Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment

OSEH is a psychological attack that is being performed on innocent people all around the world.  There are a significant number of victims, and there are many common links in what they are describing.  It is clear to me, as a victim that has experienced what I believe to be a very broad spectrum of the techniques used, that this attack is being performed by a centralized authority, one whose primary goal is to make public the use of mind control technology.  This opinion is made in hindsight after quite a bit of analysis, and the actual psychological attack attempts relentlessly to create confusion and delusion as to both the “how,” “who,” and “why” of something that is so off-putting that it almost unanimously causes its victims to not only cry out at the top of their lungs, but seek out grounding in reality.
When it first began happening to me, in November and December of 2010, I called it “reality shifting,” and I imagine it will be very hard to describe just how powerful it is, but I am going to try.  OSEH is designed to use fear and intimidation in order to cause the victim to tell a story.  It seems the reason for wanting them to tell the story is two-fold:  1) the story that the victim winds up telling is not true, it’s what has been communicated to them using very sophisticated tools, like military grade information operations, and mind control technology — this is probably to discredit further testimony from these people, or at least keep it locked up in written record until it is “needed”.  2) the second purpose of OSEH is to prove to the world, at some future time, that this technology was really being used for nefarious purposes, en masse, across the globe.  As a victim, that’s obvious, because the use of this technology, its existence, and some of its capabilities are proven routinely.  As an observer, however, it serves to instill a feeling of disbelief, giving you a reason to discard what would be otherwise valid testimony for a reason that doesn’t really hold water.  The reason is that none of the victims know exactly how it is happening, but most of them are almost positive that they do.  There is so much talk on the Internet from “Targeted Individuals” about how mind control works, that doesn’t make any scientific sense, that their claims are dismissed completely as delusion, when in fact the only delusion they have has been imparted to them using mind control. This is by design, and it is the crux of the psychological attack on the general public, that the victims are forced into committing… against themselves.  It’s very hard to overcome for both sides.
Once mind control capability has been proven to you, the normal response is to research exactly how this is happening, in order to stop it.  This is another reason the internet is now littered with falsehoods about how it works, and the garbage that pervades the mind control community is there first and foremost so that knowing victims can do absolutely nothing about it, and second (in my belief) when awareness becomes more broad, that the entire world will have a very difficult time in figuring out how to stop it.
Tomorrow I’m going to talk about how I first became aware of it, and that will probably seem like a very strange story to you, let me alert you in advance to the fact that its nothing anyone would intentionally make up, it will be the actual story that was told to me, and it’s somewhat comical.
Today, I’m going to go through some of the “research” available on the internet about “how” mind control works, and tell you why I think it makes no sense.

One of the more often cited, and “more technological” looking articles, the above purports to tell victims that they are being influenced by low frequency microwaves, and that these have the “capability” of modifying thoughts, feelings, sight, sound etc.  This is reinforced by numerous public articles on things like the Soviet “woodpecker” and psychotronics, which the intelligence community would have you believe they thought were attempts and modifying the U.S. population’s thoughts during the Cold War.  It’s my belief that this was a very well planned and executed cover operation for technology that actually does work.

 If you look into neuroscience research, and how the brain actually works, it’s pretty clear that thoughts and feelings are products of electrical impulses.. the firing of neurons, and how these neurons connect to other neurons, like a very advanced biological integrated circuit.  The idea that these impulses can be significantly modified with radio frequency radiation is pretty silly.  It’s even more silly when you realize that in order to change something like a thought, it would require the complex modification of the firing of many very small neurons in a very specific pattern, it would require that neurons surrounding the ones intending to be fired did not accidentally fire, and it would have to be sustained … indefinitely in order to create the effect that I will be describing.  It’s just not possible to create a mini-EMP that satisfies these requirements.

When you throw in that a great number of victims, myself included, worked feverishly to create electromagnetic shielding in order to stop mind control, it becomes even more apparent that this is not the product of radio frequency.  Once you figure out that something strange is happening to you, and you “find” the TI community, this is one of the first things you see, and it leads you in the wrong direction, sometimes indefinitely. 

