After the strange events in Boca, I did not see my girlfriend again for a few days.  We separated, she went to her mothers, and I went back to my parents.  I spent this time doing more research on who the perpetrators were.  Not knowing that this research was being covertly directed by the hidden influence, I thought I was making great progress.  The research I found linked places and people that we had come in contact with during the horror to organized crime and the FBI, and suffice it to say it fooled me.  I will be discussing exactly what this research was in the next series, detailing more about the “attempted set up.”  Regardless, one strange thing did happen, in the midst of my searching on the internet, I went outside to smoke, and “overheard” part of a conversation… 

“He’s doing all this because of a girl?”  It came from nowhere.  The house I was in is on a quarter acre lot, and there is no way I could have overheard a conversation like this from anywhere around.  This is one of the common occurrences in gang-stalking, and people sometimes attempt to find the source of the sounds, or the mechanism of its transmission. 

Two of the most common methods people finally settle on are implanted radio transceivers,  a common place is inside one’s tooth.  This isn’t as silly as it sounds, but it would be very simple to detect, and its never true.  Once upon a time, I believed that implanted transceivers that used technology similar to “The Thing” were common among the assailants and victims alike, and I’ve since learned better.    The Thing is a zero power transceiver, and after being directed to research it, it seems as if its the kind of thing that might work to create “V2K.”  Another common mechanism is an LRAD device, a machine that can “throw” sound to specific locations over far distances.  This would be much more difficult to detect, but after understanding the full utility of the mind control technology, it becomes pretty apparent that many of the symptoms victims of gang-stalking receive are actually due to remote neural stimulation (RNM), in this case, the auditory cortex is being remotely stimulated to induce an auditory hallucination.  More about how I know this much, much later.

Understand that even though I heard this, and it wasn’t really something that should have been possible, I didn’t try to investigate how it happened, or if it was real at the time.  I assumed it was a speaker hidden somewhere near my door, and basically dismissed it at that.  It did serve to confirm, however, that I was “on the right track..” It sounds strange to me now that I would not have looked for the speaker, but it didn’t then … that’s how mind control works.   At the same time, it showed me that the gang-stalkers were watching what I was doing on my computer, and that didn’t really register either, could have been a virus on my machine, or a hidden camera — no thought given, I was too busy “finding out the truth.”
A day or two later, I was… feeling like I was in need of some “fun time” with Mary, and I called her up to see if she was interested in maybe finding a hotel to stay at for the night.  She said, “sure, come on over…” and I went to pick her up.  Mary is a very attractive, slender Italian girl, just about my age,  and we have great sex.  When I went to pick her up, she came out of her mothers wearing a bathing suit, a really short jean skirt, and a corduroy tan jacket covering her bikini top.  She was … obviously intoxicated, and the outfit which would have seemed very strange at one time, was a little less so, as she had been wearing very different outfits since this began.  She’s always had a very unique sense of style, and I always found it endearing.  That being said, she looked as if she had been dressed by a child playing with a barbie doll.
In the taxi on the way to the hotel, she commented about how this seemed like a “booty call,” That’s basically what it is.  I thought silently.  She didn’t seem too upset by that, told me she missed seeing me, and asked if we could stop on the way for some beer.  We did, and then pulled up to a hotel on US-1 close to where her mother lived.  I got out, asked her to wait in the car, since it was the holiday season and I wasn’t sure if they would have a room.  I walked in to the front desk, and asked if they had any rooms available.  The clerk responded that they did, and took my ID and a credit card — very normal.
A minute or so later, he commented to another clerk that there was an odd screen on the reservation machine, he seemed to be having trouble booking the room.  Seconds later, another car pulled up outside, and a gentlemen wearing a black leather jacket walked in to the room behind me.  Knowing it was what happened, but not actually seeing it, I felt as if he flashed a badge to the clerk — I even went so far as to “know” it was an FBI badge.  The clerk responded strangely, which is “how I knew,” looking at him, then having a bit of a startled expression.  He then proceeded to read my ID out loud, after saying “let’s see who we have here.”
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mary get out of the cab.  She came inside as the clerk was now taking an exceptionally long time to book the room.  She asked me what was taking so long, and I told her we should have the room shortly.. we weren’t doing anything wrong, and nothing was going to stop me from having a little fun.  She walked outside, and instead of getting in the cab, she appeared to be walking towards the hotel.  Somehow I knew she was with the FBI agent’s companion, I think I saw them walking together with a bag.
It took at least another ten minutes, and then the clerk gave me the magnetic key card to get in the room.  He commented… “this is a very special room, we only have one of these.”
I completely dismissed the entire scene from my mind, and walked outside to get Mary.

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