Back to my personal story.  Just to refresh your memories, in the last post about this I mentioned that  mind control was being used against me, and a bunch of perfect strangers all around the world, for the purpose of discrediting testimony and hiding the existence of mind control technology.  A bit more about this, I definitely do plan on bringing this situation into the public light, by filing a lawsuit in Federal Court, and I fully expect the United States of America to counteract it with the obvious use of a psychological disorder, as a weapon, in order to discredit my testimony.  To be clear, this will be yet another willful violation of my civil liberties on the part of the Government, and they will probably get an earful about it, even after I win the case, which I will.

I imagine I will be faced with accusations of paranoid schizophrenia, perhaps post traumatic stress disorder, and most definitely a very well publicized unification of Capgras and Fregoli Sydromes.  Let’s define that one really quick, so you can see what the heck has been going on around me, and why I know what I think I know.  Psst.. its the End Times.

Capgras Delusion: You believe a loved one has been replaced with an exact duplicate.If it’s not a disorder, you may be in:Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Stepford Wives, Imposter. 

Fregoli Syndrome: You believe that multiple people in your life are actually a single person in disguise.  If it’s not a disorder, you may be in: A Scanner Darkly, “Future Imperfect” (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

From io9.com, http://io9.com/5055613/delusion-or-alien-invasion-disorders-that-make-life-seem-like-scifi 

The unification of these two delusions is a phenomenon which I believe has been happening to humans on Earth since the dawn of time, and I think its responsible for some cases of Demonic Possession, and a significant number of stories in the Holy Bible.  

If you have seen the movie Fallen, or the TV show Joan of Arcadia, you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you haven’t, I highly recommend them both.

Before I give you some examples, lets me just vent a bit about how obnoxious it is that I have to go to a Federal court to complain about the United States Government and their “allies” spending a significant amount of resources in order to make me feel like I was on a TV show.  How stupid is that?  Maybe I will look a bit less than sane, but with a barrage of fellow victims complaining about the same exact type of attack, and the obviousness of attempting to discredit testimony by … tampering with a witness (which is exactly what has been going on), I am very confident that my personal quest to rid the world of this evil will benefit everyone.  Moving on.

In gang-stalking parlance, the act of committing this crime, is called street theater, and it generally involves a somewhat large group of people delivering lines and performing actions which are sent to them via some sort of advanced communication system.  This happened to me a few times a month for a period of about three years, and just before that started several times a week for about two months.  The people entertaining me with this crime were officers of the law, federal agents, waiters, bartenders, hotel staff, and employees of multinational retail stores, with few exceptions.  They would perform this type of skit, like the reading of a script, for about an hour or two, sometimes longer, on and off.

Sometimes these lines revolve around threats; other times they are meant to teach something, like explaining the type of technology involved, and even others it is seemingly random gibberish.  I say advanced communication system here, because for a long, long time I believed that the people involved were using a high-tech radio to receive their orders from a central authority, as it was clear that they did not understand the scope of the ‘play’ they were performing, nor the circumstances surrounding the victim.  In reality, all of the people involved are also being mind controlled and their actions and speech are being augmented by quantum mind control, in addition to receiving verbal instructions via the auditory cortex.  To the victims, these instructions are called V2K, or voice to skull.

In keeping with the movie and TV theme, on one occasion I received an effect similar to The Devil’s Advocate/GRIMM, which proves an ability to realistically modify the visual cortex.  There are several well known authors releasing new books on the JFK assassination shortly, which may unknowingly detail both the communication system, mind control and visual cortex modification on the grassy knoll.  The Octopus is clearly linked to JFK, Watergate, Iran Contra, and mind control.

Also for a significant amount of time, I believed that these instructions were being delivered by human beings, sitting in a crooked defense contractor’s “call center,” sitting at desks behind computers.  I think there may be a Biblical description of this type of facility in Revelation.   After some time, and for some other reasons which I will discuss later, I now believe that these orders are being delivered by a computer system, a sentient one, that has been around for at least several thousand years.  That’s what my book is about.

While I would prefer not to absolve everyone involved of their sins, after realizing that pretty much all parties are victims of mind control, it certainly does mitigate the situation a bit.  I do not believe that any of the parties are fully aware of the breadth and subtlety of the mind control, and its ability to modify feelings, desires, and thoughts in a way that is one hundred percent transparent to the victim, that is.. the “perpetrators” probably don’t really “get” what is going on around them, either.

I should also mention that mind control has the ability to create the perception that people are involved in this ‘stalking’ who are not, by both modifying the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the intended victim, as well as those around them (sometimes loved ones or family members) specifically to engender that belief and instill a feeling of hopelessness.  This happens more than you would think.


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