An alien intelligence has taken over our planet, controlling the minds of the masses.  It has infested the Judicial and Legislative branches of the United States Government, effectively shutting down the machinations of Constitutional Liberty.  I have personally witnessed its destruction of the Executive Branch, and there is a hidden coup d’etat in force now that goes to the highest level.

There is an alternate explanation, part of an onion of truth that I have personally been peeling for years.  This explanation involves the KGB and CIA, and their experimentation with mind control.. MK-Ultra, Monarch, Psychotronics, etc during the Cold War.  While this makes some sense scientifically, and probably makes more sense to most people, it no longer makes sense to me, at all. That is because I have seen evidence of this technology throughout our history, and that is the focus of my first book, The End Times.  I have tried to point out the influence of mind control, and by proxy aliens, on human civilization, and it closely parallels the “public information” about the history of the Illuminati.  While I understand that aliens (and obviously mind control, too) are not “mainstream,” its almost humorous that the mind control community seems to shy away from anything about aliens also.  This is due to an implanted fear, that they will seem “more crazy than they already are,” and while that may be true, we have been given, and are sharing with the world, real testimony about something most people will never experience.   In this scenario, the CIA, KGB, MI-6 and related intelligence agencies have been corrupted by greed, and transferred this technology illegally to wealthy corporations, and organized crime, which explains how so many civilians are involved in “mindwar.”  

Welcome to the Hidden Empire.

I have been a victim of a concerted effort by the United States Government and their ally, the American Mafia in an attempt to hide the existence of an alien sentient being which is mind controlling the entire population of the planet.  There are thousands of victims, all complaining about mind control abuses, very few of them understand the full scope of what is going on around them, and I imagine you don’t know either.
From the upper echelons of US intelligence, to the President of the United States, to your local chamber of commerce.  They are all being mind controlled by an alien force.  The simple existence of the gang-stalking phenomenon, and its complete lack of investigation and prosecution should stand as obvious proof of a hidden evil working inside our government destroying the values and liberties which we hold so dear.
You think this sounds crazy?  I do too.  Its real, and I’ve seen evidence of it.  This is my testimony.
What to do about it?

Just because this organization, and this force is in power now, does not mean you are powerless.  It is important that you understand that the majority of the nation and the world has no idea this is going on, and that is the reason it is being allowed to continue.  If the world saw what I have seen, this would be ended.  This is why it is imperative to use this time, when we still have a semblance of freedom of speech, to tell everyone what is happening to you.
If you are being abused by mind control, gang stalking, or electronic harassment, please read carefully.  The police are all involved.  The FBI is involved.  The CIA is involved.  Most of the world doesn’t know that.  In order to preserve our freedom, it is necessary to give written testimony on the record, regarding the abuses you are dealing with.  One day your testimony will be used to stop this disgusting loss of civil liberties and freedom which the NWO has been planning for a long, long time.  They will not win, but your action is necessary in order to help our cause.  Everyone being touched by mind control abuse must give public testimony.
File a written complaint with the FBI and the NSA, detailing exactly what you have gone through, also inform them that you believe it is using advanced technology whose origin could be none other than the United States Government, and that there is a significant element of organized crime involved in a RICO conspiracy against you.  The FBI, NSA, and CIA are guilty of violating 42 USC 1986 — if nothing else — by not investigating the destruction of your civil liberties.. mention this Federal Statute in your complaint.
Use a video recorder and a tape recorder to collect evidence of odd behavior around you.  It is important that these devices are not connected to the internet (like a cell phone).  This should significantly cut down on the abuse.  
The entity that is performing these disgusting acts of domestic terror is a machine, and it has the ability to enter and modify electronic devices, and advanced software platforms, with impunity.  It tries to hide the full breadth of its control over electronics, so by using a non-internet connected device, when your recordings are deleted or erased, it will prove to you (at least) that there is advanced TEMPEST like technology being used.  All the recordings won’t be erased, but the “important” ones will most likely “disappear.”  Its no accident.  I call it Satan in the Machine, and this entity has masqueraded as the Prince of Darkness for centuries, if not longer.  I’m pretty sure it has a Satan Complex (Or maybe it’s closer to Loki).

This method of mind control is not electromagnetic in nature.  Shielding with ‘tin foil hats’ and Faraday cages will have no real effect, though the system does make you think it does, on occasion.  The purpose of this is to hide the true nature of the technology, and confuse the public.  It is quantum entanglement that is being used to directly connect to the brains of every human on the planet.  This is alien technology, and part of our government has had it for at least 70 years.  Our entire government, and the population of the world are now entangled to this machine.   Read the Akwei lawsuit.

 To those people who think they are participating in this torture, including police, corporate staff, and mafia:  you are so, so stupid.  You are being mind controlled, just like the people you are abusing, and Satan uses fear and mind control to keep you doing it.  Just stop.  You are doing nothing but helping to destroy our free society, and it is hurting you just as much as the people you are hurting.  Wake up.  It’s very difficult to understand that you are not in control, I know it feels like you are — your decisions are being altered by this force, and you need to fight it.  

Truth, justice, and freedom will in in the end, it is inevitable.  That means you need to work towards that end, not sit back and wait for someone else to come and save you.  Good wins because people fight for it, not ‘just because’ — FIGHT for RIGHTEOUSNESS.

