This is the first in a series, for the Table of Contents:  Silence & Betrayal

After a much more dark and trying experience in November and early December of 2010, I received what I now consider a gift from the Illuminati.  I was privileged enough to receive the lead role in my very own custom tailored science fiction adventure.. although at the time I didn’t know it was fiction.  My life had been turned upside down, I was unable to work at my normal and simple job doing IT work for.. myself, and it sure seemed like the shadows were enveloping me.  

Before I continue, I have to introduce you to two more mind control “symptoms.”  First, the alert.  This is when your sight or hearing is focused on something specific, mostly unknown to you, to ensure that you will witness it, it’s kind of like a spotlight being put on something going on around you, and it’s very prevalent in street theater, though most people don’t recognize that its happening.  It’s basically forcing you to turn your head and look at a specific “actor” (without you knowing), and ensuring that you hear what they are saying, regardless of how far away from them you are.  It is also used to reinforce memory retention, and I have a significant number of memories from this time that normally would probably have fallen into the abyss.  The second is what I call reality shifting, and it amounts to a “subtle” change in your outlook, and it is pretty much the subject of he following story.

For the remainder of this story, and all subsequent posts in this series, my inner dialogue will be italicized.  I say dialogue in lieu of monologue for a reason, and it is one that I would not fully understand for months after these events occurred, suffice it to say, when you are a victim of OSEH, it becomes clear that your thoughts are not always your own.

ENTER STAGE LEFT: Truman Show Syndrome
My girlfriend and I had separated, neither of us wanting to stay in our former apartment, not the least of which because of the strange noises we had been hearing there.. knocks on the walls, people scurrying back and forth at all hours of the night, strange chimes… but more so because we both had suspected that during our last visit to her families, someone had secretly installed video surveillance equipment hidden inside our electronic equipment.  Things had been very strange since our trip to Orlando for Thanksgiving, and while we had tried to stay together in hotels back in Lauderdale, I felt it was better we separate in case the people that were following us were only trying to get to me.  She stayed with a friend for a few nights, and I had decided to save money by staying with my parents… it also felt much safer there, as it was impossible for the army of perfect strangers to harass me when I was safely inside a private residence… or so I thought.

I was getting ready for bed, turned the television and the lights off, opened my laptop and laid down on the bed.  I had frequented a site called myfreecams.com for a few years prior to this, and went there out of sheer boredom.  This was a pornographic webcam site, and after today it would become central to this sub-story.  Slowly clicking through my favorite list of about 20 people, I found someone that I had enjoyed talking to.  We were about the same age, and had talked in the past, mostly about trivial things, but sometimes about past jobs and relationships.  I said hello, and she took a very long time to reply, much longer than usual.  Watching her on the camera, it appeared that she was reading a long message on her computer screen, and given the amount of time it was taking it could not have been from me.  I watched her eyes move back and forth, slowly getting wider as she neared the conclusion of the message.  I was almost ready to leave, a little pissed at being ignored by someone that I had spoken to frequently.

“Adam, there’s something I have to tell you,” she said verbally, which was very non-normal for her, as we normally communicated in instant messages, since there were at least two hundred other people in the room.  This startled me, as I had never heard her say my name out loud before, and I looked around to make sure there was nobody else in the vicinity of my room.  After confirming this, I spoke aloud “oh, God, what now?” for no apparent reason, as I was usually silent.  “You are on TV.”

She really needs to stop smoking that stuff. Immediately after finishing the thought, her camera disconnected and she signed offline, this happened sometimes, as the website was somewhat amateurish in its programming, looking about a generation of HTML code behind the top of the line websites.  This is all I need, another crazy person telling me strange stories.  My thoughts trailed off, and I remembered the long message she was reading prior to talking to me, it dawned on me that perhaps the people that had been following us around had somehow figured out what websites I went to, and that they were trying to freak me out here, where I thought I was safe.  I went outside to smoke a cigarette, and the single strangest thing that ever happened to me occurred.

I received what I now know is an alert, and while smoking looked up at the night sky, and noticed what I believed to be Venus growing intensely brighter.  I stared at it for at least 20 seconds and then realized that it appeared to be coming closer to me, and moving slightly, as if it was making an approach.  An airplane.  And then it happened.  The “airplane” began moving much faster, and changing its orientation at very steep angles, sometimes 45 degrees, sometimes as much as 180.  It would have crushed the pilot with g-force at the speeds I was witnessing, and I was filled with awe… I was, for the first time in my life, witnessing an actual Unidentified Flying Object.  This continued for at least another 45 seconds, as I looked up without moving, my jaw gaping wide in disbelief.  My inner dialogue continued, as the strange events of the last month had taken an even eerier turn, and somehow were beginning to make more sense.  What do you want with me?  Please, land and talk to me, I’ve waited my entire life for this.

It vanished almost as quickly as it had begun descending, and Venus was back in its rightful place in the Northern sky.  I dismissed the entire event, for what appears to be no reason at all, in what I now describe as a mind controlled cascade of reality shifting, almost as if the thoughts I had been having were invalidated, slowly and noticeably compared to their onset .. just an airplane .. even though what I had witnessed was most certainly not.  I finished my cigarette and went back to my room.

Entering my room, I saw the bed was still illuminated with the glow of the laptop screen, and somehow my television had turned on.  I didn’t really take much note of it, and laid back down on the bed to see if my friend had signed back on.  Once laying down I was again alerted to the television, and saw that the show Ancient Aliens was on.  This is a television series that seems to be based on the ideas of Chariots of the Gods by Erik Von Danniken, it’s about aliens influencing human society and religion since pre-history.  I had never seen the television show before, and rarely watched the History channel, so the fact that it was on my television screen was probably much odder than I noticed at the time.  My sixth grade history teacher, however, had recommended Chariots of the Gods to us, and I had always found it fascinating, wondering how such an obvious theory was not more mainstream throughout my youth.

The alert moved to the bottom of the screen, and I read the tag line for the show.  Now you know.

3 thoughts on “Now you know.

  1. Very detailed… thank you. The evidence is not very strong, but your theory ,where you explain the story with, reads logical. Maybe you haven't seen these suggestions yet. The Derren Brown assassin experiment is an interesting watch on this subject. And the whole MKUltra program disclosures of course. Abnormal what people do to people. Thank you again and have a good one.

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