The cascade of emotions and thoughts that I would later come to realize is an obvious sign of machine assisted telepathy rushed through me.  They are most likely not completely fake, but rather are a patchwork of engendered thoughts and implanted ones.  The purpose is to instantly change your course of action, and in this case, that is exactly what it did.  

 I instantly thought of the set up, this esoteric idea that had been hammered in to my head through the comments and actions of my girlfriend, as well as the stalkers following us around.  Right on time, I repeated it in my head.. they must have something planned for our visit to my friends house, and I wondered if he was involved.  He had been a central figure in the initial experience many weeks earlier, though I had dismissed it as the workings of my girlfriend’s strange companies, intent on driving me away from any form of support infrastructure.  Now I was doubting that, and decided it was best if we stayed at a hotel instead.  Knowing that the one in West Palm was compromised already, I asked the cab driver to go north on I-95, and he complied, after acting significantly frustrated about the change of destination, another sign that I was altering the plans of the stalkers.
I asked him to exit on Yamato, and we drove around in a large square down to 441, looking for “the first hotel we could find.”  There were none the entire stretch of road, and he went east on Glades afterwords, saying he knew of one near there.  For some reason I wasn’t weary at all of his suggestion.  While traveling east, the glimmer of a thought came over me… what if we really were on a reality show.. could that be possible?  I downloaded the TV.com app to my phone, and began searching the daily listings for reality shows about organized crime, I was attempting to be nonchalant, not wanting to alert my girlfriend to what I was looking at.  For some reason I was now nervous, I imagine my intuition was telling me that I was close to something.

In hindsight, it’s easy for me to now recognize that the cascading thoughts, and malleability of my emotional state were both due to mind control, but at the time I genuinely thought I was making progress in figuring out the situation.  

As if he had received a message via a covert two way transmitter, like the kind used by the Secret Service or security staff at hotels, the driver looked in his rear view mirror, making eye contact with Mary.  “This is not good.”  I immediately stowed my phone in my pocket, and she looked around, noticing the movement, and remained silent for a few more seconds, then she whispered “it’s definitely on TV.” as if she could see what I had previously been looking at on my screen.  I don’t believe this.  Sure of myself now, anger stirred in me, how could she not have told me about the show, since she obviously knew.  I had been so scared, and her acting had been so convincing.  Thoughts whirled again, and I searched through my memories, thinking about who else could possibly have known.
The cab driver pulled in to the parking lot of a small hotel, and made another comment as we exited and paid, “this location should be good for you, with the stores and restaurants across the street.”  I barely heard him, as I noticed Mary jumping out of the cab and bee-lineing directly towards a man who was standing in front of the door to the hotel, looking directly at her as she approached.  He was a little overweight, older with grey hair and and an unshaven face.  She walked right up to him, stood directly in front of him, and they appeared to be having a conversation with one another.  From my vantage point I could not make out he conversation, but my belief was that he was giving her directions, feeding her lines, or something like that.  It seemed as if he was a sort of director for the show, and she nodded frequently during the quick conversation.  I still had to retrieve my bag from the trunk, but did this as quickly as possible to see if I could get closer and overhear some of the conversation.   As I walked up, she walked away and towards me, and asked me if we were getting a room here.

It’s important to point out that most of the comments that are said during this period don’t obviously show collusion in and of themselves.  We were on foot, so having stores nearby would not have been a strange comment.  When taken in the broad story though, and in conjunction with my train of thought, the implication was that it was a good “location” as if it were an ad-hoc set.  Mary’s TV comment also, would not have seemed so strange, it’s possible she could have actually seen what I was looking at on my phone.      When all taken together, its impossible for all these comments to have been so perfectly orchestrated as to be feeding the delusion that was engulfing my thoughts.  They were intentional and deliberate.