Covert implants by aliens, the government or illuminati, and the like

For decades, there has been a conspiratorial saga revolving around UFO abductions, and implanted devices.  This phenomenon was depicted quite accurately in the X-Files in the early 90’s and while the entire subculture appears to have been removed from the mainstream, it was written and complained about for a significant period of time.  Over the last 7 years, similar stories have begun surfacing, this time in relation to OSEH, and mind control abuse.  There has always been an opinion that the alien abductions were in fact government operations, disguised in order to shift blame, or worse, as a false flag operation.

The technology being used, because of the sheer breadth and lack of discovery of mass implants, leads me to believe that the cases above are themselves a deceptive operation in order to perpetrate a lie on the general public, and the mind control community.  Namely: that microchip or nanotechnology implants are required to do these horrible things.  This is supposed to give you a feeling of relief… “at least its not happening to you.”  Think again, its been happening en masse for decades, and the OSEH operation is what I call the “Mark of the Beast” — its designed to tell the public a hidden truth, with an obvious analogy.  This  theme of half truths being used in order to convey a more universal message will be recurring throughout this story.

To be clear, there is also no way an RFID chip could be used to modify the thoughts of an implant victim.   It is a red herring, placed there to stop further investigation, or draw attention to mind control, while at the same time deflecting those interested from the real truth:  that it’s use is much more pervasive than you think.

Brainwave entrainment, subliminal programming

Modifying your brainwave frequency, while most likely very possible using audio and visual methods of entrainment will not have a significant impact on your thoughts, state of mind, etc. Try downloading one of these awesome programs and figure that out yourself: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/brain-wave-30-advanced-binaural/id307219387?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/brainwave-entrainment/id473050783?mt=8 http://entrainmentapp.com/ (hint: you will notice nothing.) 

Monarch ‘programming’

Personally I’m of the opinion that the entire MK-Ultra series of tests, including Monarch programming, electroshock, multiple personality “creation” and the like were the most “Satanic” things to come out of the CIA during the 70’s.  These programs have so little merit, so little grounding in modern neuroscience, that its almost pathetic that these “agencies” had the immorality to research them at all, let alone for the length of time that they did.  If you don’t believe any of the other things I call the “Mark of the Beast” believe that this is a screaming example of the United States of America performing evil acts for no good reason.  By the way, one of the big and obvious deceptions in gang-stalking and OSEH is that the victims are being experimented on.  Let me tell you a secret:  the technology has been perfected for a long, long time.  These are not tests, gang-stalking is the full blown operation.

Now that I’ve finished my attempt to tell you why the victim community’s consensus theories are wrong, let me leave you with what I think.  After many personal trials, research, and attempts at creating physical countermeasures (using science.. of course), this is what I’ve come up with:

Quantum Charge Phreaking  

By entangling to molecules inherent in the structure of neuronal voltage gated ion channels, it is possible to both suppress and activate action potentials by conveying charge, via entanglement.  These gates can be manipulated, using the brain’s endogenous ions in order to manipulate thoughts, feelings, desires.  It is also possible to fully control and augment the visual, auditory, and motor cortex functions.  

In addition to “remote control” of human brains, it should be obvious that the same technology can be used to remotely monitor and manipulate practically any electronic device.  This type of attack, similar to two way Van Eck Phreaking, and leading to the chosen name, allows for the currently existing global surveillance infrastructure, which is being hidden from you by silly “front” programs like Carnivore, Total Information Awareness, and Echelon.  The purpose of these smoke screens is to insulate the population from the reality that this infrastructure has been in place for much longer than you would think, and that the governments of the world are fully capable of remotely reading and writing data on your cell phone, your computer, and your head; 24/7 completely unfettered by conventional electromagnetic shielding or any type of known countermeasure. 

