She was nowhere to be found, but what she had told me stuck in my head.  What kind of TV show could I be on?  Maybe it explained all the strange behavior me and my girlfriend had been noticing for the past month… her strange behavior.  Maybe she knows.  I wondered how they could get away with it.. a reality show where the participants were unaware it was going on.. I have to find out more.

Quickly I joined another room, and spoke aloud, “can you hear me?”  No reply came, and I felt a combination of relief and disappointment.  Not sure what to do next, I sat and watched for a few minutes, before decided to get a little bolder and try to send a coded message to the model.  I tipped 7 tokens, with a message attached “anything you want to tell me?”  The girl had been talking on the screen, but I hadn’t really heard the words, then they began focusing in my head, I heard her say “he think’s that’s the number of God…. he’s not right.”  

It’s important to note here that while it was being clearly communicated to me, and shown via responses and actions, that these people were responding to my thoughts and beliefs … things which there is no possible way they could have any knowledge of, that I just didn’t get it.  I guess I recognized that fact, but it didn’t flow through to my other thoughts, like the cognitive process was disconnected.  Most of the time, when you learn a new fact, or think about a new possibility, it causes past ideas and views to be re-evaluated, changed, or at least “recollected.”  That didn’t happen here, its almost like I was subconsciously ignoring the entire thing. In short, it was knowing something without understanding it.

I glanced over to my buddy list on the right hand side of the window, clicked on another name, and joined that room.  This time the girl was in the middle of talking on camera, apparently in the middle of telling a story.. as soon as I entered she paused, “who is here?” as if she was hearing something broadcast over an intercom.  Now the entire room is hearing only her half of a conversation: “someone insignificant?”  My heart sank a little, remembering the UFO encounter, cementing my belief that it was falsified.  Instantly, “wait no.. sorry.. someone important?”  She continued telling the story she was in the middle of when I entered, talking about how she had just returned to the site after a long hiatus, and discussing her recent move.  I was half listening to her, half watching the television show.. it was talking about the Nasca Lines, and again was alerted back to the screen on my laptop.
“It’s like right over here… ” and she jumped up and gestured towards the center of the wall to her immediate left.  I looked around my room.  Almost instantly I finally understood.  To my left was my old Apple iMac, humming on standby, it’s screen dark black.  It was plugged in to the power outlet, but was not connected to my wireless internet.  These guys must be pretty good.  I had figured it out, they must have hacked into that machine, probably using its bluetooth or wifi interface card from a car passing by.. they were able to see me through the integrated webcam, even though its bright green light was not illuminated.  I instantly jumped up and pulled the stark white cord from its place in the back of the shiny iMac.  Relieved that it was just a silly prank, I sat back down to see what happened.  “Now there is only one more,” she said almost instantly, pointing now towards the rear corner on the other side of the room she was in.  No more iMac’s in here.  I looked towards that corner in my room, there was a fake rose bush there, on a pedestal behind my television… maybe it’s in the television.  Almost instantly: “It must be in a flower.” Completely taken a back, I laid down on the bed, rested my head on the pillow, and closed my eyes.  “He must be out,” came the reply.
I smiled inside.  I guess they don’t know everything.  By this time the interaction between the people on the screen and what I was doing had stopped phasing me at all, it was expected.  I was a bit curious as to why she had thought I had passed out, and also relieved that she was wrong.  I figured I’d ham it up a bit, and pretend to sleep for a little while longer.  I peaked out of the corner of my eye to see what was going on, as the sound coming from the computer had stopped completely.
My focus shifted as I noticed the girl on the computer screen had lifted her laptop, and was walking through her apartment.   She walked into a room full of boxes, and said out loud “if I am not careful, I might wind up in a box on the side of the road.”  She jumped into the pile of boxes, landing with her arms and legs outside the box, looked into her camera, and then got up and walked back to the other room. Thinking back on it, it seems like it may have been a threat directed at me, but at the time my conscious thought was that she was trying to convey a message: that she had been threatened for telling me where the camera had been.  Looking back, I think the box scene must have been recorded in advance, or at least planned, either way it stands out.

More time had passed than I had thought, and it was now almost six a.m.  I closed the laptop and tried to sleep, but was unable to for the remainder of the night.  I walked back outside to smoke a cigarette about an hour later, and saw Venus, shining brightly in the northern sky, the morning star.  

There was only one thought in my mind.. call my girlfriend.

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