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The Science of Satan will be a detailed account of the author’s process of discovery of mind control technology, as well as detailed evaluations of current and publicly available research on neuroscience, quantum entanglement, and nanotechnology which make it possible to remotely induce and suppress action potentials, enabling uninhibited and currently undetectable modification of neural processes.  Descriptions of its use in current times as well as the past, and a blueprint of the theoretical infrastructure required in order to pull off ‘mass mind control’ will be discussed.
The project is a work of non-fiction, and will focus on the phenomenon’s of divine inspiration, demonic possession, organized stalking, and their use and purpose throughout our history.  Specifically, modern day equivalents of these phenomenon will be detailed, as well as an investigation into the creation of a psyco-surveillance  infrastructure on par with Orwell’s 1984.  Thousands of victims exist world wide, psychologically abused daily in order to keep a secret from the general public that puts you and your family in great danger.  The secret must be told, and “The Science of Satan” is my solution.
There are no publicly available countermeasures for quantum charge attacks on electronics or humans, and possible solutions to this grave risk will also be researched and discussed in the book. A working prototype will hopefully be created, which will enable humans to, for the first time, be in full control of their own destiny.
This is the technology which enabled the creation of religion.

4 thoughts on “The Science of Satan

  1. maybe this website is contrived a level of filtering the potential hazardous humans. everything we experience is contrived evan the dam conspiracy's. "Knowing where the trap is – that's the first step in evading it. This is like single combat, Son, only on a larger scale – a feint within a feint within a feint… seemingly without end." -frank herbert

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