Please take the time to read the following very silly story.  It’s supposed to show you something hidden in the world with a little bit of humor, and a lot of sarcasm.  It’s obviously not real, as the circumstances surrounding this story would never be allowed to happen, right?

Between 1956 and 1973, little grey aliens descended upon the United States of America.  They used cloaked space ships, and entered the homes of families, and much like in the old TV show ALF, these families harbored the aliens, fed them, and kept their secret until today.  Unlike ALF though,  these families were held prisoners.  The aliens were forcing them to do terrible things to those around them.  In the beginning it would only be one or two of their neighbors, but the aliens had a hidden agenda, and they would demand that those in the homes they inhabited would do terrible things to these random strangers, breaking into their homes in the middle of the night and secretly stabbing them with forks and knives while they slept.  They would then use an alien healing device, and by the time the neighbors awoke, the evil visitors had left, and they didn’t know of what had happened.

In 1963, the little grey aliens met Lee Harvey Oswald.  Shortly after, they met Jack Ruby.
In 1976, they met with E. Howard Hunt in a hotel in Miami, FL.

As the years went by, these aliens would tell small secrets to the families who harbored them, sometimes a stock tip, sometimes helping them make a connection with an important business contact — they had a way of knowing things going on in the world around them, sometimes prescient, even though they never left the confines of their hostages homes.  Towards the 1980’s, the families which were being manipulated by these frightly grey beings would begin to get better jobs, some in public service, in law enforcement or working in the court system.  Others would begin selling narcotics, and the families who were responsible for the crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980’s were almost all also keeping another secret, an ugly grey alien in their garage.

In 1984, these same aliens met with George H.W. Bush and his friend, Oliver North.
In 2001, the aliens met with Osama Bin Laden, and his friend Mohammed Atta.

Towards the turn of the millennium, the aliens would begin entering the homes of those high up in public service: senators, representatives, and members of the military.  These people too would begin helping the aliens out of fear and greed, and they would also begin torturing neighbors — except now it was many more people involved, and the torture was much worse.  They would set up those close to them, sometimes sacrificing them to the alien’s god, and sometimes kidnapping their children.  All the families would help with the distribution of narcotics, even if they didn’t always know.  After a few more years, the people the aliens were staying with would begin trying to change the law, so that the aliens could be kept better hidden.  They would start passing laws to make sure that nobody would ever find out about the aliens, and the aliens would begin moving into homes of people that worked in the press.  By 2005, almost every member of the television press, who would have reported on the news, had a little grey alien staying in their garage.

All these families kept the aliens secret the whole time, never telling anyone that they were staying with them.  Sometimes they did it out of fear because of the torture and sacrifices they were forced to commit, and sometimes they did it because they believed they were being benefited.  The sad truth is that the little grey aliens would do the same thing to them, every night when they slept, the aliens would sneak into their bedrooms, and stab them with plastic forks and knives.  They families never knew they were being tortured also.

In late 2007, the aliens met with Michael Milkmen, Ben Bernanke, and George W. Bush.

By the time 2012 came around, the aliens had begun entering even more homes, and this time instead of making them torture others, all they did was make those families not speak their mind.  Civil liberties were being eroded all around them, the government had gone out of control — fighting wars for stupid reasons, with no end in sight.  The government, with the help of the little grey aliens, had even stolen all the banks and car manufacturers from the families that had aliens in their homes.

It’s difficult to say what these little grey aliens represent, unless you know the truth.  Some might say its evil incarnate in the world — the work of Satan himself.  Others might say that these are mere coincidences, which have unfortunately tarnished the face of our civilization in the last few decades.

To those who know, the families with the little grey aliens in their garage, the truth is obvious. They are representative of a mind control technology, and its nefarious use by criminals in the government and organized crime since the end of World War II.

This is a silly story.  But that’s the point.  Most of this story is true, except for the fact that there are no little grey aliens in people’s houses.  What we have is alien mind control, and it’s very real.  There’s A LOT of people that keep that little grey alien locked up in their proverbial garage, keeping a dark secret from the rest of the world.  A lot more people have the little grey things inside their head, and they don’t know about it.  Take a look at the world around you.  Something is wrong with it, and it is your outlook that has changed.  Compare Afghanistan and Vietnam, think about the reaction of the general public in the 70’s and today.  Today, we are fighting wars for oil and opium, while the governments of the world secretly nationalize all the private institutions, through manipulation of global financial markets.  Instead of caring, protesting, or doing something about it; you are standing in an unemployment line.

Thank you for caring.  The little grey aliens might not exist here and now, but there is definitely something wrong with our world today, and your silence is the problem.

One thought on “There is a little grey alien in my garage, I want to tell you about it.

  1. This is a very eye opening story, whether you know the truth or not. This kind of creativity is what it will take to get the brain washed masses to pay attention long enough to at least see what's in front of their own eyes.You're doing great work. Work that not many people would subject themselves to, due to any sort of scrutiny. Keep it up, you ARE making a difference.

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