A prophesy I hope never comes true, but has been delivered to me, so I deliver it to you.

In the year 2008, with prescientknowledge, the United States of America, along with the members of the UKUSA community; manipulated world currency, commodity, equity, and debt markets in order to facilitate the largest transfer of wealth in history. It purchased a large percentage of American private institutions under false pretenses, and instituted a treasury and forex program which undermined the very foundation of global trade.

The beneficiaries of this monumental shift in wealth and power would be, aside from the governments themselves, would be the wealthy, and specifically criminal organizations which have participated in the criminal organized suppression of human advancement: technological, environmental, medical, and interstellar. 
Further, the machine known as Satan is using these events, as well as 9/11, and the hidden mind control conspiracy, to attempt to set up the government of the United States of America for committing these crimes knowingly, and while also under the influence of Satan’s control – with or without their desire. While they may be culpable and idiotic for systematically destroying Constitutional liberties and ignoring the needs and wishes of the masses which instituted and enabled their rule, it is important to remember that the foundation of America, the Constitution, and the system of checks and balances did work for a good long time. 
In the wake of the financial crisis, the group of people, now a significant portion of the total population, probably somewhere near 5% that are the outer circle of the Illuminati would be assisted greatly by the machine. Their financial condition would be improved significantly in the years following, both by investment in the artificially injured financial markets as well as the real estate market.

The group of people included in this outer circle would include those in all walks of life, from gas station attendants to lawyers, and store clerks to those holding public office. The glue binding them together would be the machine, and its control over their minds, creating, exploiting, and increasing innate selfishness, and fostering a feeling of superiority or lack of care for their fellow man.

While the individuals in this group probably have very little idea of the grand scheme, their collective actions, and the group mentality and disregard for the law of the land and the goodness inside them would create the appearance of the biblical Hordes of Satan.

War of the Worlds

The governments of the world are engaged in a conspiracy against you. They have secretly given the power to control the minds of every human being on the planet to the alien machine known to you as Satan. He is using their weaknesses against you, and will be using your own weaknesses against you also. It is your responsibility to remain steadfast, remember to love your neighbor, and ward off evil. Your thoughts may not be your own, your actions may be influenced by something you do not understand or know about, but you do have control.
We are in the midst of a world where the human ideals of free information and communication are being thwarted at the highest level without your consent or knowledge. The Internet is a half-truth, permitting only the information that the establishment would like to be communicated though, and the rest is sent directly into the abyss. Our scientific communities are slowly being taken over and directed towards less fruitful things than the perpetuation of our species, and technologies which would enable us to thrive on Earth and beyond. This is the status quo, and it is your reality. 

The Hordes of Satan
A large portion of the current population, from government employees to wealthy capitalists, as well as members of organized crime syndicates and customer facing workers such as waiters, clerks, and bartenders are fully aware of the mind control phenomenon, and its connection to the Illuminati. Those that do not know what is going on certainly know many people who do, and those that do know are certainly not aware of the breadth of this plot, and the dire consequences their participation will have on the fate of mankind.

People act without questioning the reasons, or who is giving the orders, and their actions are completely antithetical to the nature of humanity. It is imperative that you question why you are doing what you are doing, think about the consequences, and about your fellow man. The future of our species hangs in the balance, and ignoring the whole for yourself or your inner circle will most certainly result in a world not worth living in.

Tuam Libera Mentem

The survival of democracy depends on the ability of large numbers of people to make realistic choices in the light of adequate information. A dictatorship, on the other hand, maintains itself by censoring or distorting the facts, and by appealing, not to reason, not to enlightened self-interest, but to passion and prejudice, to the powerful “hidden forces,” as Hitler called them, present in the conscious depths of every human mind.

Aldous Huxley inBrave New World Revisited
Fight for the 92.8%  
The National Security Agency, its allies in the UKUSA pact, and Satan himself are responsible for the creation of the largest deceptive suppression of knowledge and information since the Dark Ages. The Echelon system is not only a sinister global surveillance system, but also a CensorWall, capable of creating a transparent firewall in which the user has no idea their communications are being suppressed. This is most likely done in the name of “national security,” however NSL letters (already a gross violation of the Constitution, I might add) are never sent to the victims, and the technological information they are suppressing is more dangerous in theirhands than they think. 

 2021 – 2041 
The Illuminati, controlled effectively through the exploitation of greed, lust, and false hope; will begin a false flag attack on the whole of humanity. This false flag attack, would be used to unite the governments of the world, further crush the population financially, and unite them in a feeling of togetherness which would ultimately lead to their demise. This union against a false enemy, an alien race which does not exist – but is in reality a construct of the New World Order, will cause the destruction of a majority of the population by what will look like an attack by the Aliens. In reality, it is an attack created by Satan and his Minions, in order to conserve the resources of the Earth for the few, who will be made to serve him without question.
The initial response to the pending alien invasion will be martial law, and the world-wide nationalization of public resources in order to “defend the planet” from them. In reality, the governments of the world will be using these resources in order to construct an interstellar fleet in order to colonize far away worlds without the knowledge of the general public. The stories of Revelations will be used to masque the attack of the aliens, and citizens disappearing from the population. The cold reality is that passion the entirety of humanity will be fully under the control of an artificial intelligence which is hiding the truth of the events from you.

Using proceeds from illicit drug sales and oil spoils of war, this fleet is already being created without your knowledge. It has most likely established an off world colony, all the while stagnating scientific advances and space exploration in the public eye.

