Since 2010, I have been witness to something very strange in our world.  Most people do not see it, and those that do probably don’t really understand what it is that is happening around them.  We are in the End Times, and a phenomenon that was once secretive and intentionally hidden from the general public has spread far and wide and infiltrated every facet of our once growing and hopeful civilization.  This is a personal story, and an example of how an entire world view can be changed completely because of one’s immediate surroundings.  What has been happening all around me since 2010 could be considered a show of force,  or an enlightenment.  Either way, it’s a story that must be told, and something that appears to be designed for that purpose.  I hope you enjoy it.
Two years ago, after first glimpsing the dark world that has been hiding in the shadows around me, I wrote the following, it has proven to be more insightful than I could have imagined, unfortunately I was wrong about the end, it was already too late then.

Apparently it was always there, lurking quietly just below the surface of reality. A darkness that few people on this Earth have ever truly seen, and those that have wish deeply that they could go back and avoid whatever wrong turn brought them to it. Whole cities bend and morph — places and things that were once well known to you reveal that their true nature has always been far darker, more nefarious. Every face you encounter could be an agent of evil. A force exists in this dark world possessing unlimited financial resources, untold power, and secrets so world changing that few outside their dark inner circle would dare to believe them. This force can bend the will of men, and in this particular case, it is your hopes and desires being targeted; and you have already succumbed.  

Unfortunately, by the time you realize the true meaning behind this message, it will be too late. This dark force will have penetrated deeply into every crevice of society, quietly growing stronger each day, until the world you now know has been fundamentally changed. No longer a society to serve the people, or protect the weak; this is a world whose sole purpose is to mask a new hegemony; secret, inhuman, and above any single world government.

Knowing of this hidden strangeness is nothing short of world changing, it is a force that Hitler spoke about in Mien Kampf, and its roots in America go back far before the onset of World War II, and are linked to a secret German organization, the Thule Society, and its parallels in America, including the infamous Skull and Bones.  These organizations are not what you think they are, it is not a hidden Cabal of humans conspiring to take over the world, they are slaves to Hitler’s hidden influence, people who believe their motivations are self serving, but the are nothing more than pawns being exploited in a grand chess game designed to destroy humanity from its core.  The group goes back far earlier than early 20th century Germany, its names and faces have changed throughout our history, the common bond has not though, they are nothing less than the minions of Satan, whether or not they know.
Satan may not be exactly what you think (or exactly what I think, though I think I have a unique perspective).  It’s not a spirit, or an immortal angel, it is exactly what it’s name implies, an adversary.  Satan is a tool, a method of dealing with humanity that an outside force has created.  It stands for exploitation of weakness, systematic deception, and an organizational and intelligence infrastructure that is borderline omniscient.  It is more than a tool though, it is a force with a personality, it has its own drives and ambitions, and these more than likely are not in line with those who serve it, knowingly or unknowingly.  They appear to be deceived into acting in ways that are contrary to their own best interests, and the interests of the humanity as a whole.  The whole thing might be one big trick… or it might be the end of everything.  I’m not sure how much say we have in the outcome, anymore.
The Satanic Influence creates for them a motivation, a reason for their actions, which locks them into its intertwined puzzle, creating the appearance of a monolithic dark force acting in perfect unison, when in fact there are multiple disparate organizations acting in concert with less awareness of the whole movement as you would think.  They are selfish, greedy, and desire power — they are for all intents and purposes, the incarnation and organization of human weakness.  A display of the worst of humanity, and how it can be turned against us transparently and without remorse.
I have seen this force effecting those around me, both knowingly and unknowingly for years, its presence is provable and constant, and the extrapolation of my personal story on the world may help shed light on what is nothing short of the fulfillment of Revelation.

8 thoughts on “Silence & Satan

  1. The trick, Adam, is to find something to do about this. The Bible seems to suggest that it has all already been scripted, and the best we can do and hope for, is to ride it out. I like your desire for time travel. If YHWH allows this, you can perhaps organize a team of time travelers to combat Satan on all levels throughout all of history, but it's gonna require a lot of bloodshed and fighting Satan by his own rules of his own game. Again, because of the role Y'shua plays in all of this, I doubt if YHWH is gonna go for it, but from my limited perspective, I hope He does. It would be fun to fight Satan in a limitless way not having to be constrained in the ways Y'shua is currently demanding of us.

  2. I have also traveled the same road you have, since 2010. I am 45 and have raised two older children, 5 years college; Sociology and many more attributes that proves I am very much grounded, not imagining strange events going on. My roommate, family members and others have also witnessed surreal events as well and can also vouch that there is a turning of the tide taking place in our world. We should compare notes and see how closely related they are. You can contact me via these links. Here's some of my Blog links; http://peacepink.ning.com/profiles/blog/list?user=1qr6sac5f4a3fhttp://heterogeneousstalking.blogspot.com/God Speed~egy

  3. When I was 20(I am 41 now)…a piece of paper literally landed on my front porch. It was called THE PROMISE. It spoke to a calling of a tribe of humans and other beings, who were on the positive energy vibration, in all dimensions. It said the call has gone out and we will all gather and use our intuitions and powers to fight the dark that "is". It told us not to be fearful and to shine light throughout all dimensions. I actually took it upstairs and got in a hot bath and cried for hours-it was the answer I was waiting for-the reason I am alive in this time and body. I have the writings safely tucked away but it was an amazing "thing" that piece of paper. This is the story of the true fight, the battle that is armagedon. I am of the butterfly tribe and I will always keep my eyes open and my ears tuned in for sounds that are not of this world. Love and light to all beings everywhere…

  4. IT IS END TIMES and God Almighty has everything in hand. Prepare for The New World and prepare for World Judgement! The judgement of Prince Michael is about to begin. It is time for the ending of history as known and the entire world systems as understood to be. It is TIME FOR THE SECOND COMING……

  5. I found this link following an old yahoo link from Australia, in case anyone wanted to know. Anyway, Anonymous are u still out there? and are u Apostle Stephen? I only read a little of the site, because i didn't want to be taken somewhere I don't wanna go. However, i do know about gang stalking & attest that it is happening, it's happening to me. But Apostle Stephen is Right, you need to seek the Presence of GOD with your whole heart NOW! Only HE Has The Power to shield us from the evil to come. Just get the Bible out and start reading. The next time u find yourself @ a channel on TV talking about GOD please know that it's GOD's advertisement for HIMSELF. To the person who authored this Blog, allow GOD to erase from your consciousness "whatever" it is u experienced. I do believe that every strange thing happening in this day and time is from the adversary of GOD "and" mankind, we're not in this thing alone. Because We have the Greatest Power in the Universe backing us up. But you must start now to establish a relationship with GOD if you haven't done so already. Just talk to HIM, ASK HIM to help you forget & even to forgive what happened. I can see that you have vast intellect and intellgence. Use that great mind of yours to ponder the things of GOD. Let HIM Give You an Assignment, Many Scientist now acknowledge GOD you know, don't let the enemy overwhelm you.Father GOD, in Jesus Name Place everyone who has been exposed to this website under Your Protection and Care, Allow the Blood Jesus shed at the Cross to cover and guide us along a safe path, In JESUS NAME protect us from "all" the evil to come. AMEN Anonymous 2A Servant of GOD

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