I put it out of my mind, as was the usual response during this time in my life.  What I had heard practically meant nothing, and I walked out of the breakfast room with the sole intent of finding my girlfriend and righting the wrongs that were surrounding us.  Our friend, Marge, met me there, and I told her we had to get out of there, she looked at me knowingly, and said she was ready to go also.

We walked through the front door together, and I had the feeling that we were both aware of something that most people on this earth would never glimpse.  Having been foiled in my attempt to evade the gang stalkers, I decided to try a new tactic.  This time, I would use an android application to order the cab, I picked the first one that came up on the travel application’s list, and told them we were staying at the Marriott.  I even tried to use an obscure application, knowing that it was possible to intercept the packets traveling through my phone, and falsify the application’s function.  While waiting the weirdness continued, and strangers waiting for a transport to the airport began discussing events from the prior week.  They mentioned the hundred dollars I had give to a bum on the street, and said that I must have known they were watching.  “He always knows too much.. ” they said, and despite the fact that they were knowledgeable about an event that was witnessed by nobody, it did not phase me.
We waited a long time, yet again, though I wasn’t familiar with the area, so I can’t comment as to the ‘normal’ taxi wait.  Our cab came, and we had decided to go see Mary.  Both of us were tired, and Marge had rolled down her window and closed her eyes.  Looking back on the events of two years ago, this probably should have alerted me to two things: 1) that Marge somehow knew what was coming, and 2) that I should be rolling my window down.  Neither happened at the time, and I blame it on a mind altering haze.. source unknown.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, the events of 2010 were filled with mystery and confusion.  There were strange things happening to me, and I really had no idea the mechanism or source.  I spent a considerable amount of time after they occurred researching possible ways these “tricks” could have been pulled off, but at the time I was left only with the suggestions the attackers intentionally left me: magic, psychic phenomenon, and aliens.

It happened again, this time I was so agitated in my head, I decided the next time it happened I would call the FBI, and not leave the cab until they arrived to inspect the air conditioning system.  After hearing the now familiar sequence of chimes coming from the driver’s kiosk, I pulled my phone out to take pictures of the particles flying in the air.  I took several pictures, and the cab driver muttered.. “this one is smart” under his breath.   A few more tones, and the air intake reversed, pulling the particles from the air.  I noticed that they had landed and stuck to the glass of my android phone, and wished that I had a plastic bag I could have kept it in.  As before, the pictures would later be erased, however I was happy enough to have the situation diffused.
I traded Marge for Mary at the friend’s house we were traveling to, which made Mary even more upset, as she was very wary and jealous of Marge hanging out with er ex’s.. apparently there was a history there beyond me.  I had decided to put my fut down, confront Mary about what was going on, and fix our relationship.
We went to Houston’s on the intracoastal, and sat down in the bar for drinks, since the outdoor seating was full.  I firmly told her that the strange behavior had to stop, it was going to cost us our relationship, which had been on hold for many years since we had been previously married.  I did not understand how she could be reconciling what she was doing with herself, but our relationship was true love, and I had the overwhelming feeling that it would prevail over whatever strange magic was being used against us.  “Adam, this is a family thing,” she said to me.  I wasn’t sure what exactly she meant, but it wasn’t the answer that I wanted.  “We need to get through this, and without you being honest with me, there we have no hope.. I will not let this happen again.”  In my eyes, she had repeatedly walked me into these treacherous situations, leading me to specific venues where the gang-stalking traps were set.  It would have been impossible otherwise, for them to have known exactly where we were going, with enough foreknowledge to place so many civilian actors at the scenes… or so I thought.
“Do you still love me?” She replied yes quickly, and my heart swelled regardless of what had happened.  This was good, and it meant that we truly would be conquering the evil surrounding us.  Shortly a hostess came to seat us by the water, and we took a table next to a large family who appeared to have just sat down.  For some reason I was drawn to their conversation, which appeared to be talking about some sort of organizational meeting, and after about twenty seconds, “it sounds just like an echo” one of the elder sons spoke to his mother, while looking directly at me. 

The implication was that they were listening to my thoughts, and I was repeating what they were saying in my head by eavesdropping.  I’m not sure if the son was supposed to be psychic, or if he was listening on some sort of covert radio to what I would eventually call the “Mafia Operations Center.”  Either way, looking back on this it was clear that I was aware of the deception, that they wanted me to believe they could hear what I was thinking, though it did not really register with me, and I was sure it was just that, a deception designed to make me sound crazy, if I dared repeat it.

The mother looked directly at my girlfriend, and mouthed the words “distract him, so we can talk.”  About me, great.  It appeared that this family was one of the ‘higher ups,’ perhaps they were making a decision about stopping whatever was going on around us.  Mary started talking about what we were going to order, and in my frustration of not knowing what would happen, I decided I would take charge of the situation and make plans to get us a place to stay later.  I called one of my friends, and asked if they wanted to hang out around 4PM.. at least we would be with other people, nobody would be crazy enough to do this with witnesses around.
We ate, and then decided to walk to the store to get some beach towels and bathing suits, it was a nice sunny day.  The need or desire for relaxation at this time seems strange to me, but it is what we both wanted to do at the time.  We walked towards a beach store on the corner, and decided to stop on a bus bench to take a rest.  While there, Mary kissed my ear, and whispered … “want to find a place to do it?”   Many years earlier, in our previous relationship, we had had a couple “voyeuristic” episodes, and I felt like we were traveling in time, rekindling something we had seemingly left in the past.
We walked to a grass walk way between two buildings off the road, and I thought to myself that it probably wouldn’t be so comfortable for Mary… I put my bag down and sat down, and she smiled.  It was still in plain view of the road, if anyone was looking directly at us, and I am pretty sure nothing would have happened regardless, but a few seconds later a passerby walked by the alley we were sitting in and asked if we “needed any change.” 
“No.”  I was .. insulted.  We had just eaten at a very expensive restaurant, and while I hadn’t showered or changed from the previous nights drama, I was sure I did not look like a bum.  Ruining the mood once and for all, we walked to the store and browsed for a large beach towel.  Sometime during our long visit, as Mary never shopped quickly, I decided we didn’t have time to lounge on the beach, and called a cab so we could visit my friend.  We got in, with no trepidation even though practically every cab I had been in for the last 48 hours was somehow compromised my this dark force.  I told him where we we going, out west on Atlantic, please, and he complied.  
Just before we came to Dixie, I was alerted to look out the window.  There was a pickup full of construction workers in the back, and also one of those road signs with light bulbs that can change the message.  I looked for about 2 seconds, and then … as if I was in the Twlight Zone, the words flashed on the screen, even though it could not have been plugged in.

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