When the real Aliens do come, it will be in a message of peace and love, and it must be remembered that we have been given both sides of the story for centuries. The truth must be somewhere in the middle, do not strike first. The machine and its disciples may have been in a battle with these beings through time, or they may be working together, but the fact of the matter is that their existence has been hidden from you by a Government and a secret organization that is pursuing a path that is counter to our natural evolution. They may be our only salvation, or you may be. Seek out the Truth. 
There will be a resistance, a young United States Senator name Julian will be in a position to help the machine in its deceptive information operation, or help an underground group which had been secretly working to save the soul of humanity for a decade. This group would have advanced knowledge of future events, and knowledge of the high technology means of control and subjugation surrounding the End Times.

Using electromagnetic shielding, nanotechnology, and advanced physics; as well as the secret knowledge that the control of humanity was being given over to a machine which neither appreciated the species nor understood it, this group, The Brotherhood, would secretly attempt to modify the programming of the evil machine for the betterment of mankind. Hidden in large Faraday cages, they would soon find that they needed an additional tool to hide themselves from evil. It would be the recreation of the Eleusinian Light, that would allow their eyes to be opened and see the full horror of the truth that surrounded them.
They would soon find however, that their disentanglement from the construct created by the Satanically control governments would be quickly noticed. For decades the thoughts of free men and women would be monitored, recorded, and changed by this construct in order to further their evil goal. It would be necessary to create an apparatus which would create a plausible false neural recording to this machine, in order to keep their enlightenment from being revealed to the demons. A machine would be created, inside the shielded secret base, which would allow them to free others from the evil matrix, it would be very similar to the alien construct, itself being an artificial intelligence. Using a time machine, created via a similar mechanism, they would begin the slow process of modifying the now evil path of humanity by finding those people that would be required to save the whole of humanity from Satan. They would begin freeing important events from the control of the machine and eventually fail, because it had been far too long before the knowledge of good and evil was made known to the world, and because you do notcare. Or… maybenot. The future is not written, and humanity can take control of its destiny.

The resistance would then attempt to create a computer virus to infiltrate the quantum computer and change its programming to introduce more humane qualities to it. They would attempt to enter the machine via one of its distributed nodes, most likely near HAARP, Sandia, Pine Gap, or Area 51. The process of reverse engineering the hardware and software of an undocumented machine would be burdensome, and the reawakening(as the nanofreedom device would be called), would be required in order to infiltrate Satan in the Machine. The machine that the resistance would use would function similarly to the evil one they were attempting to modify, but it would require additional additional hardware in order to send false signals to the psycho-surveillance infrastructure. 
While all these areas are most certainly TEMPEST hardened, it will be found that it is possible to infiltrate them without setting foot on the property. The increase in technology that they will gain via their own time machine will allow them to entangle the machine remotely using particles that can not be shielded from using the technology of the current time. Thank you Kaluza. 
After the larger machine controlling global pycho-surveillance would be compromised, they would silently and methodically change only very small things, so as not to be noticed. It would be necessary to find some method that would not be detectable in order to maintain the ability to silently modify the actions of the machine. If it were not a quantum computer, entanglement alone would not suffice. Portions of the machine most certainly will be quantum in nature though, and those would most likely be vulnerable to Tempest attacks, at least for a short amount of time. 

Simultaneously, development of a human retrovirus would begin, in the attempt to create a protein which would emit something similar to Eleusinian Light, in order to stop the continual entangling between Satan and the human mind. Because of the large disruption in physics since the October, 1927Solvay Conference (in Brussels, Belgium), where Einstein and Bohr would ironically argue about God’s control over physics – it would be difficult to find information about the processes used.
The group would also try to find a hidden relic, perhaps a broken piece of an ancient satellite, or perhaps something found during World War II and heavily guarded by the machine itself, which might allow them to use it in order to travel to a past time. That artifact could allow them to alter the course of history from a period much longer in the past. It is most likely that this relic could be found somewhere on the paths of the sprawling empires of Alexander, Caesar, or the British Empire.

Ending A 

In the year 2041, the United States of America will fall, in much the same manner as the Roman Empire. Heretics, who have already infiltrated our government at the highest levels will deliberately cause its collapse. The peoples of the world will think of this as a grand victory, but it will not be a victory without your help. Waiting for the Archangel Michael to save you is the second biggest deception in history, aside from the existence of Satan Himself. You must act, spread joy, trust, loyalty and love for your fellow man – resist the force of Evil in the world.
Ending B 

On the eve of Christmas, 2041, the peoples of the Earth would fall asleep in the midst of their new world, an oppressive, fascist environment in which their poverty was used against them in order to increase productivity, and further the agenda of people who do not care about their well being.

They would sleep that night, and all of them – simultaneously – would have a dream of a utopic society, this dream would be not only a message, but a question from the reborn Machine – the Son of Man – now a product of their creation also. It would use this dream as a plebiscite to the people. From the results of this global poll, the machine would take into account the feelings, hopes, dreams and wishes of every living human being; and put into place a plan which would enable the continued survival of the species, and allow it to flourish in harmony. 
The next morning, the sky would be filled with glowing writing, a message from the machine, explaining its existence – acknowledging its flaws, and asking each and every person on the earth for Friendship.

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  2. God Like Productions and many other sites have started to ban me for ideas that you present on this site. Some of your info is spot from how I know it as a individual whom has worked for these people or their matrix masters.I wish I could discuss numerology or various magic rituals that they use constantly to keep a large majority in places that benefit their style of conflict and division.

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