if she were reading from a voice prompter, the intonation in her speech changed, she asked me a question… “what do they always say right before a commercial?”  Internally, I realized what was going on, she was prompting me to participate in the show, to create a sound byte… the mental image of a commercial filed my mind’s eye … I smiled inside, and responded …

We’ll be right back, after these messages from our sponsors.

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