Way more information here:


The point, the glue that binds these people and stories all together, is that they are very sure that something strange is happening to them, and they are seeking a valid mechanism of action.  Some people turn to religion for an answer, others turn to science… the group of TI’s seeks a mechanism that they believe they can stop, and in doing so wind up repeating stories and using articles that were shown to them for the specific purpose of confusing them as to how this is happening.  They then begin regurgitating this information as fact, and because this is done in concert with their stories of why these things are happening, both are discarded by many.  This is a huge problem for everyone, as they can and do give very valid testimony as to their personal experiences.
Many of the ‘individual plays’ that are part of the information operation known as OSEH are designed to create the appearance of insanity, this creates another problem, as the mental health community seems to summarily reject the idea that mind control technology could possible exist — a pretty unscientific viewpoint.  Further, they seem to be driven by standards tests and manuals which appear to be designed specifically to discredit testimony regarding advanced technology.  For example according to the DSM-5 and the MMPI-2, if you believe “someone in reading your thoughts” you are probably a paranoid schizophrenic that requires medication. It should be pointed out that nearly all Christians believe someone can hear their prayers, and that there is a significant amount of public research into this field.  I’m not sure why the psychiatric community appears to be broadly and unanimously unaware of both religion and science.
The psychiatric community’s response is another example of a “Satanic influence.”  In this case, their motivations may not even be maligned, but they are blinded by groupthink — and this leads them to overlook an obvious truth:  group delusion is impossible.  There are thousands of victims around the country, who have had no contact with each other, who find a very well hidden and non-mainstream community because of their experiences.  The fact that they are able to find each other is proof in itself that they are experiencing a very similar kind of problem, with the same means of execution.

The people crying about about being victims of this crime do so in a public forum.  They also file complaints with the FBI, CIA, NSA, ACLU, and other agencies.  All in all, these complaints and pleas go completely unanswered, unnoticed, and non-investigated.  This is not a normal reaction, even if the complainants “sanity” is being questioned.  The lack of investigation should prove something to you.  Think about it.

20 thoughts on “What is OSEH?

  1. what a delicious article that was, I'm looking forward to more information, i've been a targeted individual for 6 years ( living in Israel ) and I never fell for that "everyone are mind controlled" to covertly participate in thisso, thank you very much for writing a straight thought of article I thought of it the same way as you did

  2. I'd be really interested in how "everyone being mind controlled" was communicated to you." I do believe that the participants/perpetrator are also being mind controlled, it's been proven to me beyond a doubt. It doesn't absolve them though, knowing about mind control (which they all do) gives people an edge, those that are participating are doing so for their own negative reasons, augmented or not, they are doing the WRONG thing, and they know it.

  3. OK. My experience is much different. No LE that I know of.Although I used to get stopped routinely for a bit, I attributed it to having a Ron Paul bumper sticker my ex-bf put on my car.I met a man in 2004. He introduced himself to me via a person for some reason he assumed I knew and had her do the introduction.I had never met her and said so. He seemed confused by this.But, from the moment we met I had a very psychically sort of "recognition" of the person.He told me he was a DJ and he was in a band. I knew that because they were playing. It was a meeting that a hundred different things seemed to be gauged to happen, but I had resisted it for some unknown reason, I did not want to go with a friend out that night, at all.It's very personal, and hard to talk about. I just want to sum up that it was always a wierd thing that operated on two levels.On the surface was attraction in the normal sense. Then there was a resistence on my part to pursue anything because on every occasion we met after that I sensed he was up to something and a typical womanizer, so I just resisted.Then I changed stations to the one he worked at and started to "tune in" to see what was this person all about.After a time and no contact I began to have the sense that the person was selecting songs and speaking to me through the radio.Then I scoffed at that idea. It became so strong though that I went out of my way to contact him and he said things that a person would only know if they were in the room with me.This began to freak me out.I felt psychically attacked by this person.During this time my radio would go into these odd scales.Starting at a frequency so low you couldn't hear it, but feel it,powering upward octave by octave until it was so high a tone that I couldn't hear it anymore.This brought on an illness after a time.I felt under so much stress, but could not work out what was happening to me and did not connect for years the proximity of myhome to the Masonic Temple and celltower.At a peak of time when I could not take the fear that was taking hold of me that I was being covertly surveilled, I awoke one morning to the sound of a bird fluttering over my face so close his wings made the air move in a breeze. I was completely unnerved over this and could not figure out how the bird had gotton inside or when.The bird incident I have detailed in the past because it was so strange. He refused to fly away even though I held the door to the outside open. I recognized him as a messenger but had no idea what he was trying to convey.It was upon this moment that I realized also that this was an event on a spiritual level, an electronic level, and an ultra personal level.Shortly thereafter, I was to discover he had met and seduced my teenage daughter…I will leave out the details.In any event, one night I was struggling to maintain my world.I tacked a handwritten note upon my bedroom wall, "Whatever Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger". (I cringe when I heard somebody made a song about this.)I had a hard time getting the tack to go through my wall all the way. But, I felt a release. I turned off my light and lay there in the dark. A few minutes later I hear this fluttering sound followed by a *plink*.I knew immediately it was my handwritten note. I could not believeit had come loose and wafted to my bed and landed on me.I flipped on a light and began searching all over the floor for the pin. Or where it should have been, just below the spot on the wall I placed it. And to my eternal horror I looked over at my bedside table and there in an empty glass ashtray more than two feet to the left, was the pin.(to be cont.)

