I called Marge, my girlfriend’s best friend.  We had hooked up once, many years prior, and in the recent weeks I had been doing something that I wasn’t very proud of.  Intentionally hanging out with someone to make Mary jealous wasn’t my brightest idea, but I didn’t know what else to do since she had begun leaving me places whenever this strangeness would start happening — it’s almost like she was intentionally disappearing.

In the interim, i went out on the unlocked terrace and smoked a cigarette.  After sitting down on a cushioned iron chair, I heard a voice coming from the parking lot.   The alert told me it was someone sitting in an unmarked van, “he’s going to feel really itchy.”  I dismissed it, not knowing at the time that the feeling I was experiencing was intentionally induced with mind control.  Finishing my cigarette, I went back inside and sat on the bed, waiting for my friend to arrive.  Within a few minutes, I felt a really annoying itch all over my back.  

This strange itching phenomenon would occur again once in the immediate vicinity of this story, a few weeks later.  I would later assume that the point of the itching powder, as I figured was the mechanism the “perps” were using to annoy me that day, was to induce me to take Benadryl to stop it.  Through my research into brain function, I would find that anti-histamines assisted in the regeneration of neurotransmitter receptors, and discerned that whatever mechanism was being used in order to modify my thoughts and feelings was somehow related to receptor function.  I was wrong, and it would be yet another elaborate deception used by this organization in order to mask the true mechanism and function of mind control.

Marge came over, in a taxi as she had been doing recently, and I paid for it.  She came with a bottle of rum in her hand, and walked with me from Atlantic Ave to the front of the hotel.  I looked at her, feeling a bit bad that I had invited her into this strange dark world, even though I was well aware that she knew more of what was going on than I did.  “I think there’s camera’s all over the room…” I said, matter of factly.  She looked at me, eyes rolling slightly in the back of her head, and said “oh, please, lets just go inside.”  She neither confirmed nor denied, which was pretty much the status quo since the failed set up weeks prior.  
After we got in to the room, she said she was tired, and basically lied down and went to sleep.  It wasn’t really the stimulating conversation I had been expecting, as we had been talking about the issues with the extended family, as I had begun calling their families organized crime connections.  Trying to sleep on the other twin in the room, I laid awake staring at the ceiling for at least twenty minutes.  Finally giving up, with no real reason in my mind as to my inability to sleep, I opened my laptop again, and this time began searching for information that could confirm the stories and description Mary had told me about the mafia.

Prior to the attempted set up in November of 2010, Mary had… through very strange conversations, conveyed to me that she was a member of the “mafia,”  She was non-specific about it, but told me that it was’t like it used to be, like the stories described in the Godfather and on The Sopranos.  What she said was that the mafia was now much larger, and a loosely knit confederation of families, rather than the top down militaristic depiction with captains and enforcers.  She had years earlier, when I had visited her grandparents house, mentioned that they had once been “associated” with a secret organization, so this wasn’t really totally new or outlandish, however it was given to me in an obviously contrived conversation for what was at the time… no apparent reason.  Over the next few weeks, the strange and dark world of set up’s and trafficking would be.. shown to me in a similar fashion.  This is what happened immediately prior to my current predicament.  Obviously it was connected, and in my attempt to stop the shadows from doing whatever it was they were planning, I wanted to figure out how I could.. talk to them and ask them to stop.  I guess I was looking for a “sit down,” though I had no idea who I was looking for.

I googled around on the internet, attempting to see if her story was a complete fabrication, or if there was some reality in it.  She had told me so many strange things over the past weeks that it would not have surprised me if the entire thing was a delusion… though looking back on it, the contrived conversations were obviously intentional, and coming from somewhere other than Mary.  I found a lot of very interesting information that day, and the description that she told me turned out to be an accurate description of the ‘ndrangheta mafia.  Reading more about them, it appeared there were other groups associated.. the Sacra Corona Unita, and the Camorra.  All three appeared to fit the “loose knit confederation of families” that had been described to me, however there was information from the CIA available that said the ‘ndrangheta was now the largest and most powerful cocaine trafficking organization in the world.  This alone was reason enough for me to believe it fit the story, as the stories that had been told to me included very intelligence and high technology means of hiding that particular drug, inside cellulose fiber, and using it as stuffing.

Google searches being used to implant information in victims minds is something that happened to me very often during this time period, in addition it is something that I believe is used as standard operating procedure by this organization in order to introduce no ideas to victims.  Both the search results, as well as what is searching for, can be controlled, and it gives the victim the impression that they “figured it all out themselves” which increases credibility in their minds.  In addition to the searches related to criminal activity, this happens frequently when researching the technology behind mind control, often leading victims to unscientific articles, as well as the specific history that they are supposed to be finding — one that leads them directly to US intelligence as the creator of the technology.

Concluding my… “research”  I started getting tired.  Happy that I had made progress, and relieved that I was finally able to sleep, I closed my laptop lid and put it on the bed beside me.. I slept from 4 am to about 7 am.  
Marge woke me up, and wanted to go have breakfast, but first, she said she had to change her clothes. On camera? I thought, fully believing that she was well aware of the surveillance system installed in the room.  She took of her shirt, and in a very strange turn, told me she had felt a lump on her breast, and asked me if I would feel it.  Being cognizant of the camera, and not wanting to give these criminals any evidence that I had done anything wrong with Marge — as I had suspected they were trying to break me up with my girlfriend, I declined.  She grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts, open palm, and then looked up directly at the smoke detector and smiled.  I pulled away quickly, and said I was going to meet her at the breakfast area, pissed that she had done that.  Won’t make that mistake again.
Once I entered the breakfast area, I noticed it was full of people, I tended to avoid crowded restaurants, and decided I wasn’t going to stay at the hotel for the second night I had booked.  While waiting for my “companion” to meet me there, something very strange happened.  The people surrounding me began.. whispering, except it was a very loud whisper.  I heard them repeat several times “he knows who we are…” and immediately recollected my internet searches from the prior night, which I had not thought about since waking.  I left quickly, walking to the front of the hotel, and as I left I heard one more comment: “I didn’t know he was such a good projector.”

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