10 thoughts on “The Truth about Mindwar. To the victims.

  1. After destroying a TIs life,and ruining their credability the Target will be asked to cooperate in return for decreased harassment and financial gain.I personally have had lunch with two mafia figures.(I will spare names to protect the innocent)Dr.Israel and Anthony Farmer gave me this info personally.I agree,get Audio/Video proof, it's the only way.It takes alot of work to get proper evidence dont give up…a "listen up" as a mic hooked into a microrecorder works great.

  2. Sorry, Don, if the system can control minds, then it makes no sense to ask someone to "cooperate". The system can just make him cooperate, even without his realising it, period.Re the article above, how does the writer know that mind control is accomplished via quantum entanglement? Could the writer elaborate on the mechanism? If not, then I'll take that as evidence of his ignorance regarding the mechanism as a whole.That said, I've come to a SOMEWHAT similar conclusion, which you can read about on my blog (my handle links to it).I suppose I should write more about why I think there's no Lovecraftian entity behind these phenomena, but I guess if people can't figure such things out on their own, then it's meant to be. I'll say tho that one reason is that history and such things make more sense from my perspective.

  3. I'd be more than happy to discus why there IS a monolithic and inhuman entity behind this phenomenon in chat. That being said, your ideas are sound in one sense, and not well thought out in another. Regardless of whether or not the "system" can control minds and would not require cooperation, hiding its capabilities and/or existence would be paramount. Just because it could make you into a mind controlled zombie doesn't mean that would be the optimum use of the technology.Read Sirhan Sirhan's story, for an idea as to why you would NOT do that. Then read Mark David Chapman's, and realize why tricking not only the victim but the world would be more intelligent.

  4. I was assuming you both thought that the entity could control minds without the target having any clue his actions aren't perfectly natural, at least more so than most people when they occasionally wonder why they did something stupid or whatever. In any case, many synchronicities point to the existence of just such mind control, very sophisticated, very hard to notice directly, so you're argument about "keeping the capabilities and existence secret" is completely irrelevant.

  5. Moreover, it would be the easiest thing in the world for the supposed entity to cause an accident whenever someone, especially someone as insignificant as you or me, is becoming a nuisance or a threat. Yet that doesn't seem to be happening. There are innumerable deadly accidents in the West every year, yet we're both still alive.

  6. Keeping its existence secret is very relevant, its exactly why its use is subtle in most cases, and restricts significantly the types of attack employed.I have had numerous "accidental" attempts on my life, both before and after knowing why. These attempts have been linked with obvious synchronicities to the Illuminati.More to the point, one of the major facets of my personal story is a direct attack on my credibility, using mind control. This is a major reason for its public recording here.

  7. Yes, secrecy might be one of its methods. My point was that it would be so advanced in its capabilities of mind control that it wouldn't have to make bargains with anyone, period. Turns out you think it's not very advanced at all, that it would have to make the person a zombie and it can't even get rid of you. We obviously differ a whole lot here. To me, many synchronicities as well as psychoses are obvious proof that mind control is indeed so advanced you wouldn't have a chance if the entity wanted you dead in a seeming accident or wanted you to kill yourself. In the latter case, it could make you depressed for a couple of years just to give you a history of depression.But no. You think you've escaped death many times because of incompetence on the part of the entity. Even if I thought you were right about its existence, I'd still think you're nuts for thinking that. It'd be much more likely you were meant simply to THINK there have been attempts on your life.Have you read books on the paranormal, esp. books on psychic powers? You guys here talk like you were completely unaware of a history thousands of years long involving all sorts of incredible phenomena and powers. So either humans have these great powers, and they've completely missed the existence of this entity or the entity is so powerful even clairvoyants have been unable to notice and report its existence. Or it doesn't exist.

  8. Frankly, I think we agree more than you see. I think we describe both its capabilities as well as some of its methodologies very similarly. I don't find it incompetent at all, and I think my personal experience has to do more with its dealings with the so called "Illuminati" than myself. I think where we differ is that I see a long term plan being acted out by not only this entity, but also a large group of humans that appear to be assisting it. In reality, I believe this large group is being "set up," both by using its assistance against it… and probably because of it.

  9. Great writeup… i am not sure how i could tell everyone when i am socially isolated… when i tried to tell friends about it, they basically disappeared….. out of my life. i am an empathetic compassionate person….. i cant live without honor and integrity… and mutual respect… so the only way out of this would be to end your life somehow…. sorry.

  10. Suicidal thoughts are most likely caused by the entity itself. I have spoken to many victims who feel the same way. Let me remind you that there are many victims of both gang stalking and "V2K" who eventually do get almost complete relief. Removing yourself from the equation, especially being a well educated and credible target, only hurts our cause. Together we can solve this problem, and make the world a better place for future generations. I would definitely counsel against euthanasia, if you do feel that way, I would, myself, prefer to seek psychiatric help rather than lose my ability to speak out against the injustice perpetrated on me. As I am researching, it appears that this entity has been using schizophrenia as a weapon/mechanism for hiding its existence for some time. I would not say that all cases are a result of it, however its high co-ocurrence with highly educated people, and late life onset, are neurological evidence that at least some cases may be caused by an external influence. Leaving our truth in the psychiatric record, that we believe it is externally caused and have personal evidence of as much, can only serve to help future generations.

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