I thought it was obvious that that was the plan, but I felt I needed to confront her about the show.  I was so angry that she hadn’t told me during lunch, and it felt as if this was the biggest betrayal of my life.  I looked at her… “not right now.  First, what is this show all about?”  Mary replied “don’t let them know that I told you.”  Then she said, “how long?” At this point I am enraged.  I scream, “don’t you think you should have told me?”  Her response was strange, and wouldn’t make sense for many weeks to come, but she asked another question, “is it The Truman Show, or The Matrix?”  Neither question received a response, I was perplexed at her strange method of directing the conversation elsewhere.  Then she looked off to the side, her eyes wandering towards a bench nearby.  She asked me if we could go sit down to finish the conversation.  At this point, I walked away from her.. pissed.  I thought about all the other people that must have known about it, my parents, friends, and could not believe that everyone had kept this secret for so long.  I called my parents and asked them what was going on… the conversation isn’t really saved in my memories now, but I remember my father asking me “what channel it was on?”  
After getting off the phone, it dawned on me that there was no way they could air anything without getting written consent from me.  My anger subsided, and I was calmed by my thoughts.  I will never sign anything.  I then thought about the psychological trauma I had been through, I had genuinely feared for my life, for what amounted to no reason.  I thought of suing the show, hopefully it was well funded.  As I walked through the parking lot, a voice came from a parked car.. “you can’t sue anyone but the young girl.”  That’s what you think.  This is going to make me rich.
Searching around the hotel for Mary, I decided it was time to have a drink.  I had been avoiding alcohol completely since this started, as it was involved in the first night of my terror, when everything began.  Now thinking over the situation more, it dawned on me that there was no way a corporation would do such a thing, terrorize someone for so long, without their consent.  It’s just impossible.  Then it dawned on me.  The entire concept of a reality show was designed to make me lower my guard, to play a game thinking it was fiction, to make me not scared.  The cleverness of the deception was stuck in my head, as I could not find Mary.  As I continue looking, I overheard the conversation of two middle aged women walking past me, one commented to the other “does he know she is pregnant?”  I stopped moving completely.  Several times I have been alerted to other peoples conversations, usually they were filled with useless, but true information.  Often comments about personal details of the previous nights or days events.  This was a huge change in tone, and the possibility of her pregnancy filled me with joy.  I continued thinking about it.  She just had her period four days ago…  No way she could be pregnant.  Why on Earth would they have said that?

The series of events surrounding Mary’s pregnancy would remain miraculous and filled with mystery, they are interwoven tightly with what can only be described as a monumental shift in my life during this period.  This was the first overt mention of it, and we had been wanting to have a child together since we were married, many years earlier.  The foreknowledge shown by this group of people is still a mystery to me, though, and to this day I have not figured out whether or not this was coincidence, by design, or prophesy.

At this point I am alerted to the street, and see her running across to the strip mall that the cab driver had pointed out.  I run after her, and follow her towards an Italian restaurant in the corner of the mall.  As I approach, I stop running, and decide to smoke a cigarette before entering.  Two old people, a couple, are walking from the other direction, an I can hear the woman comment.. “who is that, I’ve seen him before.”  It was clear to me that they were working for the mafia, that they were attempting to continue to feed the falsely induced delusion of being on a television show.  How stupid can these people be? It had been easy to figure out, after thinking about it.  The age of the stalkers surprised me though.
I walked in, and asked the clerk for a soda, not seeing Mary near the counter, and thinking she must be sitting in the other room.  She gave it to me, and then I heard another woman behind the long counter … “that should have been me,” she said.  More television show bullshit, as if she wanted to be caught on the camera.  I walked to the other room, and nearly missed her exiting the bathroom and walking out the back door.  I followed, and again lost her trail.
Now I am worried, once they figure out that I have uncovered their lies, what would they do?  They had previously tried to get me arrested, by planting drugs in my home.  I thought about that, and remembered that I had saved some as evidence, in case anything happened.  I had even gone so far as to have them tested by a private investigator, because they were in such a strange form, hidden inside a dog bed, that it made no sense to me.  It wasn’t hidden among the stuffing, it was the stuffing, I had ordered a NIC test on Amazon to test it.  I decided I would throw it away at the first possible moment, now realizing that they could set me up for possession if I did not get rid of the small amount I had kept after flushing the rest.
I never found Mary that night, and decided to stay in a different hotel down the street.  There were several near this strip, and I was happy to be away from the stalkers, I thought.  Upon walking in, I saw the same unshaven gray haired man next to the counter.  He was just standing there, looking at his cellular telephone.  I walked out, upset that I had not escaped, and sat on the bench outside to call a cab, which I did.  Twenty minutes later, the clerk came outside and asked me if I was … “ok.”  I told her I was fine, and asked her if she could call a taxi for me, since mine was apparently not coming any time soon.  She said fine, and walked back inside.
About ten minutes later, I peered into the window and noticed her talking to the grey hair man.  In my mind,  I thought of what they could be discussing, I imagined that the “director” was coercing her to call the police to tell them I was loitering, even though I had called two cabs.  The fact that the cabs had not come was strange, and they were both looking at me.  For an unknown reason, I was filled with fear.   In order to diffuse the situation, I decided I would just stay here… and walked back in to book a room.  During the process, the clerk would repeatedly look up at the grey haired man, as if for his approval, and he continually nodded each time she looked at him.  I got a room on the second floor, and laid down on the bed, overwhelmed by the events of the day.
Immediately after laying down, I feel asleep immediately, as if I had been drugged.  I woke for a second, looked around, realized that I had “been put to sleep,” and then immediately fell back to sleep.  This time when I awoke, in what felt like mere seconds later, I heard a voice coming from outside the hotel room door:  “he’s not angry at us… but he doesn’t know …..” and the voice trailed off.  It was loud and clear, and I felt as if I had just had my mind read while I was sleeping. 
I would go over this episode in my head many times in the future, attempting to figure out exactly what it was that this woman was saying I didn’t know… it would take me a long time to realize it was just a distraction, something I did not hear on purpose.

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