Everybody who lived in the 20th century should pretend that the Apocalypse began in the late 1930’s. That millions were murdered in multiple genocides for the remainder of that century, and that governments became tyrannical and oppressive. We can pretend that the United States murdered millions of innocent civilians in Japan, and the world barely cared. Later it might be fun to pretend that the defenders of freedom in that war were secretly infested by their enemy, and became fascist regimes who used democracy as the new opiate of the masses.

After we can pretend that there is censorship in the media, nobody really knows, and that in the beginning of the 21st century, the United States started wars to steal oil, nationalized the financial and auto industries, and told the general public they were the largest cocaine trafficker in the world. Let’s all pretend that the reason for this war, was that the American government paid and trained CIA assets to hijack some aircraft, and used them to murder their own citizens to create hysteria.

Let’s pretend that deep down, everybody knows that all this stuff is true, and says nothing.

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