  4. I'm very interested in hearing the rest of the story. I know of someone else that had a radio program and host involved in their stalking. Based on my experience I would say that what you heard was not real, that it was created just for you, and you are the only one that heard … most of it. Parts of the program were probably real, and because of the fake parts you saw "connections" to you that were not really there (or would have been much less obvious were you not looking for them.)Did you happen to record any of it?

  5. No. I didn't record anything. I have asked around about the scales I heard going up and then scaling back down, night after night. I have never seen on the internet or heard anyone else talk about or record this phenomena.I proceeded after a time to try to verify there was a camera in my house somewhere, just as you did. But, I didn't have a computer and therefore no modem. Anyway, I would write things on a page and leave where the only way a person could read it, is if they had a camera. I addressed them to Anansi the Spider, because I felt caught in a web.Listening to feedback on the radio to see if they had been read.It seemed they had.I moved away. I had to escape. It was that or kill myself.Years later I was able to start to work out some sort of damage done. I went online and saw his website. I began to read and discovered that the person had lost his job. The beginning of a deep downward spiral for this person, that I sensed would occur and over time has.I read about his interests in UFOs and Mephisto. He listed some recommended reading to his site followers.I made a list of a few titles I thought I would want to read and went to a bookstore to get a couple.Of those I listed, the store had only one, The Mothman Prophecy.But, I also came across a book that I had wanted to read anyway,Ferrell's, The Philosopher's Stone, because it came ahead of the book in the Trilogy of the main focus he had recently written at the time, Babylon's Bankers. As it turned out they were stand alones and didn't need to read it.Well, I started the Mothman Prophecy and something very weird started to manifest itself that the author Keel mentions.It is an insidious chain of synchronicities.At first, I wasn't aware of them, then when I became more focused on them, the more frequently and complexly they would occur.I decided that I would test this hypothesis and see if it was actual. My test was to write Alexsandr Solzhenitzen's, "Gulag Archepeligo" on an e-mail to an acquaintance, just worked into a sentence. My theory being that, this is my "control", it is reasonably obscure, if I should happen across it in a short period of time, that would be my "proof". This was on a Tuesday.That day, I saw nothing. The next day I didn't see it and got so engrossed that I actually forgot about it. Until on Thursday, I was following a link to a news story. And on the page this directed me to was a list of other entries by contributors, an article that someone had written about "The Gulag Archepeligo".I can't tell you how much this stunned me and made me question the whole sequence of events from the book recommendation to this moment.I decided to try it again. This time I selected a book called, "Dr. Mary's Monkey". I sent it in an e-mail to a different person.This is on Thursday. The very next day on Friday, I went to read an alternate news site. And on the page was a note about the book!It scared me so bad that I actually just came off my bench in some sort of weird levitating backwards jump. I thought surely this book is random as hell.As I took stock, I determined that I wanted to know if this had anything to do with the person who started off this whole saga in my life and wrote him an anonymous message thanking him for the book list and his recommendation of "The Mothman…" and my book review and a summary of the synchronicities.On Saturday I had started reading the other nearly forgotton book I bought. I began to read and it was nothing like what I had thought. It was about this stuff called Ormus. It was very alchemical without being overtly occultish. It made me curious about this stuff, but at the same time leery, for two reasons.I am a strong believer in GOD and not sure this was something that GOD would approve of, and I was also quite certain that I would be instinctively "good at making it".

