In the middle of 2012, I was set up for a crime I did not commit.  This was surrounded by a series of false arrests by police officers working for an extra-governmental organization diametrically opposed to the values of the United States of America.  It was a show of force, my belief is with the intent of keeping this story from being told to the authorities.  It had the complete opposite effect and marked the end of a very long period of silence on my part, in relation to psychological torture at the hands of the United States of America, and their ally, the American Mafia.  This was a minor possession charge, and most people would probably find it insignificant;  in the grand scheme of things, it is anything but insignificant, and it is indicative of a growing infestation of collusion and corruption in the American justice system that must be reckoned with.  When you understand the reason for the set up, it becomes glaring and disgusting evidence of an unholy alliance between America and crime.  The reason is to discredit my testimony, and taint it with “documented evidence” that what I have experienced is due to drug use.  This is definitely not the case, and its unfortunately a weapon that has been used for centuries in order to mask the breadth of power that some unseen force has over the human mind.  
This event, at the incapable hands of a small Police department in Florida, is the reason behind what you are reading now, and what you have read for the last few months.  I thought I could confer to you the truths I have gleaned from this horrific experience without detailing my sometimes trying, sometimes embarrassing, and sometimes interesting personal story.  It’s been increasingly difficult to convincingly convey the message I want, though, without giving you a significant amount of additional information about how exactly I came to the conclusions I have.  So be it.  
Yesterday I wrote about Satan, and told you it/he was a hidden force, one that exploited human weakness in order to create the effect of a monolithic dark force manipulating humanity.  This opinion is from personal experience, and it definitely needs clarification.  What I have experienced over the past 2.5 years has proven to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is a hidden force that has the technology, and the ill-will required to influence the minds of the whole of humanity.  This is a really big statement, and I’m not going to get to exactly how I am so sure of this until much later in the story, but for right now please take that at face value, as I will be describing the events of the last two years with that fact in mind.  
From my experience, and by now I have a lot, believe me; mind control is a subtle thing.  It’s so subtle that unless it was desired, you would never even know it was happening to you.  The reason it is subtle is probably very closely tied to how the brain works, which has been explained to me over the course of the last 2.5 years.  You are probably asking yourself why.. and so am I.  I have several reasons which make sense to me, but the one that stands out the most is so that I can tell this story to you as convincingly as possible.  I’m going to share much more about it later, but for right now this is the important part:

It’s possible to change how you feel about things… big and small… so transparently that your brain creates its own reasons for the belief.  Throughout this experience I’ve called the specific action being mind controlled a ‘button’ that is being pressed, and as an example there could be a ‘hate your neighbor’ button.  As soon as that button is pressed, your brain instantly searches its memories and feelings, and just because you are feeling that particular way, the reasons you might hate your neighbor become apparent to you… it’s like they bubble to the surface, you know why you feel the way you do, and the everything makes sense in the world.  Now, if you really have good reasons to hate your neighbor, perhaps they chopped down your favorite apple tree hanging over the fence, this makes perfect sense to you, and you’d never know it was happening.  If you really don’t have good reasons, it doesn’t make so much sense.  Here’s the rub:  even though it doesn’t make sense, you still hate your neighbor, its just a little more obvious that there is no particular reason for this feeling.   That probably happens to normal people all the time, you just get a ‘feeling’ that someone isn’t ‘right’ and take that at face value… right?  Now, I’m not trying to say that ‘intuition’ is wrong, or that it should be ignored all the time — all I’m saying is that when you get feelings with no real basis, it’s probably best to question them… more often than not.  

Why am I telling you this?  It goes back to the whole Satan thing.  What is happening in our world appears to me to be the work of a single dark force.  This force is using advanced technology to influence many different groups to act in what appears to be perfect concert.  I think now, that because of what is required in order to manipulate people with mind control, each of these different groups (or individuals) probably has their own reason for doing what they are doing.  Sometimes its greed,  lust, or jealousy, sometimes it might have something to do with family, and other times it might be about protecting national security — whatever the reason, it requires them each to have their own story about what is going on, or at least their own special view of the situation.  That means someone is deceiving them, and one of the overriding values among the people involved is secrecy.  Secret societies, organized crime, and state run law enforcement and intelligence organizations all have their own reasons for not talking about what’s going on around them — this is by design, and it keeps these groups from fully realizing the big picture.  
The point I am trying to make, of course, is that not talking about it with your peers, and with those outside your profession, is probably making it really easy to confuse you into thinking you are doing something right, or something that benefits you, when in fact what you are doing might be hurting the whole lot of us without your intention.  
Tomorrow I’m going to talk a little about organized stalking (and mind control).. what it is, how it feels, and how easy it might be to keep you from believing it’s real.

2 thoughts on “Motivation & Incredibility

  1. Well Adam, you're certainly going to have to get a LOT more specific than you are now in order to start making sense. Certainly Satan is subtle and a great deceiver but this isn't a news flash.

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