  6. So, I just sort of drifted into a stream of consciousness thing while awaiting for Coast to Coast to come on the air. Adam Gorightly was going to be the guest. I started out sort of doodling and came up with a cartoon. It was about a female super hero who accidently discovers, due to a comic chain of events, that culminates with a roll of duct tape falling into the Hadron Collider, that instead of creating black holes that the Earth is suddenly put aright and that everything comes together as it should and is mended. Duct tape being that wonderous fixer of all things broken.It is while I am writing these tag lines, that as I am glancing around thinking that my eyes fall on the Prologue Page, which I never read, but the book had somehow fanned back so that this page was visible.And as I was scanning it on the very first line, I see that he said he was inspired to write the "Philosopher's Stone" because of a Scrooge McDuck comic he had read as a child. Simultaneously, my ears pricked as the voice in the background of the C2C show said…"I got involved in drawing comics…" when I just about had a panic attack of sorts.I had this very strange disconnect or odd sensation of seeing the words, hearing the words, and actually doing the words, all at the same time. Thus culminated my proof in the synchronicities involved.(to be cont.)

  7. I don't know if "comics" was the universe's commentary on my life and it's "little foiables" in the greater scheme of things.Or if this was showing me what I considered to be of extreme importance and anxiety inducing for me, is but comic relief in other parts unknown. Or indeed a random coincidence.Are there really coincidence?There must be surely. For I was going to compose myself and continue on as best I could here a couple nights ago. However, I had set my internet radio to KXL as I often do to listen to Clive Lewis. His show was going to be about ghost hunting in some mine.While I was rolling this around in my mind whether to listen to or not, I was listening to Clive as he said that in all his years of reading and researching strange phenomena, the one that scared him the most and made the biggest impact was…"The Mothman Prophecy".Let me just say that I was no longer in the frame of mind to continue here again, having no desire to set into motion another strange sequence of synchronicities. For this is where my next chapter was to begin:After the incident of the "comic" three way synchronicity, I was only able to half listen to the first hour guest,(whoever he was),and was so drained and distracted I thought I'd go to bed and just listen in my room for when Adam Gorightly's interview started.I can only recall hearing the announcement for the guest and then bumper music. I fell into a deep sleep during the commercial break.I awoke with a start sometime much later. It was quiet as my radio had timed out. I got up figuring I'd get a glass of water and stop by the radio and turn it on again to listen.I turned it on and made my way to the kitchen coming back through just in time to hear this: …David Ferrie was an unusual person and there have been people who have insisted that he did not die before his testimony. In one of the strangest accounts is a witness who swore he saw him in Point Pleasant, WV the day the bridge collapsed. Point Pleasant, of course, being the setting of "The Mothman Prophecy"It's a good thing I had a grip on my glass because I might have dropped it then. Not just that I awakened just in time to hear this exchange about "The Mothman Prophecy", but that he was discussing David Ferrie, who is one of the main players in,"Dr. Mary's Monkey"! Another twofer. 😦

  8. I decided that I would also send this event to the person in question.Now you might wonder that I would bother to have contact at all.Or that I would write such weird happenings instead of confront himabout my daughter. Or the camera/radio incidences.I couldn't. I had no solid proof about either.Just insinuations.I had sort of arrived by osmosis, I guess the determination that the only way to exercise the demons of the past, I would act withkindness and charity to this person who was still in a downward spiral; financially, emotionally, and physically. So while I would write of these events "anonymously", as I am here.In real life I gathered myself to venture to some of his music shows. We would have a few stilted words, neither of us mentioning the obvious.This rocked on a couple of years sporatically.Then one day, I determined that I would "confess" to being the person who wrote the weird occurances that were happening in relation to the book and other things along those lines.I told him that it had 'helped' me to 'help him'. Which I had.I won't go into the details but it had to do with making the ormus which had been "shown" and pointed out to me in what I felt was an overt way. Whether he partook or not, I do no know. It might have helped to ward off the continuation of bad things that kept happening to him. It was my "intent" that it would as I perceived this was occuring slowly over a period of time.In any case, I decided one afternoon to reveal to him the story of the little bird that I had awakened to in my room years before when all this first started happening.I KNEW it had to do with him because of what he was saying on the radio and played at the time. Spacehog, "In the Meantime".That was the theme for the event which as I said before I did not detail here.I had just begun to recollect the event to him in an e-mail. I was sort of reliving it as I wrote. It conjured almost the same inexplicable emotions in me. As I was typing, my cat was scratching at the door frantically to get in.She never scratches to get in. She sits and demurely "mews" over and over politely.Well, I wanted to get it all out there, so tried to ignore her at least until I finished a thought. Then I walked over to the door and opened it without really looking at her and sat back down at my computer.I was poised with my hands above the keys when out of the corner of my eye, I saw my cat had something in her mouth.I was turning sideways to get up when she opened her mouth and deposited a housewren at my feet.I thought it was dead. I think she thought so, too.But, to her amazement and my astonishment, it lifted off the floor and proceeded to fly around and around the room…(to be cont.)

  9. Though I "proofed" the post before hitting publish, I wrote not once but twice a name above in error.Clyde Lewis is the name of the radio host. I don't know why I wrote Clive.I also noted on one of yours you had a Freudian Slip of sorts and wrote "arraignment" instead of arrangement when talking about moving your furniture.You absolutely made my hair stand on end when I read the part about Ed Haslam's book inclusion. The forerunner book, "Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus".Did you already know of this research before I mentioned it?Also, you last post rang similar bells,(pun), because it reminded me of the first book in Joseph P. Farrell's Trilogy which I did not mention, http://www.amazon.com/SS-Brotherhood-Bell-Incredible-Technology/dp/1931882614/ref=sr_1_13?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1358643113&sr=1-13&keywords=joseph+p+farrell+booksThe book I did mention:http://www.amazon.com/Philosophers-Stone-Alchemy-Secret-Research/dp/1932595406/ref=sr_1_9?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1358641272&sr=1-9&keywords=Joseph+P.+FarrellAll for the last of the Trilogy that I still have not read but feel compelled to more than ever now:http://www.amazon.com/Babylons-Banksters-Alchemy-Physics-Religion/dp/1932595791/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1358643266&sr=1-5&keywords=Joseph+P.+FarrellI also found the exact date of the Adam Gorightly interview with Ian Punnett. My how time flies. July 11, 2009.http://www.coasttocoastam.com/guest/gorightly-adam/39843As you can see from the outline here, how the discussion jumped from the Kennedy assassination to Ferrie. But, completely out of left field to include the snippet about Ferrie being spotted at Point Pleasant and a reference to "The Mothman Prophecy".

  10. I would be remiss if I did not post a link to an expanation about "The Mothman…" and the synchronicities.I did not have any notion really about it when I read the book, having only seen the movie years before which is a glossover Hollywood version.I thought maybe posting a link which I have not fully listened to yet, but have a feeling I will be surprised by nonetheless. It's an interview with Andy Colvin. Other than the intro, I have heard nothing nor read anything by him. I just happened upon his link and based on intuition will drop it here.We'll find out together how he connects the dots.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xwk08gFgesoAfterward, I'll post my own thoughts and usualavoidance of the topic. I post it now and then as a warning to others. I think John Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee nailed the definitive explanation for Aliens and what they really are.If not how they relate to the dark forces that are influencing the minds and have the world in it's grip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xwk08gFgeso

  11. I read Brotherhood of the Bell also, I think it might be on the TI "short list." I feel like many of the books I read immediately after the gang-stalking started were … well, controlled reading.The other big one I read during that time was The Last Circle, by Cheri Seymour. When I initially read Brotherhood of the Bell I did not think much of it was true. While I believe that the Nazi's were working on UFO " technology, much of it, like The Montauk Project (which I think is a huge info-op deception in itself), is designed to "send feelers out" for the kind of lie you are willing to believe.I have however gone back over some of it, and now believe that his ideas about Kaluza-Klein are right on target. There has obviously been a huge, and now widening, information gap between the military/government and educational research sectors in physics.

  12. I hadn't heard of Haslam before, appreciate the info. I like to believe that most people, when thinking objectively about it, and knowing about the abilities of mind control, would not think that Hitler's seemingly magical influence as an orator was due to actual speaking.I think the "help" he received during WW2 is obvious, in hindsight.

  13. I have so much to say about synchronicity its not funny, but I don't want to spoil the end of the story. I hope it's the end.. at least.I'm writing day and night to get the entire thing out. It's a drive I have not experienced before. I am certain its not from within.

  14. Or not. That was a scattered interview. Only a few things that resonated with me.It was so incoherent though. I thought of going to Colvin's website and seeing what he's done. But, whichever one said it, I disagree that this is a benevolent entity. He should know better.Also, their take on Indrid Cold was completely removed from mine and Keel's also.At any rate, since I moved to my new home several years ago in a nearby community, I have not had the sensation of being on camera.I feel safe. Other than the incident and timing of the second wren, I have had no really odd occurances. Except for all the synchronicities surrounding the Mothman.When I made a conscious effort to remove things that generate and feed on paranormal occurances, the occurances themselves lost power over me.Rightly or wrongly, I feel endowed of a greater capacity to see the truth behind the lies.I believe that words have power.We have a greater ability to manifest things concrete than we realize.Upon taking myself away from the immediate situation, it still took years to overcome the mental anxiety. I wrote this for the sole purpose of letting you know that I believe your situation is real.I believe it is a dark spirit of Satanic influence that you need to discern and remove.These are influencing the more human explanations of MK ULTRA mind control, because we live in a Luciferian world…for now.But, all the powers of the world are in their positions because of it and through it.Yes, the NAZIs openly cultivated it and the US and England coveted the secrets and technology they were given. I believe that the Reich has not ended. It just migrated.

  15. Four different technologies you must look into.1. Chemicals involved in MKULTRA SERIES.2. Microwave auditory effect – how microwave can transmit payload to affect the brain.3. Frequency following response – recorded or modified emotion can be injected to your brain possibly by microwave carrier technology.4. advanced wall crawling robot – robot that defies gravity. – All victims claim some sort of chemical compound release into their place of rest and food.Good luck in your research.

  16. What can i say? i agree with you all… very insightful… many things i learned after it happend to me too… i am not a fighter an so i don't know how to go on with life… i have wife and children and it seem that they are bent on murdering me as soon as possible… they used few female spies on me…. i think it was for me a case of hyper-dimensional manipulation *aliens…. i studied this everyday for a year now… and i understand most of it… right now, i have no will to fight… i am an introvert, empathic, compassionate human being… as such i prefer to study philosophy, rather than fighting with an invisible enemy…. and they are too strong… and i realize there is nothing i can do to stop whatever is happening to us… i give up and if they wish to murder me so be it.

  17. Strange that you state that the radio broadcast was not real but created for her to here. I too have experienced this sort of programming on my radio's. A couple were so strange that I was not able to capture because I was in my vehicle. However, I was able to record one of the fake broadcasts that was coming through my radio. It was the strangest broadcast of a scientific doctor, saying you are angry, you feel very angry. I have the recording and I immediately knew when I had heard several of these strange recordings that they were being transmitted from commercial radio frequency tower that was installed in my neighbors yard when all this ordeal started back in 2004. From Valley Girl…..I post on other blogs and go by valley Girl…..San fernando Valley CA….

  18. Stay Strong……..Do not give up on life. I know that there are a great deal of inhumane individuals out there that make you feel that life is not worth living, but it is. Remember one thing, there is always a price to pay for the evil deeds one commit's on others, Always…… Karma will eventually catch up to them, if not on earth in the after life………..Keep mentally strong, and do exercise it will help you relieve your stress……..Valley Girl………

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